404 Page

  • Custom Logo – Upload a custom logo to the 404 page, the logo will be available only for 404 page.
  • Title – Override the title of 404 page, the actual title is: The page you were looking for couldn’t be found. The page could be removed or you misspelled the word while searching for it..
  • Description – Override the description of 404 page, the actual description is: Back to Home Page.
  • Button Text – Override the text of button, the actual text button is: Back to Homepage.

Background Type

Choose the background type between color or image, new option will appear when the option is selected.

  • Color
    • Custom Color – Change the color of background.
  • Image
    • Background Image – Upload an image to the background.
    • Overlay – Change the opacity of background overlay, if you want to remove the opacity set the overlay to 0.
    • Overlay Color – Change the color of overlay.

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