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Top 32 Best Minimal WordPress Themes: Editor’s pick

For this article we have assembled for you our top picks of minimal WordPress themes to help you make it easier to choose one from the many endless possibilities available. Pick and choose the theme that fits your needs.
For this article we have assembled for you our top picks of minimal WordPress themes to help you make it easier to choose one from the many endless possibilities available. Pick and choose the theme that fits your needs.

Top 32 Best Minimal WordPress Themes: Editor’s pick

Looking for a minimal WordPress theme is no easy taks and the WordPress repository is a large and overwhelming ecosystem, especially if you have to go through the 48.000+ theme varieties on Theme Forest, being the most popular WordPress depository, only to find a theme that fits your needs and matches your semblance.

For all those who don’t want to deal with such enormous research, we have assembled for you our top picks of minimal WordPress themes to help you make it easier to choose one.

We decided to conduct this article due to the fact that nowadays minimalism is one of the most influential styles and for good reason so. This type of design will be consonant with a larger audience as it crowns simplicity as its ruler and through minimalism you can express the most essential and necessary elements of your work, stripping it down from excessive and recrementitious components.

Minimalism, in its unadulterated contrast, takes form, color, and space, only to cut them down to that level of simplicity that best attains their essential nature.

After understanding this whole concept around minimalistic style, you are on the right path on setting your work, art, product out of the cage of exuberant models and elements that deprive them of their value.

If you are looking to put more emphasis on your products and pieces of art, a minimal WordPress theme style is a perfect choice, then this is the right address as we will list you down some of the most alluring themes in their simplest form.

We will start the list with the beautiful, minimal WordPress theme of Manon. Manon is an attention grabber, highly recognizable theme that makes you think twice of its minimalistic style.

The team has masterfully maintained the pace of simplicity and contrasted it with bold and huge typography and with an abundant room of white spaces. This theme is a portfolio oriented theme with a unique and intense aesthetic to let you showcase your finest work. Animations presented in the theme beautifully complement the minimalist style and give dynamicity to the page.

Straying aside from the design, we will focus on this theme’s set of tools and features. It comes bundled with the WPBakery page builder that will allow you to customize your site and adjust it as per your likings. It comes together with a collection of over 30 creative portfolio layouts as well as with a set of portfolio features to display your art in the best way possible.

Choose to design the theme, set its colors, customize and adapt to your unique style and express your creative genius virtually via Manon theme. This minimal WordPress theme has an easy to use powerful admin interface and what’s best about it is that you can import their demo sites with just a click, simple and easy to use.

Manon has WPBakery integrated as a page builder, which gives you the freedom to make changes to your website and publish them in real-time. Due to its responsive design, creating a portfolio with Manon will look great on all devices and it’s crafted to be presented with high-resolution imagery to every screen size.

Also, Manon comes bundled with Revolution Slider, an exceptional plugin for presenting breathtaking slideshows, and you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Author: Qode Interactive

Bifrost is the perfect combination of gracefulness and purity that takes form in their rawest state. The minimalist concept in Bifrost derives from subtracting exaggerated overburdened elements, keeping only those imperative for a website.

This minimal WordPress theme incarnates elegance, sophistication, and clarity that attracts many for its detail-oriented features and styles. This is the kind of theme you would choose to convey artistry work as it best complements and understand the need to emphasize the art rather than the theme itself.

The design is simple, clean-cut, and straightforward with only black and white as their primary colors. It has a user-friendly interface that will make all types of users feel comfortable while working with it.

Speaking on the technical side of Bifrost, this is a feature-rich theme, don’t get fooled by the small number of elements used in the preview, it is like a secret treasure waiting to be discovered.

Building your website with Bifrost is an easy task, as it has Elementor, the powerful page builder integrated into its core layout. You will be able to customize all parts of your website, add various elements and design them however you wish, with the drag and drop interface.

Featured in Bifrost is One Click Demo Importer, a handy tool used to quickly import live demo previews, edit and customize them and you will be set to go. The set of demos are some of the most exquisite designs for different website profiles.

Whether you are looking to build a superb blog to share your stories, or an online shop to grow your business or create your own virtual exhibition Bifrost, as a minimal WordPress theme, has all the answers and is equipped with some heavy tools that are flexible and versatile to help you build exactly what you are looking for.

The theme offers more than 500 different options and shortcodes and a wide set made of over 977+ google fonts and texts as well as the freedom to select color, line height, letter spacing, transforming a text or font size. Read our article on all the compelling features that give tremendous power to Bifrost.

If you want a more in-depth description then check out this theme review article to get more insights on Bifrost and all its wonders.

Author: Neuron Themes

Next on the list, we have another portfolio-oriented theme, Airtifact is a beautiful, conventional and mininal WordPress theme overlayed with a compact and simple design.

