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Top 10 Reasons you should choose Kaon over any other WordPress Theme

Kaon is a new WordPress Theme on the block, here are top 10 reasons to choose Kaon over any other WordPress theme.
Here are top 10 reasons to choose Kaon over any WordPress theme
Kaon is a new WordPress Theme on the block, here are top 10 reasons to choose Kaon over any other WordPress theme.

Top 10 Reasons you should choose Kaon over any other WordPress Theme

We are proud to present to your our newest product, one that we have shed hard work and passion into its creation and in this blog article we will share the top 10 reasons to choose Kaon WordPress Theme. Kaon is a new WordPress theme on the repository whose aim is to revolutionize the way you build websites, all on a drag and drop interface. We’ve come to put forward a new way of designing and building pages by dragging elements anywhere you want on the page, gain access to every part of your website as well as use pre-made templates to compile your website within minutes. 

Kaon WordPress theme is built upon three main pillars: minimalism, great flexibility and a monochromatic color palette to match every niche website. The demo websites bundled with Kaon are all professionally designed and matched to every niche website down the last component. 

Months of research, design, and production have paid off to assemble one of the most creative and professional WordPress themes on the market. The centrifugal force of Kaon theme that puts every process in motion is Neuron Builder, the core plugin to help you build, design and configure websites with unmatched flexibility. 

The plethora of features included are designed to meet the needs of every type of website, here including, online stores, creative websites, portfolios, blogs, as well as freelancers. Integrate all your favorite marketing tool to achieve your business goals and create lead-converting websites that perform wonders on search engines as well. 

10 Reasons to choose Kaon WordPress Theme

Although the list should be a lot longer, we’ve included only some of the best features that empower Kaon to build the most complex and beautiful websites on the web. These 10 reasons to choose Kaon have been assembled as the most completed and necessary tools to help you build any niche website without hesitaiotn.

What makes Kaon great is the design experience that it gives. You can build any kind of website and actually have fun designing everything on a live and intuitive interface. Give yourself a treat with this wondrous WordPress theme Below are the top 10 reasons to choose Kaon WordPress theme and what makes it the most exclusive theme on the market. 

Design and create any niche website with Neuron WordPress Builder

Creating an effective design workflow can be challenging, you keep wandering back and forth between the main page and the editor, which can be quite exhausting frankly. Our Kaon WordPress theme has it all figured out. You can configure and design all your page from the LIVE editor and the changes will be instantly produced on the page. This facilitates the designing process and allows you to be creative and experiment with daring styles to see how the final product will be prototyped. 

Simply drag elements anywhere on the page, design them to the full extent and publish your website, all from one intuitive interface. And the best thing is that you will not need to deal with code whatsoever. Kaon will do all the translation work, all you need is the advanced tools and features provided by Kaon and let your imagination run free. You can create any type of design you envision within the visual world. 

Besides the visual road of creativity, we’ve let the opportunity open for users who know their way around code to add custom CSS that will be applied either globally on all pages across the website or locally on specific pages or elements only. 

When speaking about design, responsive websites are crucial to provide the best user experience as well as ran higher on search engines, as the responsive web is becoming more and more a determinant factor for ranking pages. Neuron Builder offers featured-pack responsive tools to help you design websites that look stunningly good on all devices accordingly, which is one of the reasons to choose Kaon WordPress Theme. Changes made in mobile design will not affect desktop designs, giving you the flexibility you need to build for various devices. 

Build pages faster and more easily - Demo Importer

Centerpiece to the theme are the complete demo websites designed to meet the needs of every niche website. Produced with the best coding standards and designed down to every pixel, the demo websites include all the necessary inner pages for a specific niche website, that inherit a meticulous working ethic. 

You can import the demos with a single click. Yep, you’ve read it right. You can search through the pile of outstanding demo websites, choose one the meets your standards, click on Import and that’s it. You’ll have your website assembled within minutes. 

All it takes is a little customization and tweaking a few settings to change the images and the content, publish your site and you’ll be done. All the demo websites included are responsive-ready. We’ve really thought of it all through, in order to make your working process a lot easier. 

