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12 Best Blog & Magazine WordPress Themes

As we continue our mission to finding the best WordPress themes and delivering them to you, for this next article we have decided to put up a comprehensive list that will include the greatest WordPress Theme, but this time we have narrowed it down to a niche, blog, and magazines. See our top pick for the best Blog & Magazine WordPress Themes.
As we continue our mission to finding the best WordPress themes and delivering them to you, for this next article we have decided to put up a comprehensive list that will include the greatest WordPress Theme, but this time we have narrowed it down to a niche, blog, and magazines. See our top pick for the best Blog & Magazine WordPress Themes.

12 Best Blog & Magazine WordPress Themes

How to use WordPress for blogging

As we continue our mission to finding the best WordPress themes and delivering them to you, for this next article we have decided to put up a comprehensive list that will include the greatest WordPress Theme, but this time we have narrowed it down to a niche, blog, and magazines. 

The WordPress repository is a large and bountiful ecosystem, and sometimes it can be overwhelming to find your perfect blog and magazine WordPress theme. But don’t worry, Neuron Themes to the rescue. We have compiled a rich and sumptuous list that will ease the needs of everyone. 

WordPress is the publicizing platform of so many huge connoisseurs in the industry like BBC America, The New York Times, Tech Crunch, Reuters US, and many more. So why shouldn’t you? 

WordPress as the leading content management system is the best choice for creating capable and highly functional blog sites. After all, WordPress started as a blogging platform, only to expand into an all-functional web platform. 

Here to introduce you are the Best Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme. Let’s get the dice get rolling. 

We will start off on a good foot with the splendid WordPress Theme that is The Issue. Just like the mellifluous sound of its name, this theme presents a resplendent and stylish choice for all those looking to create professional online magazines.

The theme introduces a simple and easy to use interface alongside with straightforward setup, but never compromising versatility. What makes The Issue great are the exquisite demos, pages, and elements that will help you get your website running in style and an instant.

You can import all the pre-made designs with just a click. Included with the theme are some of the most comprehensive features and details to allow you to create your perfect set up and articles.

Best Features of The Issue

  • 50+ Post Layout Elements -Post Layout Variations are a great feature of the Issue, allowing you to create different styles and layout variations. Everything you would need in a magazine theme and more. 
  • Integration of Social Media – What would a magazine theme be without the integration of social media? The theme will help you grow your social presence by sharing your articles across all social media. 
  • 10 + Custom Widgets for Magazines – The theme will offer added custom widgets designed specifically for creating the most capable magazine websites. 
  • Sponsored Posts – If you wish to monetize your website, then the theme will offer the sponsored posts feature. 
  • Extensive Layout Style and Designs – The Issue will curate all your fears of creating websites, with layout styles for archives or design styles for your header and other components of your website. 


The theme is available on Theme Forest and comes at a price of $59 for a single license. Together with the price are included future updates, 6-month support, and quality check by Envato.

What better theme to resonate elegance and simplicity than Bifrost WordPress Theme. The theme was curated with flexibility and versatility in mind, always keeping a balance of minimalism and clean-cut design to soothe the complexity and diversity of features that it offers.

Bifrost uses the splendid rich niche demos as a powerful tool, all designed carefully and professionally, which can be imported with just a click via the One Click Demo Importer. Bifrost WordPress Theme will extend its users the freedom to build any part of their website, all made possible by the integration of the Header & Footer Builder.

No code no worries. The theme comes with a user-friendly interface that will make even the most novice feel like a pro, build and design your pages all LIVE with the amazing drag & drop page builder that is Elementor. Included with the theme is the most comprehensive set of tools to build beautiful blog and magazine WordPress websites.

Best Features of Bifrost

  • Rich Niche Demos – The team behind Bifrost made sure to create some of the most spectacular demos to get your workflow streaming within minutes. All designed with delicacy and passion, ready to be imported with just a click. 
  • Integrates Elementor as it’s page builder– Building your website has never been easier with the powerful duo that Bifrost WordPress Theme and Elementor make. Design everything drag and drop, and watch the changes take place in front of your eyes. 
  • Header and Footer Builder – Bifrost WordPress heme will give you the capabilities to build every inch of your website and design it the way it suits you best 
  • Advanced Set of Options – The calm nature of Bifrost lies behind the complex and advanced set of features that this WordPress Theme offers. 
  • Amazing Speed and Performance – Bifrost WordPress Theme offers its users one of a kind type of performance due to t the hierarchies templates and the clean code around the theme, making it a perfect choice for blog and magazines. 


