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The 10 Best Landing Page Builder Software Tools for 2021

We've compiled the most robust landing page builders into one article to create the most successful, high-converting landing pages for your business.
The Best Landing Page Builder Software Tools for 2021
We've compiled the most robust landing page builders into one article to create the most successful, high-converting landing pages for your business.

The 10 Best Landing Page Builder Software Tools for 2021

Landing pages play a key role in an effective lead generation marketing strategy. It is used as a compass to guide users through your sales funnel and entice them to take the preferred action. Without using a successful landing page, your visitors will be left wandering through your website. 

The power of a successful strategy goes far beyond that just bringing visitors to your landing page through various campaigns either from search engine optimization, paid search, or lead magnets. From this perspective, landing pages are key for conversion.

Why spend so much time and effort on creating lead-capturing landing pages, where you can use the power of landing page builder software to help you along the process. You can also use A/B testing to see what components or what design is converting better. Besides being intuitive, landing page builders also provide tons of amazing features that you can use to create the most prosperous marketing campaigns and make your designs foolproof.

Why should you use Landing Page Builder Software?

It is imperative that every business builds upon a successful and effective landing page due to the numerous benefits we mentioned in the section above. Creating inner pages, like an about us page, or a contact page is easy and simple. 

But the trick is to be able to create landing pages that convince visitors to take a desired action like making a purchase, joining your mailing list, filling out a form, and more. All the components must be strategically placed and be optimized for higher conversion rates. 

There’s a difference between landing page builder software and WordPress page builders, as the latter will assist you in building your entire website with the utmost flexibility. You can use these landing page builders for your WordPress website as well. 

Landing page builder will allow the creation of personalized landing pages without using a single line of code, all in an intuitive interface. What’s best is that most of these landing page software have included pre-made templates that will get you started in minutes. 

Landing page builder enables you to build goal-oriented, intuitive, and customized landing pages that attract the attention of your site’s visitors and converts them into leads. We’ve included the top best landing page builders that come packed feature-rich and powerful. The bare minimum criterium for the page builder to be classified as worthy include features like 

  • A drag-and-drop builder and WYSIWYG editor to design your landing pages from scratch
  • Pre-made templates that you can integrate instantly and get your website running and align with your campaigns 
  • Integration with other popular platforms to complement your marketing strategy (email marketing tools, CRM, analytics, and more) 
  • Integrated A/B testing to assess the effectiveness of your landing pages and what components are performing well or badly 

However, most of the landing page builders included in our collection will obtain these features and go far beyond the bare minimum criteria. We’ve included all the necessary information for you to make the right choice for your business. Below you will find the list of the best landing page builders that focus solely on page creation and optimization.

10 Best Landing Page Builder Software

For this article, we will be showing you a list of the best landing page builder software to level up your game of the campaign. These landing page builders will allow you to quickly and effectively create high-converting landing pages for your business. We will assess all the benefits of each landing page software and you’ll be able to choose one that best suits your business needs. 

We will start off the list with the most popular and one of the first landing page builders that started this category. Unbounce is a powerful landing page software tool that helps you build relevant and high-converting landing pages to turn traffic into revenue. Using the powerful tools of Unbounce you can create, launch and optimize custom landing pages for any kind of campaign. Unbounce packs the most advanced features under the sleeve to power your landing page like no other software. 

It is the perfect solution for successful marketing campaigns, the design of 404 pages, capturing emails and leads, as well as putting descriptions on your products to best describe them properly. Unbounce has stepped up the game with its revolutionary smart builder that collects data from billions of conversions and predicts with great accuracy what headlines convert more and work best for your targeted audience. You can optimize every small detail on your landing page using the power of Unbounce and keep track of everything inside the dashboard to obtain insights on what content is performing better than the other. This gives you a real advantage to omnichannel your content and increases leads.

Main Features of Unbounce

  • 125+ pre-made landing page templates out of the box 
  • Integration with all the popular marketing tools, CMR, and analytic tools like MailChimp, WordPress, AWeber, and more 
  • Smart Builder to optimize your content and send your visitors through the sales funnel and ultimately convert them to prospective clients 
  • Create sticky headers and build engaging popups 
  • A/B Testing to see what content or component performs better 
  • Automated SSL Encryption 
  • Custom domains 
  • Design freedom to build landing pages that are on par with your brand using the powerful styling tools

Price of Unbounce

Unbounce provides four different premium plans that each have their specific features included. You can try Unbounce for free, but ultimately you will need to upgrade to any of their premium plans to use this landing page builder. 