You can see the rebellious nature of this theme in the way they play with the positioning and placement of elements. Can we talk about that cute rock icon? It gives the theme a different feel. You will find the perfect equilibrium between simplicity and complexity.

The use of oversized, bold typography and images play well with the white plain background.
It is clear that Airtifact, as a minimal WordPoress theme, is made for art purists. In all the theme’s integral parts, it is design, content, style, there is a constant perpetual search for beauty you can not miss.

This theme was built for performance, adapting typography and images, giving you a fast reliable website. You can also create beautiful and creative layouts to showcase your projects using a lightweight custom content builder.

Install it with a one-click installation process and you are set to start building your website with ease, integration of google fonts and full supporting system. And most importantly, this theme is responsive ready, your website will look outstanding in every device you enter into.

Author: VanKarWai

Savoy minimal WordPress theme come crashing your list with an amazing layout and design, perfectly-tailored for blogs and online shops. Classy, beautiful and modern are the words to describe this theme that will exemplify your products entrancingly and boost those sales up.

Creative storytellers and those who are looking to establish an online WooCommerce would benefit from this theme as it provides conformity with their less is more motto of design and flexible functionality.

The modern design of the themes fits nicely with the minimalist online shop concept, giving your products the spotlight with huge images and use of white spaces.

Savoy has AJAX integrated usable for shops, meaning customers will be able to put products in the cart immediately without having to reload the page, kind of like a real-life shopping cart. Worth mentioning that this theme is speed and SEO optimized, high pixel view on every screen and responsive ready for every device.

Some features that characterize Savoy and make it worth its money include: Ajax categories and filters, add to cart button, product search, lazy loading, wishlist, product quick view and hover animation with zoom-in effects, variable grid layouts with different column sizes, login/register Pop-up Modal, 40+ page builder elements and many more.

Best feature? This minimal WordPress theme theme comes bundled with one of the most popular page builders that is Visual Composer, a drag & drop builder.

Author: Nordic Made

Uncode is a powerful, multi-purpose theme that will transform your website from every angle you want, as it serves to be an all-in-one solution theme whether you want to build a blog, an online shop or portfolio, the large set of tools included will make that possible.

Grand, striking and with a little mix of minimalism on top, it is proven to be the elixir to modern-day issues. The theme has a clean style and it is suitable for a wide range of profiles like agency, freelance, designer, web designer, developers, business, services, marketing and more.

Uncode is a bestselling minimal WordPress theme on Theme Forest, it is fully compatible with WooCommerce and has integrated the front end editor Visual Composer with which you can edit and customize your site via the front end interface. It also comes bundled with a lot of popular plugins like WooCoomerce, Revolution SLider, Layerslider and more.

Get a quick head start with Uncode’s library of 70+ customizable demos with just a few clicks, which are the main highlighting point of this theme.

Also, with Uncode, you can visually design your headers and sliders directly with the Page Builder and use the number of tools provided to you to your advantage so the outcome will be a marvelous looking theme with high functionality.

Author: UNDSGN

El Calafate is an extreme geographical area only for the bravest explorers. That is the definition from where the name of this theme derives, it’s pretty cool. Alongside with the cool name, this theme also lays an appealing outline in dark mode and a simplistic design with light typography to match it with the dark background.

Calafate is a vivid minimalistic theme that is perfect for WooCommerce and also, portfolio showcase because it gives full creative freedom of artistic expression. The little detail over the cursor that shows the title of the post/page is nicely integrated.

The posts preview are amazing, they are shown upon the background and when you scroll down it feels as if they are lightweight focusing only on the post.

This theme is highly flexible and will give you the ability to move around and explore with page elements in many ways, also you can combine various color schemes and design possibilities thus giving you an interesting experience.

A feature that makes this minimal WordPress theme stand out is that it comes with its own page builder giving you a clean code and SEO friendly engine. It provides a lot of hover styles, Multiple portfolio pages, build-in Ajax cart perfect for online stores, Fully customizable portfolio pages and responsive ready to match t every device and a lot more features.

Author: VanKarWai

Another portfolio driven theme made our list. Maybe it is because portfolios are meant to be simple and minimalist, since the theme you virtually present your work is just a bridge between your artwork and those who enjoy it, it is not meant to be overly complicated and bloated with too many elements that just sit back in silence.

Okami is a unique looking minimal WordPress theme with a rather unusual display of posts, but it makes this theme stand out from the others. You don’t have the typical scrolling down movement, instead, when you scroll with the mouse the posts will move horizontally, giving you a feeling of a never-ending spectrum of posts.

The dark background is beautifully complemented with the light and bold typography.

Okami as a minimal WordPress theme comes with twelve stunning, flexible homepage templates, all beautifully crafted and ready to use, once you choose your preferred template, export it and start running all the tools available to you to design your site with ease. You will also be provided with multiple customizable layouts for portfolios.