Bifrost WordPress Theme is a premium theme available in the Theme Forest market. You can get yours for only $59 for a single license, together with 6-month support, lifetime updates, and quality check by the most capable and professional team of Envato.

If you are looking to create some of the most unique and capable blog and magazine websites then Soledad might be the answer to your prayers. This flexible WordPress theme has many great features hidden under its sleeves.

Create outstanding blog websites in minutes by importing the beautifully crafted demos. The extensive list of pre designs will be the solution to every problem. Building and designing your website will be a breeze with Soledad Theme as it comes compatible with the two most powerful drag & drop page builders, like Elementor and WPBakery. 

The theme will offer unlimited possibilities and various layout combinations to create even the most complex blog ad magazine websites. 

Best Features of Soledad

  • SEO Optimized – Soledad WordPress Theme comes SEO optimized, offering structures Schema Markup, and compatibility with the best SEO plugins. 
  • White Label Soledad – You can customize your Soledad Theme and make it your own by giving it your brand. You can customize the brand logo, custom background, or custom theme name and icon within WordPress. 
  • Compatibility with the best Page Builders – Soledad WordPress Theme is compatible with Elementor and WPBakery, the best drag and drop page builders.
  • Multiple Mega Menu styles – The theme will come integrated with beautiful and stylish mega menu styles. 
  • Pre-Made Article Layouts – The team behind Soledad has masterfully designed 10+ pre-made layouts for single post articles. 


Soledad WordPress Theme is another one on the list that’s included in the Theme Forest market. The theme comes at $59 per single license alongside with 6-month support and updates.

Zeen is the perfect epitome for creating the ultimate news and magazine WordPress website, as the theme was merely designed for magazine sites. Zeen WordPress Theme offers an abundant set of animations and interactions to win over the attention of every visitor on your website.

The beauty of Zeen lies in the pre-designed demos encompassing a wide variety of niches. You can customize your website using the built-in Tipi Builder tool, a page builder that gives you the capability to build astonishing designs with the various options included.

The micro-interaction animations make Zeen stand out in a sea full of WordPress themes, they provide a smooth and clean transition effect that no screen goes unwasted. The features included in the Zeen theme are high-end and accessible. It is no brainer that the theme has all the popularity since it easily attracts the attention of those who wander.

Best Features of Zeen

  • Tipi Builder – Zeen Themes comes bundled with its own age builder that offers a plethora of options and configurations. 
  • Fully Compatible with the Best Plugins – The Zeen theme comes compatible with all the top-notch WordPress plugins and offers a wide variety of integrations like MailChimp, AMP.
  • Unique Concepts – All the exclusive pre-designed demos are masterfully crafted allowing you to create powerful blog and magazine websites. 
  • Powerful Advertising – The Zeen theme will provide you with multiple locations of ad placements. 
  • Detailed Documentation – Although the theme comes with 6-month support, you will have their extensive documentation at your disposal for any obstacle you might come across. 


Zeen WordPress Theme will come at a price of $59 for a single license. The wide variety of features and tools included as well as support and updates completely make up for the price.

Moving on with our list of best blog and magazine themes for WordPress we have included the amazing Arteon WordPress Theme. Arteon is a versatile and powerful theme that will meet the needs of every niche. The advanced set of features that the theme provides will be sufficient to create the most compound blog and magazine websites.

Take advantage of the copious 80+ powerful elements, build your designs all with a live interface by simply dragging and dropping elements onto the page. One-Click Demo Importer is a major part of the user convenience as it allows you to import the alluring demos in lightspeed.

The header and footer builder shall not be left aside as it plays a colossal role in gaining access t build and configure all the bits and pieces of your website. With the theme being device agnostic, it is for a fact that the magnificent design will remain still on all devices. Or if you are looking to spice things up you can try all the wonderful animations and effects to truly give your website design to remember.

