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10 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

See our extensive list of Google Chrome extensions for WordPress websites to help you streamline your workflow and optimize your website. Read on to see our top picks.
10 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users
See our extensive list of Google Chrome extensions for WordPress websites to help you streamline your workflow and optimize your website. Read on to see our top picks.

10 Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users

Chrome is the most popular web browser by a good margin, which means there’s a pretty good chance you’re using Chrome when you create and manage your WordPress websites. The best thing about Google is that you can easily extend its functionality similar to how you install WordPress plugins to add functionality to your WordPress website, you can install Chrome extensions and have them add value to your browser. 

If you are looking for the best WordPress Chrome extensions to boost productivity, in this article we have compiled all the best WordPress-related Google Chrome extensions. Browser extensions can help improve your WordPress workflow and make you more productive.

Google provides an official Chrome web store where you can go through and explore all these extensions. Similar to the WordPress themes and plugins repository, you will have thousands of Google Chrome extensions and that makes it harder for you to select only the best extensions, this is why we have included all the best solutions for WordPress users. 

To help, we’ve done the work to narrow down those thousands of options to our picks for the 10 best Chrome extensions for WordPress. Before we start counting down our best Google Chrome extensions, let’s first understand the main concepts around these terms.
Ready to dig in? Let’s see our list!

Why use Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into Chrome in order to change the browser’s functionality. This includes adding new features to Chrome or modifying the existing behavior of the program itself to make it more convenient for the user. Google Chrome is one of the most popular and most secure web browsers

As the leading browser, Google Chrome takes pride in its vast collection of extensions that add functionality to your website and help you streamline your workflow for the ultimate efficiency. Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world. It comes with hundreds of add-ons to easily perform several tasks within your browser. 

You’ll find many useful WordPress extensions that can help with website development, editing blog posts, checking for grammar and spelling mistakes, managing tasks, and more. Due to the large selection of Google Chrome extensions repositories, it becomes more difficult, especially for beginners to choose among the best ones, thus the compilation of this article. 

Now it’s time we introduce you to our favorite Chrome extensions and show you exactly what makes them the greatest.

The Best and Most Useful Google Chrome Extensions

Here are our picks for the 16 best WordPress Chrome extensions. Today’s exclusive post will highlight some of the best-in-use WordPress Chrome Extensions for developers as well as WordPress users. 

Our collection is wide and diverse, as it will help you from managing multiple sites to writing and grammar to improve SEO and content engagement. So, let’s check out some of the best Google Chrome Extensions for WordPress

Grammarly is the most popular Google extension and for good reason so. This is especially useful for content writers who are always on the verge of creating and writing content on the go and need background spell-checking for typos or grammatical errors. 

If there’s one thing I hate as a content writer is going back to read my text for errors, but with Grammarly, this is very easily managed. This Chrome extension will also provide suggestions on how to improve your text, it will evaluate it based on some precise variables and offer an assessment on how your text is compiled. 

With the Grammarly Chrome extension, you can check your content for issues while you’re working on your WordPress site (or in other text editors such as Google Docs). For WordPress websites, this Google Chrome extension will be available:

  • The block editor (AKA Gutenberg)
  • The classic TinyMCE editor
  • Elementor widgets (use the text editor in the Elementor side panel)

It helps you in writing and editing your blog posts easily. Grammarly also checks for contextual spelling errors and helps you improve the readability of your content.

RememBear is a very secure, very intuitive, and very fun password manager. It has excellent security protections that help keep user information safe on its servers. It provides a bunch of useful features, like the web form autofill and a password generator, as well as unlimited credential storage for its users. 

This is a free Google Chrome extension for managing your passwords and it’s a great alternative to other premium password managers. RememBear also provides premium plans to extend its functionality. Still, while RememBear is one of the most affordable password management solutions and has high-quality security policies, it is a consumer product first and foremost and lacks the enterprise-specific features of many of its competitors. 

All of these perks are accompanied by a bear-themed interface that makes the app stand out from other password managers on the market. Additionally, it’s user-friendly and affordable. You simply save all your logins and every time you want to gain access to a password-protected website, RememBear will be there to help you once you provide the master password. 

Having a password manager Chrome extension will allow you to keep your WordPress website secure as you can generate a very complicated password that will make it hard for hackers to gain access to your site. It also helps if you have multiple accounts across different platforms.

If you’ve ever wondered what WordPress theme or plugin a website is using, Scan WP is the smartest and the simplest way to show you that. Scan WP is an amazing Google Chrome extension that allows you to identify WordPress themes and plugins easily. The extension adds a new button to Chrome. You can click this button while browsing any website to answer three questions:

  • Is the site using WordPress in the first place?
  • What theme is the site using?
  • What plugins is the site using?

After you install the extension, an orange WordPress logo will be added to your browser. So, go to a site that was built with WordPress and just press that logo. Within a few seconds, you will know everything there is to know about the theme and plugins. 

Another functionality of this Chrome extension is that you can also go to the WordPress theme detector website to get additional information regarding the domain such as strong keywords it’s ranked for, estimated traffic, main competitors for rankings, and more.

SEMRush is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the market. It helps you understand why your competitors are ranking so high and what you can do to beat them. 

SEMRush is also an amazing WordPress plugin to increase your rankings on search engines while you rin your website and create your content as per usual. It also helps you with keyword research and blog post ideas that you can use to boost your search traffic. 

