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24 Best Elementor WordPress Themes

In this article, we have provided you with a compelling list of the best WordPress themes that have mastered the art of Elementor Integration. If you are struggling to find a theme that works impeccably with Elementor, this is your station and get inspired to choose any of the themes we have listed.
In this article, we have provided you with a compelling list of the best WordPress themes that have mastered the art of Elementor Integration. If you are struggling to find a theme that works impeccably with Elementor, this is your station and get inspired to choose any of the themes we have listed.

24 Best Elementor WordPress Themes

Your hunt for best themes that are perfect pair for Elementor is over now. In this article, we will enfold some of the best WordPress themes that are fully compatible with one of the most popular page builder plugin that is Elementor.

I don’t think that Elementor needs any introduction, but just to say on the safe side, for those who might have been sleeping on it. Elementor is a popular and versatile page builder plugin that allows creating exceptional designs for your website.

The Elementor + WordPress theme combination is one made in heaven, you could use this plugin supersede the basic WordPress editor to a live frontend editor and gain from the benefits of design and functionality the themes provide.

Why use Elementor

To put it simply, Elementor is a lifesaver when it comes to building and crafting your website. Creating complex layouts that are visually appealing is as simple as grabbing widgets from the panel to the working sheet and start customizing.

In the next episode of “All the amazing things you can do with Elementor” is the ability to adjust and customize every part of your website, including headers and footers. The 80 + design elements, third-party integration with helpful tools such as analytics, performance optimization, or email marketing, all add a count to the benefits of using Elementor.

Due to its popularity, there are many themes that are compatible or that use Elementor as their page builder. In this article, we will narrow down the list of the best themes that have integrated Elementor and sings in perfect harmony with each other.

Best WordPress Themes for Elementor

The list comprises of premium and free themes that have perfected the art of theme building. The evaluation process diminishes into these two major concepts and factors. 

Performance – To build a website that’s fast as the speed of light is the dream of so many but the capabilities might limit, the themes presented in this article prove to be lightweight which causes better performance. 

Design Control – You will be able to design all parts of your website, from fonts color to backgrounds, or slideshows. Take full control over the construction of your website.

Let the Best Elementor WordPress Theme be revealed. 

Astra - The Free and Lightweight Theme

Astra The Free and Lightweight Theme

We shall begin the assemblage with Astra Theme, as one of the most popular WordPress themes that fully integrates with Elementor. The team behind Astra went to great length to make this theme compatible with the page builder. 

What makes Astra best suitable with Elementor 

  • This theme is lightweight, bloat-free and modular thus providing a well-optimized theme for performance
  • Astra comes with a Full Width / Stretched Layout that allows you to control edges without using code. 
  • Import the beautifully created Elementor demos with Astra Starter Site plugin with just a click.
  • Gain control to hide the title, featured image or the sidebar. 
  • Responsive design to match the beauty of your website in all devices.

Astra Theme is one of those themes that are completely on reliance with Elementor as a page builder, only offering global colors, typography, and third-party integration, leaving all the building to Elementor.

Astra theme comes in free in the WordPress repository, but if you are looking for more style control and functionality, you would need to buy the Premium version that comes for $59. 

Bifrost - Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Bifrost Multi purpose WordPress Theme

Next on the list with themes that integrate Elementor on its core is Bifrost. One of the first themes to have trusted Elementor as its page builder. This theme mixes perfectly great together with appealing design and high-end functionality. 

What makes Bifrost best suitable with Elementor 

  • Bifrost incorporated One Click Demo Importer that gives you a great head start with remarkable demos and designs
  • Bifrost offers Global Options via the Customizer from where you can control the theme’s settings and make changes that will be applied even when working with Elementor
  • The minimal design that’s characteristic for such a complex theme, and an advanced set of tools for customizing
  • Gives you the freedom to plan your website and design your masterpiece in full canvas 
  • Access the template library with ease and choose from the pre-made templates or blocks, save and reuse your own templates and much more. 

