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34 Best Free Google Fonts in 2021 for Web Designers

We've compiled a list with the best free Google fonts that are available to use on all your personal and commercial projects without additional charge for licensing.
We've compiled a list with the best free Google fonts that are available to use on all your personal and commercial projects without additional charge for licensing.

34 Best Free Google Fonts in 2021 for Web Designers

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, fonts matter. Typography is one of the most important components of every design and speaks volumes about your brand. Fonts matter for content readability. Using the right typeface will help carry more weight in the message you are trying to communicate. That is why we made it our mission to provide you with the best free Google fonts to use on your personal and commercial projects.

Choosing the right font will have more impact on your website than you can imagine. It can indirectly affect potential leads and traffic because if the font you choose hinders the user experience by not being able to read the copy of the content you wrote properly, or by experiencing a slow loading time they will most likely leave your website.

This is why you should be wise when selecting which font you are going to use on your next projects, as well as the licensing, or whether or not the font is optimized for the web. A great resource for finding the perfect font for your design project is Google Fonts. It covers a wide array of beautiful and elegant fonts that you can include all for free. 

But the repository of free Google Fonts is quite large and if you are not a professional designer, you might lack the ability to pinpoint the best free Google fonts for your projects. But Neuron to the rescue, since we have assembled the top best free Google fonts. We’ve previously compiled a list with the best Abobe Fonts (Typekit) that you can download for free.

What are Google Fonts and why use them?

Google Fonts was first established in 2010, and now it has become the most major and widely known platform for downloading free fonts that are viable to use for both commercial and personal projects. 

They are made available usually under the Open Font License that allows you to download the font for free and use it on all your personal and commercial web projects. Since this is a Google tool, accessibility is, of course, important, it includes a wide selection of typography always taking into account legibility and readability. 

Google Fonts differ from other typefaces based on two premises, they are popular and they are free. You can find the best free Google fonts and use them in all your projects without having to buy their license. 

The stunning library of free Google Fonts made it possible for small businesses to create their branding without any licensing font costs. Best of all, Google fonts are optimized for the web, making your pages load faster thus ultimately reducing the bounce rate.

Best Free Google Fonts in 2021

From our design team to you, we’ve compiled a list with the best free Google fonts so you don’t have to wander around the page looking for the best choice for your project. We’ve made sure to include a wide array of font types that will be suitable for any kind of design project. 

We’re on a mission to provide you with the best design resources, hence the compilation of this article. If you are looking for a more specific category of fonts, you can check out our collections of Best Serif and Sans Serif fonts, Best Handwriting Fonts, Best Free Elegant Fonts, Best Free Block Fonts, and more. 

All of our lists consist of free fonts that you can download and integrate into your design projects without extra cost. Now let’s get to our list of the best free Google fonts.

We’re opening our beautiful collection of the best free Google fonts with Manrope, a modern sans-serif font designed by Mikhail Sharanda. Manrope presents a contemporary interface and comes available in seven weights. This typeface is a blend of different font types, interpreting a semi-grotesque style. What’s best, digits in Manrope are perfect for interface design and numeric data. You can use it on phone numbers, phone cards, watches, and more.

Open Sans is another amazing and popular Google font that even the platform itself uses on prints and web ads. The font comes available in ten different weights and you can use it on all your personal and commercial projects since the typeface is issued under the Apache license. Open Sans is a sans serif humanist typeface that can find use in print as well as digital products. The typeface made our list of the best free Google fonts due to the flexibility and elegance that it portrays.

We’ve all heard of Roboto, right? Or am I just spending too much time with designers? Nevertheless, Roboto is one of the best free Google fonts as it conveys a classical piece that never goes out of style. Roboto creates a beautiful duality between the large geometric forms and the friendly open curves. The reason why Roboto is such a widely used typeface is that it deploys a natural flow of letters facilitating better readability. You can find Roboto in 12 different weights and use it on your next design project without constraints. 

Now we continue our collection of the best free Google fonts with Noto Serif JP that comes from the beautiful family of Noto. This typeface aims to cover and support all the languages of the world and comes in seven weights that expand its usage. The beautiful serifs and ligatures of Noto Serif JP give off the intrinsic look that will elevate your designs. You can use this typeface on print as well as web projects due to its high configurability and support. 

