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20 Best Photography WordPress Themes

We have compiled a comprehensive and breathtaking list of some of the most beautiful photography WordPress themes to help you choose the one that displays your work best.
We have compiled a comprehensive and breathtaking list of some of the most beautiful photography WordPress themes to help you choose the one that displays your work best.

20 Best Photography WordPress Themes

Photography is an art that emits stories through the camera lens. Now that we live in a highly digitalized world, it has become imperative for every photographer, designer, storyteller, to be able to showcase your work online.  For that establishing a website seems like a no-brainer. Think of it like your online portfolio where you display all the stories that you’ve captured for everyone to see. 

Photographers use their cameras as their tools to explore not only the world but the individuals as well. That is why in this article we have collected the most beautiful and outstanding collection of photography WordPress themes that will help artists, photographers of all kinds find their muse of a website. Whether you wish to show your photography online portfolio or sell your work online, with WordPress as your content management, you’re off to a great start to success. 

The WordPress themes we have selected will include various mixes of minimalism and high functionality. We made sure to include only those photography WordPress themes that would contemplate a photographer’s art and work, without stepping into the same spotlight. Read on to explore all the beauties we have hand-picked for the occasion.  

We will start our collection with the stunning theme of Uncode, a beautiful and multi-purpose WordPress theme that resonates with various niche websites, and one, in particular, is photography. Uncode is a powerful photography WordPress theme offering a wide range of advanced tools and features to create the most robust websites. 

Although Uncode isn’t your typical photography-oriented WordPress theme, we’ve made it a part of our collection due to its outstanding demo websites that can each be inserted with just a click and create resplendent websites in minutes. Part of the collection of these demo websites are also photography demos, and in when in correlation with the powerful tools of Uncode, you can create magic. 

You can build beautiful photography websites for every artist, photographer, fashion photographer, designer, and other likewise. Uncode’s intrinsic style is related more to minimal design, which we thought is a perfect fit for photography websites, as it lets the art take the space it needs to be the epicenter of your website. 

Key features

  • Beautiful library of pre-made demo websites 
  • Comes with a front-end page builder to craft your website
  • Comes with a professional, clean, and visually striking design that will match every need 
  • Adaptive Images that detects the user’s screen and automatically adjusts to those measurements 
  • Extensive typography options to create an outstanding copy or content 

We move on to Esben an elegant and clean photography WordPress theme that finds use in various areas of utilization of photography. You can use Esben to create an online portfolio showcase and present your work, or exhibits to create a business out of it. Esben is a delicate yet highly functional photography WordPress theme that will provide the needed sophistication element your work needs.

First and most importantly, Esben comes with pre-made photography page templates that can be integrated without a hassle. Although not great in quantity but definitely grand in quality. And when introduced with the tools to further customize and design these templates, you can create something unique out of them. 

Although Esben implies fashion photography layout, you can still be in charge of the color, and all the elements on your website to give your own taste of design. And if wanna create a blog on the sidetrack of your photography website, Esben offers full support to create engaging blogs as well.

Key Features

  • Responsive design to match various devices and still maintain the exuberant aesthetics of your website
  • Powerful photography-related tools like Scrolling Images Showcase, Gallery Lists, Various infographic elements, Image Gallery widget, and more
  • Inclusion of premium WordPress plugins like Sider Revolution to create a stunning display of your images 
  • Social media shares to engage users from all other social media platforms with your work 
  • Includes page builder to create and design all the pages you need 

Bifrost is another astonishing WordPress theme that is meant for a variety of niche websites, but there’s something so elegant and minimalistic about the theme that makes it the perfect fit for online portfolios. The smart use of whitespace and the almost monochromatic color palette of this theme will be the choice for photographers looking to present their work masterfully without any excessive or unnecessary elements around it, if that’s the case Bifrost is your theme. 

Although, don’t be fooled by its simplicity because Bifrost beholds a wide range of powerful features for creating alluring photography websites. We included Bifrost in our collection of the best photography WordPress theme to add a dash of sophistication. Bifrost comes bundled with the popular Elementor drag and drop page builder, which makes the creation of your website a lot easier. 

Bifrost gives you total freedom to build and create any kind of design you envision, thus giving you endless layout possibilities and robust tools to craft anything you need.