Bifrost WordPress Theme is a multi-purpose theme that comes in handy for all those who want to build an online store, showcase their works with portfolio mode, or share knowledge and opinions via the blog support. Freelancers, business owners, or those wit ha voice to share, Bifrost is the choice. 

But it doesn’t stop here, Bifrost comes bundled with other insightful plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, or the premium plugin that is Revolutions Slider. All this just for $59. 

Ocean WP - Free WordPress Theme

Ocean WP Free WordPress Theme

Once again in our list, we have included another free and lightweight theme that integrates with Elementor seamlessly. Ocean WP is a WordPress theme that serves many purposes, with special attention to eCommerce sites. It comes with 80+ demos, most of which require Elementor to function. 

What makes Ocean WP best suitable with Elementor

  • First and foremost, worth mentioning that Ocean WP is a lightweight theme that blends in perfect harmony with Elementor
  • Configure page settings on the backend like the way your page is structured before you use the drag and drop interface.
  • Create popups for your online store for user login 
  • Power over Global Style setting to manage your typography colors and more
  • Choose your own style of blog archive with Elementor Pro and Ocean Elementor Widgets integration 

Ocean WP will provide you with massive flexibility to build your website the way you want it to. Ocean WP is SEO ready, fast, and fully assimilates with Elementor. 

You can download the theme for free, or if you want more control over customization you can choose one of their premium plans starting from $59 for 1 site. 

Phlox - Free Elementor WordPress Theme

Best Free WordPress themes for portfolio websites

Phlox is another free alternative for a WordPress theme that is fully compatible with Elementor. Just like other themes, Phlox comes with beautiful demos for every occasion, ready to be used with just a click, mega menu integration, and sticky header among other features. 

What makes Phlox best suitable with Elementor

  • 30 + exclusive elements to customize all regions on your website
  • 40 + page templates that you can insert in an instant. You never have to worry to start from scratch. 
  • Advanced touch slider to highlight all your best works or products, including the before and after a type of slide. 
  • Optimized for great performance
  • Comes included with premium plugins like Master Slider, Slider Revolution, WPBakery Page Builder, and more. 

The Phlox WordPress Theme allows you to create an excellent blog or portfolio website but also is compatible with WooCommerce to create online stores. 

Phlox is free to download and start building your site, but for access to more advanced features, you will need to switch to a premium plan for $39.  

Arkitekhton - Modern Architecture Theme

Arkhitekton Modern Architecture and Interior Design WordPress Theme

Arkitekhton WordPress theme is merely designed for architecture websites. Surprised much? If you are looking for a theme to express your beautiful art and love for shapes, this is the theme for you. Also, integration with Elementor works in perfect synchronization. 

What makes Arkitekhton best suitable with Elementor

  • Arkhitekton comes merged with 10+ header templates ready to be used
  • Elementor comes included as the exclusive page builder for the theme 
  • Besides the elements Elementor provides that will allow you to customize your website, Arkitekhton comes with their own set of elements fo further adjustment.
  • Modify and preview the changes made to the structure of your theme and that be its color scheme, typography, portfolio, blog, and many more.
  • One-Click Demo Importer to import the beautiful pre-designed set of demos. 

Arkhitekton doesn’t just stop at architecture site, it expands further to interior design site or even a furniture shop since it is fully compatible with WooCommerce.  

Use the beauty and the functionality of Arkhitekton to build your perfect website with ease, without having to write a single line of code. You can have Arkhitekton yours by only $59. 

The 7 - The Customizable Theme

The 7 The Customizable Theme

The 7 is next on the wagon if themes that have integrated Elementor in their family and for good reason so. Elementor is not the only page builder, The 7 theme works with, they also have integrated the WP Bakery. 

