Conlectio is an international multidisciplinary design agency based in Stockholm, Sweden.
We are an independent advertising agency, but also we prefer to call it a creative club. We
build digital-first design systems that align brand and product. We help you develop the
ideal solution to optimize your business and customer needs.
Design a new product
Conlectio provides a new revolutionizing
approach to website building. Every mission is
an opportunity to push the state of the art.
Improve an existing product
Build and design complex and heavily coded
element designs into a live canvas and let us
do the heavy lifting
Product consulting
This is your ultimate marketing solution that
offers all the neccessary tools to build a
successful marketing strategy.
Lighten Up Lulaby
Art Direction
Calming Evening
3D Art
A Time Of Fusion
Afraid Of Evening Journey
She Loves Your Dawing
Art Direction
Interstellar Evening Journey

We’d love to partner with you
to create the best work possible.