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How to Quickly Start a Fashion Blog in WordPress – The Ultimate Guide 2021

Looking to start a fashion blog in WordPress? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to quickly start a fashion blog in WordPress and make money.
How to Quickly Start a Fashion Blog in WordPress – The Ultimate Guide 2021
Looking to start a fashion blog in WordPress? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to quickly start a fashion blog in WordPress and make money.

How to Quickly Start a Fashion Blog in WordPress – The Ultimate Guide 2021

Here’s an exciting topic on how to start a fashion blog in WordPress. This article goes out to all those with a passion for fashion, looking to establish their online presence and provide us with flares of fashion insights and tips. The guide will walk you through the entire process of creating a fashion blog in WordPress, starting from choosing the right platform, your specified niche, to figuring out the technical stuff and the tools you’ll need to optimize your blog and speed up growth.

Creating a fashion blog to express yourself and share your knowledge on the topic and will also bring tons of opportunities your way.
Running a fashion blog in WordPress is simple and straightforward, once you are done with establishing it and have your strategy ready, this will be an excellent opportunity to earn credibility in the fashion circles, as well a make a profit out of your fashion blog. In the last section of our article, you will be able to learn more about how to earn money with a fashion blog in WordPress and optimize your chances of success.

That being said, creating a fashion blog – or any kind of blog, for that matter – can be a bit tricky if you don’t know how to start. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms and content management systems that offers you the ultimate flexibility and utility to create the most popular and successful blogs. For this reason, we decided to be your most trusted companion on this journey and help you start a fashion blog in WordPress. These are the steps we are going to follow. Let the journey begin.

Choose your Niche

Choose your Nice for your Fashion Blog

Before we run down the list of choosing a domain and hosting as these two main criteria for a WordPress website, you must first establish what you are going to blog about. Fashion is already a niche on its own, but yet there are multiple subcategories within that you can specialize in. 

Every style has its own niche and as a fashion enthusiast, you most likely are interested in one particular area and you should keep your focus on becoming an authority on your niche and build a reputable blog. If you are able to identify your niche, you will be able to easily build an audience for your blog and keep your readers interested and entice them for more. 

To pick your niche, you should consider your overall style first. The better you narrow down your niche, you will also be able to create a loyal audience that’s dedicated to your blog and that will be more interested in your content.
To begin narrowing down your fashion blog niche, there are a few things you should consider. 

First, you will need to determine if you’re into the trendy or mainstream type of fashion, or if your interests lean more towards alternative styles. Once you have our answer on your niche, you will also need some intrinsic elements to set your blog apart from the crowd and make it memorable. It can either be your approach to the content you create or a combination with a different style that will completely set the scene for a unique fashion blog with a dedicated set of readers and users.

Choose a website domain

Pick a domain for your fashion blog website 1

When deciding that WordPress will be the platform where you share and establish your blog, you should have also known that with all the freedom and flexibility there comes responsibility as well. You will be in charge of every aspect of your WordPress website, and when creating a fashion blog, or any other blog in that order, you will need a domain name. 

This is the web address for your website. The domain name is how usually users search for your blog on the web and will represent your presence on the web world, hence you should be careful when choosing your domain name for your fashion blog.

As a rule of thumb, when choosing your domain name, it should be a catchy, niche-related, fun, easy to remember, and interesting one. If you plan on developing a business out of your blog website, then make sure everything is consistent and resemblances your brand. You can get creative with your domain name, but always keep in mind to pick one that’s easy to remember by the audience on your niche. 

If you are yet not sure on what name to pick for your domain, we would suggest you use a domain generator like Zyro or Domain Wheel. This gives you several ideas and keywords around your niche to consolidate your domain name.

Choose a WordPress Host Provider

Choose your Hosting Provider

Besides the domain name, when choosing to create and publish websites with WordPress, you should also pick a dependable hosting plan that meets your blog’s needs and requirements. You can find plenty of WordPress-dedicated hosting plans at different price ranges. Depending on the budget you are running you can find reputable and great hosting providers at a reasonable price. 

The difference between and is already on our blog and you can check our article for more information, but in essence, if you decide to create your fashion blog with you can rely on their hosting as well as choose a domain name, but this comes with limitations and branded features on your website. This is why choosing the self-hosted version of WordPress (which is will be the best choice, especially if you plan on making a profit out of your fashion blog. 

When deciding on your hosting provider, you should pick one that’s suitable for your fashion blog, one that’s secure and provides great customer service. If you choose a managed WordPress hosting plan, your website will be taken care of in technical aspects like updates, speed, security, backups, and more. We would suggest you opt for some of the most popular WordPress hosting providers like Bluehost, SiteGround, or WP Engine, as they offer amazing services, great customer support, and everything comes at an affordable price. 

They’re very affordable (from $2.75 / month), and deliver all the features you might require. They also provide automatic WordPress installation within the process, making everything much easier for you.

Choose the Right WordPress Theme and Plugins

Choose your Theme for your Fashion Blog

Now that you have your hosting provider and domain name set, we will assume you have already installed WordPress, it’s time for the fun part. WordPress themes and plugins are at the forefront of your website’s design and functionality, thus requiring much care and attention for choosing the right ones. We will start with WordPress themes. For a fashion blog, you will need to narrow down your theme search to your specific niche. We must introduce that WordPress provides both free and premium themes that come with certain features your fashion log needs.

To help you abate the extensive list of WordPress themes, please refer to our article on the best WordPress Themes for Blogs & Magazines. In this collection, you will find some of the most exuberant and beautiful themes designed for any type of blog that provides an extensive list of tools and features to help you establish the most capable fashion blog websites.