What makes The 7 theme best suitable with Elementor

  • The 7 theme is fully compatible with Elementor and comes with Pro Elementor widgets.
  • Create amazing popups or take advantage of dynamic content or even build forms all within the power of integration with Elementor and The 7 
  • To prove the harmony in which The 7 provides with Elementor they crafted some beautiful demos using merely Elementor page builder
  • The Design Wizard is a magical tool that will help you estimate the inputs you give to provide for your site’s design based on general settings. 
  • The 7 is a multi-purpose theme, meaning you have access to various features like Custom Post Types, Page Templates, WooCommerce ready, and a handful more. 

The 7 theme is one of people’s favorite and offers high flexibility when it comes to design and customization, all that you would expect from a premium theme. 

You can choose to have The 7 theme and create wonders on your website for a price at $39 alongside with 6-month professional support from the team. 

Hestia - Responsive WordPress Theme

Hestia Responsive WordPress Theme

This next theme we are going to present offers a unique approach to design. Hestia WordPress theme comes with a one-page layout conception and slick material design that integrates perfectly with the content you will build with Elementor. Hestia is a sleek and breathtaking theme that can serve many purposes. 

What makes Hesti best suited with Elementor 

  • Comes with pre-designed demos for WooCommerce sites 
  • Tweak and customize your homepage or blog directly via the Customizer and have the changes take place all over your website
  • Templates specially designed to use with Elementor 
  • When working with Elementor to build your site and Hestia you can use the regular template, a full-width template or even use Elementor Canvas to start from scratch and design your website
  • You can create new sections to your Homepage if you want to change the look of it with the combination of Hesti Pro and Elementor

Hestia is yet another perfect pair for Elementor and offers great possibilities to build anything you want or any website you’d like. 

Although you can get Hestia for free, to unlock more advanced features it will require you to buy a premium plan starting from $69 for site. 

Amartha - WordPress Theme for Creatives

Amartha WordPress Theme for Creatives

Amartha WordPress theme is a delicate and graceful theme that is designed for online stores of all sorts. Amartha integrates Elementor as its prime page builder and thus extending the abilities and capabilities of this exquisite theme. Showcase your products and your work with elegance, t never goes out of style. 

What makes Amartha best suitable with Elementor 

  • First and foremost Amartha was designed to be compatible with Elementor – the powerful page builder and includes all the impressive elements to create just about anything
  • WordPress Live Customizer is another great feature that allows you to make changes on your WordPress site
  • Comes with beautiful pre-designed homepages and a well-organized template hierarchy that optimizes the theme for speed
  • Includes advanced tools for WooCommerce to make online transactions and stock managing as easy as possible
  • Although not related to Elementor, Amartha provides fast and reliable support that will help you professionally every step of site construction

Besides all Amartha offers other amazing features to build even the most complex website, and it’s sheer look will give you just the right amount of aesthetic you need. 

Amartha is a premium theme on Theme Forest, but it’s worth the pay. Grab yours for only $59. 

Jupiter X - The popular WordPress Theme

Jupiter X The popular WordPress Theme

Moving on to our compilation with another highly popular WordPress theme that is Jupiter X. Jupiter X recently joined the Elementor family and made sure to have all on record, even a special homepage all about the famous page builder. The theme combination and page builder will make a great duo for any website.

What makes Jupiter X best suitable with Elementor

  • Jupiter X stepped up the game by creating 290+ importable demos created with Elementor. Anyone you choose will work fine with Elementor
  • Jupiter X consists of numerous extensions including Jet plugins for Elementor
  • 80+ Elements joined with Elementor and Jupiter X elements, including custom-made Elementor widgets for forms and other content elements
  • Includes the Menu Builder to create outstanding mega menus 
  • Jupiter X popup builder to create popups windows or choose from the pre-made templates

Jupiter X will offer you tons of exclusive features and extensions, justifying the $59 price per site. 

But with many extensions comes also complications, the theme is immensely bloated in comparison with more lightweight themes we presented during our article. 

