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12 Best Online Tools to Create a Free Logo Design | 2021

Designing your logo doesn't have to be a pain. Here we have compiled a collection of the best tools to create a free logo design for your brand. Read on.
12 Best Online Tools to Create a Free Logo Design - 2021
Designing your logo doesn't have to be a pain. Here we have compiled a collection of the best tools to create a free logo design for your brand. Read on.

12 Best Online Tools to Create a Free Logo Design | 2021

Coherence is a trait best suited for every business online. Creating a brand that expresses the true values and visions of your company. Crafting a logo unique to your brand will prove to be worthy of not only a simple design but more of a recognizing component that people connect your business to. 

In order to present a powerful, cohesive image of your company, you will need to design a logo that conveys all those messages and represents your brand. That is why in this article we have collected only the best tools online to help you create a free logo design. 

You don’t need to be a design expert to create a logo that represents the values of your brand, although putting some thoughts and considerations to it won’t hurt. The internet is full of free resources that can help you create a free logo design and some of them will even allow you to download your logo design for free as well. You can create high-quality logo designs without having to pay a crazy amount of money.

How to design a logo for free

Using the resources we have compiled in this comprehensive guide you will be able to create a free logo design without much hassle. Your brand personality must be present in every aspect of your business, including here logo designs. Your logo will have a major impact on how users and clients perceive your business. Modern businesses rely a lot on creating effective communication between themselves and their customers 

Therefore designing a logo that conveys as a visual tool to interact and engage with your targeted audience will be the main mission of your design. You can use the resources below to design as well as generate logos that transmit the same importance and brand identity. Some of the tools presented will also give you the possibility to design your logo, including choosing your preferred typography or adding images to precisely convey your message.

Best Online Resources to Create Free Logo Designs

There are plenty of free logo design software resources available that you can use to create beautiful and unique free logo designs. Let’s take a look at our list to see which one fits your needs more. 

Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker is an exceptional source for creating a striking free logo design that you can use for your business needs. You can create your logo design in a few minutes. Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker is an online designing tool powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The process of crafting and designing your logo is quite simple and easy, all you need to do is answer a few peculiar questions about your business, your brand identity, and your personal style. The high-capable logo maker created by Adobe will generate beautiful free logo designs to fit your business.

You can also use Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker to design your logo exactly the way you want it to be. You can add your own touch of magic and produce creative ideas while creating the free logo design that you can download for free. You can choose from the hundreds of icons available. What’s best is that Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker provides ready-to-use logo templates that you can choose from and further customize them. 

To further design the logo you can of options for fonts, colors, styles, and icons, and then instantly publish your logo to debut your brand. Your brand should be unique, every component including the color palette, typography, and graphics must communicate essential information about your business here. Choose Adobe Spark’s Logo Maker to give life to your logo designs.

Online Logo Maker is another amazing free design software that allows you to create professional and beautiful free logo designs and use them on your website. Coherence is important for branding, that is why Online Logo Maker makes it available for you to upload your own images. 

You can create your free logo design with Online Logo Maker in under 10 minutes if you have already established your brand personality and know exactly the type of logo you want for your business. 

Online Logo Maker comes with free and premium plans. You can design and create your free logo design in 300 px, but to exceed the capacity and expand the features available you will need to upgrade to the premium plan. This free design tool introduces a simple and easy-to-use interface, and the tools are pretty self-explanatory. You can quickly grasp how to design logos with Online Logo Maker.

Another amazing tool for creating free logo designs, Vectr is an outstanding source that employs a simple and intuitive interface for creating beautiful logos that match your brand. Vectr is a free vector graphic that allows you to create scalable graphics without losing resolution, all done intuitively and easily. The modern interface makes everyone feel welcome to spray their creativity. 

Although you can create free logo designs using the advanced set of features it provides and on top of it all it as a simple learning curve, meaning even the most novice can start creating logos. What makes this free design tool stand out from the rest is the possibility to allow you to download the program to your computer for free, or you can use the online version. 

