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12 Best Free Elegant Fonts to Download in 2021 | Designer’s pick

We've compiled a list with the best free elegant fonts to add some sophistication and charming appeal to your designs.
12 Best Free Elegant Fonts to Download in 2021 | Designer’s pick
We've compiled a list with the best free elegant fonts to add some sophistication and charming appeal to your designs.

12 Best Free Elegant Fonts to Download in 2021 | Designer’s pick

It’s been a few series since we’ve decided to share our best font picks and each time we argue how typography plays a crucial role in a project design because when selected wrong, it can either give off a different character from what was initially intended or it can look like a hot mess that you won’t know how to fix. Depending on your design and the personality you wish it will convey, you can stand behind specific categories of fonts.

We’ve already published stunning collections of the best free handwriting fonts, best free adobe fonts, best free block fonts, best free display fonts, now it’s time we introduce another category of typefaces that you can download without any charge. 

For this article, we will share our designer’s top picks for free elegant fonts to download in 2021. Notice that all our collections are compiled based on free fonts that are rare and beautiful in their intrinsic nature and will elevate your designs with mere beauty and practicality.

The web is an endless sea of various resources, and to make things easier for you we have put together this wonderful collection of elegant fonts you can download for free. You can mix and match the typographies to create outstanding design projects, a talent that lies in the creativity of each designer. 

The use of typography plays an important role and is at the core of the intersection between marketing and web design. Typography is a determinant factor on how the design will appeal to users, including here the message it wants to convey and the character it should represent.

What is an elegant font?

Now that we established the importance of typography in web design we shall be able to continue to determine what elegant fonts are. When we address elegant fonts, we mean fonts that are pleasingly ingenious and simple. 

Elegant fonts convey sophistication, grace, and a stylish appearance. Most of the elegant fonts take inspiration from calligraphy but give off a luxurious and refined feel to them.

If you want your design to transmit all the features mentioned above, then an elegant font will be the perfect choice for you. Lucky for you we have compiled together a neat and comprehensive collection of the best free elegant fonts that you can use on either personal or commercial projects. 

Some of the free elegant fonts presented on the list will only be eligible for personal projects, we advise you to check out the license beforehand. The list will contain both serif and sans serif fonts. Make sure to check them out.

Best Free Elegant Fonts

We have listed the best free elegant fonts that will help you elevate your design and integrate a feel of charm and classiness, then this article is for you. Elegant fonts are typefaces that will best suit either wedding invitations, a menu price for a restaurant, books, or magazine covers. Take a quick look to see who made our list and pick only the best for your designs. 

We will begin our list with the stunning typeface of Spectral. Available as a free elegant font in the Google Fonts library, Spectral presents an ethereal beauty that will make your designs eternal due to its peculiar firmness and classical style. 

Spectral is a versatile serif typeface that comes available in 7 weights of roman and italic, with small caps. This beautiful free elegant font presents various styles that you can choose from, and when combined with sans-serif fonts can provide a fierce and bold pairing. Spectral font comes available under the Open Font License, meaning you can use the font for personal and commercial projects as well.

Another beautiful Google Font on the list, this time we present to you Playfair Display, a classical choice for all the minimal lovers. This beautiful free elegant font projects mere elegance and purity in its rawest form. 

Playfair Display is a multi-use typeface that suits various design projects, and will always be a favorite pick when creating evergreen designs. You can find Playfair Display for free and use it on all your personal projects, but also commercial ones as the typeface is issued under the Open Font License. The font can be best suited for headlines and titles.

Roboto is a beautiful sans-serif typeface that presents a balanced dualism between largely mechanic geometric shapes and friendly, open curves both that the same time intertwining an alluring equilibrium intrinsic for Roboto Condensed. 

This neo-grotesque made our list of the best free elegant fonts due to its natural flow of letters taking up their own space and being displayed in the most fierce way possible. Roboto Condensed is available to use for products & projects – print or digital, commercial or otherwise for free under the Apache License 2.0. 

Bodoni Moda is a serif typeface from the Bodoni family that was originally designed by Giambattista Bodoni in 1798, but designed for the digital age. Bodoni Moda is a beautiful free elegant font that can be included in all your personal and commercial projects. 

The Bodoni Mono typeface includes a full range of weights, italics, and an extended character set that give this typeface the mesmerizing beauty to elevate your designs. You can use this elegant font for posters, bit titles, business cards as it conveys stability and trust.

