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20 Best Free Portfolio WordPress Theme

For this article we have compiled a list of the best Portfolio WordPress themes that you can download for free. Scan through the article to find you perfect portfolio theme.
For this article we have compiled a list of the best Portfolio WordPress themes that you can download for free. Scan through the article to find you perfect portfolio theme.

20 Best Free Portfolio WordPress Theme

An online portfolio for all the creative artists is an essential component that will establish your online presence as well as unveil your most prominent work. That is why we compiled this article where you will find all the best free portfolio WordPress themes.

Starting off on WordPress for all the freelancers, photographers, graphic designers, or any other artist would be the smart choice to make, not only you can download it for free (although you would need to pay for hosting and domain to get you properly set up), but the best thing about it is that it includes an enormous ecosystem with a huge diversification of themes and plugins, free and premium ones.

The sources are limitless when it comes to WordPress, and guess what? You don’t need to be a geeky tech-savvy to build stunning websites, you can achieve your ideal site via a user-friendly interface that’s simple and intuitive to use.

Without going off the lane from our main topic, for this article, we have assembled the best free portfolio WordPress themes that you can download. The list will comprise of some of the most deluxe and polished themes, hand-picked by our team to help you effectuate the perfect balance between functionality and good design.

All the free portfolio WordPress themes we included are touched with a bit of minimalism on the side and a good portion of a range of capabilities to power your website to the extent you wish.

At the end of the day, you will be left with an online portfolio that perfectly highlights all your best works and offers quick access to your most important information for prospective clients. 

Check out our list to find the theme that suits your needs and since all of them are free to download, you can try out a few to determine the best choice for you.

We have previously written an article where we compiled a list of the best Blog&Magazine WordPress Themes. 

Airi - Clean WordPress Theme

We will start our collection with Airi, a powerful and customizable WordPress theme designed for business sites, or any sort of company or freelancer site. The wealth of options that the theme presents will help you create outstanding portfolio websites that excel in functionality. The outstanding performance of Airi will make it a great choice as a free portfolio WordPress theme. 

Bring the modern look to Airi using the powerful drag&drop page builder that is Elementor. You can start your website from scratch or use one of the pre-made layouts to get you started in an instant. The theme offers a minimal and simple layout that’s intrinsic for freelancers, agencies, or creatives looking to showcase their portfolio in the best way possible.

You will need a free portfolio WordPress theme that is going to emphasize your finest work, without having complex layouts interrupting the interconnections of your art and the design. All the powerful tools and features are located in the Theme Customizer from where you can change the color, typography, add content, and assign it to your style.

Highlight Features of Airi

  • Pre-Made Demo Sites – This feature will help you create your site on an instant, by simply integration the template and start customizing it to match your style 
  • Elementor Page Builder – The drag&drop interface of Element makes the creation of website easy and fun, as well as the ample of options available
  • Live Customizer – Change the design and edit your website with ease, where all changes are made apparent immediately 
  • Translation Ready – Airi theme comes 100 % translated ready as well adjusted for mobile screen to make the experience seamless 
  • Theme Support – Although the simple interface, the theme includes a support system to help you when you run on different issues 

17A - Portfolio WordPress Theme

Next on the list, we have the beautiful theme of 17A, an easy-going and minimal WordPress theme that’s designed with the sole purpose of showcasing your work in the most elegant manner. The dark-mode inspired interface helps create a rich and polished design, perfect for creatives looking to set their portfolio website apart.

This free portfolio WordPress theme comes with a one-page design to showcase all your work, thus presenting a continuous flow of your portfolio. You can download the theme right out the bat, start uploading your work and configure the options necessary to establish the solid ground of your new and improved website.

The theme comes with the Contact Form 7 plugin for creating contact forms in order to maintain connections with your visitors and future clients. All the main components of the theme can be adjusted via the WordPress customizer, from where you can configure crucial parts on your site like site identity, the color palette, typography, menus, and much more. Our list of best free portfolio WordPress theme elevated with the inclusion of such high-functionality and minimal portfolio theme. 

