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12 Best Showcases & Inspiration Websites made with Kaon WordPress Theme

Kaon is a versatile WordPress theme, thus we compiled the most beautiful and inspiring websites made with Kaon to show the true power of the theme.
12 Best Showcases & Inspiration Websites made with Kaon WordPress Theme
Kaon is a versatile WordPress theme, thus we compiled the most beautiful and inspiring websites made with Kaon to show the true power of the theme.

12 Best Showcases & Inspiration Websites made with Kaon WordPress Theme

Kaon is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that was produced and designed by our team of professional designers and developers and it’s the result of hard and compassionate work. Kaon is a theme of sophistication presenting various design styles that match the needs of every creative, business owner, blogger, or any other web enthusiast looking to establish their online presence.

We aim to make it easier for our users to craft and design outstanding websites on their own by providing them with all the most advanced and user-friendly tools and features. With Kaon you can be your own designer and project into reality all your masterpieces using the power of Neuron Builder

On the other hand, you can also use the astonishing pre-designed demo websites that can be integrated with a single click as well as hundreds of pre-made templates curated into the Neuron Library.

Kaon WordPress theme has meticulously crafted visual character that oozes luxury and sophistication and it’s suitable for every niche website whether that be an online store, a blogging platform, business website, freelancers, and more. For this article, we will be showcasing all the best websites made with Kaon.

We feel privileged to be helping all our users create and build the website of their dreams with much competence and flexibility. We acknowledge every Neuron user that has their website made with Kaon, yet we have collected some of the most beautiful and extraordinary sites to best display the power of Kaon. Let’s move along the list.

Note: Just a friendly reminder that this classification of showcases is completely random and has no whatsoever relation to one being better than the other. Everybody expresses their creativity differently and taste is just relative.

12 Best Showcase Websites made with Kaon Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Kaon represents both beauty and grace as well as entangles bits of minimalism to provide you with the right platform to build and design your website with no restrictions. 

The theme provides a simple and easily accessible interface and is built upon the “no-code” rule, meaning that you don’t need to be a professional to establish your website, as we’ve taken all this hard part out of the equation. Let’s see now all the beautiful and inspiring websites made with Kaon.

We will start our beautiful collection of the best websites made with Kaon with Only Joke, a highly capable online store that greets us first with an outstanding video hero section and sets the tone for the entire website’s design. As evident from the first instance, Only Joke provides a minimal design approach to best emphasize their products and their work. 

The mesmerizing beauty of Only Joke’s website lies in the smart use of white spaces and a limited color palette that provides the proper highlight for the products to be displayed.

The hero section is rich in visuals and graphics, which adds to the simple complexity of the website’s design, yet on the other side, even the animations are subtle and fit the whole minimalist approach, where all the elements are brought together in a uniform language, giving focus on the agency’s projects and products only. 

The beautiful menu is displayed at the top and you can easily navigate through the pages with ease. Only Joke has created a powerful and capable online store with Kaon WordPress theme and sells its products with utmost flexibility.

Now we shall introduce the ever elegant and minimalist website of Zuzanna, a Polish designer who is passionate about floral patterns and is inspired by nature. The website design is thought out meticulously down to the last detail, from the color palette to the typography used. 

The website is introduced by a large heading and bold typography and displays beautiful and responsive sliders, a section covering the news products, elegant introductory content from the designer as well as a link to the Instagram page. This makes for an outstanding showcase of the most important pieces of content to be displayed on the homepage.

The website is then concluded with a beautiful large footer containing all the main information. The elegant design that’s intrinsic to MerelySusan’s website design is apparent on all other inner pages, which represents consistency and coherence throughout the entire website. 

The mesmerizing portfolio showcases the finest of her artwork, yet you can also find a minimalist and beautiful online shop where you can buy the products, where the entire experience is brought in a stylish and graceful manner, from the moment you add the products to your cart until the final purchase. The website is made with Kaon and represents the best capability of such an extraordinary WordPress Theme.

Theziy website is filled with interactivity and animations, starting from the bold one-page slider where it contains all the most crucial content and information to the splendid mega menu design that best represents the dynamicity of this website, full of animations and interaction. 

Theziy completely transformed Elouise, a restaurant-themed demo website, and provided their own brand signature with their content, posts, and images. You can easily find all the services that the agency provides as well as their contact information. On the left corner, you can also spot the social media platforms that you can reach them from.

Theziy is a beautiful and bold website made with Kaon that represents the flexibility and power behind such a robust WordPress theme and best describes its multi-purpose attributes to suit the need of every niche website. 

