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What font is this? How to Identify a font? 2021

Read on to learn how to find the right font for your website and how to identify fonts online easily within seconds using all the best tools available.
What font is this? How to Identify a font? 2021
Read on to learn how to find the right font for your website and how to identify fonts online easily within seconds using all the best tools available.

What font is this? How to Identify a font? 2021

We have consistently reinstated that typography is one of the most crucial components of any piece of art and design. Typography is a form of art that expresses a visual interpretation of your design. And as we are approaching a new wave trend in web design, it has become palpable that typography is the perfect catalysis to fire up your design and elevate it with just a few touches. 

When choosing the right typography you will be able to invoke a feeling, remind people of your brand, or create a certain atmosphere. It all depends on your style and the message you want to convey to your audience.

Whether you want your design to have a more classical and elegant aesthetic or maybe you are going for a more contemporary look, you can switch between some of the most beautiful serif and sans serif fonts to impart your message. 

Without straying far away from our main topic, in this article we will introduce you to the best tools online to identify any kind of font with ease. How many times have you seen a ravishing font somewhere and you had no idea what the typeface was? I know I have been stuck in such situations a lot.

Always left wondering what font is this? How do I find it?. We have all the answers to these questions and more. Using these font identifier tools you will no longer be left with a cliff-hanger wondering what is this font?

Without further ado let’s start listing all the best font finder tools to help you identify fonts in an instant. The list is diverse, you can use browser extensions, online font finders, or try and identify a typeface using that photographic memory of yours. Included on the list you also have tools the help you make distinctions between the typefaces used on a website and the list of similar fonts they generate. 

We will start off the list with a Google Chrome extension, Fontanello is a designer’s favorite and a very popular tool to identify any type of font on the web. It is a free tool that helps you find any kind of font that’s used online. Simply install the extension and add it to your bookmark for easy navigation. 

Whenever you are searching and exploring the internet, and you’ve landed yourself into a masterpiece of web design that’s using some beautiful font, you can select the text, right-click with your mouse and click on Fontalleo. It will immediately detect what type of font is that particular website is using and display it to you. 

What font is this How to Identify a font 2021 Sicilia

This is the simplest and most effective method for finding a font without making it such a hassle. Below the font type, you will also find other useful information like the font’s weight, size, color, letter-spacing, and other details. The best thing about this tool is that you have immediate access to locating just any kind of typeface, all in a matter of seconds. 

WhatTheFont is another amazing font finder website tool that helps you identify typefaces by simply uploading a picture of the text or display you’ve had the struggle to recognize. WhatTheFont is a tool on behalf of the MyFonts website which is an incredible online resource to download professional fonts for any kind of project.

How does WhatTheFont work? Its simple. Take a picture or a screenshot of the typeface you wish to identify and upload the image. Next, this font identifier tool will suggest you single out the text that will need to recognize. After the tool processes the image, and does its calculations, it will show you a list of all the typefaces that are similar to the one you’ve uploaded. 

What font is this How to Identify a font 2021 WhatTheFont 2

What’s more, next to the typeface name you will find other crucial information like the name of the typeface and a button to refer you to the download/purchase page. This will save you tons of time and trouble finding the resource to download or purchase the typeface you’ve found. 

This next font identifier is an excellent online tool that will help you find the font you are looking for. It uses a simple algorithm that scans and detects the particulars of the font you upload and comes up with the most similar suggestions to help you identify what typeface is a website using. 

WhatFontIs is a free tool that also offers two premium plans that include some advanced features like custom text preview, or google font search alternatives to expensive fonts and more.

WhatFontIs implies a simple searching procedure. You first upload the image of the text that contains the font you need to find, make sure the image is of high quality for better results. The tool then analyzes your image and comes back with over 60 similar typefaces with links to the pages where you can download or purchase the font. 

What font is this How to Identify a font 2021 WhatFont 2

WhatFontIs contains around 700.000 fonts both commercial and free as well as an advanced AI system that identifies what font is in the image. 

WhatFont is another state-of-the-art font identifier browser extension that helps you find what typeface is a website using, you can identify what font is using a logo, or any text online. The WhatFont browser extension offers a simple and straightforward method of finding exactly the font you are looking for. 

Every time you see a beautiful font that’s used somewhere on a website, logo, or text, all you need to do is simply click on the WhatFont icon, located on the extension bar on your browser, and then hover over the text you want to identify the font to. It will show you exactly the font a website is using.

If you want to know more details about the text, you can simply click on the text and a display popup will open showing you all the font family, style, weight, size, color, and more. WhatFont is a Chrome extension that elegantly inspect the font a website is using and presents it to you in an instant. 

Font Matcherator is yet another splendid and effective font finder online tool that’s free and easy to use. Font Matcherator offers a robust font detection tool and packs some quite impressive features. It is a simple as creating an account and uploading the image that contains the text of the typeface you want to identify and within seconds you will be presented with a list of related fonts. 