You can easily grow your organic traffic using SEMRush’s extensive features, here also including the SEO Quake extension available for Chrome which gives you a bird’s eye view of any page you are viewing with an in-depth SEO analysis and keyword reports. 

Part of their SEO ranking suite of tools is also the social media poster Google Chrome extension that allows you to post articles across multiple social media platforms as you browse your content.

Lightshot is another amazing Google Chrome extension for content creators because it allows you to take screenshots with unmatched flexibility. The screenshots taken from this extension are much more convenient and simple. 

It gives you room for choosing what and how much of your screen needs to be saved in just a click. Lightshot is a simple and convenient screenshotting tool where you can select an area and capture it with utmost precision. 

It provides a simple interface, nothing useless and lightweight. Moreover, you can also copy screenshots on the clipboard. It includes a selection option which means you can select a particular part of the screen and save it accordingly. 

You just hit the Lightshot icon on the toolbar or status bar, then select the area you want to make a screenshot from and click “Save” or “Upload to server”. In case of uploading, you instantly get the link to a screenshot you’ve just uploaded. This is especially useful for bloggers, designers, content creators looking to produce visual content for their website.

Moving on with our collection of the best Google Chrome extensions for WordPress websites, next on the list we introduce you to the WordPress Site Manager, as the name indicates, this Chrome extension will allow you to save and manage multiple websites within WordPress. 

After adding it to your browser, you can submit the details for the sites that you manage. This Chrome Extension will store your WordPress site information and allow quick and easy access to your site’s main pages. Tap the pencil icon from the drop-down to add as many websites as you want. 

Thereafter, you’ll be able to select options to go directly to Home, Stylesheet, Dashboard, and Pages. You can move between sites, edit them and add new ones. Using this extension, you’ll also be able to access the theme editor and make quick edits to your theme.

Nevertheless, it also adds functionality to the WordPress theme editor where you can save files without reloading the page or coloring the code for easy identification.

While researching a particular topic or subject, you might be inclined to open too many tabs where scour the internet for content. Not everything can be found within a day, especially if it is comprehensive research. It would be of immense help to be able to get back to all those tabs or leave it open for a while and return to the same tabs later. 

This is why we are introducing the nest Google Chrome extension, Session Buddy will help you save all open tabs and restore them later with a single click. This frees up memory and clears clutter on the screen. Session Buddy acts as a session manager or bookmark manager. 

You’ll be able to save many tabs in an organized way in multiple sessions and give a title to each session for easy recall. This is a very helpful Chrome extension for those who access the internet on a daily basis searching for voluminous information.

Next up we are going to introduce a Google Chrome extension that is of particular interest to WordPress developers. The WordPress Codex Cheatsheet extension is a useful Chrome extension for WordPress developers who need to regularly reference WordPress functions and tags. 

With this Chrome extension, rather than opening the full WordPress Codex or searching on Google, you can just click on the extension’s button to open the cheat sheet. Simple and practical.

Now it’s time we introduce a highly useful Google Chrome extension for web designers, CSS Peeper is a simple and amazing CSS viewer tailored for web designers. It enables its user to view CSS code in a simple yet organized manner without any hassle. 

Get to inspect items on any website instantly. You can easily get all the related specifications and properties of any object to use it on photoshop and sketch. With CSS Peeper you can easily:

  • Check the styles available on the web without having to switch plugins.
  • A quick glimpse at typography (font family, size, line height, etc.) used on a website.
  • Ability to see all the colors available on a website without inspecting it piece by piece.

When you launch CSS Peeper you can click different objects on a website like buttons, headings, backgrounds, and anything you want to inspect. As a result, you’ll get a full specification of the object you’ve selected with some handy properties that you can easily use in Sketch or Photoshop. 

Moreover, on any website get to inspect the whole color palette. It lists mostly in the most visually appealing way so that one can easily find it quickly.

WordPress Style Editor is a useful Chrome extension that enables you to instantly save CSS changes that you make in the inspect tool of your browser. It saves a lot of time from checking the styles in the inspect tool and then manually updating your stylesheet. 

Using chrome developer tools, you can inspect your theme styles and make modifications to the CSS. However, the changes you make will be gone as soon as you refresh the page. 

As part of your Google Chrome extensions by installing WordPress Style Editor you can instantly save those CSS changes directly to your theme stylesheet, without editing any files, or using FTP programs. Make sure that you’re logged into your WordPress site to save the CSS properly. 

Keep in mind that It works only with the style.css file of your WordPress theme. It makes the changes directly to the main CSS file, so make sure to keep a backup before you start editing.

Final Thoughts

We have come to an end with our collection of the best and most useful Google Chrome extensions that will be of immense assistance to every WordPress user, especially those who are just starting with their website. 

The repository of Google Chrome extensions is large and diverse, you will easily get lost in it. This is why we have compiled this list where we shared our top picks for the best Google Chrome extensions. If you use Chrome, there are some really useful Chrome extensions for WordPress users that can help you streamline your WordPress workflows and optimize your sites. 

We hope this article helped you find the best WordPress Google Chrome extensions to try. No doubt nowadays, there are plenty of chrome extensions that are essentially useful for WordPress users & developers. But picking the right one would naturally improve your overall efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction by all means. 

We’ve done our best to hand-pick only the best resources, please leave in the comments below your favorite Google Chrome extensions that drastically improved your workflow.

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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