The best feature of Okami? WPBakery Page builder, this plugin is a wonderous tool to build your website with such ease, as it uses a super user-friendly interface and LIVE editing. You will love it.

Author Qode Interactive

Proton is an impeccable, immaculate and minimal WordPress Theme aimed to be your number one portfolio theme. This theme surely knows how to stay between the boundaries of minimalism, a feature that makes it so easy and flexible to work with.

Monochromatic everything, from the typography, background, images, the only breaking point to this pattern seems to be the hover animation in a light shade that innate life within the theme. You can live light and color to this theme with your artworks.

Whether you are a creative agency, a freelancer or just an artist wanting to put your masterpieces out to the world, Proton is the perfect choice to turn your website into a popular destination and attract more visitors.

Design is not the only component that makes this theme successful, most of its popularity arises from efficiency and functionality. It will not require too much work to be made and even if you do perform other tasks, you will have a bountiful of tools to help you along.

You can design and customize the theme via the WPBakery page builder, which will let you create great-looking pages and posts.
Proton themes aim to be a faster lightweight theme and excel in performance tests and use clean code.

Here to help you craft functional pages are the powerful theme options that can be set from the Theme Options or individually for each page. Other features include three enticing headers, unique looking portfolio pages, functional online shop, and powerful blogging pages.

Author: NeuronThemes

Vavo presents a modern and unique WordPress theme with a turn of minimalistic style. The first thing you notice is the smooth interface this theme provides which is a point scored for better user experience.

This minimal WordPress theme is interactive, since at first all you will see is the super large typography, and you dig deeper more elements show to the surface. In the first section immediately as you hover over the titles you will be shown featured images of each post. They didn’t play around with colors much, but they did experiment with animations, image positioning, and sliders.

Vavos is a speed optimized theme, with top-notch performance. You can choose to add elements from the list it provides, edit and customize or you can edit the pre-built content the theme comes included with.

You can also customize many other aspects of your website like fonts, colors, and layout settings for your portfolio. If looking for a lightweight, unique and interactive theme for your portfolio showcase, Vavo is the answer.

Author: SpabRice

Dani is a stunning minimal WordPress Theme that is purely made for portfolios and blogs. Unlike other minimalist themes we have shown in this article, Dani seems to be the one to step out the boundaries with the usage of colors giving it a nice bright aura around the theme.

Although the simplicity of the theme is kept well and leaves out unnecessary elements only focusing on what’s important. The navigation is placed fairly giving a nice and smooth user experience, and when going through each page of the theme you can see different tones of colors but always the same type of style.

Dani themes come with a responsive design for all pages, meaning it is optimized to look good on every device. Set different types of background, you can use a video as a background for parallax which will add a very beautiful effect to your pages.

Included with the theme also comes Revolution Slider, a premium plugin for creating outstanding slides. The Dani theme include pre-made homepages to show you the versatility of the theme and serve as inspirations for future references.

More features from this theme include: 7 Single Portfolio layouts, Google Fonts, Well organized CSS, Carousel & Slider option, Lightbox included and others to choose from.

Author: SpabRice

Werkstatt is a modern, chic and minimal WordPress theme that offers so many possibilities and a range of beautiful layout options. This theme is as simple as it can get, no big phony header, everything minimalized and placed gracefully that makes for a great showcase of images and posts.

Choose from all 15 portfolio templates, edit, customize and adjust them easily with Visual Composer as a page builder, a drag and drop interface, perfect for newbies but also time-saving. And if you don’t want to start your site from scratch or you just need a source of inspiration you can always turn to the 19 stunning demos that come with the theme, all obtained with only a click.

Fully compatible with WooCommerce, if you like to have a simple-looking online shop you can manage it and use the Werkstatt theme.
Werkstatt theme hands you the control to move around elements, place them, change their colors fonts and play around with the design.

A good deal for bloggers could be the seven pre-built styles all different from one another. For more adjustments you have also available countless hover effects, 730+ animated SVG icons and detailed documentation to help you along the way.

Author: Fuel Themes

Let me introduce you to Blaze, another delicate and minimal WordPress theme perfect for creatives, freelancers and agencies. It is a charming theme, with monochromatic tones and shades, giving it this mystical ambiance around the website. What makes this theme ideal for a portfolio is the wide range of possibilities it offers from creating a creative exceptional showcase.

This minimal WordPress theme comes packed with 12 innovative homepages each showing a variety of ways you can optimize your website with Blaze theme. Blaze is compatible with premium plugins such as WPML, WooCommerce, Visual Composer and WPBakery Page Builder.

WPBakery Page builder is a strong tool to have by your side especially when creating a website, it offers many elements that enrich your website and content, give you the ability to edit your theme with ease and high functionality, also the themes come together with some fascinating portfolio templates that will allow you to put forward your work, giving it full attention.