The pricing plans start from 80$ per month and include all the main features you need to launch successful landing pages. Other plans include Optimize from 120$ per month, Accelerate and Scale starting from 200$ and 300$ respectively. Unbounce is an amazing landing page software that offers all that you need and more, their Launch plan will be the perfect choice for small to medium-sized businesses that drive a lot of traffic. 

Next up we have Instapage, another well-performing landing page builder that helps its users get more from their digital ad spending, and it’s perfect for agencies and enterprise businesses that come loaded with a feature-rich set to apply on your marketing strategy. The power running behind Instapage is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-follow visual editors that allow you to design and customize your landing page with utmost flexibility. And if you don’t want to build everything from scratch, then you can opt for the pre-made landing page templates that are categorized based on different niche businesses.

Better yet, the Instablocks are pre-designed components that you can use to consolidate your website piece by piece, they are fully customizable and can be used on every occasion. And if you wish to integrate with your favorite marketing tools, Instapge offers this possibility as well. You can easily integrate with tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, MailChimp, CRMs, and a lot more. Instapage is an all-encompassing software providing the most comprehensive set of tools to create lead-converting, personalized landing pages for your business.

Best Features of Instapage

  • Build and design powerful landing pages using the most robust visual editor 
  • Run A/B testing to see best-performing contents and pages 
  • Heat map tracking to user behavior on different webpages 
  • Stunning pre-made landing pages to integrate easily and fully customizable 
  • Capture leads and send them to your favorite marketing solution like MailChimp, SalesForce, Marketo, Zapier, Hubspot, and more. 
  • The ability to add custom code to extend the functionality of your landing pages
  • Built-in conversion analytics for better insights 
  • You can upload third-party templates from ThemeForest


Instapage is quite expensive, but on the other hand, it’s one of the most powerful, high-converting landing page builder software that gets your results. Their pricing plans start from 199$ if you pay annually and will offer everything you need to begin building and optimizing your landing pages for higher conversion rates. 

Otherwise, you can always choose the Custom plan that is adjusted based on your business needs, all the features as well as the pricing. Instapge is one of the best software for creating robust and fool-proof landing pages but comes at a high price. 

Leadpages started out as a landing page builder that had grown to be a full-scale lead generation software that allows you to capture leads, build powerful ad campaigns, and easily integrate with your favorite marketing platforms with a different range from Facebook ads to eCommerce. You can build your landing pages either using the power of its drag & drop page builder or choose something more custom like the pre-made templates designed for a variety of niche websites, and all of them are responsive. Fine-tune your campaigns to achieve the ultimate impact and increase their value. 

What’s best is that you can create and compare between campaigns to see what’s working best and make decisive conclusions on how to continue with your marketing goals. You can take a free tour on Leadpages for 14 days and determine whether or not this page builder is worth their penny. This software is perfect for online businesses as it provides a checkout builder to craft the entire sales funnel and receive payments with ease. Connect to all the platforms you already use for your marketing strategies like MailChimp, Zapier, WordPress, Google Analytics, and more.

Best Features of Leadpages

  • Responsive pre-made landing pages that are fully customizable
  • Drag & drop page builder to craft powerful and high-converting landing pages 
  • Gain insights and track in real-time the performance of your landing pages as well as Facebook ads
  • Create time-triggered popups that are displayed on a single click, on exit intent, or time-delays to step up your marketing game 
  • Include an online checkout on any webpage, popups, or sales page to ease the payment process 
  • You can create entire websites using the power of Leadpages Sites at no extra cost 
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Optimized checkout templates


Leadpages is not as expensive as the other options in this collection, their pricing plans start at $27 per month offering a wide array of features but it is only available for one website and does not include features like online payments, A/B testing, or advanced integrations. 

To gain access to these features you will need to upgrade your plan to either Pro that comes at $59 per month (this plan does not include advanced integrations either) or Advanced that comes at $239 per month. Leadpages is an amazing landing page builder and it is relatively expensive when you take into account the type of features you want to be included. 

KickoffLabs is a rather unusual landing page builder when compared to other software that we have included on the list. Instead of starting out strong with powerful landing pages, KickoffLabs begins with a specific goal, which can be the launch of a new product or getting new leads for your business. The approach of this landing page builder includes giving users an incentive to subscribe to your opt-in forms or take the desired action. You can easily and quickly set up huge giveaways, sweepstakes, or product launches for the users to earn points, provide a discount coupon, or any other type of incentive. 

