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Included Features

Feel free to explore our list of features to find if Neuron Builder fits the needs of your website. You will find myriad tools and configuration sets to help you build extraordinary WordPress pages with ease and much flexibility.  


Drag & Drop Editor

Feel the magic of working in a drag and drop interface, and easily customize every part on your website.

480+ Customizable Templates

Neuron Builder packs with over 480 designer-made templates to fits most industries’ needs, all responsive and customizable.

90+ Elements

Choose from the large set of UI elements to help you build just anything you wish on your WordPress website. 

Mobile-Optimized Designs

Simple, intuitive, and responsive editing is made possible with Neuron Builder to help you reach your audience. 

Visual Front-End Theme Builder

Experience the power behind our robust visual and intuitive theme builder. 

Popup Builder

Design and customize beautiful, audience-targeted popups that increase rates and conversion with Neuron Popup Builder. 

WooCommerce Builder

Build, customize, and manage superior, robust, responsive online stores with the ultimate flexibility. 


Codeless Experience

Experience the beauty of the building and designing your website without a single line of code. We do the work for you.

Full Site Editor

The full site editing feature allows you to quickly access and edit all pages and areas on your site from one place.


Find easy navigation through all elements on the page, quickly run through the changes and select elements on their handle.


Use this shortcut to navigate through all your pages on your site and the dashboard settings

Review History

All the changes you make while editing can be found in the History, and easily go back to a certain change you made.

Automatic Backup

All the work you perform will be saved automatically even without hiting the Save button, so you can work in peace. 

Redo Undo

You can easily undo any change or mistake you make by using the popular keyboard shortcut CTRL / CMD Z.

Shortcut Cheatsheet

Use the Shortcut Cheatsheet to learn all the keyboard shortcuts for a better flow of your work. 

Keyboard Shortcut

Simple press CTRL/CMD + ? to open the hotkeys window and you can easily find all the keyboard shortcuts. 

Save Drafts

You can save your work as a draft until you feel is worthy of going live on your website.

Copy & Paste

Streamline your workflow by simply copying elements, columns, or sections and paste them anywhere on your site.

Copy & Paste Styles

You can easily copy the style of an element, column, or section and paste the same style to other elements.

In-line Front-End Editing

The powerful and intuitive inline editing feature makes it possible to directly type content, all on a live interface. 

Global Elements

Save the design of a particular element and use it anywhere n your site, on any page globally. 

Dark Mode

Switch between light and dark mode with just a few clicks for better work performance. 

Global Site Settings

Set and control all elements on your site from one place. You can set global colors, typography, layouts, and more. 



Embed videos on your hero, background, or anywhere on the page. Upload them from Youtube, Vimeo, or custom. 


Enhance the look of your website with gradients. You can add background gradients on any page you wish. 

Advanced Background Images

Have your background images be enhanced per each device it’s being used on. 

Background & Image Overlay

Implement overlays to your images or backgrounds to elevate the design. 

Background Slideshow

Take it a step further by adding slideshows to your background and get on top of your competitors 

Global Fonts

Set the global typography for the title, text, even button text to use them throughout your page on a single click. 

Global Colors

Build solid design systems by selecting global colors and use them throughout your site with a single click. 

Add Custom CSS Globally

If you are feeling a little techy, then you can add your own custom CSS globally, applicable to the entire site. 

Blank Canvas

For more design space you can switch to Elementor Canvas and design without headers or footers. 

Shape Divider

Animate and design in between sections with cool and amazing shape dividers. Add icons, text, or SVG within dividers. 

Absolute Position

The Absolute Position will give you the utmost flexibility to place elements anywhere on your website, with no grid constraints. 

Blend Mode

Mix and blend gradients together to produce unique-looking backgrounds. 

Box Shadow

Add elements of depth to your design using the boxshadow configuration settings. 

CSS Filters

Fine-tune all your images using the amazing CSS effects to get the best results. 

Icons Library

Select from an array of icons within the Icon Library, browse through the endless options available. 

Motion Design

Add a whole new dimension of interactivity with Motion Effects to create stunning pages and websites. 

One-Page Website Design

Build and design captivating single-page designs with all the tools and features available. 

Theme Style

Design and customize all the styles included in the theme, every elements and component to it. 

SVG Icons

For more flexibility and control over the design of your page, you can upload your own SVG icons. 


Form Builder

Neuron Form Builder provides the creation of lead generating forms, giving you control over the layout and design of forms. 

Popup Builder

Entice users with the most engaging and beautiful popups, as we give you full freedom to build and create popups. 

Testimonial Carousel

Display your customers’ reviews in the best way possible using the Testiomonal Carousel Element. 

Countdown Element

Add the Countdown Element to show users exclusive, time-limited, offers. Build and design as per your desire. 

Rating Star Element

Add the star rating to show a metric that tells what people think about a certain product. 

Action Links

Connect to your clients with the integration of action links via WhatsApp, MailChimp, Skype, or Waze. 