Bridge - Creative Multipurpose Theme

Bridge Creative Multipurpose Theme

The Bridge WordPress theme comes crashing the party with a sumptuous and tremendous number of demos that shall be imported with just a click and will give you a head start of minutes on your website. 

Big bright colors and huge typography is the main statement this theme makes. Although they do not use Elementor as their mere page builder, it offers a great extent of compatibility.

What makes Bridge best suitable with Elementor 

  • Integration with Elementor happened on their 21.2 Version Update, but to make the theme work seamlessly with Elementor and better user experience they made sure that demos previously build with WP Baker can be edited with Elementor as well. 
  • Their large and extensive library of demos is impressive, you will find even the most uncommon categories.
  • Besides for the build-in widgets that Elementor provides, Bridge has extended the list with additional widgets like a split slider or comparative features table
  • Fully customizable header and footers
  • Interactive Elements

The Bridge is one versatile and deluxe WordPress theme that can be used for many occasions and offers a considerable set of tools, all for the price of $59 per site.  

Startit - Theme for Startup Businesses

Startit Theme for Startup Businesses

Startit is a modern and sleek WordPress theme, that comes as a perfect solution for startups and small businesses to make their way into their market and perfect their website game.

Another theme built on two page-builders but offers seamless integration with Elementor. The bountiful pre-designed homepages have the opportunity to choose from one or the other, varying in preferences.

What makes Startit best suitable with Elementor

  • 21 amazing collection of homepages build with Elementor designs for Startups and Tech Businesses to ease the workflow in the process of website building
  • Creative and Advanced Elements integration such as particle animation, pricing tables, 3D showcase, and many more cool elements. 
  • Makes the navigation on your website easy and straightforward for your users with header layouts 
  • Powerful One-Click Demo Importer, and ready to use pages to simply add your text and content
  • Pre-designed templates for shops, blogs, and portfolios

Startit is the theme you will need for tech, startups, and app landing niche sites. They offer an extensive set of tools that’s as unique and functional as the design of the theme. Startit comes for $69 per site.

Auros - Furniture Shop WordPress Theme

Auros Furniture Shop WordPress Theme

Next on our list we will enlist another amazing Elementor theme such as Auros WordPress Theme. Auros is the solution if you want to pair your shop with an online store and extend the reach of your business.

Built primarily for WooCommerce, Auros has dichotomized online shop capabilities with drag and drop interface to build your store. A match that proves to be the common cord for website building and e=stores. 

What makes Auros best suitable with Elementor 

  • Auros comes with a variety of sale-boosting and a comprehensive set of tools and functionalities that makes the creation of online stores easy.
  • Worth-mentioning, Auros includes 24+ presets of shopping homepages especially built for Elementor.
  • Optimized for speed with the integration of multiple transition effects & options.
  • Contact Form 7 Included
  • SEO-ready for your blog pages and posts 

Auros is a curation of a minimal and highly-functional WordPress Theme built to help you create advanced online shops and provide an amazing shopping experience. 

Amongst the features we mentioned above, Auros also equip you with essential pages for privacy policies, terms & conditions, warranty & support services, comes with multiple languages support, and detailed documentation. All for the price of $59 per site. 

Kyoto - Innovative Portfolio Theme for Creatives

Kyoto Innovative Portfolio Theme for Creatives

It was about time we added an innovative theme that’s tailor-fitted for creatives, let us introduce you to Kyoto WordPress Theme, another one on the long list of themes that have integrated Elementor as their page builder. 

Kyoto trusted Elementor’s capabilities since the very beginning and has continued to match its functionality with the leading page builder. 

Kyoto WordPress Theme will offer its users, efficiency, flexibility, and outstanding design. The theme’s intricate style and design are what sets it apart and make it a favorite for showcasing art or products in the most unique manner possible. 

