Create a Standard Post

Before adding the blog posts, make sure to install and activate plugin Advanced Custom Fields.

  1. Enter the title of Blog Post.
  2. Enter the description of Blog Post, make sure that editor is staying in classic mode when you want to add only plain text, backend editor is in use only for visual composer elements. If backend editor is not displaying, go to Visual Composer > Role Model and enable it.
  3. Upload the featured image for this blog post, the image will be used as thumbnail in blog page.
  4. Add tags for this post.
  5. Add categories for this post, can be used to assign the post in certain pages.
  6. Select the post format this post, right after selecting the format a new tab with options will appear at the bottom.
  7. Select where you want the meta infos to be placed in page header or in the post content.
  8. Hide the post title from displaying.
  9. Hide the post categories from displaying.
  10. Hide the post author from displaying.
  11. Hide the post date from displaying.
  12. Hide the comments number from displaying.


If you have activated the metro layout in the blog element, change the column of only this post with this option.

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