Every demo of ours is created and composed with precaution using the most advanced tools that will help you customize each particle of your website to your arrangements. And if you change your mind, you can just as easily delete a demo you once imported and integrate another as per your desire. 

You can always design your website from scratch, without having to import a demo website designed by our professional team of designers. one could say that the astonishing pre-made demo websites are one of the most determining reasons to choose Kaon, and we’ve wouldn’t agree more 

Simple and Intuitive Theme Installation

Install and Activate themes with ease in WordPress

The installation process is simple and intuitive. You can install the theme right out of the WordPress admin area and activate it without a hassle. Simple download the file from ThemeForest and upload it on your WordPress installation.

Once you are done with installing the theme you must activate it. Here to help is our powerful wizard that will facilitate the theme’s integration and activation process. From there you can set the site’s title, description, or site’s logo as well as install the child theme. All of the premium plugins that come bundled with the theme will be installed after they are being checked. 

The next step would be to activate the license for the theme. Please refer to our video below to learn how to install Kaon and how to activate the license step by step. Once you’ve activated the license you will have access to the theme’s main premium features including here pre-made demo websites, as well as lifetime updates. 

Note that the license is eligible for one domain only and can not be used from more than two domains as that is against the rules set by the Envato market. You can use the license for one website only. 

One major feature of Kaon WordPress theme is the Neuron Library that includes more than 480 blocks and templates with more and more yet to come on future updates. The comprehensive set of blocks and templates that Neuron Builder inhabits will give you all the flexibility to build coherent websites as well as streamline your workflow with pre-mad designs

Image 4 Create Save and Reuse Templates

With Kaon you will be given access to all pre-made blocks and templates along with a stock of pixel-perfect images ready to use. All of the blocks are templates are properly organized you can filter them by their taxonomic headers, footers, archives, single pages, testimonials, and more or search for a specific template or block. Choose to view the template before you add it to your site, and click on Insert for it to be integrated within seconds.

Build your website using blocks, combine and intertwine between different sections. You can easily configure the blocks and templates, all of which are designed for mobiles as well. If you’re feeling a little creative you can create your own templates and save them to use anywhere on your website. 

You can easily import and export templates throughout your entire website with just a few clicks. You can integrate pre-made templates by using the Template Element and add them anywhere on your page. Besides saving your templates, you can also sync your own templates and the library of pre-designed templates. 

Buld and create dynamic websites with Neuron Builder

A lot of our projects are all about content, and when you are running a complex website with tons of content in it, you would need to configure it all by hand. This is what static content is about, you can create perfectly designed styles for our website, you can duplicate it and change the design, but in order to make changes in your designs, you will need to configure each one by one. 

This can take up so much time and effort, here to introduce you is the dynamic content, which allows you to make changes that are applicable throughout the entire pages. This type of content is imported to a database, and whenever you use a dynamic design you can full any content from the database. 

Dynamic Content has a phrase that perfectly describes it, you design it once and use it everywhere. You can change anything to your design whether that be colors, number, added content, or any other type of content, and the change will take place on all other pages accordingly. 

You can create dynamic content for your blog posts, product pages, archives, search results, and more, as with dynamic content, every respective content will be pulled from the database, depending on the query it’s being called on. What’s better some of the static elements included within the Kaon WordPress theme have dynamic capabilities as well. You can just as easily switch the static elements to display dynamic content
and you can choose the content you want to be displayed.

Build headers and footers with flexibility in WordPress, being one of the best reasons to choose Kaon

The beauty of our outstanding Kaon WordPress theme and one very good reason as to why to choose Kaon over any other WordPress theme is that it will give you full control over the layout of your website. You can build any type of content or design any area on your website including here headers and footers. 

You can build headers and footers, and any other section of your website from scratch, add all the elements you need, design and configure them to match your brand, add a little excitement with some stunning interactions and animation, and you’ll be done with your website in a short time. You can visually conceptualize every part of your website including headers, footer, archive pages, search results, single post pages, and more. 

You can choose any type of template you wish to create, build its framework with dynamic content and assign its display on the respective pages. For those looking for something ready-made, you can use the stunning pre-designed templates from our Neuron Library, import them and configure them as needed. 