Key Features

  • You can build and create your pages all on a LIVE interface without dealing with code whatsoever 
  • Bifrost packs some alluring pre-made one-page templates that can be inserted with a single click 
  • Bountiful customization tools 
  • Various portfolio layout and unlimited style and designs
  • Comes fully responsive to look amazing on all devices 

Wiso is a creative photography WordPress theme that is the embodiment of beauty and practicality. Wiso comes included with all top-notch photography features like albums, portfolios, galleries, events, even the possibility to create blogs and share thoughts, stories, tips & tricks, or just about anything you can think of. The variety of features included makes Wiso a great choice not only for photographers but also, creative agencies, weddings, blogs, fashion websites, and other similar areas. 

Wiso as a photography WordPress theme sure knows how to grab a user’s heart with over 30 pre-made demo websites, all of which present unique styles and designs that can be imported with just a few clicks. You can continue to edit and customize them until you are happy with the results. 

One particularly great feature that Wiso provides and can be used for photography websites is the creation of proofing galleries. You can create private galleries and password-lock them for only your clients to see. The whole process is simple and intuitive. 

Key Features

  • 30+ Ready-made websites to choose and import in a single click
  • Powerful admin panel to manage and control your website 
  • Proofing Galleries that will be shown only to designated clients 
  • Support of the WP Bakery page builder 
  • WooCommerce Integration to create a business out of your photographies 

Sansara is a contemporary photography WordPress theme providing a unique and elysian aesthetic for photography websites, paired with all the tools and features available, you can create the most outstanding sites. The idiosyncratic dark mode design that Sansara presents can be beautifully implemented in photo albums, photo galleries, creative and artistic portfolios, and more. 

The beautiful animations of Sansara are presented with much precision and fluidity. This can give your online portfolio the wow factor that you’ve been looking for. If you want a more exuberant photography WordPress theme then Sansara is the right choice for you. 

Sansara comes fully integrated with WooCommerce allowing you to sell your work with much flexibility and efficiency, also comes fully compatible with Visual Composer, a drag and drop page builder to help you during the process of creating and designing your pages. Among the list of features we must also mention photo watermakers, right-click protection, sliders to show a before and after effect, various layouts, and more. 

Key Features

  • 18 Photography Features
  • Varies types of galleries for better display 
  • Pre-made page templates and inner pages
  • Photo password protection to keep your work private only for specific clients
  • Gallery Lightbox Mode

We’ve yet presented another photography WordPress theme that implements a clean and pristine design with characteristics of minimalism. Photography WordPress theme comes with both sides of the medal. It provides a dark and light design, whichever suits your artistic soul. Presented with some advanced and professional tools, Photography WordPress ticks all the boxes for every photography website. 

Besides the fact that you can create outstanding online portfolios, Photography WordPress makes it easy to start earning from your work, as it comes supported with WooCommerce and gives you the tools for direct purchase. You can create private client galleries that can only be unlocked with a password. 

To deepen the connection with your clients, Photography WordPress gives you the possibility to give your clients access to certain galleries and they will have the possibility to approve these images or reject them. Photography WordPress theme will give you tons of tools and features to create the most capable photography websites.

Key Features

  • 70+ pre-made gallery and portfolio templates that you can choose and select easily
  • Image options to protect your work
  • Design and customize elements on your website with the intuitive content builder
  • Various blog layouts to establish your content 
  • WooCommerce Integration 

We introduce you to Ashade, a beautiful and creative photography WordPress theme that takes the minimal design to another level. The theme is merely presented in dark mode, but nevertheless, this will give your online portfolio a contemporary look. The theme comes packed with ample tools and featured specifically designed for photography websites. 

With Ashade photography WordPress theme by your side, you will be sure to create unique-looking layouts as it offers a variation of 18 beautiful photography layouts for photo galleries, slides, and everything your website needs. Ashade is a stunning theme that will help you stun users with its beautiful animations, scrolling effects, and creative page transitions. 

Included within the Ashade WordPress theme are some core Elementor widgets that deepen further the functionality of the theme and will provide you with an intuitive interface as well as powerful tools at your fingertips. 

Key Features

  • Photo Proofing to provide better and more professional communication with clients
  • WooCommerce Support to sell your products directly from the website
  • Beautiful and powerful Elementor Widgets
  • Before and After the feature
  • Stunning Gallery layouts 

Yet another dark mode photography WordPress theme that yields professionalism like no other. Blacksilver is a beautiful photography WordPress theme that covers a range of features most needed for every professional photographer. Blacksilver mostly prioritizes minimal design, thus your work and art will be the main character on your website. 