All the pre-made templates, those carefully designed by our team of professionals are 100 % responsive-ready and can be fully customized down the last detail. Theziy presents a beautiful complexity that dissolves into a minimal yet highly functional website design to meet the requirements of user experience and offers an intuitive UI interface.

Wi Studio is a traditional creative agency, a digital production house, and a Web technology company all rolled into one that provides modern solutions to issue in the web world and to craft strategies, concepts & designs that drive performance to provide a brand’s voice on their best terms. 

Starting off with a beautiful text hero section underlined by engaging and stunning graphics mixed with motion effects to provide the most exquisite visuals. The Animated Heading element is best used for large hero texts to show a multi-disciplinary approach to building brands and providing creative solutions.

The flexibility of the Kaon WordPress theme goes beyond the beautiful design and interactive animations, the theme provides a full-on website building suite that aims to help you craft and design your website on your terms as well as have you in charge of every aspect of your site. 

You can also present informative visuals like graphs, progress bars, or icons lists and present a mesmerizing display of your achievements and success rate, similar to what Wi Studio did. The wonderful monochromatic color palette mixed with large and bold typography is just the combination inspiration we needed for our collection of the best websites made with Kaon WordPress Theme.

It’s time we introduce an inspiring portfolio showcase of Flavio Cury. Beautiful, bold, and unique just like their artworks that hold the pivotal highlight of the entire website and leave you with a speechless impression. 

The website design is characterized by simplicity, limited color palette, and straight-to-the-point content that best suits Flaviu Cury, an artist that expresses everything through their art. We are absolutely stunned by the spared yet bold typography pressed against the TV static effect that’s going on in the background and we are here for it.

You can wander around the online portfolio of Flavio Cury and explore every of his work in detail presented in the single portfolio pages. What’s particularly striking about this website design is that they even kept the animation minimalistic to present a rand coherence and consistency among every component on the website. 

The infinite scrolling, lazy loading, and simplistic design approach provide the basis for amazing website performance and outstanding user experience. We decided to have Flavio Cury’s website on our list of the best websites made with Kaon due to the reason being a compact and beautiful portfolio website that a broader audience can relate to.

Now we have the website of Caring Designs that comes crashing our lists with the smart usage of animations to create attention-seeking content and interactive graphics to entice users to explore the website. Seems like Caring Designs used every animation on the Motion Effects book and we are here for it. 

As you scroll down the website you can see each animation be revealed smoothly and you can’t help but feel the intense interaction that’s being presented on this website. With every movement going on the website, they still manage to introduce an amazing website performance, adding more credibility to the power of Kaon as a multi-purpose and revolutionizing WordPress Theme.

Being fully customizable you can match Kaon to every niche website and easily integrate your brand’s style and guidelines into it to have your visitors resonate and connect with your brand, website, and business. 

Each page in Caring Designs is crafted meticulously and presents a beautiful consistency that’s to be adored. The website design is mainly text, yet among the many inner pages, you can spot bits and pieces of graphics and visuals that provide its charismatic beauty to Caring Design’s website.

Hire Society is an even agency that likes to combine the classical timeless quality with a twist of modern outlook to plan the most alluring and charming events. The timeless elegance and contemporary approach are evident throughout the entire website of Hire Society. At a first glance, the website design is apparent to be minimal, yet we can spot a few elements that add that spark of a magic moment for the website. 

First, we are introduced with a full-width slider and beautiful shape dividers to jump from one section to another. Every element gives off the feeling of movement and motion because they are attributed with beautiful animations that take form as soon as the users scroll down the page.

With more and more outstanding design components like the parallax section or fade-in section, Hire Society grabbed our hearts and attention in the most positive way possible. And can we please talk about the header? The strategically placed logo divides two main menu items and that follows as they scroll down the page thanks to the Sticky Header feature. 

Every design component is well thought and perfectly executed then only to conclude it with a beautiful imagery section and strategically places icons on the site’s footer. Hire Society is a stunning and mesmerizing website made with Kaon.

Kaon is a powerful WordPress theme and seeing the diversity of niche websites that have trusted Kaon as their publishing platform and have established robust websites to grow their business and successfully reach their business goals using the advanced features and tools available like form creation, popups, integration of marketing platforms and more. Ask Piper is another amazing example of how to create a fully functional WordPress website made with Kaon WordPress theme.