What makes Kyoto best suitable with Elementor  

  • The idiosyncratic beauty of Kyoto remains in the masterfully crafted homepages that can be integrated with just a click, all customizable with Elementor. 
  • Header Builder will allow you to customize every part on your website and create attention-grabbing headers with ease and style. 
  • Template Library – If you do not want to start building and designing your website from scratch then that’s why the Template Library is there for. To help you streamline your workflow with blocks and templates. 
  • Kyoto comes bundled with premium plugins like Slider Revolution that will step up your design game and get you on top of your competition. 
  • Kyoto WordPress Theme fully supports WooCommerce and offers a bountiful of tools to create capable and complex eCommerce stores. 

Kyoto Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is made to confine the boundaries of design, and if you are a free-spirited artist looking to showcase their work, then Kyoto offers all the possibilities. 

You can get your Kyoto WordPress Theme for $69, available on Theme Forest, included are also the professional support and lifetime updates. 

Webify - All-in-One Elementor WordPress Theme

Webify All in One Elementor WordPress Theme

Webify is a sumptuous and modern WordPress Theme that has centralized the website building around Elementor. The beauty behind the theme lies in the subtle touches of sleek design and high-end tools that the theme offers.

 It’s no wonder that it’s considered the all-in-one theme for Elementor, it is blazing fast and reaches its peak performance. 

You can customize everything live every part of your website including headers and footers. Responsiveness is no problem with this premium WordPress Theme, as every design you create will look amazing on all devices. 

What makes Webify best suitable with Elementor  

  • Offer a clean and super flexible design layout allowing you to modify and configure plenty of style options available.
  • Exceptional Demo Collection, you can insert ready-made websites in an instance with just a simple click, then start and customize everything via Elementor.
  • Beautiful and responsive header styles designed to showcase your work on all levels. 
  • Webify comes with 7 premium plugins included, like Slider Revolution, Essential Grid Layout, Layered Popups, and more, all for the sole purpose of extending the theme’s functionality. 
  • Webify comes with a huge collection of Element blocks to help you speed up your workflow and save you the trouble of building everything from scratch, 

Webify fits many needs and industries, you can use the theme to create the ultimate website for your business or use it to create your online portfolio. The scope of features is endless.

You can find the Webify theme available on Theme Forest for a price of $ 59. 

Uptime - Responsive Elementor WordPress Theme for Business

Uptime Responsive Elementor WordPress Theme for Business

Next on the list, we made sure to include more themes that were designed to meet the needs of niche businesses, and Uptime reaches its peak capability with its design system tailored for startups. 

Design is as important as functionality, good thing the themes includes the best of both worlds. 

Uptime theme is the ultimate choice for when creating production-ready websites, such as Online Courses, SaaS Application, Event & Meetup, Cryptocurrency, and more.

It offers a wide variety of features to support the creation of such sites, like, signup forms, tabbed schedule, date picker, collapsed accordion, and the list goes on. 

What makes Uptime best suitable with Elementor 

  • Uptime includes visual appeal elements to make your design stand out. The stylish and rich library of SVG decoration will help you style your design with ease. 
  • Contact and Subscribe form creation is made easy with Uptime 
  • Besides the fully-made demo websites, Uptime offers an organized and rich list of inner pages to complete your website, all of which are fully customizable to edit and change your content with Elementor. 
  • Inclusion of premium plugins within the Uptime theme such as Parallax, Scroll Animation, Fancybox, and more. 
  • Professional Support System and documentation to ease the process of website building with Uptime. 

Use Uptime to build extraordinary startup websites, and with the tools that the theme offers you will be able to start selling right out of the bat. 

All the amazing features that we mentioned alongside the premium plugins that Uptime comes bundled with will be your for a price of $49, together with lifetime updates. 

Neve - Super Fast, AMP & Gutenberg-Ready WordPress Theme

Neve Super Fast AMP Gutenberg Ready WordPress Theme

Another fast, lightweight and free Elementor theme on the list, keep them coming. Neve WordPress Theme is a highly popular and capable theme that will turn your website all around and make it a masterpiece of itself. The enchanting one-page layout design combined with proficient features and tools will be all you need. 

