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16 Best Websites to Download Free Fonts in 2021

See our list to find all the best resources to download beautiful fonts for free for your personal and commercial projects.
See our list to find all the best resources to download beautiful fonts for free for your personal and commercial projects.

16 Best Websites to Download Free Fonts in 2021

As we have perpetually stated, typography is one crucial component in all types of design from product packaging to production, logos, web design, and that has the power to change the display and character as well as convey the meaning behind a project. This is yet another article on typography, one of many actually, where we decided to share our top best resources from where you can download fonts for free. 

Choosing the right font for your project can be a challenge in itself, if you’d rather stray away from the traditional typefaces, we have compiled a list of the best websites to download fonts for free. You could be wanting something more classical and elegant or a typeface that’s more modern and beautiful, a serif of a sans serif font would be the perfect choice depending on the project and the message it aims to deliver. 

On the other hand, you could be opting for a display font, which is part of branding as the large typeface display will incorporate all different shapes and styles and can be a little more carefree in comparison with text typeface. The resources we have included will provide a large library of fonts available that can be integrated into your project for free. 

And if you’ve ever stumbled upon a beautiful typeface and left wonder that font is that?  Once you identify the font, a simple search on the comprehensive repository will give you the results you are looking for. With the resources we have collected you will be able to find any free font you wish to download. 

We will start the collection with the most known resource for downloading free fonts. Google Fonts collects a large library of fonts that gives you free access to an enormous number of typefaces for your projects. 

The fonts available on Google Fonts are all accessible, open-source, and 100% free to use on your personal and commercial projects. You can easily download fonts right from Google Fonts and create stunning combinations to elevate your design. 

The website uses an advanced search to help you find every typeface you wish to discover. Simply type in the inquiry and you will be shown a long list of typefaces to download fonts without a hassle. You can also explore fonts in Google Fonts using the filters available either by category, language, or font property. 

Once you find the font you were searching click o the font to expand all the information on the font containing all the styles the font includes, the glyphs, license, as well as see how the font will pair with other font combinations. 

Font Squirrel is another extensive library where you can download fonts to use on your personal as well as commercial projects. You can search for a specific font or use the advanced filters available. Font Squirrel is a very useful resource for downloading fonts for free, under each font you will find its respective information. 

You can see the license policies, what device the font can be used whether that be a desktop, PDF book, web, software, or applications. Each is displayed with icons, if the icon is of darker color, then the font can be used for such application, if the icon is lighter you shall not use the font for such application.

You can also find the author of the font as well as the number of styles the font supports. Click upon a font you find interesting and you will discover all the necessary information regarding the typeface you selected. 

You can find high-quality free fonts to download available in Font Squirrel. You can scout the entire repository to find and download fonts with much ease, within seconds. 

Nex on the list of the best resources to download free fonts is DaFont, an amazing source of typefaces that comes available in 6 different languages facilitating a larger worldwide audience. You can simply search for the font you wish to find and download the font right away. 

DaFont includes an extensive library of fonts that come with a license for personal as well as commercial use. To find the preferred font you can use the search bar or put to use the advanced filters that help you narrow down your search for those times when you simply don’t know what font you will use in your next project. 

You can submit a text sample as well as further categorize the search by font size or popularity to see what typeface fits best your project. If you click on the More option next to the Submit button you can narrow your search and browse fonts that are all 100% free. 

You can see all the respective information upon the font within the website, and to download fonts simply click o the Download button. A zip.file shall be installed on your device and you can use them even without registering to n account on DaFonte. 

FontSpace is another amazing resource for downloading fonts all free of charge. The beautiful collection of fonts available in the large repository of FontSpace makes it a designer’s favorite spot to find the proper inspiration for typography projects. FontSpace accumulates over 74.000 fonts with the license to use them for your personal and commercial projects. 

You can find any font you search using the advanced filtration system. You can filter your inquiry by category, styles, find collections of other contributors, read a word or two about typography and the importance of choosing the right font on their blog as well as upload your own fonts. 

 You can choose to display fonts by popularity, commercial-use only, random, alphabetically, or by year of creation. Once you determine the font you want to download, you can see the important information embedded. 

You can immediately see how the font looks, the author who created it, as well as the licensing terms. 

Even though the website is named 1001 Fonts, this amazing free font source covers a wider collection than that. 1001 Free Fonts collects over 10.000 fonts, and a majority of them can be used for personal as well as commercial projects.

You can download fonts of your choice with ease, simply browse the collection and choose the one that fits you best. Use the filters to ease the process to locate the typefaces you wish to include in your projects. 

Upon the font name, you will also find all the data necessary as well as the licensing terms. 1001 Free Fonts comes available in six different languages and facilitates a broader audience. To download fonts click on the Download button, obviously, and you will have the zip.file installed on your device instantly.  

Our entire collection consists of comprehensive resources that aim to help you find and download fonts of all sorts. Befonts employs a large library of free fonts that can be used for personal projects, some of them available for commercial purposes as well. 

You can find beautiful, high-quality free fonts to finish you designs with much elegance and beauty. The showcase of the typefaces is unlike other resources we have introduced in the list. You get a clear picture of what font it is and how it’s best used. You can also find all the necessary information on the font like the font family, the format or even the licensing terms. 

At the top of the page you can find the categories that will help you search through the large library of fonts available. Befonts also provide its user with the forum to identify fonts by uploading the images. 

Urban Fonts dedicated a section to downloading free fonts and provides an extensive list of fonts that are available. Urban Fonts provides all the beautiful typefaces for free, to use on your next project. Browse the collection using the filters and the search bar to type in the name of the font, or select a more specific category. 

Upon the search results you will find all the fonts listed below along with their respective informations like the author who designed the font, the category, also the Download button, that instantly adds the font file to your device. 