Vollkorn is a beautiful serif font that was first designed in 2005 by Friedrich Althausen. The font intends to be used on everyday content, body text, but it is also suitable for headlines and titles. On a first instance, Vollkorn gives off an edgy look with dark serifs that aim to present a simple, modest, and high-quality interface. The font comes available in 12 weights with their respective italic styles, perfect for product or print designs. 

Now we present Tino, one of the best free Google fonts on its repository. The typeface intends to represent an innovative interface and refreshing serif design that complements the Times New Roman. The font was designed by Steve Matteson and offers improved on-screen readability. You can find the typeface and use it for free on all your personal and commercial projects as it comes issued under the Apache 2.0 license. Tinos comes in four different weights only but finds usage in a wide variety of projects. 

Now it’s time we introduce a beautiful typeface that’s just as charming as its naming, Cinzel is an all-caps serif font that made our list of the best free Google font due to its immense elegance and contemporary aesthetics. You can use Cinzel in headlines and titles. The font was inspired by first-century Roman inscriptions and the proportions are based on classical design. Despite being inspired by the ancient history of the Latin alphabet, Cinzel comes with a modern twist to it that provides its intrinsic interface. 

Urbanist is a fairly new font that’s designed and produced Corey Hu in 2020. The font includes nine weights and their respective italics. We’ve considered Urbanist as one of the best free Google fonts available for free on its repository. Urbanist typeface is a low-contrast, geometric sans serif font that was inspired by the modernist approach in typography. The font can be used for personal and commercial use, all for free. The font can be used for print and digital mediums altogether. Urbanist is a popular free Google font that can be paired best with Roboto, Open Sans, Montserrat, or any other smart choice from the sans serif fonts collection

Now we must introduce Lato to our collection of the best free Google fonts. Lato is a beautiful and sleek sans serif typeface that’s designed in 2010 and since then it grew into a family of typography that’s just as modern. Lato is characterized by a beautiful duality that clashes together to provide a unique aesthetic to the typeface. You can notice the semi-rounded details of the letters that give off a feeling of warmth, but on the other hand, the strong structure provides seriousness and stability. 

Source Sans Pro is a beautiful and elegant typeface from the family of sans serif that’s available in the Google Fonts repository. Source Sans Pro is the first open-source Abode typeface family that’s made available for every to use for free on all their personal and commercial projects. Source Sans Pro comes available in 12 different weights, each with its respective italics. This typeface is one of the best free Google fonts available as it will elevate your design by adding a touch of sophistication to the equation. 

Oswald is a versatile and beautiful free Google font that reincarnates the classical style historically represented by the ‘Alternate Gothic’ sans serif typefaces. Oswald was designed to be accessible for everyone across all web browsers, laptops, and mobile devices. Since the launch in 2011 Oswald went under various changes and updates like the support for more Latin languages, tightening the spacing and kerning, and many glyph refinements. Oswald can be used for various personal and commercial projects. 

Raleway is an elegant and contemporary sans serif font family that comes feature-packed with various weights and styles for the ultimate flexibility. The typeface was first designed by Matt McInerney as a single thin weight and then expanded to nine more different weights and their respective italic styles. This beautiful display typeface is inspired more by geometric sans-serif typefaces than its neo-grotesque inspired default character set. You are free to use the font as per your desire on all your favorite design projects, whether that be print or digital. 

Next up on the best free Google fonts, we have the modern font of Lora that’s well-balanced and adds a contemporary touch to every piece of design. This typeface was specially designed for body text that adds moderate contrast to the interface. Lora would make a great choice for paragraphs sets because it will elevate the design with its beautiful brushed curves in contrast with driving serifs. Although Lora is best used for body text, the typeface was fully optimized for print as well. 

Another exceptional serif free Google font is on the list, this time we must include PT Serif, a transitional serif font with humanist terminals and designed to be harmonized alongside its Russian language typeface peer PT Sans. The font was developed to better help Russian people write and read in their native language. This font family consists of six styles: regular and bold weights with corresponding italics form. This font is issued under the libre license, which means it can be freely redistributed. 