Neve is a multi-purpose WordPress theme malleable to almost every niche, you want a website for your business, Neve has got you covered. Need a blog, portfolio, agency, Neve is the choice. To top it all off, the beautiful design of Neve is entirely configurable and customizable to be pliable to your taste and style. 

What makes Neve best suitable with Elementor 

  • Neve will offer you full control of your design, giving you a plethora of tools needed to craft any website of your choice. 
  • Neve is a lightweight theme that excels in performance, the minimalist approach allows this theme to have a reduced weight, thus making it faster. 
  • The Neve library will provide you with 80+ starter sites to get you up and running in an instant. 
  • The premium version of the Neve theme will provide a bountiful of amazing features like Blog Booster, Header Booster, Custom Layouts, and much more. 
  • The theme comes mobile-ready keeping your website stunning on all devices, as well as AMP support. 

Neve is flexible, responsive, and provides top-notch performance for its users. With the built-in features of this theme, you can easily design your pages, organize your content, and navigate users throughout your website. 

You can download the Neve theme for free on the WordPress repository or its official website. For more extended functionality, you can always turn to one of its premium plans starting at $49. 

Ohio - Creative Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme

Ohio Creative Portfolio Agency WordPress Theme

Among our best matches for Elementor themes, Ohio was one we could not miss out on, since it offers a myriad of features that will transform your website into a marvelous piece of work to dazzle your users with fun interactivity and splendid design.

The ample tools at your fingertips paired with an elegant propensity of design prove that Ohio would make the perfect choice when building your website. They have recently made the theme and all their demo websites compatible with Elementor, and with just a few clicks you can get to working your designs with the famous drag&drop functionality that Elementor best serves. 

What makes Ohio best suitable with Elementor 

  • The Pre-made layouts that Ohio WordPress Theme has in store for its users can all be customized and configured using Elementor
  • All the beautifully crafted demos can be easily imported with just a click via the advanced One Click Demo Importer feature 
  • The intrinsic design feature of Ohio is the smooth animation transitions that elevate the theme’s aesthetic 
  • Besides comparability with Elementor, Ohio comes bundled with premium plugins such as Slider Revolution or ACF Fields 
  • Ohio will provide highly configurable website layouts to build beautiful and complex pages 

The Ohio Theme offers a clean, sleek, and modern design and layout that will match any type of niche websites, alongside the highly adjustable theme features, Ohio can easily be personalized to suit your personal or business needs. 

You can create portfolio websites, blogs even online stores since Ohio comes fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. The beautiful UI elements and the smooth transitions that are ubiquitous in Ohio will become the turning point to your website. 

BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

BeTheme Responsive Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Next on the list, we have BeTheme the Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme. Although the highly popular theme comes with its own Muffin Builder, the Elementor force has captivated BeTheme as well, making it fully compatible with the page builder, as well as assigning dedicated pre-built websites. 

BeTheme enraptures a wide range of websites due to its flexibility and the cutting-edge feature & tools that the theme presents. BeTheme comes big in features, tools as well as pre-designed started sites. 

What makes BeTheme best suitable with Elementor 

  • Elementor dedicated pre-built websites that can easily be imported and configured using the front-end Elementor’s intrinsic feature
  • BeTheme introduces built-in mega menus that can be suitable for big eCommerce stores or complex-layout based sites
  • An ample number of header layouts that you can choose from 
  • BeTheme comes fully customizable allowing you to change the style of nearly every element you integrate on your pages
  • The Theme Panel holds powerful options that give easy configuration settings and offer a user-friendly interface. 

BeTheme is a feature-rich WordPress theme that will offer its users great extensibility, but never compromising performance and efficiency, here including WooCommerce compatibility, a growing number of layout choices, shortcodes, and the built-in tools for customization. 