Effortless Configuration

With Neuron Builder, you can easily configure and tweak the typography options for the content.

Google Fonts

With the inclusion of over 900+ Google Fonts, you wont fall short when it comes to typography and content design. 

Custom Fonts

Expand your design capabilities by adding any preferred custom fonts to your website with a few clicks.

Font Preview

You can easily choose a font by preliminary preview available on the panel. 

Title HTML Tag

Improve your SEO by starting with the HTML tag, apply the right tag for each content from H1 to H6. 

Adobe Fonts (TypeKit) Integration

Add custom Adobe Fonts in just a few clicks for ultimate flexibility in typography. 

Font size units

Included are all the needed font scale units to help you set the proper size (PX, REM, EM). 

Drop Cap

By switching the drop cap option on, you can make the first letter of the article larger for a an eminent look. 

Text Shadow

You can easily add shadow to the text using the tools available to emphasize it. 

Text Editor Columns

Have the Text Editor Element divided and responsive for a better layout on all devices. 


Section Width

Gain control over the layout of your website  and assign the section width in preferred value unit. 

Section Height

Control the section height on your website using the most advanced tools available. 

Full Width

Design in Full Width to give you the ultimate freedom to craft any page design you wish.  

Column Width

Just like the section, you can have full control over the column width and set the preferred value unit. 

Column Gap

You can set the gap value between columns to create white space and give independence to site elements. 

Content Position

You can easily position your content or stretch it to full column, depending on the design you chose. 

Margin & Padding

Create the space you need inside or outside the element for more flexibility and control over your content. 

Z- Index

The Z-index unit will help organize elements on the page in a hierarchical order. 

Vertical & Horizontal Flexbox Alignment

You have more intuitive and powerful control to create flexible and responsive layouts. 

Inline Elements

You can add elements to stand next to each other in one column by using the inline width or custom width feature. 

Fixed Position

You can set fixed elements on the page that will remain in their position while users scroll down the page. 

Nested Columns

Nested columns give you power over more complex layouts that you can create, appearing inside a column. 


100% Mobile-Friendly

Using the advanced responsive settings you will be able to create fully mobile-optimized designs with ease. 

Mobile Font Size

Set the proper font size only for mobile designs, distinguishable from that in desktops. 

Responsive Column Width

Change the width of the column to design different layouts for mobiles appropriated only. 

Padding and Margin

You can tweak the padding and margin values specifically for mobiles only without interfering with the desktop values. 

Reverse Columns

Use the Reverse Columns to crate responsive layouts applicable for mobile designs. 

Hide and Show Elements (Visibillity)

Large elements aren’t made for mobile, you can hide specific elements depending on device. 

Custom Breakpoints

Use custom breakpoint values to let the elements adapt to specific devices. 

Responsive Sizing

Use from various sizing units to design for mobiles either PX, EM, %, or VH.

Theme Builder

Template Management

You can have easy access to edit, view, or delete page templates like header, footers, singles and others. 

Dynamic Content

Use the dynamic content feature to have content extract from the database to build dynamic pages. 

Dynamic Colors

Fasten your workflow by adding dynamic colors on the panel and control them from one place. 

Display Conditions

Assing your design templates on preferred pages and choose them where to be displayed. 

Header and Footer

Neuron Builder offers the fastest and advanced header and footer builder for full control over your website. 

Sticky Header

Set the header to be sticky on the page and will be visible and accessible as users scroll down the page. 

404 Page

Build and design engaging 404 pages for when users enter pages not available on your website. 

Archive Page

Create and stylize archive pages from scratch or use from the pre-made templates fully customizable and responsive. 

Single Post

Build and design single pages with all the most advanced tools and elements available. You have full control over it. 

Search Results Page

Make sure each page on your website looks stunning and provides efficiency, including search results pages. 

Custom Fields Integration​

Expand the functionality and create new fields using the integration of Custom Fields. 

Theme Content

Posts Element

Display and design all the posts or include them by the selected query. Change the layout, color, typography, and more. 

Login Form Element

Neuron Form Builder will allow you to create responsive and effective login forms for your users. 

Search Element

Have your visitors search and explore through your website by proving the search bar. Design and style it with no limits. 

Nav Menu Element

Provide easy navigation using the Nav Menu Element and design it to match your style. 

Portfolio Element

Choose to display your portfolio items, all beautifully designed and professionally filtered. 

Table of Contents

When dealing with long content you can add table of content to help users navigate through your content. 


Price Table Element

How the price for each product or good provided on your online style. Style it and design it to full extent.  

Price List Element

Using the Price List Element you can show the various items available alongside their prices. 

Products Element

Display and design the products available in your store with the utmost flexibility. 

Product Categories Element

You can display the categories of your products as well as have them filtered properly for users to find them easily. 

Add to Cart Element

Include an Add to Cart button to make it easier for clients to place their products in one place.

Woo Elements Element

Included are the most advanced and powerful WooCommerce tools to create capable online stores. 