The theme comes integrated with outstanding demo websites, and the website of AskPiper decided to take Frame, a SaS pre-made website as their starting point and did an amazing job embedding the brand’s values and identity. 

The website design of Ask Piper is mainly characterized by a beautiful simplicity and minimalism that is evident throughout the entire website. Large typography, animated headlines, and the smooth effection attributed to various website components add a flavor of complexity that best matches the classy aesthetics of the website.

One of the best features of the Kaon WordPress theme is the absolutely stunning Neuron Library and the fine collection of pre-made websites and templates that are fully customizable and are 100% responsive ready, where all our users can easily integrate them with a single click and begin customizing them s per their desire. 

This is the example of Marek Tracz’s website, a minimal yet refined portfolio website that uses large typography and a grainy background to showcase its finest work. They present a one-page design where every important website content is laid down on the home page and you easily jump from one section to another using the strings on the sticky header menu.

Marek Tracz’s website is proof that the black and white color palette paired with shades of grey is a terrific choice for showcasing the beauty of typefaces. The interactive links section best displays the true power and complexity of the Kaon WordPress theme covered in the purest minimalist design. 

The single portfolio pages are all about displaying and showcasing the works of the artist and providing the proper spotlight to do so in the most elegant manner possible. Marek Tracz’s site is a beautiful example of websites made with Kaon.

VPUDRE is a wedding organizer agency that’s covered in mere elegance and sophistication, which is also a beautiful example of their website made with Kaon WordPress theme. Their website is picturesque, vibrant, demonstrating the beauty of this niche business and the importance of having a well-established and refined website, covering all the needs of their clients. 

They masterfully have presented powerful gallery showcases, enlisted their services, contact information, and more. What adds more sophistication to the equation is also the smart use of subtle animations that scream elegance every time you scroll down the page.

The beautiful one-page design of their homepage is to be admired. They completely transformed the powers of the Interactive Links elements and displayed their most required work to present their competencies. The minimal design is apparent on every component of the website including the navigation. 

Although simplistic at a first glance, this website beholds robust features like the extraordinary mega menu display or the beautiful blog that they’ve built on the side to show the behind-the-scenes projects and give more insightful content on their services and products.

Kaon indeed is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that plays well for complex and highly capable websites as well as minimalistic and simple sites for those creatives looking to showcase their work and establish their online portfolio. Such a great example is the website of Rachid De Wind. 

Laid down in a simple white background and presenting all their work, this is the type of artist portfolio that speaks volumes in terms of flexibility and capability. Although the theme has various advanced features, you can choose to have your website stripped down of all those unnecessary components and only leave those essential to your portfolio.

We are stunned by the website of Rachid De Wind, although a very simplistic aesthetic, it still captures your attention and allows you to enjoy their art in peace. You can view all the images and their work with the powerful gallery element as well as have them be displayed in a yet again minimal lightbox overview. 

Using the robust filters at the top of the portfolio, you can explore more in-depth the works of the artist and wander around different taxonomies to grasp better the importance and meaning of their art. Very simple and minimalistic, yet we are absolutely in love with how Rachid De Wind transformed the theme and created such a beautiful website made with Kaon.

Next up on the list of the best and most beautiful websites made with Kaon, we must present the stunning online portfolio of Andrew Parks. One for the books we’d say, Andrew Parks is a lot of professions at once, starting from writer, publisher, editor, photographer, researcher, designer, and the list goes on quite long. He most definitely wore lots of hats on his career path and selected 

Kaon as one of the most capable WordPress themes to fully recognize and display the best of his professions. At the very beginning, we are introduced to the artist and the work he does, as well as a beautiful section of all the clients he’s worked with and an alluring testimonial carousel display.

Going further into his website, we can find traces of all the works he’s done, all masterfully displayed in elegant single-page designs created with the Kaon WordPress theme. Every website component is attributed with a beautiful and simplistic animation that adds excitement and engagement to the overall website design. You can also explore the gracious world of the writings of Andrew Parks, all laid down on his blog that yet again is designed down to the last detail and presents the most exquisite design to attract readers.

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to an end with this article, and hopefully, you enjoyed our beautiful showcase of the best and most inspiring websites made with Koan WordPress Theme. We are proud to be the publishing platform for so many artists, creatives, agencies, and businesses and to be helping them build and launch the website of their dreams.

Kaon is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that offers all the flexibility to build highly functional and extraordinary websites of every niche and every profile, without having to touch a single line of code.  We would love to see and promote many more amazing websites made with Kaon and show the true beauty of our theme. 

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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