We move on to another outstanding Google font that projects both beauty and grace, all peculiar features of elegant fonts. Next up we have Inter, a charming sans-serif typeface that’s carefully designed and crafted for computer screens. 

Inter is perfectly fitted for easily readable content by including tall x-height features to help upon it. Inter is a beautiful free elegant font that was primarily designed for user interaction, with a focus on the high legibility of small-to-medium-sized text on computer screens.

Heebo is a free elegant font under the Google Fonts extensive library that resonates with a classy and fancy style to elevate your designs with a single appearance. Heebo is a beautiful Hebrew and Latin typeface family that takes only the best elements from each language and translates into a sophisticated and refined font that’s available to use on all your personal and commercial projects. Heebo comes in nine weights and styles, providing a variety of choices for your next project.

DM Sans is a low contrast geometric sans-serif typeface that’s intended to use for smaller text sizes. It provides much flexibility yet stands on a firm ground of rigidity, a beautiful combination that provides you with cool and fun designs. 

This stunning free elegant font was designed by Colophon Foundry (UK), an international award-winning type foundry that produces high-quality retail and custom typefaces for analog and digital media. The typeface it’s a perfect choice for books, magazines, covers, shop and store name and logos. 

Cormorant Infant will provide an efficient and beautiful design that’s intended for large displays. Cormorant Infant is an elegant and versatile serif typeface that comes available for free in nine different visual styles. This appealing free elegant font is characterized by efficiency and coherence as the primary determinants of the font’s innate style. The font is available for personal, print & digital, commercial usage for free under the Open Font License. 

This highly contrasted beautiful typeface will make a great choice for posters, big titles, book covers, or any other spacious display that wants to represent a fancy and elegant style out of the box. Butler is a serif font that can be downloaded for free and used on your personal and commercial projects. 

We’ve included Butler on our top picks for the best free elegant fonts due to its practicality. Butler is a free modernist serif typeface created by Fabian De Smet and inspired by Dala Floda and Bodoni. The typeface brings a modernist approach to serif fonts by experimenting with the curves of classical serif fonts and adding an extra alternate stencil-like serif family.

This next typeface presents a beautiful representation of the Roman classical style, where one might find it very classy and elegant. Forum is a graceful typeface that has antique classical roman characteristics. 

The duality of this font makes it perfect for a variety of projects as you can use Forum on a body text but work perfectly fine with titles and headlines as well. Forum is a free elegant font available on the Google Fonts library. It is issued under the Open Font License, meaning you can use the typeface for all your personal or commercial projects, print or digital. 

We will continue our list with another amazing free elegant font, the Neuron typeface presents a dark and yet clean interface that resonates with the Times typeface. Neuton is a beautiful serif font that’s characterized by large height, short extenders, and a compact width, all of which are crucial for providing the space needed between the font’s characters. Neuton’s classical feel makes it perfect for business cards, posters, logos, and even smaller text bodies of content. 

Manrope is a modern free sans-serif font suited for a largely varied audience. The font employs minimal stoke thickness variations and a semi-closed aperture. Manrope is an alluring free elegant font perfectly fitted for designs looking to add a touch of sophistication and charm to their projects. It conveys professionalism, firmness, and elegance all in one. 

Manrope can be used for various projects like book or magazine covers, unconventional yet modern wedding invitations, posters, branding, logos, and more. You can download Manrope for free and use it on all your personal and commercial projects. 

Final Words

Here we conclude our stunning collection of free elegant fonts. We have put together some of the most fierce and elegant typefaces that will work perfectly for all your designs, looking to elevate your projects with a side of sophistication and finesse. 

Most of the fonts included are available for both personal and commercial use, digital and print. The fonts presented convey unmatched style and delicacy. Search through the collection to find one that best suits your design. 

Typography as we mentioned is a top priority in web design so that it transmits the right message and attracts the targeted audience. Our beautiful collection of free elegant fonts will grow time by time as we are always updating our content and adding new and exciting typefaces to provide you with the utmost flexibility for choosing the perfect font for your next design. 

Remember to check up on the article for future font updates as we are always on the search for new typefaces that will be of immense usage to all our readers and users. This shall be your safe space to find the resources you need whether that be typography, web design elements, available sources, and more.

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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