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20 Inspiring Gradient Website Examples | 2021

Gradients are back on trend and we show you why. Explore our collection of beautiful gradient websites.
Gradients are back on trend and we show you why. Explore our collection of beautiful gradient websites.

20 Inspiring Gradient Website Examples | 2021

We’re taking a trip back to memory lane. In this design topic, we will be covering gradients. Back in the 90s gradients used to be so popular and widespread in design, and remained fairly so until the late 2000s with the introduction of flat design. 

But just like many other 90s trends, gradients have found their way back in the design world and have made a huge comeback. But rather than inheriting the trend, designers went a step further and added a little flair to it to make it more modern and contemporary.

The creative use of color gradients on your design projects proves to be an attention-grabbing detail that will entice users and generate many admirers along the way. 2018 marks the year when gradient websites make a comeback, and now we see them everywhere. 

But this time, gradients did not conquer the rule of flat designs, they seem to be used as a way to enhance flat designs also known as the flat 2.0. We see gradients being used everywhere starting from logos (yes Instagram logo, we’re talking to you), packaging, web design, apps, print materials, and more. 

For this article, we will be glorifying gradient websites and we will be showing the most beautiful and ravishing website examples that have employed gradients in their designs. And by the end of this article, we will also provide you with a list of gradient website background generators to create the most stunningly beautiful gradients for your next projects. All for free.

What are gradients?

Gradients are color transitions from one color to another or to another to create a beautiful and unique combination that’s intrinsic to your design. Gradients make the design components stand out by providing a sense of depth and adding realism to the design. You can use gradients to reflect similar colors like for example different shades of blue or orange. 

But dare to be a little creative and use gradients with two or three completely contrasting colors that make for bold and unique designs. The gradient design is highly flexible and versatile as you can create a smooth color transition or bold ones, depending on your mood or the direction you want to give your design. 

What spikes about gradients are that by mixing up and combining different colors you can create new color combinations that evoke modernism giving your design an unparalleled aesthetic. Gradients can be used in a variety of designs starting from social media banners to website designs. 

Seeing the rise and the fall of this design trend, we believe it is here to stay, at least for now. In web design, gradients have seen quite a hike in popularity as more and more popular brands use this design trend for a subtle background, to add a flair of funkiness to your photos (reminding us of the sweet old’ 90s) as well as engaging and powerful gradient call to action buttons to seize the attention of the user.

20 Extraordinary Examples of Gradient Websites

As we announced in the introductory of this article, we will be serving you with the top 12 gradient website examples that have incorporated this style so wonderfully, even we were left speechless. You can use this collection as an inspiration for your next project (hint: we are too) and take your designs to the next level. Let’s start revealing the mesmerizing gradient websites, and may our websites be as sophisticated as they are.

Best Beautiful Gradient Websites in 2021

Can we just start by saying WOW. The website of Magdiel Lopez is out of this world. This is a pure example of subtle yet highly refined use of gradient backgrounds alongside the cool interactivity with the cursor. This gradient website provides a minimal and beautiful one-page design where typography takes the lead and together with the circular gradient background, it contemplates the design in parallel harmony. 

Magdiel Lopez’s website is proof of why gradient websites have made a comeback, and as an exemplar of how you can make your website look elegant while incorporating gradient design. Magdiel Lopez is a graphic designer and digital artist that seems to have a great fondness for this style trend as it is apparent in their work and portfolio as well. You can notice the signature circular gradient background to be an intrinsic design component throughout the entire website. 

The website uses a monochromatic black and white color palette, and the gradient background serves as the ice breaker in this design. It rightfully deserves to be on our list of top most beautiful gradient websites, and hopefully, it serves as an inspiration point for your next design project.

Figure 1 Beauty 1

While searching and scanning the internet for beautiful gradient websites, we’ve stumbled upon the Figure 1 Beauty website and we’re glad we did because we figured this site to be incorporating gradients gracefully, sparking engagement and positivity. Figure 1 Beauty is a skincare online shop that sells products to make your skin healthier. 

It uses a rather bold gradient background with contrasting color combinations of more than three, which requires a sense of professionalism to blend them neatly together. 

This company went far and beyond to create a consistent brand image, and it is apparent in the usage of gradients on its product packaging as well. Other than the gradient background Figure 1 website uses a simple plain white background with bright red typography on all other pages, maintaining a nice level of color combination without becoming too tacky. 

