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We are pleased to share this huge announcement with all of you. As of Friday 05.06.2020, Neuron Themes has decided to give away our resplendent Kyoto Theme free for everyone that has ever been or felt enchanted by the theme’s graceful design.

We are pleased to share this huge announcement with all of you. As of Friday 05.06.2020, Neuron Themes has decided to give away our resplendent Kyoto Theme free for everyone that has ever been or felt enchanted by the theme’s graceful design.

The theme will be offered completely free, in conjunction with all the amazing features and tools that it includes. We feel confident and zealous that one of our most divine creations will be the founding rock of some of the most inspiring websites, that is why we decided to bestow Kyoto for everyone looking to nurture and cherish all its benefits.

The decision to this comes after considerable examination and came to the conclusion that we are willing to give out more to the community and this was the best way we knew how. We are amenable to provide everyone with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to obtain such a high-end theme as Kyoto.

Kyoto WordPress Theme Homepages, free to download

Kyoto was designed with exclusivity and efficiency in mind, this has been proven to be true with the inclusion of ample advanced features that will help you create any type of website you want. In this article, we aimed to provide you with all the necessary information about the free offer and give you insights on the features that make this theme remarkable.

Just one final notice, the theme will be available for free download only until July 2nd 2020 23:59 AEST. I’d suggest you take his opportunity before it slips your hands. 

Best Features of Kyoto

Kyoto is a premium theme that offers its users flexibility, efficiency, and most importantly a splendid design. You can start off building your pages, right out of the bat, using the powerful page builder Elementor. The famous drag&drop builder simplifies the entire process and gives you access to tons of amazing widgets, with which you can build everything you wish.

All of Kyoto’s intricate characteristics are made to ease your job and invoke the inner artists within you. We provide the tools and the creativity, you just need to personalize it and make it your own.
The reasons that make Kyoto the best WordPress theme for Freelancers, Artists, Bloggers, Business Owners, or Creative Agencies are boundless, and so are your opportunities.

You can create stunning and unique online shops since Kyoto is fully compatible with WooCommerce and offer outstanding shop homepages to import with just a click. Alternatively, you can build your site from scratch or import the vivacious and ethereal pre-design demos via the One-Click Demo Importer.

And if you are looking to craft something out of the ordinary, you can use the Revolution Slider Plugin that comes bundled with the theme, thus allowing you to create exceptional designs and styles for your project showcase.

Build your elements using Elementor

We have been raving about Elementor’s capabilities for a long time now, and we can safely state that, it is becoming a leading page builder among WordPress users. We have trusted Elementor with our themes from the very beginning and as the output grows our support for the product simultaneously flourishes.

Kyoto WordPress Theme has included Elementor as it’s entrusted page builder for crafting and designing your website effortlessly. You will be able to include advanced tools within your site, by simple dragging the desired function and dropping in the working sheet. From there you can design and style the elements as you please. 

The user-friendly interface of Elementor presents one of the main selling points, the 90+ amazing widgets ready for use in the front-end, and LIVE editing capabilities put this page builder off-the-charts, only to give the well-deserved epitome as the ultimate solution for building your website.  

No need to worry about making your website responsive, since Elementor includes special windows allowing you to build pages especially for various devices, meaning your website will look just as outstanding on mobiles as it does on desktop. 

Elementor includes a long and compelling list of features under its sleeves. They include a set of creative tools of animations and special effects guaranteed to elevate your site’s design and provide a visually striking display. 

Header & Footer Builder

Kyoto let’s you be your own site’s connoisseur as you will be able to build your site based on your taste and inclination. You can start off with two of the most important aspects of a website, the header and the footer. Although the theme’s design is to appraise on any levels, still you can build your own header and footer piece by piece. 

Design the layout of your choice and by drag&drop functionality and start by adding all the necessary elements to your headers like the logo, a search bar, navigation menu, and everything you feel your header should include.

The main signature of Neuron Themes is minimal style and simplicity, to help you achieve that in your header, you could add a hamburger menu which is specifically useful in mobile design, your menu will be folded behind the icon and shall be revealed once the user clicks on it.

