Create a Portfolio Item

Before adding the portfolio items, make sure to install and activate plugins Advanced Custom Fields and Portfolio Post Type.


  1. Enter the title of Portfolio Item.
  2. Enter the description of Portfolio Item, make sure that editor is staying in classic mode when you want to add only plain text, backend editor is in use only for visual composer elements. If backend editor is not displaying, go to Visual Composer > Role Model and enable it.
  3. Upload the featured image for this portfolio, the image will be used as thumbnail in portfolio page.
  4. Add portfolio categories for this post, can be used to assign the post in certain pages or to filterable them via filters.
  5. Select the type of portfolio, right after selecting the type a new tab with options will appear at the top.
  6. Enter the subtitle of Portfolio Item.
  7. By ticking this field, you will hide the all the meta in Portfolio Item.
  8. If you have activated the Metro Layout Column in the portfolio element, choose the column over here.
  9. Do not forget to publish the portfolio item.
  • Gallery Layout – Choose the gallery layout.
    • Default – You will be able to choose columns for all gallery items.
    • Metro – You will be able to choose column for each gallery item.
  • Gallery Columns – Choose the columns of all gallery items, is active only when default layout is selected.
  • Spacing – Add spacing between portfolio items, default is 30 pixels.
  • Placement – Change the placement of gallery.
    • Container – The gallery will be set in container.
    • Outside Container – The gallery will extend outside the container.
  • Initial Loading Animation – Select initial loading animation for gallery image.
    • Fade In – Elements will fade in smoothly.
    • Fade In Up – Elements will fade in from the bottom smoothly.
    • Zoom In – Elements will bounce like zoom in.
    • Fade In (with delay) – Elements will fade in smoothly one by one.
    • Fade In Up (with delay) – Elements will fade in from the bottom smoothly one by one.
    • Zoom in (with delay) – Elements will zoom in one by one.
  • Gallery – Add the gallery images, image description can be added also. If metro layout is activated a new field for choosing the column will appear.

Item Tabs

Add item tabs to the portfolio item by pressing the button Add Tab at the bottom.

  • Tab Title – Write the tab title.
  • Tab Type – Select the tab type, new options will appear right after selecting one.
  • Type Description
    • Description – Add the description of a tab.
  • Type Link
    • Link Title – Write the name of link, incase you don’t write any title, the url will be used as title.
    • Link Url – Write the url of link.
    • Link Target – Tick if you want the link to be opened in a new tab

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