Activate the maintenance mode for your website, you will not be able to see it if you’re logged in. Only the you(admin) will be able to see the preview of website.

  • Title – Override the title of maintenance page, the actual title is: Maintenance Mode.
  • Description – Override the description of maintenance page, the actual description is: Lorem Ipsum dolor sit amet.

Background Type

Choose the background type between color or image, new option will appear when the option is selected.

  • Color
    • Custom Color – Change the color of background.
  • Image
    • Background Image – Upload an image to the background.
    • Overlay – Change the opacity of background overlay, if you want to remove the opacity set the overlay to 0.
    • Overlay Color – Change the color of overlay.


Show or hide a button in the maintenance page.

  • Button Text – Enter the text of button.
  • Button URL – Enter the url of button.

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