It all depends on what type of promotional strategy you want to follow, and KickoffLabs will deliver everything you ask for and more. You can choose from the pre-made contest templates that have been proven to generate leads and deliver amazing results. For landing pages, you can create a contest using the platform’s easy and intuitive editor, rely on their hosting, and then publish it on your website. Connect KickoffLabs with popular emailing platforms like MailChimp or Zapier to have all new leads be automatically sent on their respective email newsletter or database.

Best Features of KickoffLabs

  • Perfect for creating contests and incentives for users to earn rewards and points based on their activity 
  • Automated contest emails after your users sign up and stay up-to-date with notification emails
  • They include a fine selection of 45+ highly customizable landing pages to choose from 
  • A comprehensive platform to encourage users to share your goals with their friends
  • Landing page designers to fully customize your pages for higher conversions
  • The powerful lead management system allows you to create audiences or categorize leads based on specific criteria
  • Intelligent real-time A/B testing 
  • Personalized thank you pages for your contestants

Price of KickoffLabs

KickoffLabs provides various approaches when it comes to pricing. Besides having four default plans each including specific features and tools available, they also divide their plans monthly, semi-annual, and annually, based on the interval you choose to pay for the plan. Their basic plan starts at $19 per month if you pay annually. 

You can create 3 campaigns, have your own custom domain, unlimited entries, and viral boost. Next up you have the Premium plan which is the most popular one and costs $49 per month if you pay annually. Each of the pricing plans includes all the features of the previous plan plus additional features to extend the functionality. 

Let us introduce you to Landingi, an outstanding landing page creation tool that offers a flexible and robust drag & drop builder to craft the most high-performing landings. Landingi provides a simple and easy-to-follow interface that makes even the most novice feel comfortable with designing landing pages. This landing page builder comes feature-rich and affordable for all business sizes and includes features like dynamic text replacement and A/B testing. What’s worth mentioning are the 400+ landing page conversion-focused templates optimized for the best results. 

Create landing pages with unparalleled flexibility and you can either publish them on your domain, embed them on a page, or publish directly in WordPress as the most popular content management system. To keep an eye on your campaigns, you can integrate Landingi with powerful analytics tools like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Facebook, and more. With Landingi you can automate exhaustive and time-consuming processes to streamline your workflow. Create beautiful and engaging forms to capture valuable leads.

Best Features of Landingi

  • 300+ landing page templates, all categorized and fully optimized for converting leads and capturing new audiences 
  • Powerful visual editor to build and design landing pages specifically for all devices accordingly
  • Personalized thank you pages for each landing page template
  • Connect and integrate your landing pages to finalize your sales funnel and attract leads
  • Publish your landing pages anywhere you wish
  • Create categorized funnels to classify the most promising leads from the visitors on your landing page 
  • Although a very intuitive visual editor, to further extend the functionality of your landing pages you can add custom code 
  • Audit logs to monitor your team, as to who publishes what landing page and who made what changes

Price of Landingi

The main pricing system of Landingi is divided into three packages each offering invaluable features and tools to optimize your landing pages. The first and the cheapest plan is the “Create” plan that comes at $55 per month, billed annually. This is perfect for business owners and small companies as it does not include all the advanced features like A/B testing, funnels, or campaign schedulers. 

Next up we have the “Automate” plan with a price of $79 per month, billed annually, which is best suited for boosting conversion of all types of businesses. And at last, we have the “Agency” plan that comes at $149 which includes all the most top-notch features that Landingi has to offer. 

HubSpot is one of the most popular marketing tools that has helped millions of creating an audience for their business, convert leads and launch effective marketing campaigns that make your clients happy to use your services. Hubspot is a reputable platform in the world of SaaS B2B marketing, and rightfully so. Hubspot among other marketing services has also put into motion a powerful landing page builder that offers flexibility out-of-the-box. Hubspot lives up to its name by providing an intuitive, feature-rich, and robust platform for crafting high-converting landing pages. 

Hubspot includes various functionalities for CRM, forms, marketing automation, sales pipeline, and a lot more. As their manga, Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing solution rather than just a specialized robust landing page builder. You can easily organize your contacts, gain valuable insights on every lead and monitor all the deals with ease.