Highlight Features of A17

  • Minimal Design – A17 offers a modern, sleek and minimal design that will correspond to any type of portfolio website, thus allowing the art display take the spotlight 
  • Fast and Lightweight – A17 is packed light and offers only the essential tools and features peculiar to portfolio websites
  • Social Share – The theme includes the integration of social share icons allowing the spread of your work and portfolio throughout social media platforms 
  • Contact From 7 – A17 comes bundled with the Contact From 7 plugin that help the creation of contact form to establish connections with clients 
  • WordPress Customizer – The theme allows the customization and configuration of multiple parts on your site like site logo, colors, typography, and other site components to provide a cohesive look on your site. 

Neve WordPress Theme

Next on the list of the best free portfolio WordPress themes we have the outstanding theme of Neve, a lightweight, highly popular, and functional theme that’s tailored to serve as a multi-purpose theme, but can be adjusted to various types of niche sites. Neve would make a great choice for creating portfolio websites, due to the ample features it offers as well as the amazing performance it endures. 

The theme will come with a one-page layout that spreads all the essential component into their respective places without losing the content equilibrium. And if you wish to built pages with Neve, the theme comes compatible with all the most powerful page builders that are designed to make the entire process intuitive and simple. 

Neve theme comes fully responsive and AMP ready, these configurations will make sure your website looks amazing on mobile devices as well. To top it all off, Neve offers its users some extra features like Blog Booster that allows the customization of even more features on your site. And if you stumble upon any issue you can always turn to their documentation and forums to help you overcome the complication. 

Highlight Features of Neve

  • Compatible with all the drag&drop page builder – You can build your website with ease using any of the drag&drop page builders that are built with the sole purpose of intuitive design. 
  • Fast and Lightweight – This free portfolio WordPress theme is developed for speed and incredible performance. Neve is lightweight and bloat-free, thus your portfolio website will ace in performance. 
  • Customize all part on your website – Neve allows the customization of headers and footers thus allowing access to all parts on your site for configuration. 
  • Pre-made Demo Websites – If you are seeking for inspiration, Neve offers several pre-made demo sites that you can instantly import and integrate. 
  • AMP Optimize and Responsive Ready – Besides the fact that your website will look splendid on all devices the theme will include Accelerated Mobile Pages for faster mobile loading. 

Miyazaki - Free Portfolio WordPress Theme

Now crashing our list with a unique aesthetic is Miyazaki, a portfolio based WordPress theme that offers uniqueness and flexibility all in one. Miyazaki is a stylish, high-contrast, free portfolio WordPress theme centered with bold typography and masonry grid, making it perfect for portfolio, blogs and magazines. 

Miyazaki theme will guarantee a striking display of your portfolio never compromising usability and functionality. The posts are arranged using the Masonry layout system and provided with an Infinite scroll feature for continuous exhibit of works when users reach the end of a page. 

The building of pages is done via the Gutenberg block editor and can offer great flexibility when adding new content or arranging the style and design you aim for. Other features of this minimal free portfolio WordPress theme include the post meta settings that enables the association of multiple content with a post, three widget areas in the footer, a button that displays a search overlay and much more. 

Highlight Features of Neve

  • Unique Layout System – Miyazaki Theme will provide the display of your portfolio items in a Masonry layout that helps accentuate the works of art better. 
  • Support of Gutenberg Blocks – Create your content using the powerful block editor of WordPress for ultimate flexibility. 
  • Infinite Scroll – The Infinite Scroll feature is intrinsic to a portfolio website that helps users get lost on your art creations. 
  • Customization Options – Configure the design system of your website like the background of your website, color palette, theme, or add your own custom logo. 
  • Responsive Design – Your website will look as stunning on mobile devices as it does on desktop, as the theme offers responsive design right out of the box. 

Zakra - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Yet another amazing free theme, let’s introduce you to Zakra, a multi-purpose WordPress theme that will adapt to various niche websites, including portfolio sites. Zakra is a popular free portfolio WordPress theme that offers great flexibility and extendibility, on top of which grants a simple and sleek design to charm your users on a first glance.

Following the benefits of this amazing free theme, Zakra comes with pre-made websites that you can easily integrate and customize to give it your own signature. You don’t have to be worried about building your website, since Zakra comes fully compatible with the all the top-notch page builders that offer drag&drop interface.

Match your aesthetic to your website with all the customization tools available, change the colors, fonts, site identity, and more. Other great features that Zakra represents include SEO optimization, fully responsive design, and compatibility with all the major plugins in the WordPress repository.

