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20 Best Adobe Fonts (TypeKit) for 2021

Tune into our article to find some of the most beautiful and elegant free fonts from Adobe Fonts. Search the collection to find the perfect font for your project.
Tune into our article to find some of the most beautiful and elegant free fonts from Adobe Fonts. Search the collection to find the perfect font for your project.

20 Best Adobe Fonts (TypeKit) for 2021

Typography is the style, aesthetic, and positioning of the text on web design, thus it is of great importance that you make the right decision when it comes to fonts and typography. In this article, we will store a collection of all the best adobe fonts that you can download for free for personal and commercial use. 

Adobe Fonts are some of the most exclusive and beautiful fonts on the web, thus we created this collection to help you choose the best of the best, we’ve pieced together all the best free fonts from Adobe Fonts library. 

What is Adobe Fonts (Typekit)?

Adobe Fonts, formerly known as Typekit, is a font library that offers a subscription-based online service, from where you can download fonts that will be used directly on the website or synced via an Adobe Creative Cloud. 

Adobe Fonts are one of the largest type distributors has greatly contributed with beautiful and stunning typefaces that designers can choose from and find their perfect solution. 

For those with an Adobe Creative Cloud, the Adobe Fonts are all accessible and many of these fonts include extended features like old-style numerals, contextual alternates, fractions, and more. 

How to download fonts with Adobe Fonts?

It’s no rocket science working with Adobe Fonts once you get the hang of it. The large library of Adobe Fonts includes premium and free fonts that you can use on your projects. Premium Adobe Fonts will require a premium plan with Adobe Creative Cloud, while free Adobe fonts will require a simple Adobe account and the activation of the font family. 

To activate fonts with Adobe Fonts is simple. Free fonts in Adobe Fonts will have a light switch that can be used to activate the font. As you are searching the Adobe fonts collection, when you find the typeface you fancy, click on the View Family button and it will redirect you to the main page of the font. 

On the top left corner of the page, you will see a light switch that activated the font. Once you switch the handle on the font will be automatically activated and ready to be used. 

Fonts that have not been used for more than 60 days will need to be reinstalled. You can simply reinstall the fonts by clicking on the cloud icon next to the font name. All the Active Fonts can be used on My Adobe Fonts > Active Fonts. 

Adobe Fonts, license for personal and commercial use

Adobe Fonts uses an Open Type License meaning that the entire library of Adobe Fonts is available for use in personal as well as commercial use. The beautiful fonts you find on Adobe Fonts can be used in design projects like logos, web design, as well as website publishing, videos, and broadcasting. 

Adobe Fonts will offer thousands of fonts as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, all the fonts are licensed for personal and commercial use. 

List of the best Adobe Fonts for free

This article aims to help you decide on your perfect match of Adobe font that you can use on your various projects. We have hand-picked only the best free fonts from Adobe Fonts to help you minimize the search and get you started on your designs. Search through the list as we are most definitely sure you will find your solution. 

We will start the list with the beautiful font of Archivo Black, a stunning sans serif font that offers only one weight, but it is the perfect typeface for print as well as digital work. Archive Black can be found in the repository of Adobe Fonts, which is issued under the open source license that gives you the freedom to use the typeface for personal and commercial projects. 

Archivo Black is a grotesque sans serif font that was originally designed for headlines, but nevertheless, the sophistication of the font makes it a perfect choice for print as well. 

Following the sophisticated Archivo Black, Liberation Sans is another amazing sans serif font available in the Adobe Fonts library. Liberation Sans is a free font that comes available in 4 different styles and can be used freely on all your personal or commercial projects. 

Liberation Sans family includes symmetrical shapes thus creating an elegant and charming aesthetic on your designs. Use the font either as a text typeface of for larger applications to entice people with its beauty. 

Fira Sans is a beautiful free font that’s created by the designers of the Mozilla Corporation to integrate with the character of Mozilla FirefoxOS. Fira Sans is available in the large repository of Adobe Fonts and presents a beautiful typeface made for representing large handsets that vary in screen quality and rendering.  

Fira Sans comes available in 18 styles, thus giving you a diverse range of styles and weights to incorporate into your designs. You can use the font for all design purposes as it comes with an Open Source License. 

PT Sans is a stunning sans serif free font that’s designed by Paratype in 2009. The font is made available in the Adobe Fonts collection to provide accessibility to the Russian people to write and read in their native language. PT Sans is a font based on the Russian sans serif types, yet it intertwines some features of contemporary humanistic designs. 

PT Sans comes available in eight styles and can be used on all your personal and commercial projects. The clean and elegant aesthetic of the font will make it a perfect choice for digital print. 

Acuta is another beautiful free serif font that’s made available in the Adobe Fonts repository. The typeface is a captivating combination of contemporary style with a twist of serifs that are made easily readable due to the medium contrast. Acuta typeface was designed by Elena Albertoni and can be activated right from the Adobe Fonts interface. 

Acuta font as all the fonts included in the collection is made available to be used for personal and commercial use. 

The clean and simple interface of Lora typeface that’s designed for digital work, but nevertheless works perfectly fine for print projects as well. Lora is a beautiful serif font in the Adobe Fonts collection and offers a modern aesthetic with moderate contrast. 

Lora comes in 4 styles and it is well suited for body text due to its beautiful balance of contrasting curves and driving serifs. The font is issued under the Open Source License, allowing you to use the typeface on all your projects including commercial ones. 