A very important element when showcasing our work or even writing our posts can be the related items, you want to show to your users other valuable content you have on your site, and you can easily do that with Blaze.

Other cool features that are included within the theme are also top and bottom widget area, social share icons, parallax images in sections, v with over 800+ Google fonts, customizable footer and a lot more. Check them out.

Author: Qode Interactive

Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Meet Salient WordPress Theme, a multi-purpose and responsive theme that has amazed users on Theme Forest, thus being an elite selling theme. Even if you don’t obtain the highest coding skills, this theme will provide you with the tools necessary to help you be your own designer and build your website seamlessly.

Perfection lies in the small details they say, well Salient theme seemed to have perfected it by providing a minimal yet detailed design that’s adaptive for different niches. The Salient minimal theme will be the perfect choice for every creative agency, freelancers, startups, portfolio, or blog websites, and with the tools that come bundled, it is guaranteed to make the most out of your site.

Let’s dive a bit further into the feature that this amazing minimal WordPress Theme offers. The Salient Studio will provide its users with awe-inspiring, over-the-top template designs that will make your users stop and stare. Each section template is designed carefully ready to be integrated and customized.

To build the beautiful pages, and customize the exquisite section templates, Salient comes integrated with the WPBakery page builder Enhance the visual options, configure the settings and design your pages with ease and an intuitive interface.

Salient is one of the minimal themes that does not sacrifice good design for good performance, the package will include both, the theme comes light and fast out-of-the-box.

Author: ThemeNectar

Ohio - Creative Portfolio & Agency WordPress Theme

Ohio is one of the themes that make you question its minimalist style on a first glance, but when analyzed further, you notice the smart use of spaces and the simplicity that lies on the complexity of elements. The Ohio theme uses its signature design on all of the charming pre-made demos.

You can import and integrate all their alluring demo websites easily with just a click, and start customizing them with the premium plugin that comes bundled with the theme, WPBakery page builder. The addition to the premium bundled plugins is also, the Advanced Custom Fields and Slider Revolution plugins that will help you streamline your workflow in terms of design and functionality.

This minimal WordPress theme made sure to provide its users with all the tools available to design sites with ease and flexibility, including acquiescent menu types to set your header style.

Due to its multi-purpose nature, the Salient WordPress theme offers the possibility to build stunning online stores and offers a bountiful of features to back it up. Compatible with WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress, you can create the most beautiful online shops using the WooCommerce tool kit.

You can create versatile and sleek WooCommerce stores, blogs, or portfolios, all effortlessly easy using and combining the features and tools that the theme comes packaged with. Take full advantage of all the premium benefits that Ohio minimal WordPress theme provides, for full capacity websites.

Author: Colabrio

Ave - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Ave Minimal WordPress Theme comes crashing the list with exclusive design and advanced features that will help you put your website together in no time. Discover the full advantage the Ave theme offers as a premium, best-selling WordPress theme on the market.

Ave will provide shivers to every user on a first instance, the minimal design matched masterfully with a colorful palette provides a vibrant style and feel to it.

If you need a helping hand, Ave theme will provide an exquisite template starter kit library as well as beautifully pre-designed demo websites, ready to be configured and matched to your style with an intuitive visual editor.

The true multi-concept nature of the theme lies with the compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin, thus giving you the tools and the means to build alluring minimal online stores that excel in design as well as functionality.

Other amazing features of the Ave theme include the One-Click Demo Importer that will help you insert the pre-made demos in just a click, excellent customer support to help you with any obstacle you might approach, or its own integrated Design Toolkit that includes a huge collection of elements, rich customization options, and multiple design options.

Author: LiquidThemes

Authentic - Lifestyle Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Authentic Lifestyle Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

We included the Authentic WordPress theme as the perfect choice for all those looking to create stunning lifestyle blogs and magazines. The overall design of the theme yields minimalism, bountiful use of white spaces, and a rich yet compact color palette.

This minimal WordPress theme presents a balanced equilibrium of top-notch design and advanced features to craft your dream projected website. The 50+ ready-made websites will be of immense help to get you started on an instant, only one click away. 

You can find pre-designed demos for all sorts of categories on this niche, find the one you like, import it, and start finalizing your content.

Organize and build the layout of your website with multiple homepage variations provided, all made possible with the numerous post blocks layouts, sections, and custom blocks. All is possible with the Authentic minimal theme.

What’s more, the theme comes with four custom-made plugins that are available in the WordPress repository. The plugins are tailored to extend the theme’s functionality.

Other wondrous features of Authentic include the variations of gallery types, 4 different post header styles, and the ability to add custom fonts to enrich your design.