Design and style your footer to match your header and provide a cohesive aesthetic for your website, including all the important information, like some social icons, copyright, and fine print as well as location information. May the forces of good design be upon you, with Kyoto they shall be.

Mega Menu

On the other hand, if you wish for a more extravagant menu to display all pages at once without having the need to stack them, you could use a Mega Menu. Advanced options on the menu item make it very easy and quick to set up the mega menu where you can add columns as you see it fit, gain complete control over the columns, rows, design, typography, and much more.

And if you dare a little to draw outside the lines you could insert background picture or video to your menu, or insert icons, custom thumbnails next to menu items to make it more spectacular. The mega menu can be of great importance in WooCommerce websites, use it wisely.

Homepage Masterpiece

Download for Free the Kyoto WordPress Theme

The idiosyncratic beauty of Kyoto lies behind the magnificent homepages created by our design team to you. Each homepage is designed down to every detail and crafted masterfully to fulfill the needs of every niche.

Kyoto comes with 12 resplendent homepages, each expressing unparalleled style, and design.

Each of the 12 homepages was handcrafted to suit websites of all profiles, always keeping in mind versatility and availability for our users and inclusive of the most advanced set of tools that will help you customize each part of your website with ease and precision.

The homepages will be imported with just a click and you can give them your print by configuring and customizing the color scheme, typography, and by including your own content. You will have created your site’s homepage in matters of minutes.

One-Click Demo Importer

One-Click Demo Importer will come saving the day and streamlining your workflow with creative, top-notch designs to get you started in seconds. The One-Click Demo Importer presents as powerful and handy equipment to instantly import the pre-made the elysian-like designs.

Once the designs have been imported you can start off by adjusting the style and match it to your brand. In this manner, you will be able to establish a coherent style that’s unique to you and your website.

Kyoto is a window of opportunity that comprises of more than 500 different options and shortcodes, all of them merged to create exquisite-looking websites that serve so many purposes.

As far as typography is concerned, the design is meant to be beautiful, that’s why we have created a wide set made of over 977+ google fonts and texts as well as the freedom to select color, line height, letter spacing, transforming a text or font size.

Ultimately, Kyoto will be your biggest asset when creating the website of your dreams. The wide variety of tools and features it includes will give you the leverage to bring to life your most vivid imagination of what your site will look like.

WooCommerce support to easily build Online Shops

WooCommerce is the ultimate eCommerce plugin for WordPress created to live the expectations of all entrepreneurs worldwide. Kyoto was made for all markets, ranging from physical products to digital downloads and provides full support for affiliate products.

The theme is flexible to help you design your website like a professional, but effortlessly, also to manage and run your workflow like a true manager in charge. Run your errands easily via the highly configurable options to manage inventory and shipping, take secure payments, and sort taxes automatically.

With Kyoto rest assured that your products will be presented gracefully and beautifully within the Single Page Product and Product Archive Template.

Both displays will be within your scope of reach to style and design as you wish and with the advanced tools given you will be able to include all necessary information and description of your products, including product stock, rating, in zoom images, add to cart, and many many more.

Design you Online Store

This is the fun part, you can design either your Single Page Product or Product Archive Template easily with Kyoto, as all the most advanced design tools are at your disposal. Put all the most important information forward to give your users in-depth insights about your products and use them as a pitching section to let them know all about the benefits it provides.

While users are diving through your website, they may stumble upon pages, a good practice would be to add breadcrumbs to help them follow their tracks in case they want to go back. Place the product title, price, which is another factor that partakes on a costumer’s decision. Also, you can sort products based on the price range. 

Furthermore, you can add product ratings to show the feedback from your customers, a short description, and most importantly product stock to show the number of items is left or if an item is sold out. What would an online store be without an Add to Cart button, to help your customers choose their preferred products? 

The Ajax mini-cart will prove to be of immense help to you and your customers as it instantly adds the products your customers include in the cart and conveniently, they can preview their items easily with just a click, without interrupting their shopping spree. 

One last important thing to mention while designing and building your online store is the inclusion of Ajax Load Mode, this is fairly a new technology that displays and loads your products without having to reload or change the page. This is particularly important not to interfere with your customer’s attention while they are scrutinizing your products. 