Best Features of Hubspot Landing Pages

  • Direct integration with all the other Hubspot wondrous tools 
  • Capture leads and converts users easily
  • All of the most powerful marketing solutions available in one place 
  • Connect to CRM to organize your contacts and audit leads 
  • Productivity-boost tools to close more deals and connect leads 
  • A/B testing 
  • Built-inlive chats to communicate with your users, and potential clients 
  • Provides list segmentation

Price of HubSpot Landing Pages

Hubspot landing page builder offers three types of pricing packages that are filled with numerous features tailored to various business needs. Their pricing plans start from $45 per month if you pay annually and offer all the most capable features to create high-converting landing pages and turn leads into revenue. 

Next up they have the Professional plan and the Enterprise plan that come at a price of $800 and $3200 per month if you pay annually. This includes exclusive marketing features as an all-in-one platform.

Next up the list, we have Ucraft, a very capable landing page builder that offers a bountiful of tools and features for building beautiful, converting landing pages. Although Ucraft does not offer a feature-rich suite pack like most of the software in this collection, we’ve included it to diversify our selection. Ucraft is the cheapest of the builders, but still maintains its reputation for crafting robust landing pages that convert perfectly. Ucraft provides a user-friendly drag & drop page builder, the logo maker as well as other useful designing tools.

Just like the other landing page builder, Ecraft also provides beautiful pre-made templates that come fully customizable and are 100% responsive ready. You can pick and choose from their fine selection to create pages without any knowing knowledge or design experience. The downfall of Ucraft is that it does not include all the most advanced features on its lowest pricing plan, meaning you will need to upgrade to a higher plan to take full advantage of all the features it includes. Alongside the landing page builder, you also get a free domain, blogging features, and tons of eCommerce tools.

Best Features of Ucraft

  • Drag & drop visual editor to craft the most outstanding pages
  • 24/7 Live Chat support 
  • Work collaboratively with members of your team and make editings right on the page
  • Basic SEO support. You can add the page title, site image, and description
  • Design and customize the templates and stylize them as per your desire
  • Blogging tools to write and publish informative content on your pages 
  • Include advanced components like maps, cart, countdown, forms, and more
  • Create membership stores and collect additional information once the users sign up for your account

Price of Ucraft

As mentioned above, Ucraft has the cheapest plans and includes a bountiful of features that allow you to build not only landing pages, but other beautiful inner pages as well. What’s best about Ucraft is that you can try this landing page builder for free, although not many advanced features are included and you are limited in the number of pages, you can still get a basic idea of how the software works and what kind of features it provides. 

Their most popular plan is the Pro plan that comes at a price of $10 per month which is a quite reasonable price for those businesses who are just starting out. Next up you have the Pro Shop and Unlimited plans that start from $21 and $69 per month when paid annually. 

Now it’s time we introduce a promising, fast-rising competitor in the SaaSand marketing sphere, Wishpond. This landing page builder provides functionality and utility like no other, and its drag & drop editor takes the floor for building high-converting landing pages in a short period of time. And once you are done with the design of your landing page you can publish it anywhere you wish, whether that be on your domain, in WordPress, or on Facebook. Convert visitors by creating powerful and engaging exit-intent popups, slide-in popups, or opt-in bars. 

Last but not least, you can also optimize your landing page using the power of A/B split testing. Lead collecting is made even simpler with Ucraft. You can crate custom form fields to collect any type of information and data from your users relevant to your business needs. To boost even further you engagement and improve lead segmentation you can also integrate pre-filled form fields and hidden fields, included as advanced features.

Best Features of Wishpond

  1. Seamless integration with other popular marketing platforms
  2. Responsive pre-made templates that you can integrate into your landing page design, all fully customizable
  3. The landing page templates cater to different niche websites, businesses, and industries 
  4. Powerful drag & drop landing page builder to create high-converting designs
  5. Extensive resources, with comprehensive documentation, articles, e-books, and more
  6. Boost your conversion rates with engaging and powerful form fields
  7. Built-in statistics for your campaigns to track all the benefits and downfalls
  8. Publish anywhere your landing pages

Price of Wishpond

Wishpond provides three different pricing plans that offer the most comprehensive set of tools and features. Each of the plans differs in the number of leads as well as the ability to access various advanced features. The first plan “ Starting Out” begins with a price of $49 per month and provides 1500 leads. 

Next up you have the “Everything You Need” plan and the “Rapid Growth” plan starting at $99 and $199 per month each respectively. Wishpond also provides a 14-days free trial with no commitment whatsoever to get familiarized with the tools and make the final decision if this landing page builder will suit the needs of your business. 