Ultimately one of the best free Google fonts is Belsey, a slab serif font that was inspired by Clarendon typeface family, but with a twist of its own elegance. The font features a full range of weights and styles along with their respective italics that makes for a subtle use of various design and web projects. The font is characterized by a slight rounding of corners that give off a warming aesthetic as well as paired with OpenType features such as ligatures and contextual substitutions, perfect for the finer details of the project. 

Next up on the best free google fonts collection we introduce DM Sans, a sleek and elegant sans serif typeface that’s characterized by a low-contrast geometric shape. The intrinsic interface of DM Sans is designed to elevate your projects with much grace and elegance. It is primarily intended to use on small text and surfaces. You can use this beautiful free sans serif font for all your personal and commercial projects. 

Montserrat is a classical typeface that has effortlessly stood its time and many design trends while managing to keep its harmonious aura and beautiful aesthetic. Due to its simplicity and authenticity, Monserrat is considered as one of the best free Google fonts that is made available under the SIL Open Font License, which gives you the right to include the typeface on all your personal and commercial projects. The font includes a comprehensive set of styles and weights and is inspired by the old posters in the neighborhood of Montserrat, Buenos Aires and best represents the beauty of urbanist typography. 

Cormorant is one of the biggest font families in the Google Fonts repository that represents an ethereal style mixed with a slight touch of elegance to provide the intrinsic interface. The font is a free display family all developed by Christian Thalmann and inspired by the Garamond heritage. Cormorant is a beautiful free google font that provides 10 different font styles and weights to offer the ultimate flexibility while creating a design project. This typeface was designed to put on an extravagant showcase making ample use of OpenType technology, thus making it compatible with every browser display. 

Yantramanav is a beautiful and elegant sans serif font available in the Google Fonts repository. This typeface will elevate your designs and create an impeccable impression while maintaining an appealing consistency. The font was designed by Erin McLaughlin and was primarily designed as a compliment to Roboto – one of the most popular Latin family fonts. Yantramanav offer 6 different weight alongside their corresponding italic styles.

Belleza charmed away our list of the best free Google fonts with its immaculate consistency, classical proportions, and high contrast strokes. All these characteristics indicate its main inspiration, which is the fashion world. Belleza is the synonym of feminine, beauty, elegance, and sophistication all together to provide a fresh and pure style that is best represented in fashion magazines, headlines, and large display interfaces. 

Krona One is bold and one of the best free Google fonts on its repository. It presents a low-contrast and semi-extended sans serif interface that is sure to give your brand or design the most unique and expressive personality. Due to its high readability, Korona is perfectly suitable for both small and large screens. This typeface was inspired by the audacity of 20th-century handwritten Swedish posters. You can use Krona One for both personal and commercial projects. 

Sarabun is the official font of the Government Gazette of Thailand newspaper that supports both Latin and Thai languages. The font is an open-source multi-script typeface and we included in our collection of the best free Google fonts because it presents a unique interface and personality. The font is issued under the Open Font License, giving you full freedom to use the font on products & projects – print or digital, commercial, or others. 

Forum is an elegant and classic single-weight serif font with antique Roman proportions and an unmatched personality. Forum is a very flexible typeface thus our introduction to our best free Google fonts collection, which you can use on body text, but work perfectly fine for headlines and display interfaces as well. What makes it even more intriguing is that the Forum font offers a wide repertory of glyphs from different languages and communities. 

Italiana is a polished and beautiful serif typeface available for free in the Google fonts repository. Italiana is best suited for magazine headlines and newspapers due to its elegant and sophisticated display. The font was inspired by the calligraphy of Italian designers, hence the name of the typeface. You can use Italiana on all those projects where elegance and sophistication are required, as this typeface won’t fall short on those. The modern proportions of Italiana make this typeface perfect for typesetting on both papers and on screen. 

Moving along with our list of the best free Google fonts for 2021, this time we introduce the elegant and ethereal typeface of Syne, one that’s made to turn heads and create that wow factor for each design project used. 

Due to its experimental nature of creation, Syne plays around with different weights and styles to create this beautiful association of interactivity between the most uncommon elements and presents the most unique and beautiful font. Syne is a free Google font issued under the Open Font License, allowing you to use the font for free on both personal and commercial projects as well as print or digital.

Prompt is another outstanding and beautiful free Google font that offers all the flexibility you need to create the most exquisite design projects because this free Google font includes 18 different weights and styles available for you to use. Prompt is a lossless Thai and sans serif font that’s designed to work in perfect harmony with the geometric interface Latin. 

