Bifrost – Simple Portfolio WordPress Theme (Case Study & Theme Review)

Bifrost Simple WordPress Theme in a Theme Review for extended features that powers the theme and a Case Study that showcases the beauty of the theme.

Bifrost – Simple Portfolio WordPress Theme (Case Study & Theme Review)

Bifrost Theme Review

Elegance means simplicity, which is why we at Neuron Themes put all our heart and soul into making Bifrost. With a clean-cut design and visually striking display, this theme was executed to meet varieties of purposes for all the minimalist lovers out there, whether you are looking to create a website where you can show off your work or products, or built a website for your agency, e-commerce store, any kind of business you name it.

What makes this WordPress theme so special is that it’s friendly and super easy to use, meaning no coding knowledge is required to build your website with Bifrost. On the side note, all the elements embedded in this theme are created using the revolutionary page builder called Elementor.

Elementor who gathers more than 4 million active users, is a drag and drop page builder plugin that is flexible and uncomplicated. Simply put, with this tool you can easily create wonders since by dragging and dropping particular elements of your choice you can craft your own masterpiece that is your website with precision in no time.

Here is just a sneak peek of all the elements that give life to Bifrost: Elementor, Header & Footer builder, Customizer, WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, Template Library, Copy-Paste feature, Shape Dividers, One-Click demo importer and a lot more cool tools that are at your disposal (the list is endless, but regardless so are your opportunities ). There’s no holding you back from becoming the best at your niche, and with Bifrost WordPress theme you are halfway there. 

Elementor - The powerful page builder

Let’s just put the obvious to the world, Elementor is one of the most versatile page builders, it has the deepest feature set, yet is very easy to use and master, with which you can easily match your unique personality with your website as it lets you maneuver to your desire. Using the most user-friendly interface equipped with 90+ amazing widgets ready for use in the front-end, everything drag & drop, sit back and watch your canvas flourish.

What makes this page builder groundbreaking you ask me? It’s most definitely the LIVE building ability that lets you create beautiful designs in real-time, meaning no more old school backend editing without having to switch between the editor and the preview mode, the future is Elementor.

People nowadays use different devices when accessing your website. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Responsive editing allows you to manipulate how your page will look on diverse gadgets. Everything on the theme is built with high responsibility, and responsive is on the top of that list with every element responsive & retina ready.

Aside from responsive mode and widgets featured, there are also some special effects and animations for all you free-spirited people to play around and add layers of interaction to your website.

Some cool additional features included are the in-line text editing where you can edit the text within the preview area itself, the visual revision history feature, the navigator that allows you to navigate between all page elements or layers, quickly glance custom changes and easily access them via indicators and finder that features a search bar offering you easy navigation between different pages & dashboard settings.

Ever heard of the expression what you see is what you get, this completely sums up the experience with Elementor. 

Bifrost: Header Footer Builder

Header and Footer builder

Life’s too short to be stuck with a header you don’t like. Good thing we have you covered. You’ll be able to build an interactive header and footer layout via Elementor with the elements that we created to make it even easier for you. Part of the package deal with Bifrost includes some of the most professional-looking, astonishing predefined headers and footers that can be included in the template library in only one click.

Design the layout of your choice by drag and dropping functionality. There are many features you can add to your header, building it brick by brick thus comprising an exquisite entrance for your website.

You can add a logo, navigation menu, search form, menu cart if you are running a WooCommerce site to showcase your products to your clients, or a hamburger menu cute nickname right?.

Opposite to the real-life, the hamburger menu in the tech world is a tool that helps you save space on your website so that it doesn’t look overly loaded. It’s basically a navigation element used to switch between the menu or nav bar while being folded behind the icon or output on the screen.

Same principles go for footers too, only this one contains fine print, copyright notices, quick access links and/or contact information, the name of the website’s author, the business name and address, if applicable, and the date of the most recent update, social icons and man other features you deem important. 

