Make sure you have installed and activated the plugin Visual Composer. Carousel can be inserted in any page or post, to create a carousel follow the steps below.

  1. Switch the editor from classic mode to backend editor.
  2. Press add element or the plus symbol.
  3. Search for the element Carousel or go to NeuronElements category to find it easier.
  • Images – Upload the images to the carousel slider.
  • Items – Enter the number of items you want to see in the first slide.
  • Margin – Add margin space to the items, number will be represented in pixels.
  • Controls:
    • Auto Height – The carousel will fit with height.
    • Loop – Option will duplicate last and first items to get loop illusion.
    • Mouse Drag – Mouse drag will be enabled.
    • Touch Drag – Touch drag will be enabled.
    • Navigation – Show prev/next navigation
    • Dots – Show dots navigation.
    • Autoplay – The carousel will be set on auto play.
    • Pause on mouse hover – Autoplay will be stopped when mouseover/
  • Stage Padding – Padding left and right on stage (can see neighbours).
  • Start Position – Enter from which element you want to start the position of carousel.
  • Auto Play Timeout – Autoplay interval timeout, number is represented in seconds.
  • Smart Speed – Speed Calculate, number is represented in seconds.

Extra Class

You can add extra classes to this element, if you want to add more than one, separate them with spaces.

Design Options

Change the design of this element, different style can be set only for this element.

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