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Envato Elements Review – Ultimate Designer’s Solution | 2021

Read our review on Envato Elements, one of the biggest platforms for downloading digital assets for all creatives. Learn the components that make Envato Elements great.
Read our review on Envato Elements, one of the biggest platforms for downloading digital assets for all creatives. Learn the components that make Envato Elements great.

Envato Elements Review – Ultimate Designer’s Solution | 2021

Envato Elements Review
Envato Elements Review

Envato Elements the largest platform for designers, creators, marketers, agencies to download unlimited digital assets with a simple subscription monthly plan.

Price: 16.50

Price Currency: $

Application Category: Web Design

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When working on the web, resources are the means you need for a better and faster approach to any project you intend on taking. Whether you are a web designer, blogger, graphic designer, business owner, blogger, podcaster, video maker, or a creative of any kind, having access to the right tools and resources will result in downtime workload and a streamlined workflow. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find everything you are looking for, any type of digital asset all in one place? This will eliminate the scrolling and searching for particular elements all over the web. Luckily for you, there exist places like Envato Elements, a wonderland library for digital assets to include in various projects. 

For this article, we will lay down all the components that comprise this wondrous marketplace and witness its magic through its countless and diverse repository. Best of all is that for a single plan license, which we will cover in more depth later in this article, you can download unlimited graphic design assets and templates & web templates. Envato Elements really is the jack of all trades.

What is Envato Elements?

To give you a head start, Envato Elements is a simple and large subscription library that consists of millions of creative assets that you can easily download and use them on your next project, whether that personal or commercial.

Envato Elements is the mere solution for all creatives on a tight budget and limited deadlines. Browse through the millions of high-quality digital assets available to find exactly what you are looking for. 

You might not always have the luxury of designing an asset yourself or hiring a professional designer, or you run an agency that requires high-volume stock assets that are of top-notch quality. This is is why we felt the need to publish this article, as it will help thousands of new creators find the resources they need easily, and on top of that with a simple and affordable pricing plan. 

Envato Elements includes a large and varied library of digital assets that are crafted by individual creators and distributed by Envato on the basis of a monthly subscription plan. Once you become a member of the Envato Elements library you will gain unlimited access to their large repository of assets and download as many items you need. All the items are licensed to use on any commercial project or others. 

The Envato Elements Membership subscription will give you access to advanced tutorials and courses available on Tuts Plus

What's included with Envato Elements?

We’ve established that Envato Elements comprises one of the largest library set of digital assets. For this section, we shall dive a little deeper and give you a sneak preview of all the assets you will gain access to once you’ve subscribed to your plan.

First and foremost, Envato Elements provides a large repository of royalty-free images that you can download for commercial use. You can easily find the images you need for your project, as they are divided into their respective collections, thus including landscapes, fashion, nature, technology, and much more. 

If you are looking to download stock videos whether that be stock footage or motion graphics, Envato Elements has a special section for them in its repository and allows all its users to download all the videos they need.

Next on the list, we have WordPress themes and plugins, despite Theme Forest and CodeCanyon, which are two of the largest marketplaces for themes and plugin, Envato Element has its share of stunning theme designs and high-quality plugins. 

What stands out the most in this marketplace is the availability of CMS templates like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Muse, Shopify, Unbounce, Tumblr, and all your other favorite content management systems.

Included within the Envato Elements depository are also

  • Graphics – That includes Icons, backgrounds, patterns, and vectors.
  • Graphics Templates – This gives you the possibility to discover a bountiful number of print graphic design templates, product mockups, website designs, UX/UI kits, infographics, logos, and scene generators.
  • Music – Here you have included thousands of high-quality audio tracks of all genres that you can use on your next project.
  • Video Templates – In this library you can find broadcast packages, Elements, Infographics, Title, Video Displays, and more.
  • Presentation Templates – You can include them on your next presentation as the library consists of templates for PowerPoint Keynote or Google Slides. 
  • Fonts – To make your website look stunning, choose from a variety of fonts included either Serif, Sans-Serif, Script, or Decorative.
  • Addons – this collection consists of actions, brushes, and layer styles. 
  • Web Templates – You can find HTML Web Templates, Email, Admins, or Landing Page Templates, which are responsive and retina ready.
Envato Elements Review 1

The Envato Elements selection includes a wide range of digital and graphic assets, templates, and web templates, but intends on expanding its scope of possibilities and hopes to provide other types of content that will be beneficial to different types of creators.