Bifrost: Niche Demos

Rich Niche Demos and Template Library

Featured with Bifrost is the One Click Demo Importer, very powerful and handy equipment that serves to import any of the theme’s live preview demos and widgets and it’s just a click away. Demos are a limited preview used for reference to showcase a certain product and gives the user a tour through options available.

Build with our famous one-click demo importer system, makes the whole experience seamless and speeds the stream of your workflow where all there’s left to do is customize it to give it your touch. Don’t believe it? Watch this video to see what we are talking about.

The demos are handcrafted down to every detail by our team of professionals always keeping in mind flexibility, versatility, and convenience for our users. Every demo of ours is created and composed of precautions using the most advanced tools that will help you customize each particle of your website to your arrangements.

Changed your mind? Don’t worry, we got your back. It’s even simpler uninstalling at any time a demo you once thought suited you. Cheers to new beginnings. You may not be in pursuit of a whole demo, you can mix and match different kinds of sections, headers, testimonials, forms, services, set them up quickly and start building your site.

That’s where the template library comes in handy. If you want to create a fully cohesive brand and reflect that on your website, Elementor Template Library will help you do just that. You will be given access to 150+ exquisitely premade Page layouts and blocks along with a stock of pixel-perfect images ready to use.

And if you are feeling creative you can create your own template, save them and reuse them on your site or on another different website. Everything is at your disposal. Simply by drag & dropping the template widget you can add your templates with ease and in a matter of seconds. 

Bifrost: WooCommerce

Set up a WooCommerce shop with Bifrost

Bifrost is completely compatible with Woocommerce and it’s minimalist interior making this theme capable of handling complex shop structures with ease and giving your customers the most amicable experience while searching your shop. If you are looking to create an online store you should treat it like one. You will have to arrange everything into place to give your customers a warm welcome.

At the end of the day, first impressions really matter. The scope of features varies from physical to digital goods. The theme is supported to make it easy for you to not only design your site like a pro but also run our workflow as smooth as possible. Due to its highly configurable options, you can manage inventory and shipping, take secure payments, and sort taxes automatically.

Two components make up the structure of the shop with Bifrost: The Single Product Template and Product Archive Template. Single Product Template is used to create the perfect site for selling and promoting your products. Upon the single product template, you are presented with a wide variety of widgets you can add to give functionality to your online shop as well as a beautiful design.

You can integrate the product title which is probably one of the most important things when introducing a certain product, Price, product ratings – You can show your product’s feedback directly to the product page.

Product Content – A picture is worth a million words, but I say nothing can beat a picture and a thousand words. That’s why it is better if you add some description and tell why your product is worth the buy, product stock to show how many items are left or if an item is sold out, add to cart button.

Ajax Mini Cart which in addition to the menu cart and the cart itself, this small tool is of great help since it saves your orders and their details within seconds you add them to your cart, also users can take a quick view at their cart orders. Think of it as the shopping cart you use while buying groceries where you can view and add items to it until the final purchase and many more features you have yet to explore.

All these elements are added to your conformity. Keep an open mind to it and you will create wonders as it lets you change and adjust every aspect of your page product –  from the homepage layout to the buy button.

Product Archive Template used to showcase your entire products. Filtering among specific categories on an online store that’s what developers call product archive templates. You can sort your products by Date, Categories, Price, Popularity, Rating, Tags, or any other taxonomy (e.g. Size, Color, etc.). 

Bifrost: Portfolio Composition

Showcase your masterpieces with Bifrost’s Advanced Portfolio

There is something captivating about the Bifrost WordPress theme that enchants artists to use it as a liaison between their art and their audience. We believe the reason behind that is its ostensible reality of having only essential elements that give room for the art to breathe freely. Here is the showcase of some of the best cases our users have exemplified Bifrost to their portfolio website.