Kudo to the design team for keeping it cool and casual with a nice touch of boldness as a side dish. As far as typography goes, the Fig.1 site goes all in with the usage of sans serif fonts presenting various combinations of weights and sizes.

Inspiring Gradient Websites - Sara Guo

We could not leave out our ethereal Sicilia demo website part of the Kaon WordPress theme on our collection of gradient websites. The mere simplicity of this demo website derives from the stunning gradient website with a pop of purple. Our designers decided to spare on useless components and go big in text and typography. 

The bright sunny yellow “Scroll Down” button servers as the highlight of this design, letting our eyes rest a bit before you scroll down the beautiful portfolio. 

Everything else is kept simple, the color palette, the ingredients used, and the elements included. Sicilia is perfect for online portfolios and photography websites as it highlights your work and adds depth to your website with the gradient website that’s put to use. And the icing on the cake to me is the white-backgrounded tooltip that smoothly makes its may on the desktop as you hover over one of the portfolio items. 

Every other page in this demo website is designed to perfection, down to the last detail. It all falls back together consistently as you move across pages, giving you a sense of familiarity. On par with smooth and engaging animations, Sicilia screams sophistication even without saying a word.

Inspiring Gradient Websites - Sara Guo

Talk about boldness and Sara Guo’s website comes to mind. Sara Guo is a venture capitalist making investments for software startups and we can definitely see the connection between practicality and creativity on their website. For starters, you can not miss the beautiful blue, purple, pink, and green combination that earns her a spot on our gradient websites list. But that’s not it, for most websites we see the usage of gradient websites and then everything else is left simple. 

Sara Guo’s website is sprinkled in colors, let’s take for example the color-changing circle cursor that not only changes color when you move it from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen but only while you hove over the main hero text, the logo, or the nav menu. The dark mode approach is wonderfully combined with bold typography and gradient website, only to top it off with a while footer.

When you put it like this is sounds like a hot mess, but fear not as this website is filled with outstanding design components and smart use of colors, shapes, and animations. One thing is for sure with this gradient website, you will never get bored of it.

Sandland website - Use of gradients in web design

Sandland’s website is a colorful rainbow of sections and gradients. This website uses gradients throughout the entire website and no color section is the same. Seems like designers of Sandland went all-in when it comes to the color palette and we are not mad about it because it presents in such a beautiful way.

Typography takes the crown as the main distinctive UI element of this design and every section seems to follow the same pattern but in different colors.

What’s particularly striking about this gradient website is the usage of color to distinguish the three product packages that they offer. Each package has its own identity and characteristics, but never compromising consistency and user interactivity. 

Even the login page consists of the same gradients as the homepage. Every piece of design falls into place perfectly creating a beautiful harmony between each component starting from the website animations, typography, media, and buttons giving Sandland’s website a unique aesthetic that’s just as majestic as unforgettable.

Hanai World website - Use of gradients in web design

As we continue our hunt for the best gradient websites, we must introduce you to Hanai World, a highly interactive and quite unique website that employs gradients gracefully and transports you to another dimension. 

The three-dimensional elements play around the website’s orbit and offer great flexibility as they move in absolute accordance with the cursor. Hanai World uses gradients as a starting point of its design and as the last port closing of this beautiful dimension.

They come to meet a stunning usage of bold typography paired with dark colors that serve as the highlight for the text. The media is the only complex component on this website, as everything else is left clear and minimalistic. The marvelous one-page material design mimics the outer space where you can scroll up and down infinitely and the animation will always spice up the experience. 

You can take upon the wonderful design capabilities of Hanai World and get inspired for your next project where you can use gradients as a means to emphasize depth and highlight your text.

Inspiring Gradient Websites - Sara Guo

Lēonard is an inventive agency always on the lookout to provide innovative solutions to modern challenges in the digital world. Lēonard’s website represents the true beauty of soft gradients and the calm pace they provide to the design. Initially, the website loads into a grey background only to display a prominent orange circular gradient that becomes eminent as it fully loads. 

The design of Lēonard is one you can always come back to as it offers a minimal and calming interface. 

The circular background gradient moves across the page and changes colors at a slow pace, almost addicting. The same gradient colors are apparent across every page on the website including the full-page menu and are strategically placed to offer a sense of depth. The appeasing nature of Lēonard’s website is observed in other elements as well like typography, animations, as well as the lack of complex elements.