Highlight Features of Zakra

  • Multiple Header Styles – The theme offers various well-designed header styles that you can integrate and customize the content.
  • Starter Websites – If you don’t want to start everything from scratch Zakra offers multiple demo sites that will get you up and running in no time. 
  • Amazing Performance – The theme offers top-notch performance and a fast loading time resulting in a lightweight and fast theme.
  • SEO Friendly and AMP Ready – Zakra theme comes SEO ready, meaning your website will perform great on search engines as well as load fast on mobiles.
  • Theme Customization Options – Easily customize your website with Zakra theme and match it to your style. 

Pholx - Free Elementor WordPress Theme

Phlox is another modern, multi-purpose WordPress theme on the list that offers a bountiful of features and options to adapt to various niche websites. Creating a portfolio website with Phlox is an easy task that requires little to no coding knowledge. You can download Phlox for free and start creating your page with much flexibility and versatility. 

We included Phlox for various mentioned reasons above, but since the scope of our article is depicted in portfolio websites, the theme offers amazing gallery tools and theme options, as well as ready-made portfolio website. Using the powerful One-Click Demo Importer you can integrated the pre-made websites with just a click hence the name of the feature. 

Pholx will offer 5 different portfolio homepages that you can choose from as well as 3 individual listing layouts, and to top it all off, throw a parallax effect to create engaging interactions on your website. All of the above mentioned features depicts Phols as a great choice for a free portfolio WordPress theme to showcase your finest art with a twist on minimal design on the side. 

Highlight Features of Phlox

  • One-Click Demo Importer – Phlox theme offers multiple demo sites that you can easily import and customize them. 
  • Elementor Page Builder – Phlox theme integrates Elementor as its page builder that makes the website creation simple and intuitive.
  • Live Theme Customizer – You can change and customize the theme options via the Live Customizer and see the changes take place immediately. 
  • Multiple Portfolio Layout – Phlox Theme is just the right theme for creating capable portfolio websites, choose from the multiple beautiful layouts that help create unique looking sites. 
  • Capable Image Gallery – On an important note, the advanced gallery feature will help you create an eye-catching image gallery and arrange the layout either via the Grid or Masonry layout. 

Krea - Portfolio WordPress Theme

Your portfolio website should be able to set you apart from the rest so to create a unique feel that represents you and your art, that is why we have included Krea Theme in our best free portfolio WordPress theme collection. The bizarre yet stunning layout of Krea helps you embody unprecedented styles of portfolio websites.

Simply install the theme and start adding your content. The design will match the theme’s layout. And if by chance you wish to make changes to the theme’s design, you can use the Customizer and change the background color, typography, homepage settings, and much more. Add your logo, your tagline, and transform Krea into an epitomized version of your online portfolio.

Krea comes bundled with Jetpack and Kirki Toolkit plugins that will help you maintain security on your site as well as tweak typography options for your site’s content. Add beautiful animations and create a pixel-perfect design using Krea WordPress theme, all for free.

Highlight Features of Krea

  • Responsive Design – Krea WordPress Theme comes responsive ready, meaning that your website will look amazing on all devices accordingly. 
  • Latest Technology – Krea theme uses all the latest technology this includes HTML5, CSS3, and the latest WP version always working. 
  • Theme Documentation and Support – The team behind Krea will make sure to solve your issues while working with the theme, but they also provide theme documentation to help you along the way. 
  • CSS Animations – Add animations to your site to create stunning pages and engaging content on your website. 
  • SEO Ready – The theme comes search engine optimized to help you rank higher and perform better in terms of rankings. 

Ignis - Modern Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ignis is yet another modern and free portfolio WordPress theme that offers flexibility and capability when it comes to website creation. The theme comes in one demo, that you can easily install and start customizing it to match the style you wish to appeal.

The Ignis’ homepage comes with a responsive and retina ready design that will serve as a starting point for displaying all your best works. The theme allows you to chose from multiple custom color schemes as well as various blog layout options to reach the desired look. Add cool animations to your portfolio items for a show-stopping entrance. 

Stylize your portfolio website using the multiple header and footer styles, show innovation using the pre-made gallery layouts, or add a parallax scrolling for a wow effect on your users. 

