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20 Best Free Block Fonts in 2021

This is our ever-growing collection of the best free block letter fonts to include on all your projects. Designer's pick.
This is our ever-growing collection of the best free block letter fonts to include on all your projects. Designer's pick.

20 Best Free Block Fonts in 2021

We have perpetually stated that typography is one of the most crucial components of a design project, it can either elevate your design or shatter it completely. This is why we pay close attention to making the right decision when it comes to fonts and typography. 

Lucky for you we have developed a series of typography collections to help you find all the best and most beautiful free fonts either that be serif and sans serif fonts, display fonts, handwriting fonts, Adobe fonts, we have a collection for everything. 

This time we have compiled all the best block fonts that you can use on your personal as well as commercial projects. Block fonts are made to capture the user’s eye and captivate their attention with their bold personality and highly detectable size. 

What are block fonts?

To simply put it block fonts include typefaces that are designed in capital letters, thick strokes and curves, and characterized by their bold personality. Block letter fonts are mostly used for signage, headlines, posters, logo designs, including flyer designs, or any other attention-seeking design area. 

Contrary to the belief that block fonts are mostly characterized by squared blocky designs, block letter fonts come in different shapes and designs, as you will be able to see throughout the fonts we’ve selected for this collection.

Some common characteristics of block fonts will include serifs that are most often shaped as squares or rectangles, these are known as slab serifs, capital letters, strokes that have the same thickness, and that all block fonts are easily readable.

Why use block fonts?

Block fonts may include other subcategories, but what sets them apart from typefaces is that they are easily read and are perfectly suited for signs and headlines. Exploring the wild nature around this category of fonts, it is perfectly clear that block fonts are best fitting for design projects like posters, large headings, logos, branding, signage, as well as short copy that aims to seek the spotlight. 

Due to their character and size, block fonts are easily readable and bring prominence to the text, thus making them perfect for headlines and big titles. Block fonts are not usually made for large body text, as their bold nature will startle users to read long texts in such strong and prominent typeface. 

Best free block letter fonts to use in 2021

Here are 20 of the best block fonts to download for free and use them on your personal and commercial projects as per your needs in 2021

We will start off our collection with the beautiful font of Pikolo Bloc, a typeface that’s made to attract attention. Pikolo is one of the typefaces that sits far from their group with its distinctive round edges, but yet portrays a strong and powerful presence. Download Pikolo for free to use it on your personal or commercial projects. 

Moche is not your typical sans serif typeface. The beautiful contrast and reverse nature of Moche block font will make a great choice for posters, headlines as well as logo designs. Moche was inspired by the Classical Roman inscription, only to be transmitted with a modern flavor. 

Le Murmure is another outstanding free block letter font that can be used on any project to spice up the flare of the design. The font includes condensed proportions inspired by the magazine titling fonts, thus making Le Murmure a perfect choice for magazines and titles. 

Sporting Grotesque is a unusual open-source sans serif free font that was specifically designed for large display and headings. Sporting Grotesque features large proportions and unusual letterforms. The font comes available in two weight bold and regular, and does not contain italic styles. 

Higher is another amazing free block font on our collection that portrays an elongated and rather tall typeface design. The font includes the characters A-Z and number 0-9 and it is available to use for personal and commercial projects. 

Advent Pro is a modern free block font that’s suited to work with both web and print designs. Advent Pro is a beautiful mixture of the universal characteristics of sans serif fonts and modern attributes. 

Rasputin Slab Serif Font is a distinctive block font that you can download for free and use it your next projects. The font describers a rather sharp and versatile serif typeface that offers a bold and strong character while still maintaining readability. Rasputin comes in available in multi languages to use. 

Amargo Bold comes crashing our list with its beautiful and simple interface, that you can use for either posters, banners, signage, or any other project as it comes available to use on commercial projects as well. Amargo includes one weight only. 

Kage Serif font is another modern and versatile block font that contains serif, uppercase, lowercase, as well as ligatures and numbers. Kage Serif font is free to use and is perfectly suited for branding projects, logos, posters, magazines, invitations and much more. It’s charm and versatility pairs well with the strong character of the font, thus making it a bold choice for any project. 

Blackout is an innovative block font that expresses a loud and powerful presence. Blackout is made for large heading and titles, and can not be used in long text due to it’s unreadable interface. The font is issued under the open font license, which means its available to use on all personal and commercial projects. 

Here we have another amazing block font ready to be included on your next projects for free. Grafier is a block letter font that comes available in ten styles. The font presents a classical design in the digitalized era while still presenting its own unique style. All the styles complement each other, making this font a greater choice for large display areas and websites, posters as well as print work.  

Object Sans is a bold and powerful block font that pairs a beautiful combination of Swiss neo-grotesques and geometric fonts. The font was designed to work for both print and digital work here including branding, logo designs, websites, packages, posters, or headlines. You can use the font for free for personal projects, if you wish to use Object Sans on your commercial projects, you shall need to require a license. 

Moonglade is a technically geometrical block font that will add structure and elegance to all your designs. The font is free to use for personal projects only, to use Moonglade and its respective Rounded and Lined styles, you will need to acquire a license. Moonglade comes in three weights in three styles. 

Wild World is a bold block letter font that comes in irregular shapes for a more creative and distinctive design style. The font comes in only one weight, Wild World Bold. You can use the font for large posters, print work as well as digital designs. 

Soul Maze is a font family that includes 5 incredible fonts which are applicable in many design projects like fashion, magazines, logos, branding, headlines and more. The font is free for personal use only. 

If you are looking for a bold, geometrical, uppercase sans serif font, Azonix is the right match for you. The font presents a modern and strong typeface that consists of number and symbols. Create outstanding logo designs, posters or magazine designs with this beautiful block font. 

Keiner is an amazing free block font with no optical corrections and stem contrast. The font is a firm mono-linear typeface that will find usage in environmental signage, large areas of display, as well as logos and print work. The free version support personal license only. 

Modern Society is a single weight contemporary block letter font that presents a monospaced and grid-based design perfect for product packaging, logo designs, posters as well as print work. The font is free for personal and commercial use. 

Resits Sans is a neo-grotesque and revolutionary typeface that presents a neat and minimalistic look, but nevertheless, its free-spirited nature is mostly noticeable as it accentuates the tentativeness of each letter form. You can download Resists Sans block font for free in two weights only Resist Sans Text Light and Resist Sans Display Medium Oblique. 

Okta Neu is a simple yet presents a unique personality typeface that is made for designers, typographers, and other font users alike. This stunning block font presents a neutral typeface with simple geometric letters shapes and low contrast across all styles. Only two styles of this premium font can be downloaded for free, Ultra Light and Black Italic. 

Final Words

We have come to an end with this collection as we gave out all our secrets in terms of typography. We tried to include only the best block fonts that you can use and download for free. Most of them are available to be used for personal as well as commercial projects. Some will need to acquire a payment of the font to be legible for commercial use. 

Our collection is beautiful and diverse, thus making it easier for you to decide on the preferred font for your next projects. Blocks fonts are bold and present a firm personality, so should your project. To find other resources where you can download font for free, please refer to our article on The Best Website to Download Fonts for free

Typography is more valuable than one gives importance to, as it can be the pivotal component that presents the design or the work. It play an important role in conveying the right message and attracting the right audience. 

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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