Even as we are writing this article the Envato Elements revamps its library with new and exciting content suitable for all types of creatives. Although you would think that the large ecosystem of content available in Envato Elements would make the research process harder. You’d have to think again. 

Everything is made simpler and aims to help creatives find the content they need without it being a big fuss, and this is best expressed through their simple pricing model and the advanced search options.

To help you narrow down your search, all of the largest categories behold their respective subcategories. On the left panel, you have the search filters that will further help you narrow down your search to find specifically the content you are looking for. Tick the filters and the search results will correspond with inputs you assigned.

Envato Elements Review 2

Download over 42.000+ graphics, icons, backgrounds, vectors and more.

The extensive library of Envato Elements includes a large number of graphics that you can use on our personal as well as commercial projects. You can search through the directory to find any asset you need. The process is made a lot easier with the introduction of Envato’s straightforward and easy navigation. 

Within the graphics collection you have included a large repository of beautiful and professional icons, background, vectors, and patterns. All of the being categorized and stored in their respective collections. 

Royalty-free Stock Videos

Envato Element’s stunning collection of royalty-free videos will bring a new perspective to your project. Enrich your work with some of the most amazing stock videos ranging from background videos, b-roll footage, nature videos, even including motion graphics. 

The diversity of this library offers every designer the chance to find all they are looking for in one place. Hover over the video to see the footage and determine on an instant if it’s a fit for your project or not. This makes the classification process a lot easier. 

Thousands of Premium Audio Tracks

As we have obliviously mentioned throughout the entire article, Envato Elements is the dream place for designers, and artists of all kinds, because here you can digital assets of all kinds. Envato Elements also includes over 63.000+ royalty-free audio tracks. Add a sound to all your projects for ultimate impact. 

Whether you are creating a video, podcast, or any kind of digital project, you will need access to quality audio. Search through the comprehensive repository of Envato Elements to find composed and high-quality music tracks, logos as well as idents. The library includes background vocals, vocal samples, instrumentals and more. 

Gain Access to Thousands of Graphic Templates

Envato Elements Review 3

The beauty of Envato Elements is most definitely the stunning collection of graphic templates all professionally designed to elevate your projects. Discover the expanded library of print graphic design templates, website designs, product mockups, infographics, logos, 3d objects, and more. 

443.000+ Sound Effects

The unlimited library of Envato Elements surpasses the needs of every creative, you can browse through the varied repository of royalty-free sound effects. Find all the components you need for pulling together a video, or composing a podcast. 

To make your projects even more compelling sound effects will add dynamicity like no other element. Find all sorts of sound effects there is and fit it to your projects, simply download the item, try it out and see if it works for you. 

One of the largest library of Royalty-free Stock Images

The massive stock royalty-free images collection of Envato Elements will be the “jack of all trades” for every designer, artist and creative. Discover the stunning library of stock images all filtered and refined in their respective categories for easy navigation. 

You might seem lost in the jungle of Envato Elements image library that contains over 1.000.000+ items, but the avigation on the left makes it a breeze to find the assests you need for your projects. 

Browse the large font collection

Search through the large collection of beautiful fonts that you can download for free with an active subscription on Envato Elements. You can refine the collection with heavily filtered categories for serif fonts, sans serif fonts, scripted fonts, handwritten fonts, and other filtrations. 

Download and test out different types of fonts to see which one fits your design. You can search by type name, supported file format, or project type. 

Find WordPress Themes and Plugins

Besides a diveresed ist of digital assets included within Envato Elements, you can also find WordPress themes and plugins. The Theme Forest market is one of the largest marketplace for WordPress themes and plugins, but now Envato Elements also provides premium WordPress themes and plugins, and later on this article we will make the clear distinction between the two.