Contact Forms

Create beautiful and interactive contact forms to reach out to your users and customers.

Subscription Forms

Collect leads by integrating subscription forms and add them to your newsletter or marketing service. 

Login Form

Give your users the possibility to log in to your website by implementing beautiful login forms.

Action After Submit

Choose to display a thank you page or select an action to be performed after users submit their forms. 

Confirmation Email

Send confirmation emails to users who have submitted your forms. 

Email HTML/Plain

You can decide whether the email will be sent with or without the HTML styling. 

Custom Messages

You can easily and effectively add custom messages for when users interact with your forms. 

Advanced Form Fields

Form the Advanced Field you can include top-notch features like upload files, or add a date picker, and more. 

Hidden Fields

You will be able to add hidden fields to your forms, this is especially useful when you want to track user behavior. 

Acceptance Field

Choose to include an acceptance field so that users can agree with the terms of your form. 



Integrate your email campaigns to MailChimp to improve your marketing strategy and connect your newsletter. 

Adobe Fonts (TypeKit)

Upload all the most fancy and beautiful Adobe Fonts (Typekit) fonts to your website in just a few clicks. 

ReCaptcha V3

Add a security measure to your forms by integrating the ReCaptcha V3. 

Font Awsome 5

Include from 1500+ Font Awesome 5 icons to include on your website and add them to elevate your design. 

Custom Icon Libraries

You can include custom icon libraries to your website such as Fontello or Fontastic. 

Social Media

Social Share

You can add the social media share button so that your users can share your content across all the popular platforms. 


Quote and cite a particular piece of text or emphasize a certain sayin using the blockquote element. Style and design it. 

Social Icons Element

The Social Icons Element will have you present all your social media accounts on your website, place them as you wish. 


Pre-made Pages

The Neuron Library will contain a collection of some of the most beautiful and effective pre-mage page templates.


Pick and choose from various blocks all categorized to piece together your website in a few clicks. 

Save & Reuse

Save the templates that you are working on, and use them anywhere on the website. 

Import / Export

You can easily import your templates and export them on any website, including the images and content. 

Search & Filter

All the templates are carefully filtered and categorized, and you easily find any template you look for. 

Template Element

Embed templates anywhere on the page by utilizing the Template element, easily customize it to fit your needs.

Insert Everywhere

For more flexibility, copy the shortcode of the template and embed it anywhere you wish on your pages.


Media Carousel Element

Showcase your medial gallery in a carousel display for a unique look. Control every design aspect of it. 

Slides Element

The slides element will have your media gallery exhibit in a slideshow display to provide a distinguishable experience. 

Lightbox Overlay

Display a lightbox for when users click on your media. Design and customize it to meet your needs. 

5 Video Type Options

You can upload videos on your website with ease, either as external video, Youtube, Video, or Daily Moton, or self-hosted. 


Easily embed audio from the popular platform like SoundCloud using the designated element. 

Font Awsome Icons

You can include on your desings from the wide variety of Fonts Awesome icon with ease. 

Google Maps

Embed Google Maps to allow visitors to view your physical location f your business. 


Scrolling Effects

The Scrolling effects option will have certain elements or sections be sticky and follow users along the page. 

3D Tilt Effects

The 3d Tilt animation will give you a 3D effect and add depth to your elements, columns, or sections. 

Animated Heading Element

The Animated Heading Element will give oyur heading the attention-seeing aura they deserve. 

Flip Box Element

Using the Flip Box element will have you create animated boxes to fill your content and elevate the design. 

Hover Animations

Sparkle engagement with hover animation when users place the muse over the elements. 

Entrance Animations

Present a beautiful show with entrance animations. Choose from the long and diverse list. 


Add cool parallax effects t ocreate engagement and animation when users scroll the website. 

Mouse Effects

Choose from the outstanding muse effects to have the elements behave a certain way when being hovered. 


Maintenance Mode

Se your website in Maintenance Mode wither while you are working on it, or when announcing a cooming soon. 

Replace URL

The Replace URL feature will have your domain updated in case of a change. 

Custom CSS

To further functionalize your website you can add custom CSS anywhere on your website. 

HTML Element

You can use the HTML Element to add code directly to your website. 


The HTML tag option will allow you to set the tag of your elements whether that is a div, span, paragraph, and more. 

Image Size

Set the image sizes properly to have your website load faster and perform better. 

Role Manager

Assign the roles for each team member and their access powers via the Role Manager. 

Request Parameters

Us the Request Parameters to monitor user-experience down the sales funnel to promote a user-basd strategy. 

Custom Attributes

You can add custom attributes to all elements, columns, or sections and utilize them as per your needs. 

Resources & Support

Video Tutorials

Dive into our extensive library of video tutorials on our Youtube channel to learn to work with Neuron Builder. 

24/7 Premium Support

Our team will have your back 24/7 with all the issues and problems you may report via our ticksy system. 

Neuron Blog

Find inspiration in our Neuron Blog or read helpful articles on the main WordPress topics and beyond.