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8 Best Marketing Automation Tools in WordPress for Every Business

Continue reading our list as we shared the best marketing automation tools for all types of businesses that get you results in less time and more effectively.
8 Best Marketing Automation Tools for WordPress
Continue reading our list as we shared the best marketing automation tools for all types of businesses that get you results in less time and more effectively.

8 Best Marketing Automation Tools in WordPress for Every Business

If you are looking for the best approach to level up your marketing game, automation is key. For this article, we decided to compile a list of the best marketing automation tools and WordPress plugins to help you ease the process and save you valuable time when managing your marketing strategy. To clear up the context, marketing automation involves using software to automate marketing tasks and workflows. 

This includes daily tasks like lead generation, email marketing, lead scoring and nurturing, and posting to social media, to improve productivity and increase efficiency. For this reason, choosing the best marketing automation tool will be a pivotal decision to gain leads and exposure as much as possible. 

Relying on the best tools for your WordPress site can provide many benefits. Whether it is email marketing, content marketing, social media, or sales, there are now marketing automation software available that can help you get better results faster.

Why Use Marketing Automation Tools?

Maintaining a relationship with your audience is a must to ensure your success and achieve your business goals. Marketing automation helps you streamline, automate, and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns and workflows. With a marketing automation tool, you will be able to be more productive, lead more sales, as well as enhance your business’ capabilities in an efficient manner. 

Marketing automation helps make your workflow more efficient so that you can grow your business faster and smarter. You can create the default content you want to be displayed on a regular basis and let the marketing automation plugin do the job for you. Marketing automation can help you discover, track, and interact with individual buyers online. 

There are several tasks that can be performed more efficiently by utilizing marketing automation tools including email marketing, lead generation, customer segmentation, and measuring ROI. You will be able to keep track of and measure the revenue generated by your marketing campaigns. 

By automating these processes, you will be able to perform all of these tasks with efficiency without having to perform them manually. Now that we have a better understanding of how marketing automation tools work and why are they a necessity for your online business, we must continue our part where we display all the best marketing automation plugins for WordPress websites.

Best Marketing Automation Tools for every Website and Business

We’ve shared our thoughts on why you should have a powerful marketing automation tool by your side while trying to reach the top and succeed your business goals. Now it’ time we introduce your to our comprehensive list that we’ve collected comprising only the best solutions as a marketing automaton tools and plugins. 

The list is diverse and varies of different features and capabilities. Weight your options and resources to choose the best one that’s fits your site’s needs and your business goals. 

We will start our collection of the best marketing automation tools with Active Campaign, a highly powerful plugin that offers integrated email marketing, and a small business CRM solution. This is a premium solution to automate your marketing strategy, and once you have settled your business with Active Campaign, rest assured that you are in professional hands that will handle all the hard work there is to comply with the necessities and requirements that an online presence will need. 

This marketing automation tool comes packed with some of the most robust and advanced tools and features for the job to offer you convenience and flexibility as one of the most comprehensive marketing solutions for any type of business. Note that Active Campaign is a highly advanced tool that provides top-notch solutions and might not be compatible with beginner-level users or people with little technical knowledge. 

While the Active Campaign might have a learning curve when committing to this marketing automation tool, it shall all be worth it in the end. To top it all off, you can enable the Live Chat feature on your website, allowing you to directly communicate with your customers to maintain a relationship with them.

PRICE: You can customize the pricing based on the number of contacts. Their Lite plan comes at a price of $9 per month for up to 500 contacts.

We continue our list with the best marketing automation tools for WordPress and this time we bring you an all-in-one marketing solution to not only automate the process but also provide you invaluable insights, analytics, and tools to help you map out your marketing strategy as well as implement it in the most professional manner possible.

When you prefer a WordPress marketing automation plugin with numerous features, HubSpot comes under the list first. Hubspot comes as a complete marketing tools suite including marketing software, sales software, and support software. The software can be easily integrated with Hubspot’s free CRM. You can publish content your audience is looking for, and get discovered in search engines, social media, and beyond.

With Hubspot’s marketing automation tool you will be able to gain access to all your marketing tools and data from the same platform that also employs an intuitive interface for all users with different technical backgrounds. You’ll save valuable time and get all the context you need to provide a personalized experience for your customers.

Another outstanding feature of this marketing automation tool is the possibility to include a live chat functionality on your website to connect with and convert visitors in real-time.

PRICE: Their Starter pack comes at a price of $50 per month and includes up to 1000 marketing contacts.

Sendinblue has gone a long way as a digital agency that they’ve decided to introduce their output as an email marketing platform thereby providing powerful marketing automation software. Sendinblue is a comprehensive suite of marketing tools starting from email marketing, SMS marketing, live chat functionality, powerful CRM, as well as marketing automation to save you tons of time and effort. 

The tool offers advanced functionality allowing you to automate certain tasks in your workflow by defining an automation workflow: a set of rules and conditions that trigger the actions you want to automate. Sendinblue handles with your marketing department as one of the best marketing automation tools to build an automatic conversation machine that employs an advanced workflow allowing you to create an individualized experience for every customer. 

 You can track your visitors throughout their purchase journey with lead scoring functionality leading ultimately at the core front of your goals with a workflow that adapts customer behavior. Through the basic email marketing features, one can send around 300 emails per day. You can run and manage SMS campaigns effectively through SendinBlue.