Author: CodeSupplyCo

Norebro - Creative Portfolio Theme for Multipurpose Usage

Norebro Creative Portfolio Theme for Multipurpose Usage

Another minimal WordPress theme portfolio on the list, Norebro is a highly customizable and flexible WordPress theme that’s perfectly suited for portfolio showcases and creative agencies looking to spice up their design. The minimal approach that this theme provides gives you the freedom to exhibit your art in the best manner possible.

Packed with a plethora of advanced tools and features Norebro will help your website succeed and reach its target. You can use the theme either for personal or corporate websites, as the clean and modern design and layout will meet every niche’s needs.

What makes this minimal theme even better is the ability to adjust and customize every part on your website starting from your header all the way to the footer. Mix and match various demo websites all created with the popular drag and drop builder WPBakery to build the design you are aiming for.

The theme is perfect or portfolio websites as you can use from the 9+ Pre-Made Portfolio Single Projects or Choose between over 24+ portfolio listing layouts. Design and customize with the premade custom WPBakery Page Builder elements, all including a no-coding experience.

Other amazing features that Norebro includes are the high-speed performance, premium plugins bundled for free, auto-updates, custom typography, and many more.

Author: Colabrio

The Issue - Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

The Issue Versatile Magazine WordPress Theme

The Issue WordPress Theme is the ultimate newspaper & magazine theme, it excels in beauty and design, as well as provides a bountiful number of features to create the most capable magazine websites. We included the theme due to its curated minimal style.

Minimalism is apparent throughout all the carefully designed pre-made demo websites that the theme includes. This stylish and professional magazine theme comes with 10+ custom widgets that are exclusively designed for newspaper & magazine websites.

Take full advantage of all the flourishing tools at your disposal. Create smart lists to order your information fashionably, or display your galleries in some beautifully presented lightbox galleries and its variations.

Typography is an important aspect of magazine websites, of course, The Issue will include some of the advanced typography options and custom fonts that you can easily import. You can use the full advantage this minimal WordPress theme offers to create outstanding blog & magazine websites.

Advertising your content has never been easier, included with some top-notch list of advert placements and filters, you can place any type of content starting from banners to AdSense ads, all without touching a line of code. Use the efficiency and beauty that only a premium minimal theme like The Issue can offer to create outstanding websites.
Author: Fuel Themes

Ronneby - High-Performance WordPress Theme

Ronneby High Performance WordPress Theme

Next on the list, we have included Ronneby, a highly functional minimal WordPress Theme curated for a variety type of niche websites. The utmost advanced features that the theme includes will help create high-performing and flexible sites that excel in utility and efficiency.

The advanced responsive possibilities that the theme includes will make up for building mobile-friendly websites, not having to worry about the device-agnostic aspect. Build and design your pages with the popular drag and drop page builder that is WPBakery Page Builder.

Design every aspect of your website, Ronneby gives you 14 customizable header styles, as well as 80 pixel-perfect demo websites that you can easily integrate and adapt to your style and niche.

Although the theme excels in blog and portfolio websites, it fully supports the creation of eCommerce websites and online stores. You can style and design every detail of your online store using the tools and features available for shop and product pages.
Author: DFDevelopment

Oshine - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Oshine Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Let us introduce you to Oshine, a highly popular and customizable WordPress theme that’s beloved by a vast majority on Theme Forest. The theme presents a minimal style mixed with a creative layout system and advanced features altogether.

The beauty of Oshine WordPress themes stands behind the plethora of tools and features at your fingertips. Choose from a wide variety of pre-made websites ready to be integrated with a few clicks, or select one of 30 unique header & menu demo styles. If that wasn’t enough you can craft your website using the powerful built-in page builder.

Oshine + Tatsu Visual Page Builder will work wonders on your website and will help you recreate your imagination of a perfect website. The 50+ styling modules will surely come in handy, each customizable and adjustable to the extent.

The beautiful minimal WordPress theme of Oshine will work wonders on portfolio websites as well as blogs and online stores as it comes fully compatible with WooCommerce – the most popular WordPress plugin for creating eCommerce stores. Choose from the classy photography demos that transcend high functionality and minimal style. No wonder why Oshine is the “it” theme for photographers.

Author: BrandExponents

Konte - Minimal & Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Konte Minimal Modern WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Our collection of the best Minimal WordPress Themes is growing larger, and as we continue to share our top picks, Konte will most certainly be one of them. Although a WooCommerce based theme, Konte has stepped up the game with an exceptional design, one that you rarely find in traditional-looking eCommerce websites

Although an online store’s propensity design is to be filled with content and elements, opposite to minimalist design, Konte has masterfully amalgamated both concepts into a beautiful correlation. In terms of design, Konte has remarkably maintained the principles of minimal design, with the use of whitespace, grids to organize the content only keeping the bare necessities for an online store to function properly. 

The monochromatic grayscale, contrasting black-and-white details come, and the sprinkle of color blend together to achieve the timeless piece of design that Konte minimal theme provides.  