Highlight Features of Ignis

  • Various gallery layouts – A stunner portfolio must always display the gallery images in a unique way, choose one of the multiple gallery layouts to provide them with a touch of creativeness. 
  • Multiple Portfolio Layouts – Ignis theme is made for portfolio websites, select of the many portfolio layouts to create a brilliant display of your items.
  • Lazy Loading for images – You can improve the performance of your site using the lazy load features, especially for sites portfolio sites that rely entirely on images. 
  • Integration with Flickr – Ignis theme will provide comparability with the popular video/image sharing platform Flickr.
  • Advanced Typography options – Besides images, typography is another crucial component in portfolio websites, that is why Ignis offers flexibility when it comes to creating stylish and sleek typography.

Astra - Free WordPress Theme

Astra is widely known in the WordPress spectrum for being a free, lightweight, and fast theme that offers a wide variety of tools and features. Astra was built for speed and performance, making it the perfect theme to lay your online portfolio upon. Besides performance, building your site with Astra will require little work, since you can use one of the pre-made demo sites that will get you started in an instant.

Being compatible with both Elementor and Beaver Builder, the Astra theme captures a wide range of user involvement, thus making it easy to build your pages using a drag&drop intuitive interface. And if you wish to customize the theme’s appearance you can do that via the Customizer.

Not only page builders, but Astra theme comes compatible and integrated with top-notch plugins like Yoast SEO, Learn Dash, and more. Astra theme comes responsive ready, fully SEO optimized, and can be translated into different languages, all of which makes Astra the perfect free portfolio WordPress theme. 

Highlight Features of Astra

  • Theme Customization – Astra theme comes with a bountiful of customization options that allow you to build beautiful and capable websites. 
  • Astra Starter Sites – The theme will offer various pre-made websites that you can easily integrate and design to ma make it your brand
  • Integration with the best plugins – Astra theme offers full and seamless integration with the best plugins for WordPress some including Elementor, Yoast SEO, LeanrDash, WooCommerce, and more. 
  • Speed and Performance – Astra is a lightweight and modular theme. They provide several free plugins that you can install for just any functionality you wish to add. 
  • Responsive Design – Astra theme will make sure your portfolio website looks beautiful and neat on all devices, desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

Noah Lite - Photography WordPress Theme

Next on our bucket list, we have the beautiful theme of Noah designed for photographers looking to showcase their finest work neatly and elegantly. Noah Lite is a must check theme when searching for photography portfolios.

The handful of features that this free portfolio WordPress theme presents will help you create an engaging and dynamic interaction that will awe your visitors at wonder.
Add various animation effects, subtle effects, or unique transitions to spark interest on your visitors and engage them in your amazing portfolio.

Noah Lite is a theme for every creative that produces art, videographers, designers, painters, visual artists, and everyone in between can find this theme compelling for showcasing their projects. In terms of customization options, besides the WordPress Live Customizer, the theme offers a built-in Style Manager that allows you to change color palettes and many other design styles to match it to your brand.

Highlight Features of Noah Lite

  • Portfolio Ready – Noah Lite will provide a seamless experience to building your portfolio since with just a few clicks you can set your portfolio active and start your site. 
  • Unique Portfolio Grid – Get creative and choose your portfolio layout to create unique looking websites 
  • SEO Optimized and Mobile Ready – Noah Lite theme comes fully SEO optimized for higher rankings as well as perform excellent design display on all devices. 
  • Beautiful Design – Noah theme offers its users a beautiful and charming design to built their website with ease and flexibility. 
  • Built-in Style Manager – Customize and design Noah using the WordPress Live Customizer or Style Manager to pick the color palette that matches your style. 

Minimal Grid - Responsive WordPress Theme

The next theme on our list is Minimal Grig, a simple, elegant, and sleek WordPress blog theme that is suitable for news, magazine, entertainment, or blog website, but can easily be transformed into a refined and classy portfolio website. Minimal Grid represents a clean, minimal masonry layout and comes Gutenberg-supported.

The entire layout and concept are built around a neatly and beautifully organized arrangement that makes the creation of portfolio websites simple and provides an aesthetically pleasing display of showcases.

The theme will support various post formats allowing you to rearrange content when it’s needed as well as customize the theme’s design via the Live Customizer, choose the background color, text color, fonts, and much more to fully optimize the Minimal Grid theme.