Everything is made of a subtle touch of elegance and sophistication that feels so ethereal and innovative, just like the agency’s focus on providing original and contemporary solutions to web creators. This beautiful gradient website has rightfully earned its spot on our list and we are in love with it.

Inspiring Gradient Websites - Sara Guo

Next up, we have the beautiful gradient website of prism Data. Everything about the Prism Data website is designed to perfection. It shows an intrinsic simplicity generated throughout the entire website. The design lays entirely on a black background and white typography. What spikes this design up is the integration of colorful gradients every here and there. 

To add a little spin to the design, the gradients are attributed a slow-pacing animation that disparts at first only to merge together into a beautiful combination of colors. 

The monochromatic aesthetic is gracefully matched with a dash of color that offers a sense of professionalism and efficiency. It’s like saying we are professional and mature but we also like to have fun a little every once in a while. All the sections are connected to one another, either via design similarities or UI components that increase the interactivity and spark engagement throughout the entire website. 

What’s particularly interesting is that other inner pages introduce a contrasting design with a light background and dark typography, but the gradients are yet apparent, almost like a signature of Prism Data’s website. This is one example of how a single touch of gradients can elevate minimal designs into a more contemporary approach.

Best Beautiful Gradient Websites in 2021

Fujee Designs’ website is covered in gradients that have been integrated into many elements throughout the entire website. The base is set to be a white background and to funk it up, we have the introduction of beautiful purple, green, yellow gradients that move from one edge to another constantly creating different color combinations. 

Big and bold typography makes for a statement piece, especially layered on top of colorful gradient background that provides the necessary highlight for the text to take up the attention it deserves. 

Besides the colorful gradient background, the color palette used sticks to limited use of contrasting colors that blend together so nicely providing a modern and unique design. Although the futuristic design is oblivious everywhere on the website, you can find these little integrations that also connect to the past like gradients or the cursor that has the shape of 90s illustrative style. 

You can take up the inspiration on this gradient website and the smart use of color combinations that give off a sense of practicality.

Best Beautiful Gradient Websites in 2021

Now it’s time we introduce Studio ChenChen, a unique gradient website that’s full of interactivity, colors, and personality. The calming pastel background is put to use to emphasize the three gradients that take a circular shape bouncing up and down. What’s striking about this is that once put the mouse over one of the gradient circles moves according to the mouse movements. 

Although no other gradient is apparent besides the homepage, you sense the 90s style in colors, animations, as well as icons, but a lot more moderate, thus giving a spin to the contemporary style. 

Seems like Studio ChenChen likes to play with color and know what they are doing. Everything is thought to perfection, even the hamburger menu changes color depending on the background shade it’s being displayed on. Although complex at a first sight, the website shared a minimalistic use of components, where huge typography and bold colors make up the entire design.

Best Beautiful Gradient Websites in 2021

Now it’s time we praise the outstanding gradient website of Alexander Muniz that’s filled with dynamicity and irregular grid constraints that provide the intrinsic style of this website. 

Color seems to be the epicenter of this website as its transitions are though out down the last detail. Standing gracefully are the gradients on both sides of the hero text, and once you hover over them, different color combinations appear. 

The website layout is designed in dark mode, where the black background lays the foundation of the light typography and enhanced color combinations. And if you want to switch to light mode, simply click on the small square next to the hamburger menu, and you’ll see the layout switching to light mode, almost as if it was another layer on top of it. 

Even while on the light mode, they kept the gradients, only this time they introduce some brighter colors to match the white background. The website of Alexander Muniz is highly interactive and presents some micro-interactions that spark the interest of every user.

Best Beautiful Gradient Websites in 2021

Sketch is a digital designing platform that offers the possibility for thousands of creatives to craft their masterpieces and create pixel-perfect work. On the frontier of their website Sketch presents a beautiful peachy orange gradient that suits perfectly the bold dark typography and text. 

Although they kept it simple without using complex and excessive components, the introduction of gradients throughout the entire website presents a unique and great-looking design. 

The use of gradients is widely apparent on every page, even if you scroll down their blog, you will see the featured images employing gradient backgrounds that match the overall design and style of the Sketch website. As you scroll down the website you can see the gradient fade out into a white background, but then again we are introduced with section gradients that each represent a particular feature of Sketch and are distinguished with different color combinations. 