You can add a vertical menu with a sticky footer, present your images in a captivating lightbox, or create stunning slideshows, Blacksilver covers it all. And if you want to organize your gallery and your images properly, then you will most definitely need to use the filterable system which in all frankly is all simplified. 

Other photography-related features include lazy loading galleries, in-built proofing images to password-protect them. And to top it all off, you can easily link your lightboxes with purchase links and sell your images via the WooCommerce plugin compatibility. 

Key Features

  • Responsive layouts and design 
  • Lightbox feature for your videos and images
  • Beautiful animations to make seamless transitions
  • Elementor drag & drop page builder included 
  • Lazy loading for images

As we have perpetually mentioned throughout the entire article, all the photography WordPress themes we have selected present a universal minimal style, and the next theme on the list is no exception. We believe in the “less is more” motto, and the Arven Photography WordPress theme surely embodies the expression. It comes in both light and dark mode, each of which will provide a unique perspective of your online portfolio.

Arven is a charming and elegant WordPress theme that stores all the necessary tools for every professional photographer, as well as photo studios, photo agencies, wedding photographers,s or any creatives of the kind. You will have customization access for every part of your website.

Arven supports popular video platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, self-hosted videos thus providing you with the ability to add videography stock on your website with ease and flexibility. Besides the styling options and the customization power that Arven provides for its users to make outstanding photography websites, you can use their fascinating effects and animations to give your galleries a more exquisite aesthetic display. 

Key Features

  • Eclectic pre-made websites demos to get you started in such a short time
  • The possibility to create splendid and engaging blogs
  • Mega Menu Support 
  • Adaptive Images System 
  • Great customization power to create capable websites

Framed is a photography WordPress theme that introduces a contemporary design with high customization power – the dream of every professional photographer. Its narrowed niche makes this theme focus solely on photography website-oriented features, thus providing all the necessary tools at your disposal. Create a website worthy of your work. 

In case you wish to simplify the creation process, Frame offers 7 fully completed pre-made demo websites, each of which presents a beautiful design compacted down to every detail. Or you can choose from the various creative slides layouts to implement in your galleries. The flexible gallery grid makes it easy to create unique presentations and creations. You can choose from Grid, Masonry, Horizontal, or Full Screen. 

What’s special about Framed is that you can create a business out of your online photography portfolio. The WooCommerce support makes it easy to sell your work. Create multiple variations for your products whether that be in price or size or any other variation you wish to include. 

Key Features

  • Light & Dark color schemes, whichever suits your style
  • Contact form support and booking calendar inclusion
  • Before and After system support
  • Responsive and flexible design 
  • One-Click set up for the pre-made demo websites 

Napoli photography WordPress theme resonates beauty and elegance with its ethereal design,  high-end tools, and advanced features. You can create exceptional photography websites for your online portfolio, photo agency, or creative studio. The full support of WooCommerce will also help you create a business out of it. The One-Click Installation features will speed up your workflow and get you started without a hassle. 

In terms of customization and the creation of your website, Napoli comes bundled with Visual Composer, a premium page builder that offers a simple, intuitive, and drag & drop interface. You can build and design dazzling gallery images and creative video showcases. Besides a photography website, Napoli offers a wide variety of layouts to create marvelous portfolios. 

The captivating pre-made templates will present a different and unique approach as to what kind of photography website you wish to create, besides that you can fully extend those capabilities and create designs that match your style. Napoli offers a great performance for a photography WordPress theme. 

Key Features

  • Booking Calendar plugin inclusion 
  • Powerful drag and drop page builder to build pages
  • Beautiful and minimal design style
  • Photography-oriented tools and features 
  • SEO optimized theme for better rankings 

We continue our collection of the best photography WordPress theme with Avoc, a creative and minimal WordPress theme perfect for every professional photographer, freelancer, studio agency and visuals, and other related. Avoc invokes exclusive and different aesthetics, almost with no grid constraints, like their creative parallax portfolio demo, which offers a peculiar perspective from themes listed on the collection. 

Although Avoc does not provide much freedom when it comes to customization when compared to other themes in this collection, they do provide beautiful header layouts, pagination styles, or pre-made demo that you can select. Besides image parallax, you can use this attention-seeking feature for videos as well, to make your online portfolio stand from the crowd. 

Avoc is a simple and easily manageable photography WordPress theme. You can choose from the templates offered, but when it comes to typography you will have full control over your content and its design. Also worth mentioning is the WooCommerce Compatability to sell your products online. 