Highlight Features of Minimal Grid

  • Simple and Elegant Design – Minimal Grid theme offers its users a clean and charming design to built all types of portfolio websites. 
  • User-friendly options- The theme comes Gutenberg supported, all the theme options can be configured via the Live Customizer, making this a seamless experience.  
  • Detailed Documentation and Support – Minimal Grid is a simple and intuitive theme to work with, but in case you encounter issues you can check their detailed documentation as well as the support community. 
  • Fast & Lightweight – The theme is stripped down to the most compound features needed to create blogs as well as portfolio websites which means it excels in performance and speed.
  • Visually Striking Masonry Layout – As apparent Minimal Grid uses the masonry layout to build your website upon, thus providing a visually striking display of content.

Perfect Portfolio - Free WordPress Theme

Perfect Portfolio presents a fresh and modern concept WordPress theme aimed for Startups as well as creatives looking to showcase their finest work in an elegant manner. The entire concept of this free portfolio theme is based on design and content presentation, with the aspirations of being the “go-theme” for creative portfolios. 

The minimal design presented in the Perfect Portfolio theme will make it perfect for creative agencies, freelancers, portfolios, or small businesses. The color palette almost strays away from the minimal concept of the theme, using the big bright yellow background, but in foundation remaining only the essential components for a portfolio website. 

Perfect Portfolio is a lightweight theme and can be set up in minutes, ready for your works to shine through the exceptional design and advanced UI interactions of the theme. You can easily customize the theme as well as the individual project pages that come bundled with the theme. 

Highlight Features of Perfect Portfolio

  • Multiple Web Page Layouts – Select from the various layout options that the theme includes to create any type of portfolio you like.
  • Powerful Portfolio Module – Create any kind of grid or masonry layout as well as trigger a lightbox when opening the images. 
  • Filterable Portfolio -Categorize and filter your portfolio to show any type of work in their taxonomy. 
  • Minimal and lightweight – The theme presents a minimal and alluring design that will match any portfolio kind, but in the meantime will offer amazing performance due to its light-packed nature. 
  • Theme Options Panel – This beautiful free portfolio theme will provide its users with flexibility when it comes to designing and customizing your website with ease and intuitiveness in mind. 

Rife Free - WordPress Portfolio Theme

Rife is another amazing free portfolio WordPress theme that’s a photographer’s favorite due to its flexibility and the minimal aesthetic it represents. You can download Rife for free via the WordPress repository and start building your online portfolio within a few minutes. This is all made possible via the design importer, an advanced and handy tool to import ready-made websites with just a few clicks. 

Rife as a free WordPress theme offers its users a grat deal of customizability and usage. The theme comes compatible with Elementor, the popular drag and drop page builder, in which you can create stunning websites on a live interface. Rife is a free portfolio WordPress theme that can also be used for other various purposes and niche websites like blogs or even simple and minimal online stores due to its compatibility with WooCommerce. 

Take advantage of all the portfolio-based tools and features that this beautiful free WordPress theme offers, like mega menu, post grid, responsive image and video slider, hidden sidebar, and much more. Select from one of the 7 marvelous demo sites and start your journey with Rife. 

Highlight Features of Rife Free

  • Pre-made Demo Sites – 7 stunningly website designs that can be imported with just a few clicks 
  • Page Builder Compatability – Rife theme comes compatible with Elementor drag&drop page builder, which makes the designing and building of pages a lot easier, all on a live interface. 
  • Portfolio-Based Features – Rife, the free WordPress theme offers a handful of amazing features to build and create capable portfolio websites. 
  • Responsive Design and SEO optimized – Rife theme is designed to look amazing on all devices accordingly, as well as is built with all the best SEO practices including the integration of 
  • Over 600 customization options – As mentioned, Rife will give you the flexibility to build various types of websites using the large option set it provides. 

Artwork Lite - Free Responsive WordPress Theme

Our collection of the best free portfolio WordPress themes contains a diversified list of themes, each of which presents a unique and distinct personality and design. This next theme is no exception. Meet Artwork Lite a beautiful free portfolio WordPress theme that offers a splendid design for those looking to showcase their finest work in the most elegant manner. 

The captivating parallax and the minimal usage of elements are what give this free theme its intrinsic aesthetic and sets it apart from the rest in the collection. The theme is designed to display the pure work and art of photographers and artists of all kinds. Artwork Lite is free to download on the WordPress repository and provides an easy and beginner-friendly interface. 

The free version of Artwork will offer different post formats, where you can also include videos, images, or galleries, thus diversifying your online portfolio. Typography is an essential component for portfolio websites, Artwork Lite provides a large collection of Google Fonts to elevate your designs. 