You can also share your work with your team or collaborate with them on different projects, all while using a live editor. The files that you create will be generated with high-quality resolution, no need for an extra charge. And if you don’t know where to get started then they also provide helpful tutorials and a comprehensive user guide.

Next on the list, we will introduce one of the best and most comprehensive online resources to create free logo designs. Hatchful is a free online logo maker that is created by Shopify to help you design logos without a cost. You can use this tool to maximize the potential and efficiency of your workload while establishing your brand. 

Using the powerful AI that runs behind the scenes, Hatchful will generate professional-looking logo designs that you can easily use for your business. Besides online stores and websites, you can also create logos for business cards, social media, and more.

By simply answering a few questions about your business, the style you want to present as well as the slogan, you will be presented with some beautiful logo designs that you can further customize. You can play around with the typography, colors, icons, and layout to produce high-quality results that will best represent the values of your business.

Designing a free logo with Zyro Logo Maker is a delight. You can create stunning and captivating logos that also represent your brand with the ultimate flexibility. You can save time and trouble from the designing process as Zyro Logo Maker comes with thousands of free templates that you can use and customize. You can create designs and download your logo all for free, without being charged extra for installing the logo. 

You can download the file of your free logo design in a PNG format. This means that the background will be transparent and you can use the logo upon any other visual element and still look great. You can also use the logo for commercial purposes, as Zyro Logo Makers gives their users the freedom to own their logos and present them in any project they want. 

The designing process is fast with an easy-to-follow interface that makes even the most beginner users feel comfortable designing their logos. You can fully customize your logo design until you are completely satisfied with the results. Zyro Logo Maker is a great source for creating free logo designs and provides unmatched features, all without an additional cost.

Designing a logo doesn’t have to be a complicated process, all the opposite, it should be a fun and creative process where you make the most out of your designs. Such experience will provide Canva, our next selected resource on the list. Canvas is a free and amazing online resource for creating free logo designs that are aesthetically pleasing and can be used as your business mantra. Canva will provide you with all the necessary ingredients to build beautiful logo designs.

It’s as simple as creating an account and start browsing through the many professionally designed templates that you can take up as inspiration and customize them to give it your style. You can tweak every component on your logo, match the colors, create beautiful combinations, adjust the typography, styling, add your own images and text. Customize and design until the final result will speak volumes o nthe message and mission your business aims to convey. 

Once you are done designing your logo, it’s time you download it, Canva provides you with a few format options, but downloading the logo in a PNG format will grant you the flexibility to further finalize your logo if that’s what you intend. For those who need a second opinion, Canva made it possible with the team collaboration feature to help you get insights and feedback from your team, with shearable logo components, color palettes, and more within the editor.

FreeLogoDesign is an amazing free logo maker tool for entrepreneurs, small businesses, as well as freelancers to help you develop logo designs in a matter of minutes without having to deal with tons of work and customization. 

You simply start by entering the name of your company and your business niche. Free Logo Design will generate different automated logos ad you can pick from one of them to further customize your logo. Free Logo Design employs a simple and intuitive editor that will help you design your preferred logo for your business cards, website, organization, and more. 

If you don’t know where to start, Free Logo Design offers a bountiful library of logo templates you can choose from, you can either keep their original design or customize them to make a few changes that are intrinsic to your brand. Keeping brand consistency is key to effective business marketing, and a well-design logo will show much better the personality of your business, convincing users to trust you at a first glance. You can download your logo design at a default resolution, for a higher resolution you will need to upgrade to their premium version.

Next on the list, we have Logo Makr, a sophisticated free logo design maker that offers quite a few professional and advanced tools to help you craft your logo without hassle. Logo Makr is a vector editor, you can choose from millions of graphics to include on your logo design and play around with their styling while designing your logo. It deploys a user-friendly front-end editor that gives you much freedom to add your text, experiment with typography, or include different shapes and colors as per your desire. 