Martfury - WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme

Martfury WooCommerce Marketplace WordPress Theme

For our article, we were aiming to provide an all-encompassing assemblage of themes that offer great performance, advanced features, and dedicated niche websites that have integrated Elementor to provide a seamless building experience, suitable for all types of users.

That is why for this next showcase we have Martfury, a WooCommerce feature-based theme that will provide all the right tools for building and managing major online stores. The theme is suited for multi-vendor marketplaces, furniture stores, electronics, high tech stores, and everything in between and beyond. 

What makes Martfury best suitable with Elementor 

  • Martfury comes compatible with all the premium WordPress plugins like Elementor, WooCommerce, WPML, MailChimp, and more
  • High-end WooCommerce feature to build capable and complex online stores with multiple vendors
  • The Martfury theme comes SEO optimized and mobile-ready to rank high on search engines as well as look splendid on all devices
  • Powerful built-in management features to control and administer your inventory, shipping, tracking systems, and much more
  • Unlimited theme customization options that can be customized on a live and drag&drop interface thanks to the compatibility with Elementor

Martfury is the perfect solution for those looking to create fully functional online stores and gain smoothly continuous workflow. Besides WP Bakery that comes included with the theme, Elementor is now part of the Martfury family allowing the page building process evolution to take a different approach. 

Billey - Creative Portfolio & Agency Elementor WordPress Theme

Billey Creative Portfolio Agency Elementor WordPress Theme

Billey is another theme on the list that’s created with the intention to be the all-in-one solution for creatives looking to showcase their work and projects as well as provide them with the fluidity to build ingenious sites to match their style.

Billey is the ultimate creative portfolio WordPress theme that provides prolific features peculiar tools for showcasing your best work. Let your creativity flow with the bountiful elements, exclusive portfolio-based custom widgets, a wide variety of typography solutions and ready-made templates ingrained easily within your design. 

What makes Billey best suitable with Elementor 

  • To add to your portfolio Billey offer 20+ creativity based homepages each of which introduce an elegant and modern layout design as well as easy customization options
  • Besides portfolio websites, Billey can be the theme for many looking to create blogs to let their creative side flow off utilizing the numerous tools specifically for the job
  • To extend the functionality of Billey, the theme comes fully compatible with Elementor Move Addons 
  • Bundles with Billey theme are also Custom Pages that are singular for business branding
  • Create stunningly crafted slides using the premium Revolution Slider plugin that comes packed with Billey

Take advantage of Billey’s voluminous tools and features to build exceptional portfolio websites and more. The 26+ portfolio-based templates will surely come in handy, including here 39+ Custom Widgets, fonts, icons and more that provide flexibility within the theme. 

Porto - Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

Porto Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme 1

Besides Martfury we felt there should be another theme on the list that’s capable of offering a copious set of tools and features for building immensely accomplished online stores that excel in functionality like no other. Meet Porto, a multi-purpose & WooCommerce WordPress theme aimed to provide the best solution for eStores.

The Porto theme will combine the powerful theme options with the intuitive interface that Elementor provides and offer its users the ultimate building tools for crafting all types of websites with ease. 

What makes Porto best suitable with Elementor 

  • The Porto theme will offer 20+ demo websites that are created explicitly for Elementor
  • Porto theme is optimized for speed, this means your website will outshine in performance 
  • Meet the Porto Library, a full-stacked library with pre-defined layouts, elements, and sections that can easily be integrated within your site
  • The wide variety of pre-made websites rightfully crowns Porto as a multi-purpose WordPress theme, each oh which can be easily integrated and customized
  • Made for WooCommerce, Porto offers a large set of tools designed for building the most complete online store websites

Porto is a flexible, responsive, and modern theme that captures a wide range of users with its charming design and efficiency with a special focus on eCommerce stores. 

Don’t be limited by the ample pre-made websites that Porto offers, you can always build anything from scratch, using the powerful theme panel and the drag&drop interface of Elementor, it’s truly a match made in heaven. 