Once you have established the theme for your fashion blog to design it corresponding to your brand and aesthetics, it’s time we take care of the extensions on the backend. Plugins are added functionality to your website, you should start with some plugins that are a must for every website. First off, you will need a plugin that offers security, speed, and other important functionalities all in one. For this occasion, we recommend the Jetpack plugin, made by WordPress experts to make WP sites safer and faster, and help you grow your traffic.

Next up, it is of great importance to install a plugin that takes care of your website’s SEO to help you gain visibility on all the major search engines and rank higher whenever users search for particular topics on your niche. For this occasion we would recommend the RankMath plugin, the free version will offer robust SEO features to optimize your blog, follow our guide on how to take full advantage, and take the first steps with RankMath. For more information on this topic please read our guide on the most essential WordPress plugin for your website.

Establish Consistency on your Content

Create consistency on your fashion website

Consistency is always key, thus you should pay close attention when creating and publishing your content. Once you are with the technical side of your fashion blog and have managed to create a beautiful and engaging site, the workload shifts to another section, which is equally if not more important. You should always serve your readers top-notch content that’s consistent in terms of publishing. You should keep an eye on creating high-quality content that’s engagin, informative, and niche-related blog articles. Do your research and look for popular niche-related blog articles from your competitors, analyze them and try to outrun them by creating content that’s of more substance and relevance. 

Try to perform keyword research using popular tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, or try to search for niche-related topics using tools like Answer The Public, which you can use to research certain keywords and then expand your topic based on this query. Note that you can only research up to three keywords per day using the free version of the tool. 

Next up, you will also need to create a consistent publishing schedule for your posts to always serve your users with quality content that’s always on time. You can do your research and decide on the best time to publish your blog posts depending on your audience’s time zone and time intervals. Using analytics tools, you can figure out where most of your visitors come from (or at least where they access your content from), and time your blog posts and your social network activity accordingly. 

The more often you post and publish blog articles the more likely your blog is to perform well on search engines and improve its visibility. Yet, the quality of your content should never be compromised for the sake of quantity. You can automate the process of publishing your content, and for this, the SchedulePress plugin will be your greatest asset.

Share your Content on Social Media

Share your blog on Social Media 1

Every website, especially blogs will benefit from proper marketing on social media, and fashion blogs, with their image-heavy posts, are ideal candidates for social media marketing. It goes without mentioning that social share buttons are a must for every blog. Please refer to our video on how to add social share buttons on your WordPress website and learn all the insights on this process.

Having a website that is closely connected to all the relevant social media platforms will increase the chances of attracting new audiences to your fashion blog and help you build an authentic online presence. In this context, promoting your blog on social media (and vice versa) is one of the best and quickest ways to increase more traffic. 

For a start, you should make sure to share your WordPress posts on all relevant social media channels. You can embed your social media feed directly into your WordPress website, thus allowing users to discover your social channels and share your content through them.

Monetize your Fashion Blog

Monetize your fashion blog

Besides being something you are passionate about, you can also find many creative ways to monetize your blog to bing your earnings. You see all these popular fashion bloggers advertising their fancy lifestyle, this is because make smart use of the tools they have at their disposal. Most successful fashion bloggers promote sponsored content where brands pay them to promote products. Paid and sponsored content is the major source of revenue for many fashion bloggers. Blogging as a hobby is great, but blogging as a business is even better. If you want to make money from your blog, these are some of the most popular ways to get started:

  • Display Ads on your Blog – This is one of the simplest and very successful techniques to start monetizing your blog. You can display ads on your blog easily using Google AdSense and make money from your blog even when you’re just starting. And once you’ve established an audience and have grown your website, you can use those viewers to sell advertising placements on your site where you can feature the rands you love on some of the most important areas of your fashion blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing – You can become an affiliate for fashion brands you love and earn money when people buy the products you recommend. You get a referral commission when your users purchase a product after clicking on your link. To make money out of affiliate marketing you will need to find niche-related fashion products and brands that offer an affiliate program.
  • Brand Promotions – You can reach out to brands, fashion bloggers, agencies, and startups to collaborate and partner up with them. You get a referral commission when your users purchase a product after clicking on your link. The best way to find which companies are doing blog promotions is to keep an eye on top fashion bloggers and their Instagram posts.

You should keep in mind that creating a successful fashion blog in WordPress will be a long process that requires hard work and patience, but it will bring you profit when done right. Learning how to start a fashion blog in WordPress is only the beginning. Keep your goals clear and make sure they are realistic so that they can be achieved one by one. Successful blogs often take six months to a year to start earning a small amount of money, and several years to build a stable income.

Final Thoughts

This is where we put an end to our guide on how to start a fashion blog in WordPress, note that the web is overflowing with millions of fashion blogs, and creating one will be simple, but making it successful will take a long road until it’s finalized, and then even harder to maintain all that audience always on the edge of their seats with your intriguing and engaging content. This is where your creative side and your specified niche will make you stand out from the crowd. Being a fashion blogger will be an amazing experience, especially if you’re truly passionate about it. It can be an inspiring, fulfilling, exciting, and very lucrative adventure. Make sure you choose your blog name, set up your fashion blog, create a content plan, regularly impress your audience with awesome content, and monetize your blogging efforts. Here’s a follow up of our guide:
  1. Choose your NIche
  2. Choose a website domain
  3. Select a WordPress Hosting Provider
  4. Pick the right WordPress theme and plugins
  5. Establish consistency in your content
  6. Share your content on social media platforms Monetize your fashion blog
Do you have any other questions about how to start a fashion blog with WordPress? Ask us in the comments!

By Snowy Smith

Director of product design, Freehand

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