In terms of features includes, the theme comes fully integrated with WooComemrce for better store management, thus including elements like the mini cart, custom widgets, unlimited color schemes, multiple menu custom styles, and much much more.  

Konte comes fully supported with Visual Composer, a popular drag and drop page builder that will ease the process of building your pages. Or instead, you could opt for the stunningly pre-made demo sites that you can insert with a few clicks and customize to match your style. 

When running a WooCommerce website, besides having the perfect theme, much of the site’s performance is dependent on hosting. You need to make sure you find the proper WooCommerce-dedicated hosting provider that is capable of handling additional featured designed for eCommerce stores

Author: uixthemes 

Kallyas - Creative eCommerce Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

KALLYAS Creative eCommerce Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Kallyas is a multipurpose eCommerce theme that offers a wide scope of flexibility to build beautiful and capable websites, and as such has integrated a myriad of features that will suit the need of every user. Craft any type of websites you wish using the 150+ custom elements or use the large library of pre-designed demo sites to get you up and running in an instant. 

Kallyas is a minimal theme that’s designed for a varied number of niche and offers 70+ pre-made demo websites, thus varying in style and design. The theme comes with a built-in page builder that provides a powerful design tool equipped with countless elements, all with a drag and drop interface.

This intuitive page builder helps you build your pages with ease and thus crafting outstanding websites. The theme also checks the boxes on responsive and retina ready, SEO optimized, creativity, and customizability. 

Kallyas comes fully integrated with WooCmmerce for creating capable online stores and offers a wide variety of elements to support the creation of eCommerce stores. The coalition of the WooCommcerce managing system and the visually striking design of the Kallyas theme will nurture the establishment of successful online stores. 

Author: Hogash

Infinite - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Infinite Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Now it’s time to introduce the Infinite theme, a multipurpose minimal WordPress theme that will facilitate a large number of niche websites due to its nature. The theme comes packed with a plethora of features and a built-in page builder that presents a smooth drag&drop interface. 

Infinite offers three main demos and a bountiful number of pre-made demo websites. What is apparent in each demo is that the designers of the theme kept a consistent minimal style across all sites without compromising diversity. You can create stunning layouts all with a free-code hall pass.

The built-in page builder offers a great user experience with its intuitive interface and various options available. It comes bundled with has 54 + powerful & useful elements that expedite the website creation and helps build ravishing pages. 

Use the custom made blocks to built your pages faster and ease the workflow, choose from the multiple header selection layouts, or create captivating blog layouts, all with ease and flexibility. 

This minimal theme comes bundled with some of the most popular premium WordPress plugins that are added functionality to the theme. You have included plugins such as Layerider, Revolution Slider, Master Slider, and iLighbox, all within the theme’s price. 

Author: GoodLayers

Arkhitekton - Modern Architecture and Interior Design WordPress Theme

Arkhitekton Modern Architecture and Interior Design WordPress Theme

It was about time we added some elegance to our collection of best minimal WordPress themes, let us introduce to you the Arkhitekton WordPress theme, a modern theme which can be used for architecture, interior design, architects, and much more. The attention to detail in Arkhitekton makes it very powerful and easy to use, everything possible from the most powerful page builder Elementor.

The magnificent blend of high-end tools and splendid design set Arkhitekton apart from its competitors. The theme presents a contemporary look for your projects aimed to awe your visitors and glazes at wonder. The minimal style was gracefully integrated within the theme’s design, paired with fine architectural lines and strong typography. 

Arkhitekton WordPress Theme provides various creative and well-organized homepages that you can import with just a click. And if you wish to customize then, the Elementor page builder will work wonders with its intuitive interface and user-friendly design. 

Every aspect of your website will be at your command to design and customize, thus developing highly capable and powerful websites. Showcase all your finest projects with Arkhitekton via well-crafted layouts and the myriad number of elements at your fingertips. 

The capability of handling highly functional eCommerce tasks and flexibility to design mellifluous online stores are the two powers this minimal theme holds dear to heart. 

Author: Neuron Themes

Sober - WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Sober WooCommerce WordPress Theme

We continue to bring beautiful eCommerce WordPress themes that are designed to bare the minimal style on its core, without losing touch of the functionality of an online store. Sober is another one on the list, this minimal theme offers a modern and unique design that is built tech store, clothing store, furniture store, bookstore, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry, accessories store, and more. 

Sober provides 12+ predefined homepages, all impeccably crafted that boasts a very fresh, minimalist style with a limited color palette and great use of whitespace. You can import all the demos with just a click via the One-Click Demo-Importer. And for all the customers that come to your site from mobile devices, rest assured they will be served with an A-class performance as Sober was built with responsiveness in mind. 