Best Features of Arteon

  • Front-end Page Builder – Arteon WordPress Theme creates a powerful duo with the leading page builder Elementor, to help you build exceptional designs and provide an unforgettable user experience. 
  • Powerful Grid Layout – Arteon will help you build the most splendid and effective blogs and online magazines with a unique grid system and tons of options to choose from. 
  • Animations and Effects – Give your website a unique design by optimizing all the wonderful animations and design tools the theme offers. 
  • Excellent Support and Professional Support – The team behind Arteon offers amazing and reliable support for every issue you might encounter, as well as offer professional documentation to help you grasp the capabilities of the theme.
  • WooCommerce Integration – Arteon is a multi-purpose theme that can be transformed into a highly efficient eCommerce store, alongside an excellent blog site. 


You can get a copy of Arteon WordPress Theme at Theme Forest for only $59. The purchase will be credible for one website only and comes with 6-month support, lifetime updates, and validity check by the professional team of Envato.

Next on the list, we have the Newspaper WordPress Theme, a highly popular among Theme Forest and for good reason so. The theme includes advanced features and highly capable options that will help you write articles and blog posts with ease. You can use the theme for creating news articles or for creating engaging blog posts.

Not only that the ample set of features behind this theme will prove to be effective for magazine, publishing, or review sites as well. The Newspaper theme comes mobile-optimized and AMP ready also integrates with powerful tools like Instagram, BBPress, or WooCommerce.

The theme will offer freedom to build the layouts either using the tagDiv Composer page builder or use the bundled Visual Composer page builder to craft your masterpiece. It is a modern and lightweight theme that you can customize and fine-tune your website with the built-in Theme Panel that offers a great array of options and configurations.

Best Features of Newspaper

  • Multipurpose features – The theme can be adapted for creating websites of multiple niches and profiles, especially for high traffic news websites as it combines the advanced elements with intuitive settings. 
  • Integration with multiple platforms and plugins – The theme will come integrated with the best online platforms like Instagram and the best WordPress plugins such as BuddyPress or WooCommerce. 
  • Supports Responsive Google Ads – You can easily monetize your website with the Newspaper theme as it supports AdSense, and banner ads. 
  • Custom auto scaling content blocks – Change the structure of any blog to design the perfect layout as they will work wonderfully in the sidebar, full width, or pages with sidebar. 
  • SEO Optimized – The Newspaper theme comes SEO ready as it supports Schema Markup with rich snippet microdata for articles and blog posts. 


The Newspaper theme will be available in Theme Forest for $59, alongside a 6-month support and lifetime updates. 

Cheer Up is an amazing blogging theme that’s perfectly suitable for small online stores, blogs, and magazines. The theme will come included with some chic demos and splendid layouts that you can choose from and craft your website with ease.

When creating blog and magazine websites the theme needs to be SEO and speed optimized, which is exactly what the Cheer Up theme offers. When users will visit your website on their mobiles, the design and layout will remain beautiful due to the theme being mobile optimized.

If you don’t wish to build your website from scratch the theme has got your back with alluring slider and header styles that you can implement with ease and then configure the options and design with the amazing toolset the theme provides.

Best Features of Cheer Up

  • Easily accessible design tools – The Cheer Up theme will come ready with high-end tools to help you set your voice and brand by configuring logo, colors, and layout. 
  • Social Integration – Let your website thrive among all social platforms with the included social media integration to share and spread your content. 
  • Ready to use Demos and Layouts – Choose from the splendid list of demos and layouts that the theme offers to build your website with ease and elegance. 
  • Built-in MailChimp – For blogs and magazines, subscription forms are an integral part of the marketing strategy, the theme comes with built-in MailChimp compatibility and two unique custom-designed widgets
  • Easy Demo Import – The beautiful pre-designed demos can be imported with just a click and the demo importer is fully optimized for shared as well as dedi web hosts.


You can find the Cheer Up theme in the Theme Forest market for only $59. Included with the price are future updates and 6-month professional support from the team behind the Cheer Up theme. 

Let u introduce you to our next member on the list, the Sitka is a modern and functional WordPress Theme that comes bundled with a chock-full of customization options that nevertheless, are intuitive. This is your perfect theme for blogging, howbeit if you are a beginner, or you have had your experience with blogging.

