Global Settings

Global Settings

Build, Manage,

Build, launch, and manage websites and create consistency across your pages using global settings to style once, implement universally, and modify at any time. We give the “no-coding experience” a new dimension. 

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Global Settings

Pave the Path for Global Setting

Neuron Builder provides a toolset of Global Settings, that you can apply universally, 
and all the changes made will also be applied globally, on a live interface.

Colors & Fonts

Theme Styles

Site Identity



Design Systems Never Made Easier

Design systems allow you to manage design at a large scale, control all the main elements from one place.  

Global Settings | Neuron Builder
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Dream in Color
Design Globally

Set your own custom global color to be applied to multiple elements. Changed your mind? Alter the colors in one click. 

Fine-Tune the Typography

Control every aspect of your typography and assign your headers, paragraphs, texts the right font, all with just a click.

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Create with efficiency

Run your workflow like never before by setting global styles for your website. Design at large, with consistency. 

Top-Notch Global Features

You can in charge of every aspect of your website, design effectively from Theme Style including

Advanced Global Features

See the List of the Wondrous
Site Settings Elements

Universal Colors

Establish global color that you can use and spread across you website with a single click.

Universal Fonts

Establish and define universal fonts and use them from the global list style of typography. 

Theme Styles

Control your theme styling all from one place, like headings, buttons, form fields, background, and more.

Global Custom CSS

Apply custom CSS that will be spread across your entire website globally.

Site Identity

Set your site’s identity from one interface including, site logo, name, fav icon, or description. 


You can set the default background color for your entire website to be applied universally. 


Style and design how popups will look when displayed in a lightbox. 


Define the default content width or set the breakpoint options for responsive design.