To start identifying your font with FontMatcherator, like most of the options here, you simply upload a high-quality image of text. Next, you will be prompted to resize the image and only leave the text you want to identify the font it’s using. You can do that with the image editor they provide. Click to matcherate it, and you be presented with a list of the most similar fonts available alongside their respective information. 

What font is this How to Identify a font 2021 Font Matcherator 2

Pro tip: If the image includes multiple typeface styles or shapes, make sure to only include and crop the text or letters you are trying to identify. 

For the next component on the list, we introduce TypeSample a simple and effective font identifier tool that works as a Google Chrome extension as well as a bookmarklet. This tool offers a clean and uncomplicated procedure for finding the font on any text used online. 

Place TypeSample on your bookmark bar, it’s as simple as dragging it to the bookmark bar and you can start using it right out the bat. Refresh the page and start identifying fonts everywhere. To use this tool simply click on the bookmarklet and hover your mouse over the text with the font you want to identify. It will show you the font family and the font size. 

What font is this How to Identify a font 2021 Symposium

Another great feature of this tool is the opportunity to try out how the font you identified looks in your text. Click on the text to open the sample window, and there type in your content. You can also search for the font you have identified from the Fonts in Use webpage as well as a redirect link to Google search to find the font. 

FontSquirrel is listed as one of the most extensive libraries from where you can download beautiful free fonts that are issued under the Open Font License that allows you to use the typefaces for personal as well as commercial projects. But besides being an amazing font repository, Font Squirrel offers a great tool for finding and locating the perfect font, the Font Identifier. 

Font Squirrel font identifier implies the same procedure as the other online tools we’ve presented. Upload a clear and high-quality image, crop it to highlight only the font you want to identify, and click to proceeded matcherating your font. Within just a few seconds, the font identifier will match the most similar fonts available from their depository and present you with the list. 

The list will include free and premium versions that are of similar resemblance to the one you uploaded. Click on each font to redirect you to the download or purchase page. 

Fount is another splendid bookmarklet extension that eases the process of finding a font on any web page. You will be able to identify fonts anywhere online with much ease and practicality. Simply drag the Fount button on your bookmarks and start your hunt for the perfect font to include on your next project. 

Once you’ve added this bookmarklet, simply click on it from your bookmarks and start identifying fonts. Click on the text of any website you want to find out what font they are using and Fount will find you the answer right away. To turn Fount off click again the bookmarklet from your bookmarks and continue work as usual. 

Fount is compatible with multiple browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. After you get the results from Fount, you can search for the font or other similar typefaces on the My Fonts website. 

Identifont is a different font identifier tool from the ones we have presented so far in this article. Instead of uploading images, Identifont will absorb textual data, it will ask you questions to help you identify the font you are searching for. Identifont is the perfect tool to find a font for when you are lacking visual data. 

This tool will help you find a font by some important and crucial factors. First, you can identify a font by appearance, you can determine whether the font is a serif or sans serif. Next, you can find a font by its name, or parts of its name. Identifont lets you identify a font by similar fonts, you can specify fonts that are similar in appearance to the font you want to find.

If you have an image or symbol that contains the particular font you want to find, Identifont will help you locate it as well. And lastly, you can identify a font by its designer or publisher. 

Knowing the bits and pieces of information about the font you are trying to find, Identifont will help you locate it, and give the best similar results for the inquiry you’ve presented. And if you wish to learn more about the font and other important information, simply click on it. 

This next tool is a little more specific, the Serif Font Identification, hence the name will help you find and identify serif typefaces by inserting a few information. This online tool aims to find all the best matches for serif fonts and present to you a long list of serif fonts available. 

Once you open the tool, you will find a list of acquisitions to perform. You will need to insert each query correctly for the font identifier to match you with the best results possible. This is where the attention to detail skills come in handy. Make sure to describe each stem, shape, bar correctly. 

The search results will depend very much on the inquiry you enter, and alongside the list of fonts, you will find all the important information for each including the designer, publisher, the typeface it’s based on, and more. You can view the samples as well as compare the fonts for better visualization. 

Final Words

We’ve come to the end of this article, we managed to integrate all the best tools and extensions to help you identify a font online within seconds. It can be a challenge to keep wondering what font is this or what font is this website using, whether, on their text, logo, you can also use these tools to identify fonts on books. 

Using any of these tools will help you streamline your workflow and speed up the process of styling or designing like never before. You can use many of the browser extensions like Fontanello or WhatFont, that work wonders, especially for designers on the lookout for their next projects, as they provide an efficient workflow and simple procedure, we can tell you firsthand on that. 

We’ve tested and tried all these tools here and came up with this collection. You can use an image to find what font it is, or when in lack of visual interpretation, you can use other tools like Identifont that helps you identify fonts with a series of questions and textual description and come up with the best possible results. 

By Team Neuron

Director of product design, Freehand

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