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    Build your Travel Agency Website Today

    Our experiences make us who we are, and to create pleasant memories that will be engraved for a lifetime, one must travel. Whether you are looking to create a website to serve as an online diary of your journeys, or you are looking to establish your online presence for your travel agency, our beautiful collection of Travel WordPress Themes will come packed with the most advanced features and robust tools to help you build complex and capable travel websites that express the nature of your journey as well as provides exceptional user-experience for all those looking to book or accommodate themselves for an unforgettable destination.

    With all the technological inventions and faster transportation, it has become easier for people to see the world and travel to new places to form new and exciting experiences. Nowadays, the number of travel businesses has grown larger, as more people are eager to discover hidden treasures of the world, visit friends or family, or go on holiday. Our collection of Travel themes will have your website running in no time.

    The Perfect Platform to Create your Travel Website

    WordPress makes the perfect solution for building your website due to its highly flexible nature and user-friendly interface. No matter if you are a long time coder or a novice in such a manner, WordPress is accessible for everyone.

    A travel website must provide a stunning online presentation of all it has to offer and our collection of amazing Travel Themes will offer the best of both worlds, top-notch design and high-end functionality. The themes come included with out-of-the-box tools to help you launch your travel website, whether to express you own experiences, or establish your travel agency.

    A travel agency will take care of a lot of other services besides providing a place to travel, they also take care of hotel booking, plane tickets, tour guides, car rental and everything in between to help their customers experience the best accommodation. Our themes provide

    • Clear Navigation Scheme – Help your visitors easily find all the necessary information like particular locations, view available destinations, find your blog with useful information, and contact a travel vendor.
    • Advanced Search Filters – Part of the navigation process is the search filters that will help users find the location they are looking for in no time. They can search by location, or price, or duration.
    • Responsive Layout – Mobile traffic is rapidly increasing, and having a responsive website will provide the best user experience for your visitors and potential clients. Provide them with the opportunity to easily explore, search and book your services on their mobile devices.
    • Travel Blog – For those who are wandering the world and want to share their memorable memories, a travel blog offers the opportunity to put into words all the magical moments you’ve experienced and the wonderful destinations you’ve explored. Even if you are a travel agency, a blog will increase your rankings in search engines and help users find easily articles on destinations they are planning ongoing.
    • Advanced Google Map Integration – One of the most important and crucial components of a travel website, as it helps users map out the places they are going to visit. The Advanced Google Map integration allows you to fully customize and stylize your Google Maps to match your interior.
    • Secure Payment Gateway – The most important travel facility is to offer your clients secure payment gateways that will help establish the proper reputation for your business. As the majority of your clients will use multiple credit, debit, bank, or prepaid cards, it is of imperative nature that the payments are completed in a secure and trusted manner. All our themes come fully integrated with WooCommerce, the powerful WordPress plugin for eCommerce that allows secure payments with multiple leading platforms.
    • Multi-Language Interface – If you are building a travel website, then it will be visible to users from all over the world, although English is a universal language, to attract even more clients, having a multilingual website will work wonders.
    • Include Images – Images are a must for a travel business, include advanced gallery layouts that you can fully customize and stylize to match your design. Show images for all the wondrous places and destinations that you have visited or of places that are available on your directory.
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