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Top 12 Showcases made with Bifrost

Bifrost is a theme of elegance and charm, for this article we decided to share how our customers have adapted and transformed Bifrost to match their concept and style. The list will comprise of personal portfolios, work-related showcases and agencies of different profiles.
Bifrost is a theme of elegance and charm, for this article we decided to share how our customers have adapted and transformed Bifrost to match their concept and style. The list will comprise of personal portfolios, work-related showcases and agencies of different profiles.

Top 12 Showcases made with Bifrost

12 Best Showcases & Inspiration Website made with Bifrost WordPress Theme

For this next article, we decided to create a compilation of showcases of some of the most awe-inspiring, deluxe and polished websites that were made using our Bifrost Theme. We have previously laid down all our features and gave a meticulous review on Bifrost, this time we will share some beautiful creations crafted in such a polished manner that take minimalism on different levels.

Although being challenged to choose from our ever-growing collection of showcases, we were able to handpick those websites that would prove to be a source of inspiration for others and those who revealed their creativity virtually.

We are honored to be the publicizing platform of their creations and artistic work, even the outline of Bifrost was designed having that in mind. The outcome came to be a classic, delicate and elegant theme that looks compound from the outside but holds a hefty set of tools and features for every occasion. 

The websites that made it on our top 12 showcase list present a diversification of areas starting from personal portfolios, work-related showcases and agencies of different profiles ranging from design all the way down to architecture agencies. Here are our top picks of showcases made with Bifrost. Enjoy. 

Note: Just a friendly reminder that this classification of showcases is completely random and has no whatsoever relation to one being better than the other. Everybody expresses their creativity differently and taste is just relative. 

Agency Websites

post bifrost showcase 1

What once used to be a garage is now a home for design, this advertising agency based in Switzerland literally took the former workshop to new extents. It is discernible throughout the entire website. As craftsmen for visual communication they are, they develop digital and print media, logo and graphic design, screen printing for textiles of all kinds, and web design.

They obviously knew what they were doing while establishing their website, they had a clear vision in mind and executed it remarkably. Even if you don’t speak German you can easily feel the garage influence because it’s everywhere and the design language screams car mechanism, from the landing page’s main illustration, animated icons to text buttons with words like More Fuel. Nice touch, I give you that.

On the same note, the layout of the website is still minimalistic and with a very clean design with only a few neutral colors striking the most, thus showcases their most prominent works in the best manner. Can we talk about that hero? I mean, the illustration is absolutely splendid and bright, almost giving you that baroque feeling.

That being the only thing they kept complex, even the animations are subtle and fit the whole simplicity vibe, all talking elements talking in uniform language, giving focus on the agency’s projects. 

They say that they have petrol running in their blood, it is evident they sure know how to fuel some good design. 

post bifrost showcase 2

Next on our showcases list, we have this full-service production for photos & film agency that has an eye for details but also likes to capture the bigger picture. Located in German, this small agency tailored its website with a clean-cut design and incorporated a modest set of elements, they let the work do the talking.

The work they do assorts from Production, Fashion, Commercial or Studio pieces, it is evident that they are passionate about their job since they include all the duties relating to their field. 

Going over the design of their website, they made sure it contemplates with their aura, all their work is centered around the website and the elements they include are only those essential for its functionality. Easy navigation, limited color palette with back and white using pink as an accent are components that characterize this website.

The animated heading and animations over images are what boost movements to the site in a static environment. Everything on the website is smooth and seamless, providing easy access to their services. 

post bifrost showcase 3

Moving on with our showcases takes us all the way to Shanghai, China. The Shapery is a design agency founded in 2018. This agency is run by two achieving and award-winning designers dedicated to develop and design top-notch quality products, where their portfolio ranges from consumer products to smart wearables and professional goods. They specialize in Industrial (Product) Design, Branding Design, and Digital Design. 

The main page of the agency is plain simple but effective, it’s divided into two sections that take up the screen. You can see the technological scent that has influenced the outline of the site, clean, simple and efficient, those are the three words we’d use to describe The Shapery’s website.

The hero is layered down in recent and most popular work of theirs, a great way of promoting your products. Kudos to that. Straightforward and to the point is the overall system used throughout the age, you can notice the easy navigation, the CTA places properly and easy access for customers to reach out immediately, simply click on the icon and it will open the email tab to write to them at any time.