Hover over the font to discover the rest of the characters, to see all details and lines that the fonts entangles. If you click upon a font search result yo will find further data along with a related search result. Urban Fonts is a great source to download fonts online, all for free. 

Abstract Fonts provides a simple and straightforward website resource to download fonts for free. They deploy a large library of free fonts and offer a simple and easy-to-follow interface. 

Browse the collection using the search bar and there typing in the inquiry or go through the categories to get a more precise search result. You have got categories starting from 3D to to calligraphy, to decorative, to minimalist and the list is long. 

In the Custom Preview box you can type in a text that you wish to try out and see the display the font will have in accordance with your project. You can also select a background color, once again to have a better preview of how every font will look like. 

On the left side of the search result you will find the Download button that will allow you to download fonts on an instant. 

Here we are introducing yet another a far-reaching and comprehensive resource that you can download fonts free of charge. FFonts includes over 100.000 fonts in their repository and has a very peculiar list of category. This helps you find any font you need easier. 

Simply put the inquiry for the font you want to search or click on one of the categories provided on the left panel. When you select a category you can further narrow down you search and you can sort the category either by name, newest or popularity. 

Click on on the font to learn more about the typeface as well as have a custom preview of how the font will look using a text sample. You can download fonts instantly, and if you wish to find a specific font that you don’t now the name of, FFonts provides a font finder, all you have o dois upload the image and you will be presented with the results. 

Unblast cover a wide range of stunning and mesmerizing font collection, all hand-picked and choosen to make it easier for designers to find incredible fonts all in one place. Unblast offers a collection of free as well as premium fonts. You can find serif, sans serif fonts, display fonts, script fonts, vintage fonts and more, all available in their extensive library. 

You will be able to view a creative and unique display of the font you choose, thus helping decide the type of projects the typeface is best used for. Upon click on one particular font you will find all the detailed information alongside a comprehensive description and images on where the typeface is best used at. 

They describe the purpose of the font and how to use it, although that can be entirely up to your needs. Click on the download button once you feel that this is the right choice for you project. The downloading process should not take long. 

As the name suggests, DaFont Free is another amazing source for finding and downloading free fonts that could change the perspective of your projects using one of the many typefaces available.

First thing you notice is the detailed categorization that the website made in order to make it easier for users to find the font they are looking for. 

To download fonts with DaFont Free first click on the typeface you find interesting or beautiful and from there you will be redirected to another page that shown in detail what the font is about. You will also get some presentations of the font and how it’s been used. 

Locate the Download button and you will have the font file instantly on your device. Each of the fonts will have its respective presentation thus creating a more appealing showcase of the typefaces. 

Although Pixel Surplus is a large repository of design assets, their free fonts collection will provide beautiful and mesmerizing fonts, most of them free for personal and commercial use. You can browse the beautiful collection of Pixel Surplus’ fonts to find amazing typefaces that match your design. 

The stunning presentations that each font displays will make it easier for you to get a basic idea of the font, but for a more detailed introduction of the typeface, simply click on it. 

You will find there a short description of the font, a wonderful presentation, the licensing terms, as well as the chance to test out the font to see if it fits your design. In order t download the font you will need to fill in the required information like the name, last name, and email, your font file will be installed immediately. 

Free Design Resources hence the name is an amazing source where you can find and download fonts, mockups, templates, graphics, and many other assets to suit the need of every designer. For this article, we will focus on their font library that provides over 900 free fonts for you to download for free. 

The fonts included are all handpicked and prove to be a powerful tool for creating exceptional design pieces. The list will include serif, sans serif, display, script fonts, and more. Take your time to browse through their collection and you will most certainly find what you are looking for. 

The collection of fonts is mesmerizing, providing beautiful free fonts, each including their presentation. Click on the font to open a more detailed window, from where you will be able to obtain information like the name of the font, author, a short description, as well as the licensing terms. 

To download a font you will need to type in your email address and that shall be it. The download link will be sent to you email. 

This time we decided to introduce a resource that’s more intrinsic and specifies an individual font type, that’s script fonts. Free Script Fonts is the place you can go when you are in need of a beautiful script font. 

The website uses a simple and straightforward approach to finding the right font, you can either search for the font or browse through their stunning collection. Each font will have its corresponding presentation of the font. Click upon the font to get a more detailed preview of the typeface. 

You can find fonts either by category or their intrinsic nature like brush, script, feminine, heart, or signature. To download fonts with Free Script Fonts simply click on the Free Download button and you will be directed to a dropbox link. If you wish to obtain the full version, you will be redirected to another page from where you can install the entire font. 

Unlike other resources we have provided in this article, Font Struct is a website where you can download fonts for free, but also you can construct your own fonts with geometrical shapes.

This font generating tool will produce TrueType fonts straight from your design and you can use them for any kind of project you work on. One other possibility is to clone the fonts that other creatives have designed and you can give it your own twist to create something really unique. 

The fonts presented in this website are more unique and bizarre rather than the traditional typefaces you will find in most resources. You can download fonts that have been designed by other creatives. Click on the Download button to have the file installed n your device and you should be ready to go. 

Probably our smallest collection of free fonts on the list, but definitely not the least worthy. The Free Fonts Project covers free fonts and families that you can download and be used both for commercial and personal purposes without any limitations. 

The project was created by Ivan Gladkikh with the sole purpose to make typography accessible for every user and creative. Below you will find the curated list containing some outstanding fonts that you can download for free. 

You can enter your text to see if the fonts available suit your design and project. To download fonts on the Free Fonts Project simply click on the Download button located on top of the font and enter your email, or if you don’t want to subscribe to their newsletter simply click on the Download Now link below the field. 

By Team Neuron

Director of product design, Freehand