Besides WordPress themes and plugins, Envato elements includes under its umbrella a considerable and growing collection of content managements templates like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, and more. 

How to download content on Envato Elements

You can browse Envato Elements even if you don’t have an active membership in place, you can view and search for any type of item that’s available on the Envato Elements market. But to download an item, you will need to have an active subscription. The item page will give you clear information as to what the item is about and all the data necessary like file type, applications supported, size, dimensions, as well as the Download button if you wish to include it on your project. 

A little icon next to the Download button will allow you to save items as a bookmark, for future references. Place the items you like in a collection, like Architecture or Fashion, in that way you can review them later and decide whether or not they are a fit for your project. 

Envato Elements Review 4

The best thing about Envato Elements is its clear and straightforward interface, we were loud and clear on that during the article. You can simply click on the Download button and you’ll be prompted to select whether you will include this item on your project this is the Project Use license or download it and use it later on your project this is the Trial Use license. 

The Trial Use license is perfect for when you want to test whether a particular item fits your project or not, and if you decide to use it on your project you will need the Project Use license. If you select the Project Use license, you will only need to name the project that the item will be incorporated. It is a fairly easy and clear process. After that, the file will be downloaded on your computer. Extract it and open it with the proper software application or service.

Note that items under the Project Use license will be legible to use with the project you’ve assigned even after you’ve canceled your subscription. 

The Envato Elements Plugin

To make things even easier for all WordPress users, Envato Elements went a step further and developed a custom-made WordPress plugin that gives you full access to the entire Envato Elements repository, all from your WordPress Dashboard. You can browse and import royalty-free images directly from the Envato Elements depository and integrate them on your WordPress website, all without having to leave the Dashboard. 

To start off, search for the Envato Elements – Photos & Elementor Templates in your WordPress Dashboard, you install it just like any other WordPress plugin. Once you activate it, the plugin will appear on the left panel of the admin area. Click on it and there you should find the bountiful repository of Envato Elements.

Envato Elements Review 5

To have access and import all the royalty-free images available you must have a membership plan in place. Click on the Photos Tab, that’s located at the top of the plugin’s page. Start the verification procedure, sign in with your Envato Elements account and accept the subscription to be given a token. You will need to paste the token in the designated field, thus the finalization of your verification with Envato Elements. 

How to use the Envato Elements plugin with Elementor

The Envato Elements plugin presents a new and revolutionizing experience for designing websites in WordPress. As mentioned the plugin is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. Install the plugin and activate it to start conveying all the benefits it offers. 

We have mentioned all the advantages the Envato Elements provide, and with an active subscription plan in place you can download any image included in the large collection of royalty-free stock images on Envato Elements. Best of all, this plugin is also highly compatible with the leading drag and drop page builder that is Elementor. 

All the assets that the plugin includes are effortlessly integrated into the Elementor’s editor thus offering you a complete web suite that every creator needs to build a website. To get you started simply, begin designing you pages with Elementor, click on the Envato Elements icon next to the Elementor’s library icon and there you will be able to access the entire repository of Envato Elements, all from one place. 

Envato Elements Review 6

Search for any preferred template, install it right away, click on Insert Template and in a matter of seconds your website will be almost ready. Edi and make the changes necessary to complete you design. For a more in-depth tutorial on how to work with Envato Elements and Elementor read on this article

Free Envato Elements Template Kits

Besides the high-quality images, the Envato Elements plugin gives you access to free template kits that you can easily import on your WordPress website. The templates can be fully customized and designed using popular drag and drop page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Envato Elements Review 7

Explore the powerful duo of Elementor and Envato Elements to build stunning WordPress websites with ease and flexibility. Besides, template kits the Envato Elements plugin offers a wide variety of block templates that are easily integrated into your design. Search through the templates available to find one that matches your style. 

Is Envato Elements Free?

Envato Elements is a subscription high-quality library of all types of creative and digital assets. To enjoy all the plethora of features and possibilities that it offers you must have a membership plan active. Envato Elements does not provide a free trial, although you can browse through the extensive library, you can not download items without having a subscription plan. 