Start creating your own portfolio by using these layouts to display your portfolio such as Grid, Masonry, Metro, Carousel, have hover animations to add waves of movements to the elements on your website, play around with the advanced query so you can change the inquiry to different sources like post, portfolio, product. Use the powerful style options to manage easily the columns & row gap, change the alignment of title, category and much more, manipulate with image sizes to reduce the page loading time, change the typography of title and description and all other properties, choose to include or exclude certain posts and the list goes on.

Keeping your readers/visitors on your page by sorting posts that might interest them is a task you can easily achieve with Bifrost, that’s why it’s so handy to use the Advanced Query Options feature and benefit from its immense utility to convert the status of your website.

You should always pay close attention to related posts, pages or filter them regularly in order to keep your visitors engaged to your website. Bearing that in mind the advanced query option we have stored for you is your strongest weapon. They include Related Posts, Date Filter and Exclude posts. 

Create Blog posts with Bifrost WordPress Theme

The term blog nowadays has reached a broader contextualization in its core essence, the diversities of blog usage vary from online diary to business concentrated content. Absorbing all these facts we had to make sure Bifrost would be the voice of those who have got something to say, by using the platform to share stories, help others, share news, or create content related to your business plans.

On every occasion you will have all the tools necessary to create and maintain a comprehensive and affluent blog that helps drive traffic, establish an authoritative image within your industry, attract new customers and visitors and help flow that SEO juice.

You can either choose Grid, Masonry, Metro, or Carousel as your layout to display your blog content depending on your taste and refinery,

Display featured images, exceptional Carousel Settings to shuffled and display different content, impressive, lightweight, responsive image hover effects and animations, full optimization and customization control over every particle of your blog, show or hide tag, title, link title, category, metadata, post excerpt anywhere on your blog, and this is just a modest peek of what is in store for you with Bifrost WordPress Theme. 

Bifrost: Slider Revolution

Revolution Slider

As the word explicitly expresses this feature included is truly revolutionary. We at Bifrost are committed to making your life easier that’s why every feature we include is thoroughly considered in that direction.

A beautifully presented site will interest even those that aren’t specifically looking for your services. Imagine how cool and highly professional your site will look when adding motion pictures or slides to people you are trying to reach.

Turn yourself into a designer and link your aura to match your website demeanor with Slider Revolution. With Slider Revolution being included in Bifrost you can create and edit several sliders, set features such as slider width and height, slider placement, allowing you to control image transition type and speed, image navigation features, and navigation interface, while at the same time being able to add layers to slides which can be made visible along a timeline.

You can create an outstanding intro with some of the most creative effects to give your users a show like they’ve never seen before, included are scroll effects that enhance the continuity of your website with the great toolset that is available, there’s a range of different options as you can combine two or more effects that will sparkle up your content. Probably the coolest out of all options available in the Parallax and 3D effects.

You can create an illusion of a beautiful three-dimensional virtual reality that awes everyone on a first glimpse. Parallax in astronomy is the method used to measure the distance nearby stellar objects in space, but in our case parallax effect displays a set of motions and changes to the design to your website at the movement of your cursor of scrolling down the page thus creating a 3D effect.

All of this is included within Bifrost, saving you 26$. 

Fast and Reliable Support Team

Even though we try our best to make everything as easy and simple as we possibly can, there still might be doubts for some users while using our product. But you shall not fear since we have some of the best people saving the day for you 24/7.

We take pride in the care and thoughtfulness we provide our customers with, and this is a fact stated in most of our customer reviews. See it for yourself and take a look at our testimonials.

We proudly state that our author rating from our clients stands at 4.98 from 5 with more than 450+ reviews with 5 stars. After purchasing the product, you can create a ticket at our support system, and you will receive professional treatment and response.

We love what we do, that’s why we consider our clients’ feedback and take it seriously as it helps us grow and mature as a team. So if you have any questions regarding an issue or need any help, don’t hold back. Engage in our growing community to get the best interactive experience from our tech support and tech enthusiasts actively participating.