Manage orders and inventary

Receiver orders and keep your customers updated with the latest newcomers to spark new leads and engagement. Kyoto provides a set of advanced tools to make the entire procedure easier and simpler.

You can manage your inventory with the unlimited variations allowing you to create a more complicated multi-variation product by add attributes of a certain good like color, size, fabric, model, with the option to set prices, stock, and images for each variation.

Get powerful and insightful reports for insights on sales, refunds, coupons, your top products, categories over time.

Provide a diversification of products from affiliate products, external or grouped products for more flexibility and availability to your business. Sell downloadable products or with a variation. Easy integration with digital goods, e-books, music, design, and much more.

A good marketing strategy will most certainly involve coupons. Boost your sales by offering your costumers a percentage off, special offering, or a fixed amount in the form of a coupon. It all depends on your marketing strategy.

Lastly, give your customer a chance to sign up and create accounts. But those that don’t want to dedicate to an account they can always choose guest checkout.

Revolution Slider - Premium Plugin

Kyoto comes bundled with the premium plugin that is Revolution Slider deemed to step up your game in web design. The power behind this top-notch plugin relies on the ability to create engaging and exceptional slides in an astonishing yet highly functional manner. 

You can grasp the attention of your visitors with engaging content and slides that are destined to awe everyone on a first glance. Include outstanding effects and give your visitors a show they will never forget with scrolling effects to enhance the continuity, use the great toolset available, or even combine two or more effects to sparkle up your content

3D is a huge web design trend in 2020 and it would be a shame not to try it. Revolution Slider is included in Kyoto’s will give you the freedom to create 3D effects and parallax to an illusion of a beautiful three-dimensional virtual reality that is sure to amaze even the most skeptical. 

It’s worth noting that Slider Revolution for WordPress fully supports several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, add text, links, images, and videos where you can create rich content in your slides.

All of this is included within Kyoto, saving you 26$

Kyoto Premium WordPress Theme is FREE 'till July 2nd 2020 23:59 AEST. Seize the opportunity and grab your while its still hot.

Kyoto Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme was made to confine the boundaries of our imagination, the theme will resonate to a broad audience looking to create websites for showcasing their portfolios, a creative agency looking to display their work, a freelancer looking to build awe-inspiring websites to enchant their customers, or a business owner looking to establish their online presence and expanding their course of production. Kyoto is made for everyone.

To much your surprise, you can visually distinct Kyoto from other free themes and where our theme draws the line. 



Header & Footer Builder

Professionally Designed Homepages

Elementor Integration


Live Customizer

Revolution Slider

WooCommerce Integration

Top-Notch Performance

Mega Menu

Ajax Mini Cart

Unique Grid Layout

Parallax Effect

50+ Elements

Advanced Post Element

Masonry Layout

Ajax Load Mode

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We use all our social media as a platform to reach out to our users and provide advantageous guides and tips on how to further exceed the functionality and the usage of all our themes. We want to build a stronger and healthier relationship with everyone who shares their love for our work through these networks and be with them every step of the way.

Our growing Facebook Community will be the pivotal force on building a welcoming group of people that will share their thoughts ideas, feedback, tips, critics and help with each other into making Neuron Theme better and greater. This way we are able to build a strong bond within the group’s community and that will e the main support point, for everyone that downloads the theme and needs help or assistance.

On the other hand, you for more help you can also turn to our Neuron Blog, where we publish constructive content on WordPress, NeuronThemes tutorial, and all things related. You can find helpful articles, as well as a number of comprehensive lists of resources.

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Recently installed your theme but Google is detecting the wp-content/themes/kyoto/assets/styles/kyoto.css?ver=1.0.0 as a malware and phishing attempt. Checked the file, but couldn’t find any malicious code in that. Any help ?

Hi Edward,

Both plugins are included in the theme itself, you can find them from the WP Dashboard: Appearance > Install Plugins, or in the theme file. Kyoto > includes > plugins.

Warmest Regards

Hi, I love your theme, the website looks great. I have two problems and cannot find solution. First in the page “about me” – the photo is not visible on the phone version:

And the main page (portfolio) shows only 8 posts and rest is hidden (I checked the settings and it should showed more).

Can you please help?

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