Included with the theme comes Visual Composer, a powerful drag&drop page builder that eases the building process and offers a large library of elements that can be utilized to build robust and complex site layouts. Sober presents as the perfect minimal WordPress theme for all types of creative and eCommerce websites. 

The WooCommerce integration will allow the creation of highly capable online stores, all achieved through the dedicated eCommerce features that the theme comes bundled with. With Sober, you can sell anything online, ranging from physical to digital goods and everything in between. The theme comes SEO optimized, translation ready, and offers unlimited live options to save you time and reduce the workload. 

Author: uixthemes 

Notio - Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Notio Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Next on the list, we have the Notio theme, a creative and minimal WordPress theme that embraces minimalism as its design aesthetic and embodies perfectly the “less is more” motto of this style. The Notio theme is a visually captivating theme that’s made for all artists and creatives looking to showcase their work. 

The Notio theme comes with 12+ pre-made demo websites each of which presents a unique and rare design style made to charm users at a first glance. They all use different elements, all of them being interchangeable for and thus creating various page layouts to make your portfolio stand from the crowd. 

The minimal theme of Notio comes fully packed in features and elements that allow the creation of exceptional websites, all of which excel in performance and are fully capable. To make your website even more stunning you can use the included Google Webfonts and Typekit Fonts that come largely in number. 

Start a blog, or create an online portfolio, for both you will have the supported elements and features alongside the unique layouts that you can carefully craft and design. The Notio theme is built using Visual Composer, the popular drag and drop page builder. This makes the designing of the pages a lot easier and offers a bountiful of customization options thus resulting in spectacular outcomes. Author: FuelThemes

Enfold - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Enfold Responsive Multi Purpose Theme

Enfold is another popular and powerful WordPress minimal theme that can be suited to fit multiple types of websites and business needs. The theme comes feature-rich packed and offers a real deal of customizability, allowing you to build competent websites paired with a modern and clean design. The theme takes great pride in its responsive capabilities.

If you are building your website with Enfold, rest assured that your phenomenal design will remain the same on all devices accordingly. The theme offers a wide variety of demo sites suitable for diversified niche websites, all of which vary in design and style. The One-Click Demo-Importer will assist in integrating these demos with just a click, hence the name of the feature. 

The theme offers a plethora of features to style, design, edit, and customize your website directly from the backend, either using the global styles you set or individual styling options for each.

Besides being a perfect minimal theme for establishing your online portfolio or blog, Enfold comes fully integrated with WooCommerce as well, meaning you can establish your business online with much ease and flexibility. 

The theme has an easy setup, saving you time and getting you up and running quickly. When opting to design the pages, Enfold comes with a built-in page builder designed specifically for the theme and comes with multiple elements to create the layout of your choice. Another major component that makes this theme perfect for complex layout-based websites, is the creation of the mega menu, which add structure and organization to your website. 

Author: Kriesi 

Brooklyn - Creative Multi-Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Brooklyn Creative Multi Purpose Responsive WordPress Theme

Brooklyn is a popular multi-purpose WordPress theme with a robust infrastructure that deploys a myriad of theme options to design all aspects of your website. Brooklyn presents a groundbreaking design and captivating hero pages that will meet the needs of a diversified selection of niche websites. 

All the carefully crafted demo sites have been designed with practicality in mind taking into account all the requirements for each demographic. You can find demo sites for weddings, constructions, freelancers, and much more.

Besides particular business needs, the demos are diversified in style as well where you can find one-pagers, landing pages, fullscreen video background, parallax effects, sliders, and more. 

The Brooklyn WordPress theme went above and beyond to offer an all-inclusive experience for its users. This minimal theme comes packed with premium plugins such as WP Bakery page builder that eases the process of website creation, Slider Revolution that will have your creativity flow with its intuitive interface to create stunning sliders, and more. 

Brooklyn Theme offers over 60 handmade design elements to help you stylize your website with ease, all of which present a drag&drop interface and are highly flexible. The theme is optimized for speed by integrating predefined cache settings for the best performance. 

Author: UnitedThemes 

Catana - Fashion & Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Catana - Fashion & Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme

On the hunt for the best minimal WordPress themes, we made sure to go out of our way to include only the best from every niche, thus introducing Catana, e beautiful and minimal WooCommerce theme that’s designed for the creation of the most outstanding online store that also presents a unique and minimal appeal. You can use Catana to be the foundation of your online store, whether that be fashion, cosmetics, shoes, watch, drug stores, furniture, accessories, and more. 

Ctana comes packed with pre-designed homepage layouts that you can use with a single click. They are fully customizable, as you can match them to your brand easily and with much efficiency. But the best feature of these homepages is that they are fully responsive and will look stunning on each device accordingly. 

Catana includes some advanced features to create powerful eCommerce stores, but all presenting a minimal design and layout. You can use the Ajax cart to improve the user experience or include engaging popups that increase leads and convert users at the very last moment. 

