Highlight the Best
of Your Posts

Include and design your posts using the robust Posts Element. Be in charge of the layout ether Classic or Cards as well as display the by category or other taxonomies. 

posts hero 1
posts hero 2
posts hero 3
Build and design posts in WordPress

Designers' Favorite
All the most Exclusive Settings

You can add your featured posts, related posts, or other categories of posts with a simple drag and drop

interface. You have full control over the layout and design of your posts and their showcase

Include all the elements you need for your posts in WordPress
posts content 2

Include every Element
You feel is Needed

Despite the design, you have full control over the functionality of your posts. Include author, date, excerpt, or anything you need.


Add your Preferred Posts
based on Advanced Algorithm

Decide to include or exclude posts from display based on the robust query settings either by date, author, term, or other. 

Advanced Query Posts option in WordPress
posts query search
Advanced Query options to include posts in your website
Design and customize the layout of your posts showcase
posts design editor

Give your Posts a Touch
of Your own Magic

You are the designer of your website, and like everything else, with Posts you can decide on styling, typography, colors, and more. 


Select your Layout
and Start Building

Build unique showcases of your posts by selecting the preferred number of columns, posts, skin, image size, and a lot more.

Select the preferred layout for your posts in your website
posts magazine 2

Top-Notch Posts Element Settings

Use the powerful settings at your disposal to create and design posts

Responsive Design

Have your posts be fully mobile-optimized and look stunning on all devices using the responsive options.


Choose to add and then customize the pagination for your posts so users can navigate easier.

Post Type

The Posts Element support multiple post types like posts, pages, and other custom post types.