Key Features

  • Simple and minimal design easily managed
  • Full typography control over the content on your website
  • Responsive and retina-ready design 
  • You easily import the pre-made templates with just a few clicks
  • Cool effects and animations for oth images and videos 

We will continue our hunt for the best WordPress photography theme and resulted with Solene a beautiful and ethereal wedding photography WordPress theme that’s just as classy and elegant as the niche they represent. Solene integrated a quiet and elysian color palette that best matches a wedding photography website’s aesthetics. 

Solene is  beautifully designed WordPress photography theme that comes compatible with two of the best WordPress page builder, WP Bakery and Elementor. Thus the creation of your website will be a breeze using the drag and drop interface that both the page builder provide. Also, they both have a simple learning curve, meaning even the most novice person can get the hand around it. 

You can choose and pick from the outstanding pre-made homepages and import them easily on your website. You can also choose between different portfolio variations and layouts to make your photography website stand out. Like most themes on the list, Solene as well provides proofing photography features, the creation of an alluring blog section, or easily create a business out of your art. 

Key Features

  • Dual drag and drop page builder possibility 
  • Stunning pre-made homepage designs 
  • Multiple portfolio variations and layouts 
  • Crafted responsive design for every device
  • Multiple typography options to choose from 

Phoxy is a beautiful portfolio and photography WordPress theme that beholds powerful tools and features for every occasion. You can start your website in minutes by importing one of the 37+ pre-made demo websites, all carefully and masterfully designed down to every detail. You can easily integrate with and start uploading your content. 

Phoxy WordPress photography theme comes in both light & dark mode that intertwines the duality of minimal design and elegance, thus providing all the main components to constitute the most capable and beautiful photography websites that aim to feature and transcend the exquisite radiance of your work. Phoxy provides photography-related features to ease the process for you and your business. 

You can proof your gallery to share content only with specific clients or build clients pages to display distinguishing work for each client. You can create the website you envision as Phoxy is fully customizable and offers various features to make the most out of this WordPress photography theme. 

Key Features

  • Create unique photography albums with multiple pre-made templates
  • Also, Phoxy offers 23 gallery styles and designs 
  • Beautiful and flexible inner pages 
  • WooCommerce compatibility 
  • Add your Instagram images directly on your website

TwoFold is a stunning and minimal photography WordPress theme that will provide all the right space and spotlight for your work, and complement their aesthetic with the various customization settings available. TwoFold is a premium WordPress photography theme and shares the most exquisite demo websites and gallery templates. 

Besides the beauty and elegance that TwoFold will bring to your website, you can also organize your content with advanced collection pages with filters. Your visitors will easily find your work and it will allow them to search through your site with ease. TwoFold also provides an amazing WooCommerce experience for creating online stores with the utmost functionality.

TwoFold Photography WordPress theme stores all the most effective and used photography-oriented features. You can choose from the stunning collection of albums and gallery pre-made styles, stunning hover effects, lightboxes in both light & dark modes, as well as the possibility to add videos and create appealing video galleries. 

Key Features

  • Add items to the shopping bag directly from the lightbox
  • 11+ Pre-made homepage layouts easily integrated on your site 
  • Beautiful pre-made header styles 
  • Password-protected pages for the ultimate protection 
  • 700 Google Fonts and 3000 Typekit fonts 

Stills is the ultimate minimal photography WordPress theme that offers the tranquility and functionality that your photography website needs. The epitome of minimalism, Stills makes a great choice as a WordPress photography theme due to its high-end tools and all the photography-oriented features provided. 

Stills Photography WordPress theme was highly focused on every professional photographers and what they need on their website to showcase the utmost finest work. You can be sure your images won’t be cropped, you can present them in the original aspect ratio. That’s the beauty of Stills. 

The excessive white space once again confirms the minimal design the theme approaches, thus providing a clean and simple aesthetic, so that your work won’t have to compete for the attention of the users. Play around with the gallery layouts, set the proper font and size for your content, and make sure your site looks amazing on every device. Stills offers all of the above. 

Key Features

  • Minimal aesthetic to provide the right space for your works 
  • Playful gallery layouts 
  • Customizable color palettes for your site 
  • Specific custom font sizes
  • Retina and responsive ready to look stunning on all devices  

Rhye is a premium portfolio WordPress theme, and the reason we included the theme in our photography WordPress themes collection is due to its masterful simplicity and aesthetics, as well as the various advanced features provided for portfolio websites, hence the showcase of your photography website. Rhye provides a creative design to match your works but also remains minimal on its main points. 