We love the way they play with black and white and adding a pop of color to keep the site alive and hued. Also nice touch with the carousel usage, it’s a perfect way of showcasing your work without hassling it without too much content, which in this case works perfectly. 

post bifrost showcase 4

Taking a break from all those design agencies, Cubus House is an architecture company whose mission is designing and engineering the houses of the future. They use a multi-level approach in the construction of mobile buildings and tourist resorts as well as residential buildings for different purposes.

Their team consists of an experienced group of architects, engineers, and environmental experts, and they all share the desire to reach the milestone of building self-sufficient eco-friendly luxury housing. 

Looking back at their website, we can agree that it is the literal embodiment of immaculate architectural houses they design. Their website is neat and impeccable, every element is in its pristine condition exactly where it belongs, with just the right amount of content and information.

They use a one-page website but have laid down there all their necessary information, using their work as a background. The parallax, the faded effect of color, big headers, all play very nice with the unambiguous impression and layout. All those little and well-executed details are what determined this website to be in our top showcases article.

post bifrost showcase 5

Moving on with technology-based agencies, this next one increased the criteria on uniqueness and creativity, and it shows, not only in their work. They adopted the Bifrost theme and gave it a totally different pattern of what it normally has. Their website is proof that all is possible with Bifrost, you sometimes just need a different perspective.

This collaborative team of innovators offers a range of specific products for industrial and commercial lighting used in the outdoor fashion market and helps customers turn their ideas into reality. 

Project4’s website at first glance gives elements that are too complex but when stripped down, they are adequately accomplished using Revolution Slider, a powerful plugin that comes bundled with the theme. Once again Project4 steps up the game showing capabilities of Bifrost. We give credit when due.

Still keeping the minimalist style by implementing only elements that are crucial, using a monochromatic palette and dark interface. It gives the site a subtle shade of mystery, which only adds to our anticipation.

A worth watching page inspiration is most definitely their products page showcase, it represents a convoluted layout, with interlocked background cubed and bee house inspiration showcase of products almost as if grids did not exist. 

post bifrost showcase 6

Studio Grit is a small but nevertheless creative studio that works to help start-ups and small businesses establish their place in the market and shape their brand. Don’t be confused by the adjective used since they are in no way incapable.

They offer to help you build Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Brand Experience, and often collaborate with other creative specialists to achieve the best results for their clients. 

Once you reach Studio Grit’s website you will encounter a big header, titles, and text, but not to the point where it kills space. What makes this website stand out and recognizable is the font NoeText used boldly in the headings and the LatoGratosque font used for body texts. Also, notice those little Xs just below the header, nice touch, even though small it makes it noticeable and sets a tone for the brand.

The work showcase is placed strategically, giving them space they require, using white spaces and the title enclosed within the image, only noticeable when hovered on. There is a distinct hierarchy of text, making it clear and concise.

The parallax used on other pages, the layered content and non-traditional CTA taking up a section which changes color when hovered on, are the characteristics of this well-executed website.  

post bifrost showcase 7

Conran Design Group is a heavily teamed design agency whose main goal is empowering your brand by developing long-term engagement for your business. Their work capabilities include insight-driven consultancy from naming and identity to packaging, environment and stakeholder communications, all the way to evolving and managing brands to cultivate strategic and commercial advantage. 

Entering the Conran Design Group’s website you will first be presented with a hero containing big and bold typography, a colorful video as a background and the header upholding the nav menu and the brand identity, the logo.

The color-rich scheme sees to go on throughout the entire website. Using too many bright colors can bring chaos and make a website look tacky, but in our case the hue is used at the right amount, only enhancing the vivid spirit of the agency.

Oversized typography, oversized images, oversized everything, make the hierarchy of the content clear and succinct, and also gives great focus on the work they’ve done so far promoting it in huge background videos. Animations used in headers highlight the texts and gives it a more dramatic entrance, adding cool effect and motion. They are proud of the work they do and are prominent about it on their website. Round of applause. 

Portfolio Websites

post bifrost showcase 8

It’s about time we start gasconading about the freelance artists who trust Bifrost with their work and showcases it creatively, one of which is Ridvan’s website Plastic Pistol. He is a self-taught Motion Designer and 3D Artist and is passionate about his work in this field, thus making his works stand out. 

When on the Plastic Pistol’s you can notice the embracement of minimalist style at it’s finest. The header contains only an animated header, which plays cool with the entirely white background and black text, leaving out images.