We continue our list of the best Adobe Fonts that you can use for free with Muli, a simple and minimalistic sans serif font that comes available in 14 styles. The range of styles and weights will allow you to play around with the designs and find the perfect match for the typography. 

Muli font is mainly used for display purposes and large headings, like magazines, posters, and others, but at the same time, Muli is perfectly suited for text display. 

Acumin one of the most popular fonts that’s available in the Adobe Fonts repository. Acumin is a clean and elegant free font that works exquisitely for display but in the meantime maintains perfect quality for text sizes as well. Its neo-grotesque style pairs perfectly with the balanced and equitable quality. 

Acumin comes available in four weights in the Adobe Fonts collection and can be used for personal as well as commercial projects. 

Cormorant Garamond is a free display font designed and developed by Christian Thalmann. Cormorant Garamond was inspired by Claude Garamont’s immortal legacy, although no specific font was used as a starting point while designing Cormorant Garamond. The font is perfect for large displays and can be used in logos, magazines, posters, and more. 

Cormorant Garamond is available on Adobe Fonts in 10 styles and can be freely used for personal as well as commercial projects that include web projects, videos, images, vector artwork, and more.

Libre Franklin is another fantastic free font in the Adobe Fonts repository designed by Pablo Impallari. The font is an interpretation of the 1912 Morris Fuller Benton classic. Libre Franklin is available in 18 styles, offering a wide range of utility and design. 

Libre Franklin is a versatile sans serif font that loos great for both long-form text and large headlines. The font is free to use for both personal and commercial projects. 

Let us introduce you to Raleway a chich and elegant sans serif font that can be downloaded right from Adobe Fonts together with the 18 styles included for free. You can choose Raleway to elevate your designs as it transcends beauty and elegance to your projects through typography. 

Raleway was designed in a single thin weight and transformed into a typeface family that consists of various styles and weights. The typeface includes both old style and lining numerlas inspired by more geometric sans serif typefaces. 

Alegreya made our list with its charm and beauty as a serif free font that was originally made for literature text. The beautiful harmony of the diverse means of elements included within the font creates a powerful yet elegant atmosphere of the text. Everything about the font was designed to perfection even the italics and every weight.

The power behind Alegreya font stands in the beautiful consistency of the elements that convey a dynamic and charismatic rhythm that facilitates the reading of long texts. 

Kepler is another amazing free font available on Adobe Fonts that can be incorporated n your personal as well as commercial projects. The beautiful font of Kepler comes in two weights Semicondensed Display and its italic style. 

The font will be a perfect choice for headings and large texts. Kepler is a stunning serif font that is free to use and can be styled easily. 

Utopia, hence the name is a beautiful and free display font that is best used for large display and headlines. The topic typeface of the font makes it a perfect choice for almost any project. 

The font comes available on Adobe Fonts in one weight only. You can activate the font as use it on your projects with ease. Integrate Utopia on your web design projects, logo designs, posters, headlines, as the beautiful slabs of this serif font match perfectly almost any design. 

Birch is a beautiful serif condensed free font that is made available on the Adobe Fonts collection. Birch provides simple yet unique aesthetics to your designs. The font comes in one weight only and can be downloaded for free on Adobe Fonts. 

Use the Birch font on your next projects to provide you with class and elegance, as this font radiates both beauty and grace. 

Abril is a beautiful display font available to download for free in the Adobe Fonts repository. The beautiful contrast of serifs and the balance between the weights offer a unique and stunning typeface that gives you the flexibility to use on your next personal and commercial project.  

Abril free font can be used on headings, posters, magazines, but the elegance of this font makes it perfectly usable for small text as well. You can choose from the ten weights available for the font together with their respective italic styles. 

Oswald is a beautiful condensed free font, that revokes the classical style with its sans serif interface. Oswald font is free to be used on all your personal and commercial projects on web browsers on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Oswald offers a number of 7 weights available giving you much range to use the font on different combinations. Oswald is free to use via an open-source license.. The font was designed by Vernon Adams to recreate the classic gothic and grotesque styles of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. . 

Stencil is a beautiful and unique font created by designers at Adobe Fonts and is free to include for commercial use as well as personal. Stencil font comes in now weight only – Stencil Bold.

Its intrinsic interface comes from the similarities to physical stencils, where the majority of parts of the letter are fully filled and a section of it is missing. The font can be best used for large headings as well as posters, magazines, or logo designs. 

League Gothic is a resurrection of the Alternate Gothic, a beautiful classical typeface. League Gothic is a condensed sans serif font that presents a simple yet powerful aesthetic designed by The League of Moveable Type.

The font has four different weights, all available under the open source license that allows you to use League Gothic for free on all your personal and commercial projects. 

Vortice is another outstanding font designed by Adobe Original and is released for free download for personal and commercial use. Vortice is a versatile sans serif font that comes available in one weight only. 

Vortice font is the perfect choice for display showcases such as large headings, posters, and other similar use. The font was the first to be completed under the Adobe Type Concepts program and comes with Latin uppercase characters and some punctuations. 

Final Words

Here concludes our list of the best Adobe Fonts that you can use and download for free. Find all the inspiration for your next project as each of the font that we presented on the collection is issued under the Open Source License that allows you to freely use them in your personal and commercial projects.

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By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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