This awe-inspiring gradient background makes use of subtle gradients and combines colors of similar hues to come together in perfect harmony.

Moving on with our list of the best gradient website examples, and this time we have the website of Richard Sancho to provide you with infinite beauty and imagination. Once you open their website, you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful circular gradients that move around intertwining with each other but never interrupting each other’s pace and intensity. 

The hero section of this stunning gradient website is covered in gradients and the cool colors make it possible for a smooth transition.

Due to the diverse color palette, as the gradients move across the background you can see the colors of the hero text changing to match the gradient background as well as ease readability. Although the website design is kept simple and we have an abundance of white space, you can spot the gradient background on the images and illustrations that spice up the design like no other component. 

The beautiful gradient website example of Richard Sancho serves as an inspiration for your upcoming web design project due to the smart use of color blends and matches.

The Karman Project website is yet another exquisite gradient website example that is designed with such finesse to represent a contemporary style mixed with complex features and components. 

In a first instance, we are introduced with a full-screen slider showcase and a circular gradient background that moves across the page on command of your mouse. The beautiful orange/reddish gradient is places gracefully upon the dark background, which makes it seem like a light at the end of the tunnel.

Seems like the radial gradient is being present across the entire website, only with a different radius length and color points. All the projects have been showcased against the dark background and seem like this website knows no grid constraints as their placement is entirely unique and absolute. 

The Karman Project website mimics the aesthetics of the cosmos with the radial gradient representing the sun, only here it orbits across the site’s components with utmost ease.

Gradient websites have been making a comeback and for good now, as we see more and more websites are hopping on the trend train. The beautiful website of Green Chameleon does not lag behind either as they’ve masterfully integrated this popular web design trend and made the best out of it. 

The beautiful circular shape is the epicenter of this website’s design that fills in gradient colors meshed together to create this beautiful illusion of infinity. Once you hove the mouse over the gradient you can see it moving in such an irregular manner that’s almost captivating.

The website of Green Chameleon is a one-page design where all the information is laid down in a unique layout interface and all the components are placed haphazardly against the black background. You can find gradient designs here and there to introduce different sections on the website. 

Although at a first glance it seems like an intricate design, the Green Chameleon website indulges in a minimal style where all the components are floating around their own space without ever interrupting each other.

We’ve finally come to the introduction of Waltz Creative’s website only to be fascinated by the indulging interactivity that the site presents for its users. It helps them engage with the website and have fun at the same time. 

The website design is integrated masterfully to complement the playful nature of the site, and the gradient website background is the perfect choice for such an occasion. What’s even more captivating about this website is the color-changing gradient background with each scroll of the users.

As you scroll down you can see the gradient gradually changing into different colors thus reflecting the whimsical aesthetic that the website represents on its entirely. 

The gradient trend is reflected on other website components as well like the mouse pointer that also changes color alongside the gradient background. Colorful, playful, and enticing, this is the website of Waltz Creative, a creative agency with top-tier services and a stunning gradient website presentation.

We’ve introduced a few gradient websites with black backgrounds throughout this article, and we can totally say that we are a little bit obsessed with this combination. Nevertheless, once again we bring another extraordinary dark-themed gradient website example to the table, this time we have the website of Kaper Travel that shows an incredible journey full of adventures across Iceland. 

The wanderlust nature of the Kaper Travel is evident throughout the entire website, with components being placed sporadically, bold typography, expressive components, and lively animations.

The gradient background is apparent on different sections across the website with diverse angles and colors. The hero section is completely conquered by the beautiful orange gradient that’s put against the black background. 

You can also spot irregular gradient shapes that notify the end or the beginning of a section. It serves as a transition point between the sections to seamlessly shift across one or the other.

The beautiful gradient website of Elyse Niezgoda presents an immaculate dualism of minimal style and extravagant color palettes that are expressed in the form of gradients. 

When you first visit the website, on the left side of it you notice a large colorful circular shape that almost blocks the visibility of the hero texts, but once the users hover over it you see a seamless transition into a beautiful ball of gradients that losses its focus only to give the proper spotlight of the hero text that’s presented in bold black typography.

While the background is kept simple and minimalistic, they went full-on gradient mode by exposing the services and skills that the webmaster has developed. The intrinsic radial gradient is preserved and presented across other inner pages in the website to maintain consistency. 

The captivating website of Elyse Niezgoda masterfully integrates gradients within a minimal design which gives the proper prominence to their portfolio.