Rhye comes compatible with the powerful drag and drop page builder that is Elementor, and we’ve perpetually mentioned that you can create all your pages and express all your creativity without having trouble due to its intuitive and simple interface. Take full advantage of all the photography-related features that Rhye packs as a larger niche unit. 

Give life to your image using the intrinsic motion effects and ajax transitions, that Why provides as a WordPress photography theme. Create the most amazing photography website by choosing from the rich collection of pre-made designs, thus including inner pages for portfolio details or albums. 

Key Features

  • Absolutely stunning motion effects and seamless ajax transitions 
  • Beautiful parallax effects 
  • Captivating full-screen sliders 
  • Unique and minimal design to upgrade your photography website
  • Full control over your website and consistency 

Oshine is next on our collection of the best photography WordPress themes, and although being a multi-purpose theme, Oshine excels at niche websites such as photography websites. The various portfolio features and configurations available will help the creation of capable and elegant photography websites. Oshine is a popular WordPress theme and provides great power to build anything you envision. 

From the 52+ demo websites you can find stunning photography designs packed with beautiful inner pages, all of which can be installed with just a few clicks. Oshine comes with its built-in intuitive page builder that helps the website building. It comes with custom made styling modules, a live text editor, and pre-made templates. 

You can create unique and creative grid layouts and styles to showcase your works in the most elegant manner. Oshine will offer all the main elements a photographer will need. 

Key Features

  • High-quality pre-made demo websites  
  • Stunning slider and carousel showcase 
  • Password-protected galleries 
  • Fully-customizable features
  • Built-in page builder to create your photography website

Ohio is the ultimate creative portfolio WordPress theme for every creative. The powerful tools and features the theme provides and the utmost professional and minimal design of Ohio make this theme perfect for photography websites as well. You can easily build all the most stunning pages for your website using the dynamicity and power behind two robust page builders such as the case of Elementor and WP Bakery. 

All of the pre-made demo websites of Ohio are carefully and professionally designed with meticulous care and alluring design. Them them comes bundled with premium plugins, one worthy of mention ofr photography website is Slider Revolution for creating captivating slides for your photography showcase. 

Ohio can be used as a WordPress photography theme due to its flexibility and full-website configuration capability. Besides the beautiful collections, you can create the same breathtaking single pages for each and every work of yours. 

Key Features

  • Outstanding demo websites for photography websites and portfolios
  • Highly customizable 
  • Minimal portfolio grid showcase 
  • News and blogging platforms 
  • Powerful tools and feature to configure every part on your site

Kordex is a fully photography-oriented WordPress theme that offers all the practicality every professional photographer needs. Nevertheless, you could use this stunning photography WordPress theme as the main establishing founder of your website as a freelancer, professional photographer, agency, or any creatives looking to showcase their work. 

Korderx offers captivating one-page designs with various grid and portfolio layouts to showcase your collections and pieces of art in such an elegant and beautiful manner. You can mix and match the alluring pre-made templates to provide you with exceptional and unique results. Make use of the full-screen slider to masterfully exhibit your photographs, or proof protect them for specific clients. 

Use Elementor to build your pages and display the best aesthetics as you will be able to customize every part on your site using the powerful tools available. Korder Photography WordPress Theme comes with a built-in calendar to help you manage events, or password-protect your work for any page. 

Key Features

  • Lightbox features and customization options 
  • Mobile responsive and retina-ready designs 
  • Simplified Filters for better organization 
  • Full-Screen Slideshows 
  • Advanced theme options to control the design of your website 

Final Words

The online presence has become an imperative feature for every creative, artist, photographer of all sorts, and to make matters easy we have compiled a list with the most exquisite and highly functional photography WordPress theme to help you create a professional website from where you can either expose and exhibit your pieces of work or attract clients and make a living out of it.

All the themes we have included share some similar traits, but differentiated within their aesthetics and style/ 

They each provide a minimal design, which we feel is an important factor for every photographer as it does not interfere with the spotlight of their work, they all provide WooCommerce compatibility, which is the popular WordPress plugin to sell products both physical and digital goods, and they all provide photography-oriented features to help keep your images safe as well as distribute them in the most professional manner possible to your clients. 

The list is comprehensive and we made sure to hand-pick only those worthy of your art. Make sure to skim through the list and read on the main feature each photography WordPress them provides to see which one fits your needs. 

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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