Although, Envato Elements offer the possibility to create a free account, and every month it selects 12 different files including fonts, presentations, videos, and more that you can download for free. All you need to do is create an account and click on the download button. 

How does the Envato Elements license work? In terms of the license, Envato Elements made sure to keep things simple and clear. You can obtain an individual subscription plan for $16.50 per month and you can cancel the subscription at any time. In such cases, it means you can not download any more items, but any items you’ve already downloaded and registered to a project can continue to be used with that project. 

Students can save up to 30% if they sign in with a university email address. Besides the Individual plan, 

What’s more, the membership with Envato Elements will give you access to millions of digital assets on Envato Elements as well as gain access to the powerful stock photo mega house that is Twenty20. Let’s not forget to mention the courses, eBooks, and tutorials from Tuts Plus that are available with an Envato Elements membership plan. 

Seems like Envato Elements does not fall short of options, the unlimited digital assets are infinite. This is the place for every creative, where they can find everything starting from images and graphics to video footage and audio clips, is on one website, which saves a vast amount of time for subscribers.

Envato Elements vs Envato Market

Envato Elements Review 8

Both Envato Elements and Envato Market are two major marketplaces under the umbrella of Envato, a leading marketplace for creative assets and creative people to sell their digital items. But what’s the difference between Envato Elements and the Envato Market? Well first let’s review each platform individually.

We’ve mentioned throughout the entire article that Envato Elements is a marketplace for all creative where they can search and download unlimited digital assets via a subscription plan. The wide scope of items available in Envato Elements captures videos, images, fonts, add-ons, all the way to HTML Templates, themes, and plugins. 

Whereas, Envato Market is the leading marketplace for WordPress themes, websites, emails, plugins, audios, video content, graphics, eCommerce template designs, and others, as well as the go-to source for starting a website on multiple platforms. Theme Forest offers over 49.000+ WordPress themes and website templates. Code Canyon is the leading market place for plugins and offers a variety of 34.000+ scripts and plugins.

The first and most important distinction between the two platforms is the items they each offer, although there is an overlap with WordPress themes, website templates, and plugins since Envato Elements has expanded its spectrum of the items it provides, Envato Market still seems to be the leading platform for WordPress themes as well as high-end functionality plugins.  

While Envato Elements offers unlimited download features, Envato Market works with another concept. There each item is sold separately and you need to purchase an individual license for each end product. Although, with all the distinction between the two, there is no doubt that both marketplaces offer high-quality products and items, despite the antagonist approaches on prices and plans. 

Envato Elements License

As it is the case with every aspect of Envato Elements the licensing rules are made clear and simple. A commercial license will cover all downloadable assets concluded in Envato Elements. Once you become a member of the Envato Elements you will gain access to download and use all the digital items they provide for commercial use or any other type of work.

Nevertheless, there are some limitations that set the grounding rules as to how to use items that you download on Envato Elements. These are general rules made to protect the works of the authors that make their items available in this marketplace. 

– You will have to register every time you use an item 

Every time you download an item you will get an ongoing license that’s associated with the use of a specific project. If you wish to include the item on another item, you will need to go to the Downloads page, from there locate the items you wish to use, and register again for different end-use. 

– You cannot re-sell or re-distribute items 

The items you download from Envato Elements can not be sold or redistributed as stock, in a tool or template, or with source files. These items can not also be merchandised by the user. You can not download an image, print it on a poster, and sell copies of that poster. Although, if the item downloaded from Envato Elements is used to be incorporated into a larger design that is being altered or used as product packaging is not considered merchandising thus, this falls under fair-use guidelines.

– If you transmit an end product to a client, they will need a Sublicense too

You can use the items you download to create end products for yourself or for clients. In case the end product is meant for a client they will need to be provided with a Limited Sublicense. meaning item will only be used for the purpose of the end product and can not be extracted, reproduced, or used in any other way.

– You can not place copyright trademarks on the items 

You will not be able to put any copyright trademark on the items you download on Envato Elements, due to the fact that you did not create the digital asset therefore it is not your intellectual property. 

– You can not use an item to create an End Product after you’ve canceled the subscription

Once you cancel the subscription with Envato Elements the items that you downloaded can not be used to create End Products, although the items you’ve included on your projects while the subscription was active will still remain legible. 