Part of our customer care is also the extended documentation we provide helping you through each step of customization. 

Additional reasons you will love Bifrost

Wait there is more?! As if all these extended lavish features weren’t enough, I will list some more arguments to rest my case that Bifrost will be all you need to create a masterfully executed website. 

  • Easy Installation and Demo Import, check the video here.
  • Inherit Option – Most of the options in the elements have the option to inherit the values from the theme options. With this option, you can create multiple pages or have multiple elements with the same settings inherited from the theme options. No worries, inherit is not the only option from the select, the inherit option usually stands at the top which is followed by the normal options
  • Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode – This method has become popular among the online community when communicating new launches of your landing page, your products or any sort of service you deliver to spread the word out. To add a little excitement you can incorporate the countdown option to tell precisely when you are launching.  
  • Auto Updates – Compatible with the Envato Market Plugin, the theme can be updated easily with only one click via the dashboard menu.
  • Adaptive Images – Image size attributes are well organized to enhance responsive image functionality. 
  • Hundreds of options – The theme offers more than 500 different options and shortcodes, all of them are combined to create a beautiful website for any purpose
  • Social Media support and link – Connect your social profiles to your website so your visitors can easily access them. The theme offers a special custom menu that allows you to edit the style, content and the surrounding area of icon widgets. 
  • Advanced Typography Options – Design is meant to be beautiful, that’s why we have created a wide set made of over 977+ google fonts and texts as well as the freedom to select color, line height, letter spacing, transforming a text or font size. This toolkit of font properties is available to be used upon all elements & features that the theme includes, naming a few like header, footer, paragraphs, main menu, top menu, portfolio, portfolio item, blog posts, shop, products, breadcrumbs and much more or even upload your own custom fonts.
  • Powerful Grid Layout – Content is the core element of your website that’s why when choosing the right theme you should always bear in mind about grid layouts. With Bifrost, there are plenty of options like type, style, spacing, typography settings, layout options and much more available for you to create your own custom and unique designs for your grid layouts. Included you have column flex options used in columns and sections options allowing you to change the content horizontal, vertical or justify position. 

Bifrost WordPress Theme: A Case Study

After a thorough examination of the Bifrost theme’s core functions and versatility we felt we needed to express in words the narrative behind the theme, the meaning behind every ingredient that comprises Bifrost. What you cannot comprehend in the visual spectrum, we are providing you with a storytelling denouement case study of our theme.

Bifrost in its pristine nature is a minimalist theme with just a little dash of color to make you remember it without having you perplexed between many things at once.

The Approach – Minimalist

Looking back at our creations, you can find diversity among designs and styles and with Bifrost we wanted to stand out with a peculiar style that was perspicuous for this theme only. After bountiful research and examinations, we explored all the possibilities of finding a general style that pertained to a generic group of people.

The aftermath of all this process was concluded to be integrating minimalism as a concept and as a style at its finest, that is what we did with every detail in Bifrost. Minimalism in its nucleus condition means freedom, in our case freedom from overwhelming, freedom from overloading.

Minimalism is removing the excess, unnecessary elements thus simplifying the interface completely. We gave freedom to the theme by only incorporating prerequisite ingredients that give functionality to it entirely.

While on the lookout for a universal solution, it was apparent that this minimalist design will help people of all profiles to share their work and highlight their work, their art, their content instead of being centralized by the theme itself.

We intended to give room for the art to breathe, to set its impact on its own. You could say Bifrost is a mere consolidation of people’s showcases, never forsaking utility and capability.

You can feel the idiosyncratic minimalist vibe of the theme consisting of the absence of a diverse color palette, usage of white spaces and one font typography used throughout the whole layout. 

The Design – Brand vs Web, Colors, Palette and Typography

When we designed Bifrost we wanted the theme to be amaranthine, one that endures time, thus this process was divided into three main branches the typography, color palette and geometry of buttons and animations, all which would come to be the epitome of minimalism.