The Sitka’s motto is Build a Beautiful Website Effortlessly, and that is the case with this theme. It offers various interchangeable yet beautiful demos and layouts that can be integrated with ease. The theme can be utilized for various niches like travel, lifestyle, food, or fashion. The optimization tools will make it easy to build websites of different profiles that are beautiful yet functional.

Sitka WordPress Theme will e the perfect choice for blog and magazine websites, they offer strategic featured areas to promote and highlight your best content and still maintaining a visually striking design.

Best Features of Sitka

  • Featured Area – The Sitka theme will offer some amazing and striking visual areas to highlight your content and your site’s mission. You can choose from the different layouts from compact and elegant layouts to full-width attention-grabbing layouts. 
  • Attractive Blog Layouts – Sitka will feature 5 amazing blog feed layout to offer more alternative styles and designs. 
  • Font Options and Design Customization – Important part of blogging is finding the right font for your content, Sitka will help you in that direction with 900 Google Fonts included. 
  • Sitka Custom Widgets – The theme will come available with 5 unique and very useful custom widgets to spice up your sidebar. 
  • Excellent Support System – Once a user of Sitka the team behind the theme provides professional support for any hassle you encounter along the road. 


Sitka WordPress theme can be found on the Theme Forest market and will be yours for a price at $59 along with customer support for 6 months and future updates. If you wish to extend the support longer that will cost you another $10.88. 

Felt is a stunning magazine theme that will capture your visitor’s heart with the delicacy and warmth that the theme offers. The theme is known for its high-quality design and a bountiful of customization options to ease the process of website building.

The theme will offer a wide playground for you to experiment with awe-inspiring hero sections and beautiful layouts to structure your content. Use the carousel and slideshow widget to grab the attention of every user and customize your home page to give it your signature.

The intuitive customization tools will be your guiding lights to building your pages and creating content that’s impactful and engaging. You can either design your pages from scratch or you can use the pre-designed demos that are only a click away from being integrated within your website.

If you are more of a multi-tasker, the Fel magazine will allow you to built eCommerce stores as well r monetize your magazine website with ad placements, that can be easily integrated with their dedicated widgets.

Best Features of Felt

  • Fast Loading Speed – The theme is made for speed and performance, meaning you will create a fast website that looks chic and effortless in the meantime. 
  • Modular Layout – Felt Theme is perfect for magazines as it gives room for your best content to be in the spotlight with the modular layout integration. 
  • Boost your incomes and Monetize your site – The theme will offer great extendibility for ad placement with the dedicated plug and play widget for advertisements. 
  • Flexibility in Creating Page Layouts – Some of the best page builders in the industry are fully compatible with the theme, like Visual Composer or Beaver Builder. 
  • Great SEO Practices – The Felt theme has got the responsibility of ranking in search engines covered with the best practices for SEO. 


Felt theme created by the team of Pixelgrade will be available on Theme Forest for a price at $75 for a single website with future updates and 6-month support included. 

Divi WordPress Theme is a multi-purpose theme that will serve for a great extend of features and customization options that will last for days. Divi is a popular WordPress theme that has earned its reputation with the built-in page builder, all drag and drop.

The design of Divi will make any user, even those who are just starting with themes and WordPress feel comfortable, due to its user-friendly interface. Most of the building is done via the front-end, which gives beginners a hall pass to some of the best designs. While on the other hand for those with more experience in coding, Divi theme will give room to combine the theme’s visual design with their own CSS.

Divi theme comes with the most extensive library of pre-made designs covering more than 800 layouts and 100+ full websites. There is a demo for every niche and more, if you are looking to create stunning blog websites then simply search the category and choose the style you like. Adjust it and style to make it your own and give it your brand. You will have complete control over customization.

Best Features of Divi

  • Drag and Drop Building – The Divi Theme comes packed with its own page builder, all intuitive and drag and drop. 
  • Global Elements & Style – You can save your self a lot of time and trouble using the global elements to design once and use it forever. Manage your website and configure it using web site-wide design settings
  • Everything is Customizable – You can design and customize all parts of your website using the powerful page builder, all done in real-time. 
  • Split-Testing Module – One of the best features of Divi is that it lets you create content based on your audience. The A/B testing module will allow you to distribute your content based on your targeted audience. 
  • Translation Ready – The Divi theme comes translated into 32 languages with the right to left languages included as well. 