You are probably familiarized with GetResponse which is best known as the popular marketing solution and automation platform, that now provides an all-encompassing approach to your marketing strategy utilizing the power behind the robust landing page builder and sales funnel builder. It’s an intuitive software that allows you to easily send emails, craft well-performing landing pages, and automate your marketing schema. Unlike the other presented platforms, GetResponse as being an all-in-one marketing solution will facilitate the creation of fully fledges sales funnels. Simply select a pre-made template of your choosing and integrate it with a few clicks. 

You can engage your customers with targeted online communication that converts or build your audience by using all the most capable generation tools. Even better you can handle payment processing and digital product delivery because GetResponse has a flexible built-in eCommerce toolkit. You can build your pages using the power of the drag & drop editor as well as optimize your pages with A/B testing. You also get access to built-in analytics that cover the most important data from your entire sales funnel. Everything is managed from one interface, allowing you to make snap decisions and identify weak points of your funnel.

Best Features of GetResponse

  • Create entire sales funnel experience using their pre-made templates that include exit-intent popups, upsell pages, thank you pages, and a lot more
  • Industry-leading marketing tools under-the-hood and exceptional automation process 
  • Built-in webinar option to create knowledge platforms that you can sell
  • Integration with popular platforms like Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more 
  • Easily create your online store and sell your products. The variety of products you can sell starts from physical to digital products 
  • Add exit-intent popups to convert users at the very last moment and send them through your sales funnel
  • A beautiful and large selection of pre-made templates 
  • A/B Testing included as well as pre-made form templates to integrate easily

Price of GetResponse

GetResponse is a popular marketing platform that also provides reasonable plans at reasonable prices, affordable even for small and medium-sized businesses. Their pricing plans start at $13 per month and offer email marketing tools, the landing page builder, sales funnels, Facebook and Google ads, and a lot more default features needed for creating high-converting pages. 

You also have the Plus plan that comes at a price of $45 per month, the Professional plan with a price of $89 per month, and finally, you can customize your marketing solution based on your business needs. 

If affordability is one of your top priorities when selecting the best landing page builder for your business then Lander is your top choice. It comes with 100+ landing pages that are pre-designed and created to suit your business goals. Their landing page editor uses a drag & drop functionality and offers an intuitive interface that’s easy to work with. Although comes cheap in price, Lander comes also loaded with features. Their list of features includes A/B testing, dynamic text replacement, CRM integration, analytics, and all other default feature that every software provides. 

This saves you time and effort in creation and you can get started with reaching your marketing goals as soon as possible. You can use their 14-day free trial feature to determine the power of this software and see if this is the tool that works best for you. With Lander, you have powerful integrations that you can nurture your content and increase the conversion rate like crazy.

Best Features of Lander

  • Auto-fill forms to increase leads and conversion rates 
  • A/B testing is included on all packages to perform tests and analysis on the best content 
  • Google Maps integration and other powerful integrations 
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly landing pages that convert 
  • Create unlimited landing pages for any kind of product, segment, or anything you need 
  • Built-in conversion charts to track the activity of your landing pages 
  • Publish your landing pages everywhere, including Facebook
  • Professional drag and drop visual builder that’s intuitive and user-friendly

Price of Lander

Lander follows a simple pricing structure by offering only two packages filled with advanced features for every occasion. You have the Basic plan that costs $16 to pay monthly and supports 5k visitors per month, 3 custom domains, SSL certificates, A/B testing, auto-fill forms, and more. 

And then we have the second plan which is Professional that will cost you $83 per month included all the features in the Basic plans and a lot more extended. Lander offers the best of both worlds, a powerful visual editor with tons of advanced features and a respectable pricing plan that is accessible to every type of business. 

Final Thoughts

Behind every successful marketing plan stand a powerful landing page that is made for converting users and turning leads into revenue. This is mainly due to the fact that they focus on only one thing, which is to omnichannel the content specific to customer personas. Building optimized and high-converting landing pages require a lot of work and effort, and that is why in this article we’ve collected some of the most powerful and robust landing page builder software aimed to assist you in creating well-performing pages.

Our list consists of the most popular software tools that are feature-rich and include robust tools to automate your marketing strategy and guarantee you absolute success in increasing leads and conversions.

Based on your business size and needs you can choose between functionality and price, as the most robust page builder software are Unbounce, Instapage, and Leadpages, but they are also costly. Lander, Landingi, or Ucraft makes for a great selection compromised in functionality and price. Leave in the comments below your opinions on the best landing page builders.

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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