It seems like the accent to the black and white palette is the artist’s illustrations, giving not only vivid exterior but also vibrant representation to the website. Apart from the 3D illustrations, animations are what add movements to the site, although they are nothing too exorbitant giving balance to the smooth pace of the page.

The masonry grid layout brings close the items giving them a look of a compact design and together with the enlarged images points out to the work without any distraction. 

post bifrost showcase 9

Bifrost seems to be an artist’s favorite, and Filippo Giordano makes no exception, an Italian UX designer based in Mallorca, Spain. Except for working as a UX specialist, he is also a freelancer that takes on projects that are primarily focused on providing solutions for the different aspects of the communication of a brand in the digital field. 

FG Design’s website gives for an alluring and engaging entrance, this is all credited to the animations of elements that don’t seem to have an exact point of origin but fit beautifully in the site and the head-turning hero, the only complex elements throughout the site.

Within the hero the title, images with parallax effect that changes when you hover over it are embroidered gracefully, thus giving the entire site a sense of motion and flow. Moving down the hero, you got a short introduction subdivided into three columns containing a motto, description and a statement.

The unconventional placement of the footer, being settled just below the introduction makes the website look compressed, but in a good way, balancing the space at the top and at the bottom of the website. A nice little touch is found on the nav menu that draws a line amidst the menu items. Everything else in the site is left to be simple, like the showcase of the products, keeping only bare elements. 

post bifrost showcase 10

This next showcase is the CSMotion website who is run by a Freelancer Animator and Motion graphic Designer named Chris Shaw based in London. His specialty area involves motion graphics, 2/3D animations, and character animation. His websites integrate many powerful options that Bifrost gives access to, all of which serve his purpose perfectly and the denouement of this process being an exquisite yet functional platform.  

CSMotion’s website will first give you a full-page hero, that integrates a video compiling all his work as a background, a bold heading and a classic CTA just below it and the header overlapped seamlessly all together with the nav menu and the logo.

The website is lavish in content, providing abundant information, testimonials, a featured snippet of the artist’s latest work and a colossal footer containing Recent Comments and Latests Posts. Besides the classic back and white domain, green seems to be the next most used color in hover and CTA, complementing most animations, as it seems this color was widely used. Nice integration.

The split-screen and the masonry grid layout used on other pages blend well with the idea of giving art some space to breathe. Everything on the website leads back to the easy to access approach which most artists use to give prominence to their art rather than other aspects. 

post bifrost showcase 11

This next showcase is of Teresa Reyes’ website Senya, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Mallorca. The main focus of Senya is helping small and medium enterprises and freelancers create their own brand by offering global corporate and web image service that adapts to each of your needs.

This website is the ultimate epitome that less is more, using a very limited color scheme, depending only on black and white as primary colors. The home page is as simple as it could get, one distinct feature is the sidebar located on the left, serving both as a sidebar and a header as well, containing the menu, the logo, and social share icons.

The irregular pattern of posts together with the hover animation gives the site a nice transition of core elements and information. Once you click upon the post it will open the page of the product showcase. Here you have more widgets integrated like the image gallery, body text.

On the right side of the screen, the social share icon and the sidebar being static on all pages. This presents a beautifully crafted site that lies upon minimal components. 

post bifrost showcase 12

Last on our list but certainly not least in the list of site showcases is the website of Leonard Lokai, a director of photography who had his fair share of the filmography field, that being evident by the extensive biography on his website. 

LonardLokai’s website is one that sets the entire focus on his art, enlarging elements like video and images that showcase his work and minimizing other elements like heading, and texts. That’s all there actually is, but somehow the site looks professional and neat.

The dark mode dominant on this website blends nicely with the light typography. In this case, the artist kept it simple on all elements being minimized and fairly used giving the spotlight to his work. All the pages throughout the entire website breathe the same style and design.

The main video on the homepage opens up on a lightbox, making other website components invisible while the video is playing.  

Final Note

We at Neuron Themes strive for simplicity and elegance, and so do our customers apparently. It is evident that Bifrost is a theme with high potential and just needs some little exploration. To help you do that we have set up this article to get inspired and give you a live preview of the theme’s capacity.

If you wish to have more inspiration from the latest design trend we have another article for you full of examples and real cases demonstrating splendid and exceptional websites here. 

Share your thoughts and tell us which of the showcases you liked better.

By Team Neuron

Director of product design, Freehand

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