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    WordPress – The Blogging Platform

    WordPress first started as a blogging platform, only to become the largest and leading content management system that offers the best choices and possibilities for creating highly capable and well-performing websites and helps manage and customize a website without having technical knowledge. WordPress offers its users a simple-to-follow interface as well as a great user experience. Blog and magazine websites have become popular, because they provide valuable insights and information on a variety of topics, gathering mind-like people that share the same or contrary points of view.

    The scope of online blogs has stretched, thus capturing a wide variety of areas, you have personal blogs, news blogs, fashion blogs, travel, basically anything type of activity of hobby that you can extend in words or visuals. We are steadily moving towards an online world where everything is available, especially the information, that is why blog and magazine websites are an essential part of this new reality. All the major information-sharing websites use WordPress as their publicizing platform, examples like the New York Times, TechCrunch, BBC America, Reuters US, and more. It’s time you start your online blog or magazine website too and WordPress hands you all the tools at your disposal.

    Choose and pick from our stunning collection of Blog and Magazine Themes to implement on your website and elevate your site’s design with just a few clicks. The myriad box of features that our themes present provide a powerful assemblage to craft unique looking websites that excel in performance. All our themes include blog and magazine tailor-made features and elements to ease the process and power your website with advanced functionality.

    Pre-made designs to import with just click

    We’ve talked about how WordPress and Neuron Themes offer great flexibility when building websites, now it’s time to demonstrate what we mean. All our themes provide elegant and captivating pre-made templates that are ready to be inserted with just a click. Our library consists of extraordinary pieces of design that are fully customizable and responsive ready, meaning they will adjust and look amazing on all devices accordingly.

    After you’ve imported the templates you can easily configure its options to get the results you need using the advanced design toolkit. Stylize your website to meet the needs of your brand and the message you want to convey. The library of pre-made templates aims to facilitate your workflow as well as set a cohesive brand and reflect that on your website.

    Blog & Magazine dedicated features

    Blogs can be either personal or and introspective, considering them as an online diary or a correlation of professional journalists that present their knowledge and insights in different broad topics. This is why our Blog and Magazine themes consist of tailored features to provide solutions to multiple requirements. Our powerful grid layout offers the possibility to build even the most complex websites with ease and flexibility.

    Advanced Query System

    The advanced query is a crucial feature for every blog and magazine website as it provides to show the readers either the latest, related, or categorized content. You should always pay close attention to related posts, pages, or filter them regularly in order to keep your visitors engaged in your blog. Bearing that in mind the advanced query option we have stored for you is your strongest weapon. They include Related Posts, Date Filter, and Exclude posts. With this widget you can keep your readers/visitors on your page by sorting posts that might interest them, that’s why it’s so handy to use due to its immense utility.

    Archive Pages

    Build and design archive pages to display all your content. You can use dynamic content to design archive posts, single posts, or search results pages. Stylize and design everything on your pages and create aesthetically pleasing designs that users will enjoy while they scroll through your content.

    Social Media Integration

    What’s a blog and magazine website without the inclusion of social media platforms. It is not rocket science that getting traffic, increasing interactive communication from social networks are some of the great benefits social media can bring to your page. There is an abundant quantity of people using social platforms not only to communicate but also to share different things with each other. So why not use this to your advantage. That is why we have made the share buttons to be so flexible and easy to use.

    Connect your readers with subscription forms

    Use the Form Builder to craft subscription forms and increase your mailing list. Now it is super easy to build and customize your own contact form with all the latest customization tools and use them to your advantage. You can define the spacing layout structure and all its core elements.

    With all the designated fields embedded in the settings, you can accumulate a large number of information and data from our users. Just as with every element, this one too gives you power over the style options where you can be your own designer and craft a pixel-perfect contact form.

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