In the first stages of choosing an appropriate font we wanted it to be something that was familiar to a user’s eye, something not too rigid not too extravagant, something just simple. Roboto seems to do the trick since this type of font doesn’t force letters to a particular width. Instead, it lets them be as wide as needed and doesn’t put limitations on how much space they will take on the X-axis. It just looks clean and neat thus creating a look more reminiscent of humanist and serif typefaces. 

Being done with all the typography decisions, next on the list we had to deal with colors, how are we going to combine them, mix and match them. Or initial thought was the colors should be black and white. Duh? What better embodiment of color screams minimalism more than these two. It would be a white background with black typography and everything centralized around this idea.

But minimalism doesn’t mean boring, and halfway through the design it felt right to have a breaking point to this palette and red is a warm, vibrant and intense color that immediately grasps attention and stipulates emotional impact. 

Retrograding back to the antecedent idea, adding too much intensity of colors would be straying off the track. That is why this dash of red color is apparent subtly on the center of the pages, giving the users something to revoke whenever they thought of Bifrost, but at the same time never confounding them with too many distractions.

Complementary to the red color was green, and to balance all the layout it was needed such integration. You can find it across many pre-designed homepages. Other colors used for the showcase were brown and little to none pastel blue. All of them are composed of Earth tones. 

Lastly on our schedule was to arrange the composition and placement of elements. The overall layout of the theme was to be immaculate and neat not to spoil the calmness and tranquility of the ambiance. We gave intensity to the theme by means of colors, that is why all the components added to play the significant roles of main functions.

Navigation, header, and menus were designed the classic way: the logo on the left, the menu on the right, nothing too exaggerated. But on another note the figures and the buttons were made to be rough on the edges, eliminating radius or circular shapes. That same philosophy was connected to the font Roboto as well, where the edges of the letters are always at 90-degree angle. 

Being in correlation with the prime idea white spaces were a necessity because they help to create a balanced interface that’s easy to read and doesn’t overwhelm your visitors. It made perfect sense since minimalism and white spaces are both part of the same mantra that less is more.

You can notice the usage of white spaces not only in the overall layout of the page but on the images as well. All the images have their objects in the center in the border with white space, this detail being connected to the whole centralized theme style.  As per animations, they are fairly used, only being evident in the images, posts or categories, as fade up, down or left and zoomed in. 

Portfolio Driven Theme – Homepages

Bifrost is marked as the theme that brought the most features to the table on the Neuron Themes space, though you can achieve exorbitant websites out of them, still, we decided to keep it simple.

Simplicity fits perfectly with the portfolio since it sets free the artwork and gives it space to thrive. That is the reason we decided to craft many of our homepages for portfolios and the theme became mostly known for and reached the charts on top-notch blogs like Envato or Colorlib and featured on Theme Forest as one of the best new themes.

All the homepages were merely created to showcase the new features Bifrost has in store but designed in its niche, all of them using the same minimalistic approach, style, and font. 

Since all out homepages have that unremitting feel of equivalency, the Interactive showcase completely steps out of the box using a more conceptual rather unusual layout.

Although there seems to be no kind of coloring outside the main palette and domination of the Roboto font, maintaining the purity of the theme itself. The only divergence is a pop of modern style via images, they are clean, high resolution and little to no shadow with only the object being on the focal point.

The features sprinkle some modernization on the theme with effects like carousel and parallax that are built plain but give it a subtle touch of complexity.  

Reverse colors were used in a number of homepages like Landing App, Projects Showcase, Dark Portfolio and semi-used in Projects Carousel. It presented a quantum leap, always preserving the equanimity around Bifrost. Except for the retrogression of black and white, everything else was built in the same familiar layout.

All in all Bifrost WordPress theme was created for people who are on the lookout for the simplest, minimalist things. It offers a plethora of possibilities that correspond to a larger audience, where they can find exactly what they are looking for.

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