PRICE: Sendinblue is a free marketing automation tool that offers unlimited contacts, up to 300 emails per day and one chat user. Aas your business increases you can opt for a premium package starting at $25 per month with up to 10.000 emails per day.

Yet another powerful marketing automation tool that’s rich in features and provides a simple interface suitable for every user. Jumplead is a complete marketing automation solution that combines all the best features you need to give your business a great start, from collecting leads, nurturing prospect customers all the way to successfully converting them into customers.

Jumplead analyses website visitors in real-time, uncovering business names and contact details to deliver an ongoing stream of targeted leads. Jumplead is a custom-designed marketing automation tool to collect and generate qualified leads combining visitor identification with landing pages, automation, email campaigns, and contact management. 

As a complete marketing solution, Jumplead comes as with a full suite of integration via Zapier to help you keep your sales and marketing systems in sync. Use contact activity such as pages visited or form completions to trigger targeted marketing communications. 

The simplistic and minimal interface of Jumplead will give you enough confidence to start capturing leads, sending emails, keeping track of your strategy, and all the other tools to help you deliver results.

PRICE: The Solo plan starts at $49 per month for up to 3000 monthly visitors and all the advanced features promoted.

Let’s introduce another outstanding marketing automation tool for WordPress or any other website that is built for enterprise users who can invest time learning how to use the tool. Pardot provides ample useful advanced features including email marketing, CRM integration, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and ROI reporting to help you monitor your marketing campaign performance. 

Pardot provides a full solution that helps marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipelines, and empower sales to close more deals. Using the powerful features included you can generate more leads and move them across your marketing strategy tunnel, engage buyers on their terms, and understand users’ behavior from the beginning to capture real marketing ROI. 

You can automatically send emails based on triggers including time, interactions, and other custom parameters, or re-engage your dominant leads to make the most out of your database. Using the built-in Page Builder you can create and design engaging landing pages and integrate them with your marketing and sales workflows.

PRICE: Their Growth plan costs $1,250 per month.

CoSchedule is an amazing marketing automation plugin for WordPress websites offering the perfect solution for planning and strategizing social media content. With CoSchedule you can organize all your marketing content from a single place. Every eCommerce store needs a strong presence on the social media platform. 

In that case, CoSchedule helps you to map all the content. It becomes easy to get a bird’s eye view of your customers. You can organize your marketing with this amazing WordPress plugin. You can create your marketing calendar to see, schedule, and share your marketing strategy. 

You can easily organize your content on your WordPress website like a pro using CoSchedule as your marketing automation tool. You can consolidate team resource planning and project management to help you complete every project on time. CoSchedule integrates with the tools you love, giving you powerful options for editing content, tracking your success, simplifying your workflows.

PRICE: CoSchedule is a free marketing automation plugin for WordPress websites that you can install and activate straight from the main dashboard. You can use the free version of the plugin to grow your marketing department. You can always upgrade to a premium plan that starts at $29 per month giving you access to all the mentioned advanced features and more. On another note, you can also have a customized plan based on your business needs.

To make sure we cover a wide range of niche websites, here to introduce to you is Drip, a perfect marketing automation tool focused on eCommerce websites. Drip is an open platform that enables you to apply almost any marketing strategy.

The tool comes with a plethora of advanced features to level up your marketing game and increase leads and conversion to achieve all your marketing goals in the easiest way possible. Additionally, Drip includes powerful email marketing and automation features such as automation workflows, email campaigns, email builders, multi-channel marketing, and one-off emails.

You can easily customize your marketing strategy and build a strong one upon some of the most valuable insights and analytics that this marketing automation tool offers. It drives consistent growth and makes customers fall for your eCommerce store. The WordPress plugin provides a wonderful feature that has email engagement metrics to help you to analyze your email campaign.

PRICE: Basic version costs $49 per month.

Moving along our comprehensive list of the best marketing automation tool only to present to you with Ontraport, a powerful and capable marketing solution that simplifies and improves marketing automation and CRM activities for your business.

Ontraport will be your best and more reliable partner to growing your business, managing it efficiently, and achieving your business goals by leveraging its built-in e-commerce, email marketing, reporting, and landing page features. With Ontraport rest assured, you will be able to access valuable insights and reports on visitor and consumer activity to help you create a well-established marketing strategy that suits you and your business goals.

The entire process is automated by the software, all you need to do is set the guidelines and watch your business flourish while you focus on your content. Unlike other tools which don’t let you track the performance of your marketing campaigns, Ontraport allows you to keep track of all of your users and business growth activities.

PRICE: Basic version costs $79 per month.

Final Thoughts

Here we end our collection of the best marketing automation tools to help you grow your business and reach your goals. If you are a newbie or an experienced marketer willing to grow your business, then it is time to add these WordPress marketing automation plugins to your business. 

Choosing the right marketing automation plugin or software will depend on your technical skill and background as well as on your budget. Some of the solutions we presented also provide a free version with some limitations to it, but if you are a small or medium-sized business, you can get started on the basic features of the tools, only then to upgrade to a premium plan while increasing the capacity of your clientele. 

There are tons of WordPress marketing automation plugins available in the software and plugin realm. Many businesses have been adding these plugins to automate their marketing tasks. Which marketing tool best suits your business needs? Let us know in the comments below.

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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