Highlight Features of Artwork Lite

  • Beautiful Parallax Display – What gives Artwork Lite its beauty is the smooth transition of each portfolio item highlighted by the parallax effect. 
  • Custom Menu – The Live Customizer integrated within Artwork allows the creation of custom menus. 
  • Theme Options – You can build and create exceptional portfolio websites with this free portfolio theme and get a great amount of flexibility to work with using the advanced options available. 
  • Minimal Design – Artwork presents a minimal yet elegant design that allows the art and the work of the artist to be put on the proper pedestal. 
  • Advanced Color Options – To create a cohesive and beautiful online portfolio, Artwork will provide the opportunity to arrange and change the main colors of your website either via a color palette or with a color picker. 

Hamilton - Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Hamilton is a minimal free portfolio WordPress theme with a clean design and a perfect solution for creatives looking to establish their online portfolio. This theme is perfect for photographers, illustrators, or graphic designers seeking to showcase their most prominent work online, and being a free theme it proves to be the best solution for artists who are just starting out. 

Hamilton WordPress theme offers a two or three-column image grid design that aims to centralize the artist’s portfolio and provide the well-deserved spotlights, without making a fuss about it. This free WordPress theme features the support of the Editor Block Guttenberg thus allowing to edit and add content with ease. 

If you are looking for a more intense showcase of your portfolio you can always switch to Dark Mode, another amazing feature that this free WordPress theme supports. The minimal design is masterfully displayed with a monochromatic color palette and the hamburger menu that triggers the mega menu. Although you can change the colors and style of the theme, on a first note, this design will be a great fit for a large audience. 

Highlight Features of Hamilton

  • Beautiful Image Grid Layout – Showcase your portfolio on a two or three-column display for the artwork to be the centerpiece of your website. 
  • Responsive Design – The free theme of Hamilton will provide a beautiful and responsive design that will look equally stunning on all devices. 
  • Infinite Scroll Support – For a better exhibit of your online portfolio, you can activate the infinitive scroll to endlessly display all your work. 
  • Gallery Support – As one of the most crucial components of every portfolio theme, Hamilton provides beautifully displayed image galleries for your portfolio. 
  • Dark Mode Support –  Hamilton offers a one-click switch to dark mode and instantly elevates a much stronger design and aesthetic. 

CleanPortfolio - Minimal WordPress Theme

As the name suggests CleanPortfolio is a free WordPress theme designed for artists and creatives to display and showcase their portfolios online in the most elegant and clean interface. Although CleanPortfolio presents a minimal design, the theme offers a bountiful of options and features to enrich your website and create splendid online portfolios that reach their goals. 

CleanPortfolio comes with a large number of tools and features to help you create websites of various niche, that be either portfolios, blogs, or corporate website. The minimal and responsive design will be the best fit for creating portfolios that aim on putting your work on the limelight. 

Customize and edit areas on your website lik the header, menus, layout, colors, typography, style and much more. Build your portfolio in style with this free WordPress theme and start establishing your professional ethic with the options that CleanPortfolio presents. 

Highlight Features of CleanPortoflio

  • Responsive Design – Once crucial component for every online portfolio is the ability to appeal the same stunning design on all devices accordingly, and CleanPortfolio does that very well. 
  • Widget Area – The theme offers flexibility to build the layout of your website to meet the needs of your portfolio.
  • WooCommerce Support – If you wish to create an online store around your portfolio, the theme comes fully compatible with WooCommerce
  • Design Options – You can select from the pre-made layouts to design your header, the background, menus, homepage and much more. 
  • Additional CSS – You can add your own CSS code to further stylize and design your website. 

Eksell - Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Next on the list, we have Eksrell, a creative and free portfolio WordPress theme made for creative websites. The beauty and charm of Eksell transcend from its simplistic and minimal nature designed to put the emphasis on the art rather than its surrounding environment. Despite the minimal design, this amazing free portfolio theme comes packed with accessible tools and features to build stunning online portfolios.

Eksell is just the perfect theme for creatives, agencies, professionals, freelancers, illustrators, or artists of all kinds, willing to share their most striking masterpieces. You can edit and customize your website via the Live Customizer, which brings a lot of flexibility and convenience to the table. 

But, on the other hand, if you wish to use drag and drop page builders, Eksell, the free WordPress theme provides compatibility with Gutenberg blocks that allows the content creation, all on a drag and drop interface. 

