Slider Widget

Create a Showcase of Slides to Remember

Get at the top of the game with visually striking responsive sliders to impress visitors and upgrade your design. 


The Intuitive Way to
Add Sliders in WordPress

Use the Slides Element to create and design sliders in a smooth intuitive interface. 

Build stunning slides on your website

Master the Art of Sliders

Gain power over the most advanced tools to build and create beautiful and engaging slides in WordPress.  


Design Responsive Sliders

Utilize all the powerful elements to create fully responsive sliders, or select from various layouts like full-width, or full-screen. 

Create responsive slides in WordPress
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Give a Glimpse of Interactivity & Animation

To further expand the beauty of your slides add from various advanced animation and special effects. 

Top-Notch Slider Element Settings

Take control over your login pages using this versatile widget

Transition & Interaction

Trigger only the beauty inside your sliders and create beautiful interactions.

Alignment & Position​

Set the sliders wherever you see them fit on your website, align and position them.

Smart Navigation

Choose to include arrows or other types of navigation to your sliders, design and style them.