You can play around with the shapes and the angles as well as with the colors you blend for creating the most exquisite gradient backgrounds for your website, but what we’ve seen evident throughout our article, radial gradients are a huge thing now, as they project a sense of elegance, without having to create your entire background into a gradient. 

The beautiful gradient website of Equal Design does not fall short in thing trend either. Irregular patterns, big and bold typography, radial gradients, and a subtle color palette are some of the design components that make this website a top selection on our list.

The website of Equal Design presents an engaging and interactive web design with various animations and interactions to entice users. The hero section of this website is kept minimal with a few components that add a bit of complexity to the design. 

The bright yellow radial gradient is present throughout the entire website and across different sections. While the closing footer integrates the radial gradient pressed against the dark background.

The ever-dreamy website of Adova Group is floating in gradients and the beautiful color combinations that make your eyes rest and feel at ease. The cool-toned color palette that Adova Group integrated into their website design creates a dreamy and whimsical aesthetic that matches their business goals. 

Gradient backgrounds are present everywhere throughout the website and as you scroll down yet a spectacular show of color-changing gradients that matches the context of each section.

The beautiful gradient website of Adova Group makes for the perfect exemplar of how to integrate gradients of various shapes and colors to create the most stunning website showcases. 

All the information is being presented on the landing page where you can scroll through various sections, each intrinsic to their gradient colors. As you scroll down you can witness the smooth transition in animations as well as the color combination that hits the mark.

4 Free Resources to Create Gradient Backgrounds for your Website

We’ve already established that gradients have made a major comeback and have come now stronger than ever. Gradients are trendy now and you can use them on your next projects as they find a way to elevate your designs and put emphasis on the main components of your project. 

The beauty of gradients is that you can play around with shades and create unique color combinations that can be intrinsic to your website only, thus making you stand out from the boring crowd. 

Gradients are not for the fainted hearted, it takes courage to experiment with different colors and there’s always the risk of looking tacky. We’ve shared a comprehensive collection of gradient websites that have incorporated this trend into their website design and have gracefully mastered the art of gradients. 

Take up inspiration from all the websites on the list to produce qualitative designs. If you wish to integrate gradients on your website as well, here we will include a list of free gradient websites for your next projects. Use it as a bonus tip and get started with creating your own signature gradient in no time.

Free Gradient Generator

Gradient by ShapeFactory is an amazing free resource to create gradients instantly. They provide a rich list of gradients based on color, pigmentation, and lightning. You can choose the level of the attributes as well as choose the main color of the gradient. 

Once you’ve found the one you like when you hover over it you have the color value as well as the option to copy the CSS. Click upon the gradient for more flexibility where you can change the direction or the shape of the gradient.

Create Free Gradient Website Online is another great resource to download free gradient backgrounds that you can use on your projects or web design. It offers a library of 182 carefully designed gradients, each of which presents a unique pattern and color combination. 

You can use these gradients to any ratio you need, from square to ultrawide. You can either download the gradients as a JPG file or copy the CSS code and implement it on your website. 

Create Free Gradient Website Online

Gradients can be fun to produce, and this is best implemented in the Grabient website where it lets you play with different colors, shades, angles, and positions of the gradients where you can create unique combinations all for free. 

Add as many colors as you wish and place them either horizontally or vertically until you are completely content with the results. Make all the arrangements necessary and once done simply copy the CSS code to integrate it on your website.

Free Gradient Generator

Creating gradient websites is now made simple and easy with the introduction of free online resources like Gradient Hunt that offers pre-made gradient combinations that you can easily download as a PNG file or copy its CSS code. 

You can not make your own gradients, but you can select from the templates. At the top of the page you can locate the different types of gradients they provide like linear, radial, or choose one from their popular selection. 

Final Thoughts

Gradients have now become a popular trend and one that you can get on with it due to its high usage and demand. You can use gradients in any piece of design where suits you best, including here logos, product packaging, social media posts, or web design. 

We’ve included a collection of the best gradient website examples that you can easily get inspired by. They make use of gradients and other useful components to create beautiful and intuitive websites. 

The list includes some popular websites as well as digital artists that have expressed their creativity onto their website as well as their products. As a last resort, we have also included some free resources you can use to either obtain pre-made gradient templates or create your own gradient, all for free. Get on your creative side and explore the world of gradients.

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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