Highlight Features of Eksell

  • WordPress Live Customizer – You can edit and customize the theme’s essential components right from the Live Customizer. 
  • Page Builder Compatible – Eksell comes fully compatible with Gutenberg, the block-based builder. 
  • SEO Optimizes and Responsive Design – Eksell provides all the best practices for search optimization as well as presents a responsive design for your portfolio to look amazing on all devices, 
  • Social Media Share – The theme support the share on your favorite social medal platforms. 
  • Utmost Flexibility – Eksell also features a Blank Canvas page template that only outputs the content you add in the block editor, infinite scroll on archive pages, search overlay and more.  

Pure - Simple WordPress Theme

Pure WordPress Theme is a great addition to our collection as it provides a cutting-edge minimal free portfolio theme that’s destined to be the publishing platform for creatives and artists willing to build professional-looking portfolios online. Hence the name, Pure Theme is the ultimate elegance that your website needs, and with all the amazing features it includes, this beautiful free WordPress theme will be the best choice for any creative. 

Included with the theme are some advanced designer tools to help you customize and edit the theme to match your style. You can find icon boxes, portfolio posts, accordion & toggle, blog posts, galleries, and a lot more. 

Pure WordPress theme offers great performance and flexibility to build capable and beautiful portfolio websites, as well as amazing blogs. Included with the theme are also the well-designed inner pages that every portfolio needs, like the About page or 404 page, as well as stylish typography. 

Highlight Features of Pure Theme

  • Responsive and Retina Ready Design – Pure WordPress theme will bring a new concept of beauty and elegance to your website being adjusted for every device. 
  • Design Options – Pure theme offers major flexibility to customize and edit your website with design tools and features. 
  • Included Inner Pages – Pure Theme comes included with inner pages essential for every portfolio website like an About Us page, or 404 Page when users get lost on your site. 
  • Various Blog Formats – You can use different blogging formats either Masonry, Full-width, Image, Single Slider, or other. 
  • Customization Features – This beautiful free portfolio theme will allow the customization of your pages and posts including message boxes, progress bars, icons, custom buttons, and more. 

Elegant Portfolio - WordPress Theme

It seems all our free themes in the collection are a mere style of elegance and minimalism, that is why Elegant Portfolio is another free portfolio WordPress theme that’s described best with these adjectives. The clean and simple interface of this stunning free WordPress theme will be the ultimate solution for your online portfolio. 

The theme is perfect for photographers, digital designers, agencies, freelancers, graphic designers, and creatives since the plethora of options this free portfolio theme offers contains everything a designer needs. The theme is cross-browser compatible and highly customizable to design the website on your terms. 

Provide the best user-experience with the Elegant Portfolio theme as it is speed optimized as well as employs all the best SEO practices and integrates for better search engine ranking. Regular updates are done by the team of Elegant Portfolio as well as support for when you need help with issues you might encounter. 

Highlight Features of Elegant Portfolio

  • Clean and Minimal Design – The visually striking minimal design of Elegant Portfolio will be the strongest asset to showcase your work and art online. 
  • Speed Optimized – Elegant Portfolio is optimized to provide the best user experience by offering amazing performance on your website. 
  • Live Customizer – You can edit and customize areas on your website with the handy tools and options ingrained in the Live Customizer. 
  • One-Click Demo Import – You can integrate ready-made designs with just a few clicks and begin adding your content immediately. 
  • Social Media Integration – This amazing free WordPress theme will offer the possibility for your users to share your content across all the popular social media platforms. 

Sydney - Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Sydney is a popular and powerful free WordPress theme that offers major flexibility and functionality for creating websites of every niche. The theme provides a fast and effective way of building your websites with ease. Sydney can be used for various types of websites, starting from businesses, agencies, freelancers, or personal portfolios. 

The theme is responsive, which means your website will look stunning on mobile devices as well. The compatibility of Sydney with Elementor, the popular drag and drop page builder will open new customization possibilities. You will have access to a large collection of Google Fonts typefaces, full control over the style of your website, logo upload, screen slider inclusion, sticky content, layout, and more. 

You can create beautiful pages with this free portfolio theme and Sydney offers also construction blocks to build engaging and compelling content. You can set a full-screen slider or a static image for your header, it all depends on the needs and the aesthetic you want to give your website. 

