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Neuron Builder will assists you build impressive fluid
websites that establish your online presence the way
you want it, all without.

Create beautiful popups with Neuron Popup Builder for WordPress

Live Popup Builder

Neuron Popup Builder will give you maximum power and capability
to create multiple popup layouts to meet the needs of your site’s goals.

The Ultimate WordPress Popup Builder plugin for your website
All hands-on Deck

Smart Popups for your WordPress Website

You can easily add your content from your WordPress
website into your popups without hassling around any code.

Unlimited Creations

To Infinity and Beyond
With Popup Builder

Create unlimited popups as part of your Neuron Builder.
No extra plugins needed, no extra cost, no use restrictions.

Convert users into customers with the ultimate popup builder for WordPress
Design and style outstanding popups with Neuron Popup Builder

Design Conversion-Driven Popups to astound users

Don’t scare users away with hideous popups, instead build ravishing popups templates using the most advanced design toolkit made for professionals looking to elevate their creations. 


Design your Boldest Creations Yet

Enjoy the full flexibility that the Neuron Popup Builder provides you to create Full-Screen Popups,
Toolbar Popups, Opt-in Bar Popups, Classics, Slide-ins, and more. 

Email Subscriptions

Increase conversion rates by creating smart popups that are triggered with absolute precision and efficiency.

Promotion Banners

Do not let users get away from your website with exit intent popups that is triggered just as users are about to leave your page

Click play button to try

Lead Capture

Grow your subscriber's list with opt-in popups that offer a generic action to sign up to your newsletter without compensation.


Create exquisite popups forms that engage users to log in to your site without sending the users to a different page.

Exit Intent

Use popups to promote discounts on your products. This will entice users to engage to your popups and take the next step.

Login Form

Let your users on the loop when you are sharing big and exciting news on a new release, products upgrade, or kind of advertisement.

Reach your Targeted Audience


Display your popups with
utmost precision and flexibility.

Entire Website

Include / exclude specific pages

Archives: Categories, Author​, Date

Posts: Categories, Tags, Author

Search Pages

WooCommerce: Archive & Single
product page


Set the triggers to determine
when the popup will appear

Page Load


Scroll to Element


Exit Intent

After Inactivity

Advanced Rules

Choose the display of popups
that meets definite specifications

After X amount of page views

After X amount of sessions

Show on specific devices

Hide for logged in users/roles

When arriving from specific URL

Show up to X amount of times

When arriving from Internal, External Links or Search Engines

Expand your Market to Drive Traffic

design login forms
Build and Design login forms in WordPress
design and create login forms in WordPress

The powerful conglomerate of Neuron Popup Builder and From Builder will result in more traffic, leads, and conversion for your site.

Make your Email Campaign foolproof to grow and nurture your audience. The Neuron Popup Builder provides full integration with all the leading Marketing Platforms and Tools. 

Create successful marketing goals with the best marketing tools and platforms

Why Should You Use the Neuron Popup Builder?

You ask. We answer. Read on to see all the reasons that make Neuron Popup Builder
a leading in the industry and take in all the powerful features it has to offer, everything at your fingertips.

What is Neuron Builder?

Neuron Builder is the ultimate tool for creating and designing WordPress websites with ease and much flexibility. It provides a simple yet highly advanced solution to building beautiful and complex websites. 

Do I need to have any coding skills to create popups?

The beauty of our Neuron Popup Builder is that it provides everyone, from beginners to professionals to build and design exceptional popups that attract leads and customers. Build popups within minutes without writing a single line of code.

Are there any pre-made popup designs?

We offer a bountiful collection of professionally designed popup templates that are fully customizable and responsive-ready. Edit and add your content to personalize them.

Do I need to install extra plugins to create popups?

No. Neuron Popup Builder makes it possible to build popups without having to integrate third-party plugins or extensions that might compromise your site’s speed and performance. We develop light.

Can I include popups on my WooCommerce online store?

Of course, you can. The capability of the Neuron Popup Builder reaches far beyond the basic potential. Create and trigger popups to display specific rules and conditions. Include upsells, offers, coupons, and any other marketing strategy you can think of.

How to integrate popups with my preferred marketing tools?

Very simple. You can promote your business the right way and connect your popups with the leading marketing tools and platforms like MailChimp, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, Waze to to increase leads as well as grow your mailing list. 

How to display popups to my targeted audience?

Determine the display and actions for your popups to fulfill your website’s goals and objectives. You can either trigger popups manually or automatically with the Advanced Rules and Triggers as well as assign them to particular pages.

What kind of popups can I design?

The number of popup creations is only limited by your imagination. You can craft and design any kind of popups for any type of campaign or objective that you set. Create exit-intent popups, subscription form popups, related products popups, upsell popups, promotion, and sales popups, timed popups, and much more.

How to make the popups effective?

Using the various variables that Popup Builder provides you can precisely and effectively display popups that can turn conversion rates and increase leads, like the exit-intent popups that convert users into leads just when they are about to leave the page.

How many popups can I display?

Asn many as you want. You can create various goal-based popups that you can use throughout your website to reach your targeted audience. Although, you should keep in mind user-experience and not invade the visitor’s space with unnecessary popups. 

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