The Divi theme comes available in two plans. The first one being $89 per year, you will have access to the entire range of products, including Divi, the most popular WordPress theme in the world, and can be used on unlimited websites. The second plan will include a one time fee of $249 with the same accesses and features.

The ultimate WordPress blog theme is the Backpack Traveler theme by Mikado Themes. As the name suggests you can create outstanding travel websites, nevertheless, the theme offers a bountiful of features to create any blogging website you like.

You can include all your beautiful destinations and share them with your users via the integration of Google Maps or share your stories with the many stunning post variations and the bundled ready-to-go flexible set of destinations layouts. Remember that story when you encountered a bear? Or that unforgettable camping trip? You can include all the details with fashion and style. using the Backpack Traveler.

The theme uses both WPBakery and Elementor to build your pages and your designs. You will get a destination list and single post templates, as well as stunning blog layouts.

Best Features of Backpack Traveler

  • Google Maps Integration – If you are using this theme as your platform of blogging and sharing the wonderful experiences then, the Google Maps integration will be f great value. 
  • All-Inclusive and Flexible Headers – The theme will include stunning and flexible header styles that you can choose from and customize them with ease. 
  • Stunning Inner Pages – The Backpack Traveler will come included with a stunning array of inner pages that you can easily import and integrate within your website. 
  • Social Media Integration – Promote your website and spread your pages across the social media world with capable social media widgets. 
  • Smooth Transition Effect and Scrolling Effects – Create an effortless style and design using the amazing transition effects ad scrolling effects to elevate and animate your website. 


The Backpack Traveler theme is available on Theme Forest for $69 per single website and has included the amazing support for a period of 6 months and future updates of the theme.

We have included GridLove in our list as a great choice for newspapers, magazines, and news websites. The entire focus of the theme was based upon these categories and was made sure to include all the major components of such a niche.

The theme will include many predefined grid & masonry layouts but also templates that will make up for creating exceptional news and magazine websites in no time. Make sure to take all the beautifully crafted demos for a spin and find one that you like. The import process is easier than selecting the demo, with just a click you will have your design up and running.

Give accent and highlight your most important content, sponsored ads, or any other special posts with the help of amazing widgets the theme offers. Choose from the different headers styles and layouts and organize your content based upon differentiating categories, or customize your single posts with ease and effortlessly. All made possible with the GridLove theme.

Best Features of GridLove

  • Unlimited Sidebars – Include as many sidebars as you need to highlight your posts or place advertisements on your website. To give the content on the sidebar a more prominent feature you can make them sticky throughout the page.
  • Custom Widgets -Besides the default widgets the theme will provide other additional widgets to ease your experience and help you create anything you want. 
  • Multiple Beautiful Layouts – You can choose from a wide range of pre-designed layouts to match your style and personal taste. 
  • Monetize your website – Use the theme for advertising and affiliate marketing, you can place a banner ad on the homepage, archive pages, single post, or anywhere you deem fit. 
  • WooCommerce Support – You can use the theme to create unique and capable online shops with the advanced features offered by the WooCommerce WordPress plugin


GrindLove theme will be available for $69 on the Theme Forest market and will include customer support for a period of 6 months, also future updates of the theme. 

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of the road, this is our entire compelling list of the best blog and magazine WordPress theme. We have selected each and every theme based on their performance, design, and capability, and have tried to make the list as compact as possible.

You can choose from the variations e have provided, depending on the niche of your website, some of the themes we have included have been multi-purpose themes, but have had their fair share of features and components that have made them qualified as a great choice for blog and magazine websites.

If you are looking to explore and create stunning travel blogs then the Backpack Traveler theme will be the obvious choice, if you are looking to create a minimalist-looking website that’s elegant and clean at the same time, you would have to go with Bifrost theme, or if you are looking to create a news website then GrindLove would make the perfect candidate. The Newspaper theme is quite popular among magazine websites and has all the amazing features to support.

Evaluate and analyze the themes based on your compatibility and the benefits it has to offer for the right theme to come along.

By Team Neuron

Director of product design, Freehand

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