Highlight Features of Sydney

  • Parallax Background – Sydney allows you to create a stunning page display, and the parallax background will provide a cool and smooth transition for your website. 
  • Custom-made Elementor Blocks – The compatibility with Elementor goes beyond the minimal support, Sidney offers custom Elementor blocks to build beautiful and engaging pages. 
  • Theme Customizer – You can customize the front page as well as change the layout, colors, and more to build the website the way you want to. 
  • Advanced Typography – Sydney will provide you with a large collection of Google Fonts from which you can select and tweak the typography options to elevate your design. 
  • Regular Updates – The team behind Sydney will make sure the theme is regularly updated to the latest version of WordPress to ensure consistency.

While on a hunt for the best free and most popular portfolio WordPress themes, the Portfolio Lite theme struck interest with a modern, minimal yet highly professional design. Portfolio Lite is the embodiment of creativity and simplicity cohabiting and thus presents a calming yet creative aesthetic best suited for portfolio websites. 

The main component that provides the intrinsic design layout for Portfolio Lite is the centered slider that creates a beautiful slideshow of your finest work. The theme presents a unique and remarkable style that suits the needs of every creative where the most highlighted piece of the website will be your artwork, with no necessary distractions. 

Portfolio Lite is a popular choice among WordPress users and proves to be a lightweight theme, translated into great performance and speed. You can easily edit the main configurations of the theme as well as include all your portfolio items without a problem. The theme is optimized for Gutenberg blocks and if you wish to display categories you can do so in a multi-column portfolio layout.

Highlight Features of Portfolio Lite

  • Optimized for Gutenberg blocks – Portfolio Lite uses WordPress’ built-in block editor to create your pages with high flexibility
  • Customization Options – The theme deploys a set of design capabilities including unlimited background colors, as well as add a header or background image.
  • Minimal Design – The intrinsic minimal design of Portfolio Lite makes it a designer’s favorite and easy to adapt to various niche portfolios
  • Slideshow Showcase – You can present a unique and marvelous design using the slideshow showcase feature to introduce your work 
  • Simple and Lightweight – This is a simple and lightweight WordPress theme to offer amazing performance and that is mobile responsive as well. 

Aronia is an amazing and lightweight free WordPress theme that provides a wide range of features under a simple and minimal design layout. Aronia offer features beyond the personal portfolio scope, here you can see the Our Services section, featured work as well as the latest news. You can add a blog on the side using the features available with Aronia. 

This beautiful free WordPress theme is perfect for every portfolio niche whether that be creative work, photography website, or studio agency. The clean and minimal design is what captivated us at first sight, but when you dig deeper you can also see that the various features that make Aronia to good to be a true free WordPress theme. First off the theme has a fully responsive design and is compatible with Elementor & Codeless Framework. 

You will have much layout flexibility to change the layout of the theme and create your own unique designs or choose from various menu options to provide easy navigation on your website. Change the font size, font family, background color, and more with Aronia WordPress theme. 

Highlight Features of Aronia

  • Responsive Website Design – Aronia is fully optimized for responsive web. Your website will look stunning on all devices accordingly. 
  • Elementor & Codeless Framework Compatability – You can build your pages using the powerful drag and drop editor or use the Codeless Framework for great flexibility
  • Footer Options – Included within Aronia are the Theme Options powerful enough to build your website with ease without a hassle. 
  • Slider Integrations – To elevate your design you can easily add sliders with the feature ingrained in the Codeless framework without a third-party plugin
  • Advanced Theme Options – Aronia includes an advanced set of theme options enabling you to edit and configure the theme as per your desire. 

Final Words

Now that we’ve come to the end of this article, we presented you with some of the best and visually striking portfolio WordPress themes that you can download for free. All the themes we presented include a variety of diverse sets of tools and features each designed for a particular type of niche. But they all bear the same essential options that you will utilize to create the most outstanding portfolios.

The list comprises of a WordPress theme that beholds a unique and exceptional design layout like A17, Miyazaki, Krea, or Perfect Portfolio. But on the same end, the list will comprise of classical portfolio styles like Airi, Neve, Phlox, Ignis, or Noah.

Pick and choose the theme that best suits you and your portfolio style, since most of the themes can be extensively customized and configured that shall not be a hard task to do. Choosing a free theme means you can experiment with various choices until you find a perfectly suitable theme for you.

By Team Neuron

Director of product design, Freehand

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