The negative white spaces and the wide proportions make this font the perfect choice for both print and digital projects, including here newspapers, posters, or magazines. The Open Font License allows you to download the font for free and use it on all your personal or commercial projects.

Inter is one of the most popular and one of the best free Google fonts that available on its repository and is widely used by designers to introduce an elegant and chic display that’s ever classic. 

Inter is a variable font family that’s masterfully designed for computer screens. You can use the font on all your personal and commercial projects, and due to its carefully crafted nature, Inter can be used for both print and digital work, or use it on large interfaces as well as small screen texts as it plays nicely on both environments.

Next up on the list, we have the beautiful font of Slabo 27px. We’ve included this typeface in our collection of the best free Google fonts for 2021 because it radiates both elegance and charm in the most fashionable manner. 

You can include Slabo 27px on all your design projects whether those be print or digital. The typeface includes a collection of size-specific fonts available to use in online advertising as well as other types of projects. Each typeface is to be used on the specific pixel size that’s attributed to the name of the font.

Some of the best Google fonts are available for free and you can use them on every design project you wish with no strings attached. The fonts we’ve collected in this compilation are all selected carefully to provide the best possible typography choices. 

Such a good font selection is also Bebas Neue that comes in one weight only and it’s perfect for large displays. You can use the font of Bebas Neue in large heading, headlines, magazines, posters, packaging, and more. The font was designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa and it’s based on the original Bebas typeface.

To add a little flair and elegance to your designs, Marcellus is the perfect typeface choice that will elevate your projects with its charming serif interface inspired by the Roman inscription letterforms. 

Marcellus is an all-caps Google font that when combined properly will exude beauty like no other typeface. Marcellus is one of the best free Google fonts and supports languages based on Latin scripts and their variants. Marcellus is a popular font for 2021 as elegant and minimal designs are on the rise and on high demand.

Kanit is a modern free Google font that also incorporates futuristic characteristics into the combination and offers a wide range of usage possibilities. Kanit is a beautiful correlation of the loopless Thai alphabet and the Sans Latin design that also adds a little flair of the Humanist Sans Serif motif, which gives this typeface its intrinsic personality. 

You can use Kanit for large displays as well as small texts, because the font integrates flat angles alongside the stroke terminals, making this typeface readable and maintaining eligibility even on smaller point sizes.

Cormorant SC is a free display font family available on the Google Fonts repository and legible to use on all your personal and commercial projects. Cormorant SC is a beautiful all-caps typeface family that includes 5 weights, giving you flexibility and create marvelous combinations between the styles. 

Cormorant SC provides an elegant and chic typeface display that is best used for large spaces, headings, magazines, and other related design projects. This beautiful free Google font grants an extravagant display that’s designed by Christian Thalmann and was heavily inspired by Claude Garamont’s legacy, but no other font was used as a starting point of creation.

Koh Santepheap is another outstanding free Google font that we must integrate into our collection due to its unique characteristics and the beautiful interface it conveys. 

Koh Santepheap font is a Khmer font for body text usage and you can pair the font with Latin serif typefaces for the ultimate combination and create amazing design projects based on the mesmerizing interface of the font. Issued under the Open Font License, you can download this serif font for free and use it on all your personal and commercial projects, whether those be print or digital ones.

Moving on with our list of the best free Google fonts, this time we introduce you to the futuristic font of Gemunu Libre that was heavily inspired by the popular Sinhala typeface “FM Gemunu” and includes Latin support as well. 

Gemunu Libre is a more perfected version of the FM Gemunu because it acquires more breathing spaces, bigger counters, and smoother edges. The font comes with 7 available weights and can be used freely on all your personal and commercial projects. You can pair Gemunu Libre with Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, or other popular sans serif typefaces.

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to an end with our collection of the best free Google fonts that are available to use for no further charging regarding their license. In this collection, we’ve hand-picked the finest typefaces that Google Fonts has available on its repository.

The large library of fonts and typefaces makes for a great resource to find beautiful and elegant fonts to include on your next projects. But the search and the hunt for the best free Google font can be exhausting, that is why we made it easier to sort through our best picks.  Leave your opinions in the comment section below on what is the best Google font that is a must for a design project to excel.

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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