Essentials - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Essentials Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Essentials is a fairly new release theme on the market but has already grabbed our hearts with the beautifully composited minimal design and the variety of features it provides. 

The theme comes fully compatible with Elementor and provides bountiful approaches for building the most complex website, ready for you to explore. Make use of the advanced features like the header builder, the popups builder, template library, and much more included with the theme. 

What makes Essentials best suitable with Elementor 

  • The Essentials theme makes the foundation of your website a seamless experience, allowing you to build all parts of your site with flexibility
  • All of the Essentials’ elements and features rooted within the Elementor environment to provide the most excellent building experience 
  • Enjoy the Global Dynamic Styles that provide a coherent design system throughout your entire website 
  • Included with Essentials also come pixfort elements that will add functionality on your site and can easily be managed with just a click
  • Furthermore, Essentials includes powerful plugins that come packaged with the theme for added functionality like Master Slider, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, and more 

Although the Essentials theme includes WP Bakery as an ingrained page builder, it provides the compatibility with Elementor as well, offering a large quantity of site building to the latter. 

Essentials loads a wide variety of features like banners, mega menus, footer builder, shape dividers, and the list goes long. 

TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem Creative Multi Purpose High Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem is another popular theme on the Theme Forest market that includes all the tools necessary to create impressive and high-performance websites without writing a single line of code. All with an intuitive interface and codeless experience, the theme will be the ultimate web building toolbox for creatives and beyond. 

The amazing and inclusive toolbox includes 40+ pre-made design concepts, 150+ beautifully crafted demo pages, flexible layouts, and much more, sufficient to cover the needs of every creative, business owner, and further. 

What makes TheGem best suitable with Elementor 

  • TheGem will provide 30+ custom made elements for additional functionality all of which are fully compatible with Elementor
  • The theme also provides robust Elementor extensions to overhaul your website with powerful tools like dynamic content, dynamic tags, full-page vertical scroller, and more
  • The atomic duo comprising of TheGem and Elementor provides extensive settings to give you full control over your site’s layout
  • To speed up your workflow TheGem offers pre-designed layouts and styles of elements that are easily inherited to look beautiful on your site
  • Make your entire website look stunningly on all devices accordingly with mobile editing tools and custom breakpoints 

There are multiple reasons, some of which we mentioned above why The Gem has made our list as one of the best theme matches for Elementor, it comes down to the brilliant design and the endless possibilities the theme offers. 

Customize TheGem and give a spark of your style to build the website you’ve ever wished for. TheGem will make it happen.

XStore - Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

XStore Responsive Multi Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The XStore theme comes with a major update, only this round they have added full compatibility with Elementor as the popular page builder sweeps their way through the building process with much adaptability and functionality. 

Besides the unlimited Theme Options settings, the XStore theme can be fully customizable using the powerful Elementor interactivity. But the wonders of this theme do not stop here, as it comes bundled with the most popular premium plugins which are an added value to the theme itself. Build exceptional slides with Slider Revolution or build a capable online store using the Infinite Scroll & AJAX Pagination plugin. 

What makes XStore best suitable with Elementor 

  • 36+ Elementor dedicate online shop demo websites that can easily be integrated with just a click and customized using the drag&drop feature. 
  • The built-in header builder will provide much flexibility and give access to build all parts on your website. 
  • The theme is fully eCommerce concentrated and all the features included are based on the concept, thus providing the all-encompassing toolset of features for online stores. 
  • Speed is important for online stores that is why XStore provides its users with top-notch performance.
  • Ajax Technology is a worth-mentioning feature of XStores that offers advanced optimized Ajax search function for your store. 

Don’t miss out on this wonderous WooCommerce-based theme and gain all the powerful features it has to offer. XStore will be your most valuable partner for your online business as it helps you manage and administer your online store with ease and much efficiency. 

By Team Neuron

Director of product design, Freehand

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