You have total freedom to create any design template you envision, all the elements included within Kaon WordPress theme will give you the flexibility to design and craft beautiful pages without much hassle. 

Build a coherent design system to match your brand with Neuron Builder

Coherence is an important aspect for every website that is why with Kaon you will be able to create your own design system that will be applicable on your entire site, always maintaining consistency. You can set the global fonts and global colors, as well as set the default style for the prime components of your website like the images, forms, or buttons. 

Creating a proper design system by utilizing a set of repetitive elements and standards of practices will start changing the pace of creative thinking, thus helping you set your brand tone and maintaining that style throughout the entire website. You can create all the UI pieces that set the tone of your brand and that when assembled together they create any number of applications. 

You can set all the components for your design system from one place with Kaon WordPress theme. The power of Neuron Builder relies on its capability to provide its users with the utmost flexibility to build their designs effectively and create a seamless work ethic because it has ingrained all the main elements within one interface. 

You can easily switch between settings, or different templates and make the changes necessary without any trouble. You will be able to control every website area from one interface here including site identity, website layout, theme styles and more. 

Regular Automatic Updates

Image 8 Automatic Updates

We at NeuronThemes are always evolving and working to improve our products, to refine bugfixes, UX refinements, new features, and other improvements. We apply the same work ethic to all our themes accordingly. With each update, there will be new features added or other improvements included and all the Kaon users will get the updates as soon as well release them. 

And you don’t have to do a thing to benefit from it. Everything will be transmitted automatically to every Kaon user with the ability to integrate the new update into their system. You can easily update your website from the WordPress dashboard with just a single click. 

Note that it is a good standard practice to
backup your website before each update in order to ensure your data will be saved properly. 

The professional support of our Neuron WordPress themes is one of the reasons to choose Kaon

We’ve been praised for our fast and professional support on each review of our themes, and we are here to tell you that the tradition will continue for Kaon as well. We will remain in service to all our users with fast and reliable support whenever you need help setting up your website or any issue relating to the theme and Neuron Builder. 

Our team of support will be at your disposal 2/7 with a precise and effective solution to any of the issues related to the Kaon theme. We have included thorough documentation and extensive video tutorials explaining all the steps on how to use the theme, regardless, you will be able to always contact us any time with issues you might encounter ( although I doubt there will be many) or anything you need. 

To gain access to our support you will need to create a ticket at our
Ticksy Page, where you can browse through the articles and if you don’t find your answers then click on Create a Ticket to begin the process. We recommend filling in the data necessary and provide a good explanation of your issue for our team to be able to respond more effectively. You can also upload screenshots or a URL to your website to better describe the problem 

Our team will be able to contact you within a working day. 

Build and design popups and forms to constitute your marketing strategy

To top it all off, our Kaon WordPress theme will provide you the tools to create an effective marketing strategy to engage clients and increase conversion rates. Two of the best marketing tools to build up your strategy are the Form Builder and Popup Builder.

Using the Form Element you can craft and design forms with utmost flexibility. You can integrate the form with MailChimp to collect leads and mailing subscribers on your website. The flexibility of the Form Builder will help the creation of multiple types of forms where you can collect various field types like numbers, text, date&time, multiple lists of options, acceptance fields, and a lot more. 

Besides forms, you can also create popups in WordPress using Neuron Popup Builder. This feature will grant you the necessary tools to craft any type of popups from the ground up by utilizing all the elements at your disposal from Neuron Builder.
How you mix and match these elements is completely up to your goals and what outcome you will have from using the popups.

You can create Newsletter Popups, Login Popups, Exit-Intent Popups, Related Posts Popups, Slide-in Popups, Cart Abandonment Popups and any other type of popups you can imagine. 

Using the advanced popup rules and triggers you can assign their display based on your marketing strategy. You can assign the display of the popup after a certain period of time, on exit- intent, for a specific audience, or after they’ve visited a particular number of pages. Create and publish popups and forms using all the advanced tools that Neuron Builder provides, all possible with Kaon WordPress Theme. 

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

Introducing Kaon WordPress Theme