Logo Makr is a do-it-yourself type of tool that expands its design capabilities onto six categories: Graphics, Fonts, Shapes, Colors, Outline, and Opacity. Using the capable tools available you can easily create the perfect custom logo design for your business. You can download your free logo in a PNG version for the web with the credit required to LogoMakr. To download your logo in different formats like SVGs you will need to pay additionally.

Mark Maker is one amazing free logo design tool that employs a generic prototype to display personalized styles based on your preference and the information you share with the tool. 

You can simply start by typing down the name of your company and it will instantly show generating suggestions, as you scroll down you can click the little heart icon to show appreciation for that particular design. After you’ve picked a few of your favorite styles, the system will learn the design trends and will show you a wide variety of designs based on your personal preferences. 

After you have found the proper design for your logo you can further fine-tune its styling using the editor. You can find lots of useful and powerful tools to help you customize your logo. Once you are all done with designing your logo you can download the file either as PNG or SVG all for free. You can share a donation on a voluntary basis, but not required.

We will continue our hunt for the best free logo design tools that will help every entrepreneur and small business to convey their logos and match their brand voice without ever compromising consistency. Next on we have the Logo Type Maker another great tool that will generate different variations of logos from which you can choose your preferred one and then continue to further customize it. 

You have available all the basic tools and features to help you configure and fine-tune your logo design until you are pleased with the results. Create your modern logo design and once you are done with it completely you can download it for free, although not in high-resolution quality. For that, you will need to upgrade to the premium version that provides you with a full logo design kit to expand and print your logo on all the preferred domains.

Designimo provides a free logo maker that offers the flexibility to design and download your logo for free. You don’t have to be a professional designer to create your logo with Designimo as the generated logo design will be all you need. 

Simply start by entering the name of the company as per usual, for a more detailed and personalized logo design type in the type of niche your business belongs to and a tagline (if you have one). This will generate thousands of logo designs that you can choose from. 

Similar to the other free logo maker tools presented in the collection you can also tweak and customize the logo design until you are satisfied with the final result. For lower quality resolutions you can download your free logo design without additional charge, however, if you wish to download the logo at high resolution, then you will need to pay for it. Designimo provides video tutorials on how to create a logo with the platform.

Graphic Spring is a free logo design software to build your brand using the most advanced tools. Graphic Spring is a full-brand package that allows you to build and design logos as well as other brand assets with ease and perfection. You can create your own logo from scratch or choose from a variety of templates. Simply type in the name of your business, the tagline, and select the image category from the options available. Once you have displayed all the results you can pick and choose one that suits your brand. 

From the results shown you can also filter them by taxonomy either by new or popular. Graphic Spring gives you all the creative freedom you need to build your logo from start. It provides some of the most advanced tools to help you during the process, you can choose the shape, the symbol, or add your own decorative touch. Graphic Spring’s editor is free to use by everyone but to download your logo design you will need to pay their premium plans that start from 19.99$.

Logo Garden is up next on our free logo design collection that proves to be the perfect solution for creating unique and modern logos without much trouble. You can use the multiple sample designs that are suitable for various applications and decide to further customize them for a more perfect result. 

You can tweak the fonts and the colors as well as configure the layout until you are 100% satisfied with the final design. Use the thousands of icons and symbols to dive deeper into your brand’s personality and establishment. For a more detailed tutorial watch the demo video to learn the first steps with Logo Garden. 

You can easily design your logo for business cards, websites, social media, merchandise, smartphones, and any other place you’d wish to use the logo. You can create and download your logo for free, but if you wish further professional assistance, Logo Garden will provide that for you with an additional charge of $39.99. If you prefer to craft your logo from scratch Logo Garden offers a free editor from where you can take full advantage of all the design tools at your disposal, including fonts, colors, and editing features online.

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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