6 Worst SEO Practices you Should Abandon | 2020

Being on the loop with the best practices will help your website perform better. But in the meantime, you should be informed of what SEO tactics you use to harm or damage your brand. Thus, this article aims to help identify some of the worst SEO practices that you must avoid. With this article showing the worst SEO practices, you now have the Ying and the Yang of search engines. That shall help you optimize your website for better performance.

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Rank Math Roundup -The best free SEO plugin

Based on the core structure of WordPress, are themes and plugin that add design and function to WordPress. For this article we will sow you how to work your angles with Rank Math to be provided with the best insights on your SEO game.


How to increase your ranking in Google

Learn all about Google search engine, get on board with the best tips and trick to help you reach that favorable number one spot, and fire up your SEO game plan. Learning the tips and tricks of Google and how it prioritizes pages based on so many factors will have its perks, you will be able to bring more people to your site.