Cata includes some of the most powerful customization options to fully design and customize your website to match your business needs, but they still made the theme compatible with the most popular plugins, if you wish to extend the functionality of the theme as per your desire. In terms of support, with the purchase of the theme, you get 6-month of professional customer support for every issue that’s related to the theme. 

Author: Skygroup

Avoc - Minimal Portfolio / Agency WordPress Theme

Avio - Agency WordPress Theme

Now we must present the elegant theme of Avoc that’s tailored to fit the needs of freelancers, photographers, agencies, and other creative fields due to its high functionality and flexibility. Avoc is a simplistic minimal WordPress theme that includes some outstanding tools and features to make your online portfolio stand out take the attention of the crowd. Due to it’s minimal design, Avoc contemplates on the simplest components and makes for a great lightweight theme that’s made to deliver excellent performance.

On the other hand, Avoc makes for a powerful portfolio or agency WordPress theme with the ingrained features and comprehensive toolkit aimed to develop some of the most wonderful websites. You will have full typography control to choose from the various Google fonts available, or if you don’t like the selection, you can easily add your own custom fonts.

Avoc will automatically resize to match the screen on which the users are visiting your website and is fully optimized for SEO, having your website visible on all search engines. You can import the entire content of the website with a single click and ensure that you can fully customize the design to match your style. 

Avoc makes for a great selection to build your online portfolio, as it provides a simple and clean interface to provide the proper attention your work needs, without having exuberant and unnecessary elements on the page. 

Author: SpabRice

Arnold - Minimal Portfolio Theme

Arnold - Minimal WordPress Theme Portfolio

Arnold is a simple and minimal WordPress theme that presents a flat and modern design, intrinsic for online portfolios. Arnold makes use of every component that’s put on the page, and no other necessary element is placed to distract users from the real piece of the show, which is your art. This is why Arndol makes for a great and lightweight minimal portfolio WordPress theme that ensures speed and performance out of the box. 

Arnold is designed for mobiles as well, ensuring responsiveness across all devices and always presenting a beautiful interface even on mobiles. If you wish to increase the engagements and interactivity of the theme you can add beautiful minimal animations that elevates your design and attracts visitors.

Arnold packs some beautiful and minimal homepage designs that you can import on a single click, and all the content will be integrated without a hassle. You can fully customize and design the homepages until you are completely happy with the final result. 

Arnold is a theme made for creatives, who are looking for their online space to present their art. Ingrained with a drag and drop page builder, this makes the creation of the pages a lot more easier and intuitive. You can select from the 21 pre-designed header layouts, or create your custom online portfolio with extended flexibility. 

Author: SeaThemes

Ozark - Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ozark - Minimal Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ozark, is an innovative and minimal WordPress theme made for all types of creatives. Ozark presents a unique design that’s matched with a contemporary aesthetic. The theme is primarily designed for portfolio websites but can be used to create a small, minimal online store on the side if you wish to sell your art or any type of digital content. The theme was built based on the latest trends in design and typography, which are two main components to create a beautifully crafted online portfolio. 

The pre-made homepage designs are a delight, they excel in functionality and design and can be integrated with a single click. Besides that, you also get stunning and practical inner pages & easily customize them to meet your needs. The Elementor page builder is the foundation of creating and designing all your pages with the utmost flexibility and efficiency. 

Ozark comes with a collection of unique portfolio layouts that allows for the creation of diverse project showcase styles to make your online portfolio stand out from the crowd. Because minimalism requires only the most necessary components, one way to elevate your designs and your online portfolio is by adding smooth animation effects that trigger the attention of the user and increases engagement.

And if you want to create a blog where you share your knowledge and all you know on your niche, then the floor is all yours. Ozark also packs some advanced blogging features to create a minimal online blog and build an audience that follows your art and your content. 

Author: GradaStudio 

Final Thoughts

This concludes our article on best minimal WordPress themes, we hope to have shed some light on the process and helped you make the right decision. All the themes presented in this list are premium and prestigious themes that have behind amazing teams working each day trying to make them better and better every day.

The choice of the perfect minimal WordPress theme for you will depend on many factors, what type of website you want to build, the size of this, what purpose will it serve.

If you are looking a more general theme that accounts for a bountiful amount of tools and features and has a tremendous design you could opt from Uncode or Bifrost if you want to build a minimal online shop top choices for you would be Savoy or Calafate due to their nature being oriented more towards WooCoomenrce, or if you want to create a smashing artsy portfolio you could go with Manon, Pearce, Salient, Ohio, Ave, Dani or Proton.

Which one you choose, it is for sure you won’t be disappointed.

Share with us your top picks for Minimal WordPress Themes and don’t hesitate to leave recommendations in the comments section below. Be kind

By Team Neuron

Director of product design, Freehand

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