The best part about Envato Elements is the simplicity of complex aspects such as licensing. You can simply download an item you like with just a few clicks and you’ll be legible to use it on your projects without a doubt. 

– You can install each item on two devices only 

Installable items such as add-ons and fonts can each be installed on two devices only and your Envato subscription must be active in order for the installation to go through. 

Envato Elements vs Motion Array

In this review we’ve covered all aspects of Envato Elements, hence the topic in this article. At last to conclude our entire review we will have Envato Elements head to head with its alternatives, one of them being Motion Array. We will witness where the two platforms stand, what they each offer and how are they different from one another.

We have already established what Envato Elements is, similar to this Motion Array is a subscription based platform that offers digital assets for all sorts of creatives with an affordable pricing plan. Let’s begin drawing out the differences between the two platforms

The scope of Envato Elements and Motion Array

Envato Elements is considered one of the best and most extensive library of digital assets, and it’s suitable for every designers, creatives, marketers, agencies or any other entity that is in need of high volume digital assets. 

Meanwhile Motion Array is one of the best platforms for video creators and filmmakers. It includes a comprehensive of video footage stock and is considered to be the all-in-one platforms for all creatives of videos and filmmakers with the ability to collaborate and create video websites. 

Envato Elements includes a large repository of digital assets that include stck and video templates, music and sound effects, graphics, graphic templates, WordPress themes and plugins and much more. We have covered all throughout the article. 

On the other hand Motion array includes premiere plugins, timesaving integrations, collaborations, stock videos, graphic templates, audio and sound effects. Although both the platforms offer some of the same digital asset categories, they differ in size and availability. The library of Motion Array is smaller compared to that of Envato Elements, and and also Motion Array does not offer web templates like in the case of Envato Elements. 

Unlimited Downloads

Both platforms offer unlimited downloads for an active subscription plan in place. Motion Array offers a handful of amazing and useful asses especially for video makers and filmmakers. They provide an assortment of high-quality video footage and graphics all from one place. 

Motion Array provides a smaller collection when compared to Envato Elements offering as it offers 56.000+ unlimited downloadable assets. You can browse through the collection and see the items they provide. The library of Motion Array is updated with new content on a regular basis, but so it Envato Elements’. 

Envato Elements vs Motion Array Pricing

With both os the platforms offering an unlimited subscription plan it makes it easier to weight the pros and cons for each and determine he best option for you and your projects based on the availability, scope, and pricing.

We have stated in a designated section that Envato Elements uses a simple subscription plan, and comes at $14.50 per month for one individual plan. It also offers other personalized plans for different groups of users, all of which are explained above in this article. 

Motion Array offers the same straightforward solution but comes at a higher price, at $29.99 per month for a single subscription. Different from Envato Elements, Motion Array offers a free plan for single users, with the access to download for free the stock media library collection only. 

You can cancel your plan with either of the platforms at anytime you feel it’s  appropriate. 

Final Words

This concludes our article on our review of Envato Elements, a huge library full of creative digital assets that every artist can download and use them on their projects with fool-proof commercial rights. 

As for every platform, this one has its downsides too, some could probably argue that the fee is high for creatives that are just getting started or very item needs to be re-licensed each time a subscriber uses it, or that it doesn’t provide item support for website themes of templates, but in this case, we will argue that the benefits counterweight the disadvantages. 

The ability to import royalty-free images, high-quality video, beautiful website templates, and a lot of other items included in this marketplace is very valuable. And the price of $16.50 per month is very economical. You could play your membership plan for a few months until you’ve finished the project and cancel the subscription afterward. Or if you are an agency that deals with high-volume content, this is a small price to pay for the benefits it offers. 

Plus, with the WordPress Envato Elements plugin, you gain access to hundreds of free templates and blocks to use when you are building your website. In all instances seems like Envato Elements has got you covered as an “All-in-One” solution. With this article, we’ve laid down all our top reason that makes Envato Elements an indispensable asset for every creative, enjoy it. 

By Team Neuron

Director of product design, Freehand

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